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The Golden Age of Islam | Ep 10

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Foreign Foreign Of the golden age of Islam this has been an Epic Journey where we have discussed the events around Arabia and the history of Arabia prior to the holy prophets Advent the holy prophet’s childhood years how Islam came about in this world how what were the difficulties faced by

The early Muslims the persecution of the quraish of Makkah and how the Allah the Almighty provided success and gave sucker to the holy prophet sallallahu at every stage and in fact LED which led to the migration to yesterday and in fact in the previous episode we left at how

Allah the almighty saved the holy prophet from the clutches of the quraish who had besieged his house and he headed towards the famous cave that we know as cave Thor and in today’s episode we will begin the journey from when the holy prophet moves out of cave Thor and then

Very famous incident takes place with um an idolater who later becomes a Muslim and joining me for today’s discussion in the studio is Khan who is a missionary of the Muslim Community serving in the additional regardless of the sniff office and joining me online on Skype is

Adam Walker who is serving as director of MTA online a very warm welcome to both of you on this final episode um we left off just at the the cave of Thor and despite the quresh who had had this bounty said that they would receive 100 camels whoever brought the holy prophet

Or Abu Bakr Dead or Alive yet God Almighty still saved them yes absolutely Zafir it’s important to mention that the prophet of Islam spent some days in the cave of saur um three days to be exact and during that time had instructed his son Abdullah who to remain Vigilant and aware of the

Movements of the quraishan report to them at night and Hazard Ahmed bin foreign as well absolutely so he would Pastor the sheep and bring the milk in the evening at night time so after those three days then the prophet of Islam emerged it is narrated on a Monday

Monday morning it is said some narrations stayed the fourth of the fourth Rabil some say the first level and then the journey continued hazrat me as I mentioned that although this is a famous narration from bukhari but there is also a narration in bukhari which states that the prophet of Islam left to

Continue his journey at night and this is what seems to be the more plausible course of events because the prophet of Islam would have want to have left under the cover of night purely for you know basic common sense and wisdom to avert the Qureshi were in pursuit of him and

It is narrated that a man named Abdullah was appointed for a reasonable wage by hazrat Abu Bakr he was not a Muslim at the time he wasn’t a Muslim but he was a very trustworthy man and he was given instructions to bring the camels on the third day and then continue the journey

With them at that time he was a very experienced Navigator and he knew all of the roots very well so the journey then continued uh accordingly they didn’t take the standard route to to Medina because of course all the quresh were after them so they would have known that

These are the standard routes they actually went via the coast yes absolutely to to to again avert the Qureshi were in pursuit of them so it is narrated that um before the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam was about to leave the close proximity of Mecca it’s a very

Emotional incident where the prophet of Islam turned around and he looked at Makkah and he said omaka Allah knows how much I love you but your people have not allowed me to stay here so I must leave and these even when I say these words now it fills me with goosebumps that

Nobody can imagine the emotion that the prophet of Islam must have felt to leave his beloved Homeland but this was the plan of Allah the almighty um and this expression of the prophet of Islam also reflects the constant persecution that the quresh were inflicting upon the Muslims for 13 long

Years that the prophet of Islam had to leave but then eventually when the journey continued a short time had passed and there was a bounty for a hundred camels and then that very famous incident of Surah bin Malik who later became hazrat surakabin who is narrated

In the books of Sita and hadees where he says that we were sitting in a in a group of people and this bounty was mentioned and somebody mentioned that I saw a group of three people uh going on the the track which is led by the coast and

Um he said that I I I I realized immediately that there’s this must be the Caravan of Muhammad but in order to prevent him from going after the Bounty I said oh no no this is probably someone else but he said that I immediately prepared my own he had his servant

Prepare his horse and then he left and he raced his horse as fast as he could to pursue the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam and then this very interesting narration comes where he he came close to the prophet of Islam and Hazard and his horse fell into the sand something hit his

Horse and he fell off of his horse it was a way of the Arabs at the time that in order to test their lock go to see what was in their good fortune or not they would use divining arrows to check and he did that and it came out against

