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Foreign Foreign Age of Islam this is the ninth episode and the penultimate of season one for this new series in the previous episode we left off at the events just prior to the Hijra the migration of the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam and in this episode we will look at what

Were the obstacles faced by the holy prophet just prior to the migration and the beginning of his Epic Journey towards Medina for today’s episode joining me in the studio is Khan sahib who is a missionary serving in the additional office and joining me on Skype will be Adam Walker who is serving

As MTA director online a warm welcome to both of you gentlemen without further Ado ayaz in the previous episode we left off at just at the events of the migration so now there seems to be no other option but uh to migrate but Allah the almighty is revealing to the holy

Prophet slowly that he will migrate to a place the Allah the almighty shows him in a dream as well that it’s a place full of uh date palms and like an oasis um but the holy proper doesn’t know the direction where he will go in this migration but

As we know in hindsight now that was Medina so what was the Medina like just before the holy prophet migrated this yes yeah absolutely it’s good to put that into context the place where the prophet of Islam was destined to migrate so a Medina is a um now everybody knows about Medina

Because that was where the Prophet Islam migrated that is where he passed away he spent 10 years of his life there um his grave blessed grave is there now um so everybody knows that that is the city of the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi but in those times yesterday it

Was referred to yesterday before uh people didn’t know about this place it it was a place 250 um approximately miles north of Makkah and um at that time as far as the society was concerned um there was Pride predominantly mainly um two groups of people and those two

Groups of people were Jews and idolators Arab idolators and the Jewish people were divided into three tribes that lived in Medina at the time um absolutely and in addition to those uh the idolaters were known as the US and the khazrat and this group of people who

Were the house and the khazrej then later became the Blessed people people who refer to as the ansar or the helpers who accepted the prophet of Islam and who welcomed their Brethren from Makkah and they offered so so many sacrifices to welcome them into their homes and kept them in so much transformation

Because at the time that you’re discussing um they were actually at what we do absolutely in fact even at the time of the migration the house and the khazridge were preparing for uh a war so they were at they had daggers pointed at each other but it’s so beautiful to see the

Transformation that Islam brought amongst these people that those who were at each other’s throats they became like brothers and they and sisters the whole Community they came together with so much love at that time the this um yasrib was known became known as Madina turasul and then Madina the the Jewish

People were Superior at that time as far as the society was concerned because they were more knowledgeable they had a deeper knowledge of the scripture they were well off as well in in terms of their wealth and property as well and that is demonstrated by something that

We read in history for example when a a idolator of Medina was unable to have a male child and male children were considered something which everybody wanted they wanted male children um and and they would say that if God whichever God they believed in if I’m

Blessed with a male child I will make that child a Jew out of gratitude um so this was how um the status of the Jews at that time but and the Jews knew their status and they would say it to the the idolators as well they would say

That according to our scriptures uh this is the time where we are expecting a prophet and when that this is this demonstrates the Deep knowledge that they had of the scripture they said that this is precisely the time where a prophet will be coming and when that’s

Right the area and that area as well and then they would say that when that Prophet comes we will establish a kingdom and a sovereignty and we will kick all of you out of Medina but but Allah the almighty had different plans that Allah the almighty was going to

Bless those people as the first to accept the prophet of Islam the the house and the khazrat exactly very open Adam so I also just speaking about the the background to Medina and how what the demographic of the society was but how did Islam actually get to Medina

So the the prophet salallahu used to um he would visit various tribes and he would uh he would go around preaching Islam to people and um and inviting them to Islam so there are a few different incidents and I think that the backdrop of of those incidents really is this um

War that ayaz was talking about the Civil War within Medina the uh the war of uh bharath and the prophet would the first person the prophet saws went to see was during the and this was and he was also known as you know I mean you know an individual who’s complete in

Their attributes so they they’re in an exceptional person and this was because of the noble qualities that he was known for and the prophet saws said that he wanted to preach Islam to him and that he had this book and and that he wanted to recite to him

Um but he said to the prophet saws he said well I have a book and it’s called the Magellan and I want to recite that to you so the prophet saws entertained that and he listened to him and after he’d read the prophet saws said you know

