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Beacon Of Guidance | Episode 32

Beacon Of Guidance

Foreign All over the world let’s now begin our program with the very first question on the 18th of December 20225 and Legend from Italy and nasara ask beloved what is the difference between sunnis and shias and ahmedis let’s take a look at azul’s answer what is the difference you see Sunni and fias

Are the people who are still waiting foreign or sometimes some she has said that Imam in Essentia is secondly Shia and Sunni sunnis believe in all the foldables who succeeded early Prophet saws but Shia said that house Delhi was only rightly guided Khalifa so they don’t believe in other threes anyway

But MD say that all the four holofas were rightly guided all of us plus we believe that according to the prophecy of the holy prophet sallam the Imam medhi and Messiah who was to come in the later days has come in the person of his and the holy prophet saws and Quran

Itself told us some science that these science will happen at the time of the claim of the problem Islam and those signs quite a number of them have been fulfilled and at that time there was a claim um and the time was also mature when it was prophesied about his coming

So we believe that that person who was to come according to the belief of all the Muslims in the latter days has come in the personality there were some Heavenly signs some other signs the holy broad says prophesied about the airplanes the means of transportation they will be changed so nowadays we

Don’t use camels and horses for our traveling the means have changed through cars buses rails airplanes and one Heavenly sign also was foretold by the prophets of Islam and that was the eclipse of sun and moon it occurred on a specific dates which were given by the holy prophet salallahu during the

Month of Ramadan and the Pacific days first day of the Moon and the second day of the Sun so it all happened in the Eastern Hemisphere and in the Western Hemisphere and it is also well coached in the newspapers so We Believe that the signs were given by the holy prophet salallahu

And even in the Holy Quran and there was a claim of the person and time was also quite mature of his coming so that person is there the claim is there and now we believe in him so this is the difference between us and other non-amdi Muslims

They are still waiting or sometimes they refuse now that he will come so that means they are trying to refuse to accept the prophecy of the holy prophet salallah no need to refuse or deny it we say that the claim is there and all the prophecies have been fulfilled so you must accept

The problem Islam for our second question student members of legendary from Belgium where a legendary member asked beloved Azul that some people believed in Magic and took the Miracles of prophets under the jar literally what is our view on this matter let’s take a look at Hazel’s guidance foreign Foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign Foreign foreign foreign foreign For our third question we turn to Europe is beloved if in Paradise would we be United with partners of this world or different types of Partners let’s take a look at what Azul said migration is Believers will be United with our partners in Jannah and I wanted to know

If it’s about their Partners in this world or different type of partner mates they can be man or woman both so one thing is that another knows better he will make the partner in general if a person is doing good deeds and he is following all the Commandments of Allah he is a

Worshipingalatala as prescribed he pleases he has good morals he will be sent to Paradise so the person should also try whether is the man or woman that their spouse should also do good deeds so that when they die they both go to the heaven if a person is doing good deeds and wife

Is not doing Goodreads obviously she may go to the hell and if the wife is doing good deeds husband is not doing leads vice versa if both of them are doing good deeds they will be together in the heaven if they are not doing good deeds then they will not

Be in heaven together will make some other partner because Allah is the only one and he has made partners of everything right and have only one you will see that he has made your partners so if we feel that both husband and wife if they love here in this world each other then

The best way to be together in the hair after is that both of them do good years so that they are together there in the heaven heading on to question number four where on the 27th of November 2022 beloved has all presided over a virtual with nasarat

From Ghana where a member of nasrath asked beloved Azul why there was a division in Islam after the demise of the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam let’s take a look at what hazur stated my question is why was there a division in Islam after the demise of the Holy Prophets

It was not immediately after the demise of the holy prophet saws for 30 years and during the time of harsh dushman that Rift started between Muslims and it was because of the hypocrites of that time who didn’t want Islam to flourish but it was also prophesied by the holy prophet saws that

After my demise there will be a true khilafat that is for some years and then there will be a rift and Division among Muslims then there will be root for a longer period almost Thousand Years and after that will come and he will again try to unite the Muslims

So this is what tree MDS have been doing that we are trying to unite the Muslims and this is the prophecy of the Holy proud that after the demise of the Messiah the institution of khalafat will start and that is what we are saying that now there is among other Muslims only among

These there is and people are coming to join us day by day every year thousands of people even hundreds of thousands of people come to join the jamaat so this is how we are increasing and others are decreasing so this was the prophecy foreign that whenever there will be some worldly desire among

Muslims then there will be a VM and that is what we saw there were Kings after the demise of the holy prophet saws after the 30 years of Love although it is called but it was not khalafat it was a sort of kingship so they were Kings

Whereas there is no concept of inherited Islam okay but now since you have accepted I’m real you have joined the jamaat of the problem Islam and you are the person who has fulfilled the prophecy of the holy prophet salallahu you have accepted the desire of the holy prophet salallahu