Him that he should not continue his journey but then he still got back on his horse and then he pursued the prophet of Islam and during this time he came so close to the prophet of Islam in that Abu Bakr turned around and kept looking at him but the prophet of Islam

Did not turn around I could hear the holy probably recite the Holy Quran yes but just just put this into perspective that the prophet of Islam knows that someone is chasing him and he is probably going to take him or hurt him or do something and the prophet of Islam

Has such firm trust in Allah Almighty that he does not even bother to turn around when you put these things into perspective it really shows the trust of the holy prophet of Islam eventually when he fell again then he says that I realize that I need to stop so he called

The prophet of Islam and said that I will not harm you please allow me to come to you and the prophet of Islam then stopped turned around and said you are permitted and he came and when he came to the prophet of Islam then he

Said that this was this this is why I came to pursue you but I know that I cannot harm you when Allah is with you so please give me a written document which gives me confirmation that when you succeed and when you become the king of Arabia you will give me protection

And the prophet of Islam did that and then the prophet of Islam said to Surah bin Malik that what will be your state when the Bangles of the chosros will be on your wrists and he was flabbergasted he said the the chosros the son of hormist who was a

Huge Emperor at the time and he said yes and then we see how Allah the almighty gave success and progress to Islam that not only did the prophet of Islam continue his journey not only did Islam spread to the ends of Arabia and Beyond when Surah bin Malik there came a time

In the time of hazrat um who when The Spoils of War came from the chosros and those Bengals were also in that and Malik in order to fulfill that prophecy that Umar gave him and said it said to him that although gold is forbidden for Muslim men but to fulfill the prophecy

Of the holy prophet of Islam I instruct you to wear these and he did there’s a phenomenal of Prophecy as well if you put that into perspective for just a minute at the time the holy prophet is escaping from his own tribe he doesn’t have power even to contend against them

Yes let alone a purge an entire Empire a Persian Empire which has been in existence for about 300 odd years so at the time the holy probably says that and it shows that the Soraka and Malik will be alive until that day yes to fulfill that prophecy so this prophecy is is

Phenomenal and you could tell that only I love you a lot of people say that what is the truthfulness of prophets and one and the existence of God one of the greatest proofs of the existence of God is these kinds of prophecies which prophets make which completely which are

Impossible almost in the eye of a worldly person but those prophecies are fulfilled and this is a perfect example of that as well absolutely yeah it’s a very important prophecy to um to remember actually as well um also after sorago leaves um heads back to Makkah the only thing

That they ask him that he presents some food as well but the holy prophet refuses but they ask him just don’t tell about our whereabouts to anyone else anyway Soraka moves he leaves continues his journey for another 10 11 days yes so after a few more days then the

Prophet of Islam arrives on the 12th of Rabil on four in the year 14 nabavi which is the first year of Hijra where the Hijra calendar begins which is starts from the migration and at that time the people of Medina were expecting the holy prophets so they would come out

Every day and expect him and wait for him to welcome him but when the sun would become very scorching hot they would return to their homes and similarly on that day on the 12th of when the sun became very hot and the prophet of Islam did not appear they

Returned to their homes and shortly a person who was at near the outskirts of the city he came running and he announced that all people of Arabia the man that you have been waiting for has arrived and they all rushed out dashed out of the city and they saw these two

Beautiful men in white clothing on their camels that were coming and that was the beginning of a special era in the history of Islam and we’ll cover that actually in the next season but before we move on we need to clarify an allegation which which is often asked in

In different scriptures and different looks of History Adam we find that sometimes the the prophets era in Makkah stated as 10 years sometimes the stated as 12 or 13. what is the difference what is the reason behind the difference yeah so we have these discrepancies and

On face value it looks like there’s you know there’s an issue here and even if there was I mean it wouldn’t make a difference because numbers are not always entirely accurate with the historical records but Mia sub does go into some detail and he he reconciles these figures so the prophet saws

Um you know before Islam and people went by the um animal field this was the Army feel of the year that that the battlefield happened this um is a marker by which they then date um things going forward um so something might happen three years after the animal field for example of

Five years um and then with the beginning of the mission of the holy prophet saws on the beginning of revelation we have these never were years that that emerge and then who um you know uh later on during his introduced this um hijri calendar which begins after the migration so we have this