That there’s some good in what you’ve said but let me show you what I have because it’s really incomparable so the prophet saws recited the Quran and upon this swade was was really moved by it and he recognized the beauty of the Quran um and then he went back and he actually

Died during the Civil War itself but after that the prophet saws um he met the people of house that we talked about before and they were they had come because they were preparing for the Civil War so there’s this continuing theme of this war so they’re preparing

For the war and the prophet saws can I can I um recite some Quran to you and tell you about Islam so he begins to recite the Quran and from among them there’s a young person that’s called uh IAS and he asks he he’s so moved by what

The prophet saws says that he said that you know this um to that which which Muhammad is calling us to sallallahu is is greater in its objectives and in its value than what we’ve actually come here for and you’ve got to imagine they’ve gone there

In order to prepare for a civil war to defend their land and and their people and their lives so that was a big statement but he was quickly you know hushed by the by the chieftain of his tribe um but we move we move later on

Um after the Civil War had taken place and this was in the 11th year uh nebuli year so 11 years after after Revelation had begun and the prophet saws met people of the hazard and he um preached to them he recited the Quran to them

Um and actually uh a number of them had um had accepted Islam six of them in total um and they they then returned to to Medina and and the thing which uh is you know going back to what Ayah said before that they had this deep desire that through Islam this

Continuing Civil War and the problems that were there in the division that Unity would be found and that that would be extinguished absolutely Adam and it’s important actually to highlight those six fortunate individuals from Medina who had the opportunity to accept Islam in the beginning and the names are us bin Harris and

These were the fortunate companions who accepted Islam from Medina and amongst these it is said that ass had the opportunity of being the first person from Medina to accept at the hands of the holy prophet um um this was as you could say the um the foundations are already being laid and

As Adam rightly mentioned due to the continuous preaching of the holy prophet sallallahu we now have a breakthrough this is the 11th year after the holy prophet um us receive Revelation but then the next year we have another significant moment in fact and that’s again to do with the these um these

Individuals now remember the there’s no mobile phones there’s no Communications at in that time so the holy prophet all year round is wondering you know how did they get on so what happens in the following year absolutely the prophet of Islam a spiritual leader is greater than a

Father and he the holy prophet of Islam was worried for those people for their well-being how they were faring how whether they were increasing in their faith and firm on their faith that that was important for the prophet of Islam and indeed the prophet of Islam definitely must have prayed for them

During that year as well and he was waiting in anticipation for the coming year because at that time as we mentioned um for the pilgrimage people would come once a year and they would congregate and that is when all of the different people from various tribes would come to

Mecca and this community also came at that time and the prophet of Islam was waiting for them and thinking about them and he was praying that may Allah give them strength and may Allah give them the ability to increase in their faith not only remain firm and at that time

The opposition of the quresh was growing as well because they were now noticing that Islam is will grow and so they were exerting their best efforts to stop that growth of Islam but of course Islam was the the seedling of Allah the almighty and it was destined to grow and so the

Prophet of Islam waited for the next year and at that time it is when we study the history we see that the prophet of Islam and left his own when the time for the con when the people had congregated near Minna and um it was a place called akaba and the prophet of

Islam looked here and there to search for that small group of people people those six converts and in fact they recognize the prophet of Islam and then they came to the prophet of Islam and then they expressed their love and their devotion and sincerity and the prophet of Islam of course was

Very happy to see them and it is on that at that time they had grown from 6 to 12. so the prophet of Islam was especially happy to see that as well and in fact amongst those 12 I think five were from the uh the ones that pledged

Allegiance to the year before yes these five were the ones that pledged Alliance to the year the Year previous yes now then all amongst that uh party the additional ones uh companions were um And away and Bin cited that these were the fortunate may Allah be pleased with them all who had the opportunity to pledge allegiance yes absolutely so at this was 12 nabawi and we have these 12 blessed Souls that met the prophet of Islam separate the prophet of Islam met

Them separately in the valley of um near in in akhaba and at that time they all took bet or swore and also have allegiance to the prophet of Islam and the prophet of Islam the words in which he would take bet at that time was before um Jihad became a fundamental requirement

As well because of course the Muslims were forced to fight defensive Wars when they moved yesterday and that will be discussed later but the basic bet um that the prophet of Islam took was that we shall believe in God in one God we shall not associate partners with God