So you are a lucky person for the fifth question of this segment the fifth graced a virtual account from adval from Sweden where tiffil asked beloved whether Allah will forgive those who do not accept the promised Messiah Salam let’s see how hazur answered this question is foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign

Foreign Foreign Foreign foreign Russian war spread and engulf other countries let’s take a look at hazu’s response is foreign foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign foreign foreign looking at answers given by the fifth is the questions received by ahmadis from around the world these questions and answers have been taken from the al-haqam’s answers to Everyday issues column a missionary from Japan wrote to Hazard that people in Japan preferred to cremate bodies instead of burying them

Due to the scarcity of land and people turning away from religion as well as a past epidemic being linked to burying dead bodies he asked how one could admonish them in this regarding his letter dated the 29th of October 2021 provided the following guidance regarding this issue the fact

Of the matter is that Allah has imbued respect for the dead in human nature hence those who bury their dead do so because they do not wish them to be desecrated likewise those who cremate their dead or feed them to animals also do so with the intention of preventing their dead

Bodies from rotting in their view it is respect for the dead that requires cremation or feeding the bodies to animals anyhow it is not only the followers of religion who respect their dead but even those who do not follow any particular religion are compelled to do so because of a natural human instinct

Islam is a religion that is in perfect harmony with nature it teaches that the dead should be buried hence in the story of the two sons of Adam mentioned in the Holy Quran Allah sent a raven to teach Adam’s son how to bury his deceased brother’s body

The internment of the dead as performed According to Islamic teachings does not involve any kind of shirk associating partners with God or worship of those being buried it is done only so that the dead body of a human being may be treated with befitting honor and respect and so that

The bereaved as far as circumstances allow may visit the grave and pray to Allah they exalted for the deceased as for the fear of spreading some Disease by burying dead bodies this is a false assumption because because Allah exalted has placed such properties in soil that the human body gradually

Disintegrates and becomes part of that soil so when the next Generation comes with the passage of time many people from that new generation forget their ancestors and gradually the names and marks of many graves over raised from the ground and new graves are prepared in their place

There are many cemeteries in the world in which the dead have been buried over the centuries and many old Graves have been replaced by new ones the same practice has also been employed in jannat al-baki the famous cemetery of Medina therefore the argument of land depletion is not a strong argument against the

Practice of burying the Dead Hazard Muslim has described the various aspects of the funeral practices prevalent in different religions and societies including cremating or feeding them to animals in great detail in his books the Sira Kabir and Sarah Rouhani for our next letter someone from an Arab

Country claimed to be a prophet or Nabi and a reformer or majadi an Arab Ahmadi wrote a refutation of his claims some muhammadi Scholars from Pakistan commented on his refutation the person in charge of the Arabic desk in the UK wrote to Hazard to seek guidance in this Regard in his

Letter dated the 6th of November 2021 provided the following guidance regarding this issue descending of a prophet or a reformer by Allah exalted to guide and reform the world is such a blessing thy has no substitute in the world whenever Allah exalted felt the need to

Send a prophet or a reformer for the guidance of the world out of Mercy For Humanity he sent a prophet or a reformer to guide the world this attribute of Allah the exalted is ever present and eternal and no human has the right to declare this Sunnah I.E

Practice of Allah exalted to be suspended because there is no textual basis for this in the Quran or the Sunnah of the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam in what way God Sunnah will be manifested in the future Only God Knows Best however in the Holy Quran the Hadith of the holy prophet sallallahu

Alaihi wasallam and the scriptures of the previous prophets after the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam we only find the Glad Tiding of one champion of Allah in the mantle of the prophets our Lord and Master the holy prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam the chosen one has also given the Glad Tidings of the

Establishment of a caliphate on the precepts of prophethood twice in his ummah he said that this blessing would be lifted after having been established for the first time but after giving the Glad Tidings of these blessings re-establishment for the second time he kept silent it can be deduced from this that this

Blessing shall then last until the day of Resurrection moreover the promised Messiah the most Ardent devotee of the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam and the Hagerman adult of the current age on one hand declared himself as per the Glad Tiding he received from God almighty and denied the coming of another Messiah

After him on the other hand he has also mentioned the possibility of the appearance of thousands of the likes of the Messiah methylamisi after him he also argued from various verses of the Holy Quran the Hadith of the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam and the history of other religions that the

Lifespan of the human race was seven thousand years the holy prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam was sent in the fifth millennium and we were passing through the seventh millennium of this dispensation hence States we are now at the head of the seventh Millennium and there is no room for any

Other Messiah to come after this because there are only seven Millennia that have all been divided into Good and Evil he further States since it is the last millennium it is inevitable that the Imam of the latter days should be born at the turn of this millennium after him there is no

Imam and no Messiah except the one who comes in His image for in this Millennium the world comes to an end as all the prophets have testified this Imam whom God has designated as the promised Messiah is the mujadith I.E the reformer of the century as well as of the last millennium