Period that is between the um the beginning of Revelation the prophet saws being commissioned and his mission and um and the beginning of the hijri calendar so these number of years so how many were there as you mentioned some people say 13 some people say 10

Um and Mia sub says that yes this is 13 years and also if you if you use Amwell field as a demarcation for this and then move forward it also is just about 13 years maybe slightly short but it’s it’s 13 years um but the figure of 10 and you know

What He suggests which is you know I think um very very um uh interesting and plausible suggestion it is that the first three years of the Prophet saws Mission were done in in secret that he had an openly declared um Islam and preached um to people in an open way so therefore

In terms of when the prophet saws had begun to tell people about Islam um then that’s three years in which takes us to the figure uh 10. so so that’s I mean that’s the basic explanation I think it it reconciles things quite you know very well that’s

Very well put the Adam’s up there’s another um subsection really speaks about is revelation as as you know the holy progress started to receive Revelation in um his stay in Makkah and there are different types as well and he draws on a verse of the Quran uh where the holy

Allah Almighty speaks about three different types of Revelation yeah exactly exactly I mean it’s uh uh sort of shorter 42 and it’s best um 52. um so you know the verses that um it is not for man that Allah should speak to him except by Revelation or

From behind a veil or by sending a messenger to reveal his command um what he pleases surely he is the high the wise so musaf talks about these different types of Revelation here and he breaks them up into these three categories based on the verse so the

First one is about and he explains that is something which is where you are communicated to through words that reach the ears or the tongue and then you have this next part of the verse which is so from behind the veil and this is something which is a written document

For example that appears to a person in a in a wakeful kind of um uh vision and then you have vision and then a dream or a heartfelt Revelation and the final thing in in the verse is so by way of a messenger that a messenger is sent so this could be for

Example an angel and we have lots of examples of this that that communicate to um as an intermediary in effect um and he also discusses the the um you know before coming back to this he he mentioned some interesting points about the nature of how Revelation um physically impacted the holy prophet

Sallallahu alaihi wasallam and there are there are three Hadith which are are really important in this regard uh two of them are from the Allah and you know she says that the um the prophet salallahu had said that um Revelation came to him like the ringing of a bell

Um and then when it you know as a kind of as an alert in effect and it was a strong ringing of a bell and it was very powerful and then when the by the time that the words that were coming to the prophet saws had been preserved in his

Memory and he’d remembered them then the ringing um left and the other thing that she said is that even on a on a cold day is his his forehead would begin to sweat with the with the um uh with the uh uh Power of the um of the

Uh of the Revelation itself and then the third um tradition that we have is from uh zaderman’s fairbit and he says that once he was with the prophet saws and the prophet saws was leaning on his thigh and the when Rebel and Revelation became to descend I began to descend and it was

So uh powerful um that he felt as though it would you know it would crush um his uh his own sight um and these are these Traditions really are talking about the first two types you know the wahi were and also the um hijab um but um but the other type of Revelation

Um the communication from behind a veil um hijab that’s something that mere sub um draws our attention to the fact that it’s not actually mentioned in um in the uh in the Hadith and he says that this is because it’s quite a common thing the other the other types of

Revelation are very very sort of powerful almost prophetic type of events whereas this is something which is quite understood by people and and you have these in in three types really you have a Kesh which is a um a dream which everybody really knows about you have a rotia which is a

Wakeful vision so it could be the case that you were either fully awake or partially awake um and then uh you have a document so for example by document you know some some um letters or document can appear to you when you are uh having a vision for

Example and and you can see them and that’s another way that’s communicated so these are the different types that Mia sub talks about and it Church really speaks to the the nature and power of what was taking place and also that this was something that people would physically you know it’s another

Example of the truth of the Prophet saws because people were physically witnessing this Revelation taking place in real time and they saw um the awe and power of what was taking place Adam very well put the um ayaz and Adam as mentioned this is a final episode of uh season one so to

Give us to give our viewers a bit of a a different flavor we’ve um for this episode especially um had a poem composed and this poem was written by the founder of the Muslim Community may Allah be pleased with him and it it casida is actually a poem and it is in