We shall not steal we shall not commit adultery or fornication we shall abstain from murder and shall not defame anyone and we shall obey you the holy prophet sallallahu in everything good like what the what the the basic pillars of what Islam and what Muslims should absolutely

So like the one last point with that one was that before they left they asked for a teacher and he has the opportunity of being the first missionary to go to Medina yes it’s a good time to bring in our external panelists today and ask him about as we were discussing that Islam

Is beginning to spread to yesterday um could Muhammad always tell us about um the popularity of Islam in yesterday when he arrived to Medina Musa stayed at the home of Assad bin zorara who was the first Muslim of Medina and was a very devote and influential leader his home was transformed into a

Preaching Center and Musa began to perform his duties with full attention since the Muslims of madinah lived a collective life and Medina was comparatively more peaceful upon the proposal of Assad bin zurara the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam instructed to begin offering the Juma prayer and in this way the Muslims began their

Life as a unified community the blessings of Allah were such as it was not long before the religion of Islam began to find popularity in every home of Medina the house and hazaraj began to accept Islam very rapidly when Islam began to find popularity in Medina Saad binwad disliked

And endeavored to stop it but he was closely related to Assad bin zorara both of them were cousins and Assad had become Muslim for this reason Saad binwad would not approach him personally so as to prevent a dispute as such he said to another one of his

Relatives who said Ben al-judair I am somewhat embarrassed to say anything due to Assad bin zorara but you go and stop musab from spreading this religiousness he addressed Musa in a tone of anger saying why do you make our people religious abstain from this or the outcome shall not be pleasant

Therefore Musa who addressed him in a very respectful and loving tone and said do not be angry rather be so kind as to sit and listen to what I have to say with a cool heart then you may formulate your opinion found this to be a logical proposition and sat down muscle

Recited the Holy Quran to him and enlightened him of Islamic teachings very benevolently after this and by some excuse he sent Saad binwad to Musa came and furiously said to Assad bin zarara look here Assad indeed you are misusing your family relations and this is not right

Upon this in the same manner as before tenderly and lovingly cooled him down and said take a seat here and listen to what I have to say if then there is something objectionable you may reject it Saad responded all right this appears seems to be rational

Resting his spear he took a seat and in the same manner recited the Holy Quran to him and expounded Islamic principles in a very attractive manner it was not long before this Idol also submitted therefore as per custom sad bathed and recited the caliber shahada after this went to their tribesmen

Who inquired of them in a particular Arabian manner obani Abdul ashal how do you find me they all answered in unison you are our leader and the son of our leader we have full trust in you sad responded then I have nothing to do with you until you believe in Allah and his

Messenger after this explained the principles of Islam to them and evening had not yet come before the entire tribe had converted to Islam sad and broke the idols that belonged to their people with their own hands upon his early demise the words of the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam

That upon the demise of sad even the Throne of the gracious God has come into motion was based on a very deep reality therefore in this manner Islam began to spread throughout the house and the hazaraj very rapidly to Muhammad always Saudi he is a translator and served in MTA International

Um Adam as mentioned by ARS as well slowly step by step a lot the mighty is Paving the way for Islam to come to Medina first there was six individuals who had the fortune of pledging Allegiance and then the following year the first pledge at Akbar took place in

Which 12 individuals accepted and now we have coming to the 13th year the second pledge at Aqaba and this is a very significant moment in Islam right yeah it’s a huge moment in Islam um and you know as you’re saying sort of 13th year so you know

Um uh one year on from what ayasa was just talking about or there are thereabouts you have the Hajj that takes place and hundreds of people come across from uh Medina uh to Mecca and amongst the hundreds there are 70 um around 70 people that have come and

The 70 uh they want to accept Islam so that the preaching has proved very fruitful and Allah in it and they want to meet the holy prophet saws um with them and uh instead of his mother had decided desired to to meet him instead of going to her he first um was

So desperate to see the prophet saws that he went and offered his salaam and then he went to his mother and uh she was quite firm idolatrist so she asked him you know why you know she was a bit upset you know that he hadn’t come and you know he apologized and explained

Um and tried to preach to her but she was still um very Stern but you know this this incidence in itself it just it speaks to the the power that Islam was having on people’s hearts but after the um the uh uh Hajj had taken place um they arranged for the the holy