The promised Messiah is also the mujadid of the final millennium one meaning of which is that his successes who were to appear as part of the caliphate established through him on the precepts of prophethood as per the Glad Tidings of the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam will

Also to be majadids of their respective eras owing to the blessings of their following and complete obedience to the promised Messiah hence it is impossible for a mujada to still appear who does not completely follow and Obey him discussing the possibility of the coming of a methylamacy after him

The promised Messiah Salat of Islam States we also want to make it clear that we do not deny that someone else may appear as the like of the Messiah after us because the likes of the prophets always appear in the world rather God Almighty has already revealed

To me by way of categorical and certain prophecy that an individual shall be born from my progeny who shall resemble the Messiah in many ways he shall descend from heaven and shall make the path of the people of the earth straight and shall Grant release to those held in

Bondage and shall free those who are Shackled by the chains of various doubts further States in this regard I have only claimed to be the likeness the methyl of the Messiah and I also do not claim that being only a methyl has ended with me rather it is possible that ten thousand

More methyl of the Messiah may appear like me nevertheless I am the methyl of the Messiah for this age and waiting for another one is futile and let it also be clear that this is not merely my idea that there can be many methylamacy rather the same can be

Inferred from the ahadith of the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam in another place while elucidating the subject the promised Messiah Salat of assalam states this humble one also does not claim that messiah’s ship has ended with me and that no Messiah shall come in the future

Nay I believe and I say repeatedly that let alone one more than ten thousand Messiahs can come he further States Jesus Son of Mary reached the age of 120 years when he died and joined his creator there in heaven he stays in the company of John the Baptist because both had similar experiences

There is not the least doubt that he was an extremely righteous man and a prophet of God however to call him God is tantamount to disbelief hundreds of thousands of people like him have passed away and will come in the future and God is never tired of

Exalting righteous people in the past or in the future thus this is the last Millennium of that dispensation during which God sent the spiritual son and the most Ardent devotee of the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam an exact accordance with his prophecies as the promised Messiah

It can be deduced from the Prophecies of the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam and the sayings of the promised Messiah that by the grace of Allah they exalted since this is the era of the Islamic ahmadiya caliphate established through the promised messiah in the last millennium

Therefore if ever there is a need for a reformer for the Reformation of the world Allah exalted will raise someone from among the followers of the promised Messiah for that Reformation who will be the Khalifa of the time and will also be granted the status of his

Like methyl and a reformer Muslim in addition to being a caliph as Allah exalted conferred the status on hazam in exact accordance with the Glad Tidings given to the promised Messiah hence while elucidating the status of that promised caliphate moreover it is not just a question of

Any caliphate but a question of a promised caliphate it is a question of a caliphate established by divine inspiration and revelation one kind of caliphate is when God Almighty causes people to elect the caliph and then he endorses him but this one is not only such a caliphate

That is I am not only a caliph because on the day after the demise of Khalifa the first is the members of the ahmadiyya community gathered together and agreed on my caliphate rather I am also a caliph because even before the caliphate of Khalifa Avenue the promised Messiah had also said

On the authority of divine inspiration ilham the I would become a caliph thus I am not just a caliph but a promised caliph I am not an appointee but my voice is the voice of God Almighty because God Almighty gave this news through the promised Messiah in other words the position of my

Caliphate is between this is not an opportunity for the ahmadiyya community to let go and still be exonerated by God just as it is true that prophets do not appear every day so it is also true that promised caliphs do not appear every day now for the final correspondence in today’s episode

Regarding the participation of her Widow in her son’s wedding During the indah period hazuri and were then issued the following guidance regarding these issues in his letter dated the 29th of October 2021 among the fatwas issued by nizama darulipta you have also issued the following fatwa regarding someone’s

Wedding ceremony taking place during his mother’s Ida period after she became a widow mourning and attending a son’s wedding ceremony are two conflicting matters in the case of your wedding ceremony your mother could not spend her either as a widow in a state of mourning hence you should plan your wedding to

Take place after the completion of your mother’s idha in my view this fatwa of yours is not correct in ahadith only widows have been ordered to spend four months and ten days in idha however with your fatwa you are obliging others to join the Widow in mourning and

To postpone their essential tasks until the completion of period my daughter’s wedding ceremony also took place when my mother was going through her either after the demise of Hazard sahibzada my beloved mother IV for guidance instructed for the wedding ceremony to go ahead on the appointed date

And said that it was forbidden to go out of the house during the period but it was not forbidden to participate in a simple manner in a wedding ceremony being held at one’s own house that is why we made arrangements for the ladies in the veranda and Courtyard of

The house and Umi as per hazur’s instructions also joined this ceremony at home in a simple manner hence if people choose to postpone such a wedding ceremony of their own accord it is their personal decision they would not be appropriate for you to issue a fatwa prohibiting them from

Doing so and that concludes another episode of Beacon of guidance where we present a number of questions presented in front of hazratman both virtually and through correspondence and his faith-inspiring responses until the next episode


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