In Praise of the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam and it shows the love the founder of the Acme Dear Community had for the holy prophet let’s have a look foreign Foreign foreign Foreign Amen [Applause] Mmm um Yes This is me a thing coming And we hope our viewers enjoyed that um as just previously Adams I was mentioning about the three forms of divine revelation and as we know in the life of the holy prophet the the main um Revelation was the Holy Quran so that was compiled in

Um as in it as it went along so it began in Makkah and then as we know in the Quran there’s chapters which are mechan and the chapters which were revealed in Medina absolutely so Zafir Muslims believe that the Holy Quran is the book brought to them by the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi

Wasallam which is their scripture their book their revealed book which is word for word a revelation from Allah the almighty and those words of God have been preserved as the Holy Quran and this Revelation spanned a period of 23 years it was not revealed in one go it

Was revealed gradually based on various wisdoms at times verses were revealed um with regards to issues which had come up at that time so the Quran was a very relevant thing for the Muslims at that time and it is still relevant now and those verses were then which were

Spanning over a period of 23 years some of them were revealed in Mecca some in Medina and they are referred to the verses of Makkah and Medina accordingly and the prophet of Islam used to have this Revelation written down with a great he he took it upon

Himself to oversee this process and he had appointed certain scribes who would write down that Revelation the prophet of Islam would receive the Revelation he would convey to the scribes and they would write it under his supervision and the proof of the fact that there was written versions of the Quran at that

Well when I say versions written manuscripts of the Holy Quran at that time um we find that when hazrat um who came into the home of his sister was reciting the Holy Quran from a written parchment or something of that sort so the Quran was written at that

Time and then later compiled and also memorized that at the same time and during that time when this manuscript or manuscripts which were the same in essence the prophet of Islam would instruct that such and such verse should be inserted at such and such place and that order of the Holy Quran

Was not the same order that it was revealed in but Allah the almighty gave him that knowledge and the holy prophet of Islam would instruct that verses be placed in certain places according to the instructions and divine indications has already been ordered by the holy prophets himself

Um as we will continue this discussion but let us bring in our audience and see what our viewers want to ask for today’s episode let’s take a question assalamu alaikum my name is Tariq Jameel from Valencia Spain can you please tell us how the prophet sallallahu alaihi

Wasallam Rank by rank progressed as a prophet mullah for that very interesting question Adam our view wants to know a bit more about the the progress and in the rank of the holy prophet sallallahu sallam as you know his prophethood expanded as the years went on Allah the

Almighty granted him more knowledge from The Unseen more knowledge about his own status about his progress as well yeah I mean it’s a wonderful question you know to pose at this point um because the first 13 years of the Prophet saws Mission are are you know this shows this evolution in this Genesis

Um you know within sort of Western Notions of um of prophethood and even sainthood for example that you know there’s this notion that that that somehow it’s just you know there’s an instant Revolution someone changes immediately and they just they just suddenly are um you know uh they’re kind of their

Perfection almost in in in the human sense and Islam you know it doesn’t accept this notion in the same way that the body develops you know that someone is a child and they grow up and and they mature and they and they develop so who does the soul

Um and uh develop and with the holy prophet saws we see this take place and Mia sub um he gives A really lovely um uh he has a lovely section on this that I’d advise people to to certainly read like the whole book and he he breaks it up into eight different

Um periods of evolution like he says you know first of all you have seclusion recollution the prophet saws is secluding himself he’s a recluse and he is in search of Truth um and he’s looking for it and then the the door to um true and fulfilled dreams uh is open

To the holy prophet saws this is the next stage that he begins to see receive these uh dreams and there’s a kusrat there’s a you know there are a lot of dreams that he receives and he sees the Fulfillment of these dreams the next stage

Um this the angel comes you know we were talking before about the um you know uh in the previous um when we’re talking about Revelation um you know the the angel then appears and the angel begins to deliver Revelation to the prophet saws and but this is a very you know this

Initial experience is a is a really um quiet it’s an awe-inspiring it’s frightening it’s you know it’s it it causes all sorts of emotions because it’s a very powerful thing it’s a very powerful thing so what eases that process is again this cutter at this increase many many different times you