Prophet saws to to meet everyone the prophet saw some arranged it and what he’d said to everyone is he said okay we’ll come to the same place um and come in the middle of the night so that we don’t stir up any trouble or you know people don’t um the opposition

Isn’t there in in a very kind of uh Fierce way um and don’t come as a single group come in singles or pairs and don’t wait for anyone um uh and hang around basically so that’s what they did the prophet saws was waiting for them and he was with um

His uncle at Birth who at that point was um you know was an idolater and he he hadn’t um but he had he had deep love for the prophet saws and as the people had arrived from uh uh uh from the people of uh of Medina he

Was admonishing them not in a negative way but in a positive way about the responsibilities that they had um one by one and then we have this narrative that takes place with a few interesting characters um so the first one is and he is an older person from from for amongst

The people of Medina and he says to the you know to to our best look we we want to hear from the prophet saws you know that this is who we came to see so we we want to hear from him so the prophet saws he recites the Quran

Um then he explains to them you know these uh your obligations he explains them within the context of obligations to Allah and the obligations to fellow man um and the prophet saws and speaks so wonderfully that at that point um al-barra just wants to accept

But it’s at this point that we have the second um character that comes into this narrative um I would hate them and he he kind of he wants to pause for a second um and he interjects and he says to the prophet saws you know he wants a

Reassurance like we’re going to make this commitment but we want to be sure that you won’t abandon us that you know that you will be committed to us and you won’t leave us high and dry and we’ve had a lot of civil sort of strife and problems

Um and and we don’t you know we don’t want to be to be left out in the cold um you know perhaps he was representing what some of the people have been talking about and the prophet saws immediately um vociferously and with absolute firmness said to them you know reassure

Them he said that your blood shall be mine your friends shall be mine and your enemy shall be mine too um and they were very satisfied with that and then we have a switch so we we go to aversible and he then turns to the the people that

Are going to offer this Bayer and he admonishes them and says listen you know look you’ve heard everything that’s been said uh you know you’ve got to commit um you know these are these are this is not sort of a fanciful thing these are like serious points and commitments and

You’ve got to commit and the only thing that they come back to uh with is that they say to the prophet saws um you know what’s in it for us if we commit what’s our reward and the prophet saws um Delights them by saying your your reward will be paradise

And there’s no greater reward Than Paradise and uh and they’re delighted with this because this is clearly what they were looking for they weren’t looking for power or money or land um they were looking for this evolution in their Iman on the basis of what they’d heard so they extend their hands

And they offer their Bayer and um and and they accept and then before they return uh the prophet saws says to them that as Moses had appointed 12 people to um to to supervise over over his people so too with the prophet salallahu do the same so he appoints 12 from among them

That would um that would act as supervisors and Guardians uh within Medina and then um begins to say to them you know as you return take care and uh and be careful because you know there are there are people that have nefarious um um and cunning Ambitions so you should

Act with wisdom basically um and then they return um in-depth answer and in fact as you mentioned that the the boss warned the people as well that be careful of the spies of the creation in fact there was one person sitting standing on the top of the valley who actually said to the

Courage in a loud voice oh crash you know look at what’s going on under you right under your noses that these people are forming a secret pack with uh with Muhammad and in fact he used a derogatory name of um the holy prophet which they used to use at the time and

In fact the the meccans the next day went straight to the camp of the the people of yesterday when and actually asked that what did you guys do we used to consider you as a Brethren and you’ve decided to make a pact with the um with Muhammad but it’s so happened that they

Asked all of the idolaters of the the people from Medina who said we have no idea and in fact Abdullah baby in salul who was the chief of the Hypocrites um he was also among them and said I’m about to be made you know one of the the

Future kings how could they make a decision without me and in fact so their their fears were abated at the time but um in fact we’ll continue this um discussion on thus bringing um a viewer for today’s question let’s see what um our audience wants to ask us for today’s episode

Of Belgium my question is can you please tell us about the migration to yesterday for that question that is a very broad question let me just break it down the the viewer wants to know can you tell us about the migration to yesterday so let’s begin with the the beginning part

How did this migration take place so first the preparation I guess the things which led to the prophet of Islam preparing to leave Mecca his beloved Homeland the fact of the matter is that the quresh were only increasing in their atrocities and in their plans and conspiracies and the prophet of Islam

Saw that now a new door had opened and through a Divine intimation he received obviously prophets of Islam of God always do things with the guidance of Allah so he had told the Muslims in Makkah to slowly begin to migrate to yesterday and so many families had gone

And suddenly the quresh noticed that homes were being abandoned um so they were leaving only those people had remained who were so poor that they did not have the means to migrate and other than them it was the prophet of Islam and hazrat Abu Bakr um

And at that time the quresh began to conspire and they it is narrated that on one occasion they when they realized this they began to they got together in daru nadwa which was their place where they would get together and consult one another and there is a dialogue which takes place

Between the various people of the quraisha the meccans and um and there’s another foreign in fact who came to this very Gathering yes yes and and so he was the main proponent even the speaker at that time so they’re discussing what should be done with the prophet of Islam

And one man says that um we should tie him in iron chain somewhere we should put him in under arrest but then this this the shake again is not possible because as soon as his followers find out he was a very clever man a very cunning

Man and they said well okay then let’s let’s banish him let’s Exile him there and he said well have you not seen his eloquent Charming tongue and the way that he enchants people with his speech so that will only make Islam spread then Abu jahal came up with a plan he

Said I propose that we should take all of the one representative from all of the various tribes one young man and they should have daggers in their hand and they should go to the home of Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam God forbid when he is sleeping and they

Should strike him once all together and the blood of Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam will be distributed amongst all of the various tribes and no one will be able to say that one tribe is responsible and the Banu Abdi manaf cannot fight all of the tribes God

Forbid this is what does their plan and that Sheikh najid he said well this is the man who has given you a real plan you should act upon this and then they started preparing for that but Allah the almighty then informed the holy prophet of Islam that this was the plan and he

Should start preparing and he should not spend the next night next night he should not be in Makai should leave so at that time the prophet of Islam came to meet Allah narrates that the prophet of Islam would customarily come and visit who was a dear friend and a very Ardent

Follower of the prophet of Islam Islam either in the morning or in the evening but this time the prophet of Islam came when the sun was scorching and it was noon time almost in the afternoon and his head was covered so he came and when he he sought permission to enter and as

A double bucker gave him permission and then he said that please ask anybody who else is here to leave the room another Abu Bakr said that o prophet of Islam these are your kin these are people from your own household and the prophet of Islam then said that this is the

Instruction that I’ve received from Allah Almighty that now I should migrate and the first question that who asked was that will I have the Good Fortune of accompanying you on this journey and the prophet of Islam said yes and as with eyeshadow the Allah and says

That that was the first time in my life that I saw a man shed tears out of happiness and she said she never knew that someone could actually cry out yes and who was also a very wise uh intelligent man he had prepared for this time in

Advance and he told the prophet of Islam that I have prepared these camels please have one there was a very special diet as well yes they were prepared for this journey and in fact the holy prophet said that I won’t take it I’ll buy it and reluctantly

And then after that settlement then the prophet of Islam decided with hazrat Abu Bakr the time and place that they were going to leave and then the prophet Islam returned home and then the following incidents tell how the migration continued exactly and in fact um Adam the holy prophet when he set out

In the middle of the night he set out towards what we know as Muslims as cave Thor and can you tell us about how he escaped as we know the as I was mentioned as well that the the quresh conspired to kill him and they had gathered around his

House and in fact besieged it yes I mean as as you mentioned the paresh were uh you know they were they were camped outside the house of the Prophet saws and they were they were waiting for their opportunity and um and the holy prophet saws um actually uh left his house in the

Middle of the night um and they weren’t um you know the people that were that were that were waiting outside they they weren’t that Vigilant I think because of the hour they hadn’t expected that the prophet saw some would uh would leave they thought that he would during the um the

Daytime or the early morning but not not in the middle of the night um but before the prophet saws left um and despite the fact that the the you know these um these people were being so harsh towards the prophet saws he still had um lots of trusts because obviously

The prophet’s plan was known as I mean in the trustworthy and people used to entrust him with lots of different things um so he didn’t want to um to break any of those trusts and not fulfill his obligations so he had charged who with the um with the role of executing those