Know the prophet saws is being visited by uh Heather jibril he’s been given these um uh uh he’s being communicated to and through this he’s becoming more and more at ease um with this and then the mission begins itself so it’s at this point that the honor

Comes from Allah and the mission begins but as it begins the prophet saws you know he starts in a measured way you know he’s doing it secretly we have that outcome for example we talked a lot about this in previous episodes and he’s preaching to people he’s looking at his

Immediate circles his friends his course his close friends his family and his preaching to these people um and then eventually the armor comes that open preaching should take place so the prophet saws is preaching openly Within the the context of his local community so within Mecca the city

Itself he’s preaching to the tribes there preaching to the quraish calling them towards Islam and then the next stage is that he preaches much more openly so we know about him visiting for example about the discussions with the and he’s going out and he’s been given this um this responsibility to go out

And tell lots of people and then the final stage um which is to come um and is a good opener for the next series inshallah is that he begins to write letters to the rulers of the different kingdoms and Empires um and that preaching becomes something

Which is really to the whole world and and with that Marx um the you know these sort of the end of these of these eight stages of the development of of his prophethood and the development of his prophethood can be very very acutely attached to the development of his mission and what he

Took and one also cannot forget in the whole of this process it’s impossible to forget because it pains the heart so deeply the um the persecution and the hardship that the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam had to receive both physically and in terms of the you know the sadness

That he was caused at the loss of people that were so close to him like the Hamilton that we talked about so that’s the kind of development and I think that it’s covered beautifully in the book as uh at himself quite rightly said as well um viewers that this book that we are

Discussing it really just scratches the the surface we can only give you so much in one episode it really is a book worth uh reading it’s the life and character of the Seal of the prophets by Hazard Ahmed and it’s available on um www.alislam.org all the information will

Be on your screen but before we wrap up um ARS just a quick um sort of I wanted to cover the the propagation of Islam in the meccan era it was 13 long years as Adam Saleh described as there’s a lot of persecution a lot of people did pass

Away owing to that persecution um but that then again there what was the effect of the this persecution on the crash on the Muslims well the Muslims by the grace of Allah the almighty they went from strength to strength these first 13 years were very formative years in which although there

Was persecution although there was trials and tribulations Islam and the foundations of Islam were firmly established by the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam through the guidance of Allah the almighty and in these 13 years which we see also in an illustration of that reflected in the

Verses of the Holy Quran also from the first 13 years which are known as the meccan verses that important Concepts were reinforced into the minds and hearts of the Muslims which were the concepts of the unity of God the Oneness of God these fundamental aspects of angels and

The day of resurrection and how we will be accountable to Allah the almighty on the day of resurrection and how our current actions and deeds should be in order for us to not only fulfill the rights that are owed to God but also to humanity at large and so these are the

Kinds of instructions that we find in the first meccan chapters within the 13 years so when the Muslims had established that and when they had been firmly established on that foundation and persecution continued then Allah the almighty began a new era and when Islam went to yasreb

Or Madina then hazat me as I mentions very beautifully that then a new era began where previously the lives of Muslims were somewhat isolated because they would perform their acts of virtue and they would perform their acts of Devotion to Allah separately themselves or in small groups but when they moved

To Medina then a Muslim Society was formed and when the Muslims came together as one Society then their instructions as far as their lifestyle is concerned and Islam is concerned grew and a new scope we see develops where Muslims then began to offer their worship collectively in the mosque and

Then Muslims also began to collectively convey The Message of Islam to the ends of Arabia and Beyond as well and in fact that’s when Muslim life as you can say collectively began in Medina and that is what we will look at in our next season viewers unfortunately that’s all we have

Time for today and that’s all we have time for in this series as well but before I go it would be undue of me if I do not thank my panelists um Adam Walker and Dr Bilal Ahmed all of them were with us for this entire season

And you can catch up on all the the episodes that you’ve missed the information will be available to you and before we do break up um I would like to thank all of the hard-working staff of MTA International to bring us this very important program on the history of our beloved master

Until next season stay with us do read up on the books that we have been discussing here I hope you benefit from them all until then Foreign

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