Trusts and he informed him you know that this thing needs to go to that person and this to the other person and what not and he also asked ali um to to sleep in his bed so it would be it would appear as if um the prophet saws was in the bed so

That Ali did so and he was covered in the red um Clerk of the Prophet saws so but anyone looking in from outside which they did periodically it would still um uh seem as if other Daddy was there and the prophet saws and reassured him don’t worry

Um nothing serious is going to happen to you as a result of this so the prophet um he he left the house and as I mentioned they hadn’t seen him and then he made his way towards um uh Thor and on the outskirts of the city he actually met uh

And they they moved together now in terms of of of where where the actual cave is it’s actually on the opposite side of Medina of Mecca sorry to where the um holy prophet saws had where his home was about three miles um and it’s generally accepted especially back then to have been quite

Rough terrain and quite a difficult Trek um so it wasn’t a a an easy Journey particularly given the backdrop and the circumstances so they made their way up and they eventually reached the cave and had the worker he was the first one to to go in

He had to squeeze in order to get into the cave which gives you an idea of um of of of of the size of the cave and had the book it wasn’t known to be a large man um so in terms of his uh his weight so

Anyhow moving back to Medina we we still have the quresh waiting and uh they’re there and they’re waiting and they keep peeking through they see this body this figure within you know that’s in this Red Cloak and then in the morning they they realize that the prophet saws is not there anymore

Um so I mean they’re they’re absolutely outraged you know completely outraged they take other Ali and you know they they assault him um you know they don’t harm him in a serious kind of way but they assault him then they Rush across to um the house of uh is the and

Um and they’re very very rude to her as well um and they can’t find him there so it’s at that point that this Manhunt begins so they put out this bounty and they say Okay 100 camels whoever can uh find the prophet saws a hundred camels to them and that’s a huge

Um a huge amount uh 100 camels um so you could imagine people from all across the city then begin to till to look for the prophet saws um and they they follow his tracks and the tracks lead up to a point where the cave basically is and they can’t uh they

Can’t see the prophets of them so they you know they joke amongst each other and say oh he must have flew into the heavens and then someone else says oh check the cave and and they say no there’s no way that he can be in the cave

Um you know these are known to be dangerous places and this isn’t a place that someone would go um but nevertheless um they they do go and uh and check and as they check they come so close to the cave that who becomes very very concerned for the

Safety and well-being of the Prophet saws throughout the whole journey he was very concerned about the safety and well-being of the Prophet saws he he he he talks to the prophet saws and he shares that concern um and and the prophet saws reassures him um you know and because of the other

Workers said to him there are different narrations but in one narration other Booker says to him that um but you know I’m not scared for myself because if I if I’m killed and it’s just one man but if you are killed then it’s the entire ummah it’s the you

Know it’s the whole nation of Muslims and the prophet saws very calmly says to him but you you shouldn’t you shouldn’t worry or be concerned uh Allah is with us um and there are other narrations with regards to what happens here I’ll mention one more before finishing and

That’s it’s a it’s a weak narration but it’s entirely probable um given that the mercy and the might of Allah that a uh a spider had had um spun a web right across the the the face of the Cave the opening of the cave and that a pigeon had come and laid its

Nest and and made its nest and laid its eggs there um and even though there are some questions as to the um you know how strong this Hadith is if even if that’s what had happened it’s entirely probable that it might have happened and it’s entirely it’s it’s an easy thing for Allah

To have made that happen as a um uh you know to to protect them very rightly put then just imagine uh who is his his uh his worry for the holy prophet which has been etched in the Quran in the words in uh where the holy promise says to him

And in fact on this point that you know don’t worry God Almighty is with us who is the author of this book that we are discussing mentions a very subtle point and he says that when Moses was running from the Pharaoh and Pharaoh’s Army he uses the words

That my Lord is with me and he will guide me but the words that the the holy prophet peace be upon Him used was which he says that it shows the Grandeur and superiority of the holy prophet sallam above all of the prophets including Prophet Moses that he had such

Conviction that he said that do not worry God is with us and it’s such a beautiful Point that he’s made and I think is befitting to end Jose Muller to both of our panelists today and the viewers are sent in our questions dear viewers make sure to tune in next

Week same time and which will be the last episode of season one of the golden age of Islam until then All right


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