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Beacon Of Guidance | Episode 31

Beacon Of Guidance

Thank you and welcome to another episode of Beacon of guidance this series is a compilation of questions and answers given by our beloved these are from various virtual from ahmedis from all over the world let’s start our program with the very first question on the 12th of June 2022

Presided over a virtual from Australia what can one do if they are on a journey and cannot face the Gubler in the correct manner let’s take a look at azul’s answer is foreign Foreign foreign foreign foreign Foreign foreign foreign Foreign foreign for the second question in another version we’ll look at with the Australian on the 19th of June 2022 beloved has always asked the following question by ahadim he asked how can I educate my parents regarding raising Ahmadi children so that there is no conflict let’s take a look at Hazel

Guided him I did buy it last year and my parents have supported my decision to convert but I have also explained that they are also they personally don’t see themselves joining Islam I would like to have an Amity Muslim family in the future and would like your

Advice on how I can educate my parents on my beliefs to avoid future disagreements you see when you marry an amadi girl and you have your children and you are living in an environment or in a vicinity where your parents also live then instead of confronting them directly on

Small Petty issues you just tell them that the basic morals are the same between us we say that we should worship God we say that we should show good morals towards each other we should refrain from all the bad things and even if your parents are not ramadi

They will agree with this and the environment is also influencing your children if you are not properly conscious about their training right so you will have to take special care how can they be brought up in an atmosphere where they know about their religion so you will have to be practicing Muslim first

Your wife shall have to be practicing Muslim this is the basic requirement and in this way you will set your example before your children OK and then also teach them train them what is Islam and why we are Muslim and if they ask you that why our grandparents are not Muslims then you

Can tell them that says there’s no compassionation so whichever religion they chose they have adopted that one but whatever we feel is good we have chosen that religion and also tell them that why we have chosen this religion why we like Islam so in this way you can train your

Children and at the same time you tell your parents about the beauties of Islamic teachings and when they know the beauties of Islamic teachings then they will always try to listen to what you are saying when they see there is some significant change in you and you are somehow different from that of

Your previous life then they would know that our son is going on the right path and also pray for them as the prayer of the parents is accepted for the children in the same way the prayer of the children is also accepted if they are praying for their parents so

Pray for them that Allah also open their hearts and they accept Islam but you will have to reform yourself first you have to be practicing Muslim and then show your example before children and then at the same time teach them or you will have to work hard for that

Otherwise not only your parents but the environment will also influence your children they will deviate from their basic teaching of Islam right for our third question we turn to Europe Where Mercy V graced a virtual with the legendary Myla members from Italy a legendary member presented the issue of

Husbands not cooperating with their wives regarding jamaat programs let’s see what has all said um foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign Sufi theology claims to promote nearness to Allah through their spiritual practices my question is are there benefits in Sufi practices and Customs that promote nearness to Allah see

There was no Sufism during the time of the Holy prophets also was there any Sufi at that time no there was no Sufi during the time of the four rightly guided there was no after centuries this thing started and when it started it was because at that time philafut was not

The spiritual khalafat that was worthless of those times were afterwardly gains and Khalifa was not the chosen Khalifa by the community but they inherited it so this is why at that time the group of people stood up you say we are the spiritual people and we tell the people that what is the

Actual Spirit of your religion and what is the spirit of prayers right and how you should pray how’s you to go before Allah how you should practice the Commandments given in the Holy Quran and this is how they started and they started explaining teachings of the Holy

Quran so this is how it’s all developed but now after the coming of the problem Islam who came to revive the religion of Islam according to the prophecy of the holy prophet of Islam right now there is no need of any Sufi no need to follow any Sufi even I

Remember once I explained in my the verse so one of the Arab person who was newly converted amri he said I was the follower of Sufism and now after having listened to your I can say there’s no because And how he has explained the Holy Quran how he has explained the teaching of the Holy Quran so we don’t need any other Sufi now is also rightly guided as long as it will remain as it is then there’s no need of any Sufism so it was the requirement of the past

Not the present we now turn to question five during the tour of the USA the fifth is in Texas on the 5th of October 2022 there a vacfino member asked why are some people who do not pray or remember Allah so successful let’s take a look at

How hazu responded to this question my name is Farid from the Minnesota jamaat in many of hazur’s responses to my letters hazur has advised that punctuality in Namaz and talavat is a key to success why are people like Elon Musk the founder of Tesla and Jeff Bezos the

Founder of Amazon who don’t offer the Namaz or remember Allah so successful and wealthy not sure do you know what is the purpose of your life to worship Allah yes just recently I invited and I also said the same thing and what is the purpose of their life or worldly people

To attain a world please created Adam at that time Satan refused to bow before Allah or those to submit before Adam right what was the reason arrogance the worldly desires he challenges that most of the people will follow me and I will lead them to go straight from the right path

Right and Allah did not say that you cannot do it it says yes there will be few people who will be righteous people who will submit to my injections and Commandments who will accept my prophets right although they will be small in number but they will ultimately succeed because your purpose is not

The worldly desire your purpose is to gain Allah’s love right and a righteous person always tries to gain a lot of love for the life after death a brightest person will be rewarded in the hereafter and these worldly people have been rewarded in this world this is why the holy prophet saws said

That their right eye is blind the eye of their religious knowledge and religion is blind and the left eye is working that means they will increase in worldly matters so if your desire is only to gain the worldly benefits then of course you can leave nuas and leave Islam and do

Whatever you like but if you believe that there’s a life after death and that is their eternal life then you will gain the love of Allah here in this world and in the world hereafter are you not going to school I am are you not good in your studies you are yeah yes

Are you facing any problem in getting your worldly requirements no no you’re getting your daily food you take breakfast lunch if you like then dinner right and you are wearing good clothes yeah so everything of this world is available to you and you are praying also to Allah

And if you achieve your target you what is your target what do you want to be in future a heart surgeon if you achieve that Target that means you have gained your worldly gain and apart from that by going before Allah and praying to Allah five times daily

Obeying his Commandments you will also get the reward in the Hereafter whereas these people will never get it so now it is in your hands you have to choose you want both of the benefits or only one here in this world what do you want one or two

Both of them they are gaining worldly benefits only and we have been promised by Allah benefit in this world and the hereafter okay so our purpose is not of this world a moment a good believer’s purpose is to win the love of Allah and for winning the love of Allah

You will have to work hard for the enhancement of your spiritual level and also service of humanity for question number six presides over a virtual with Legends members from Belgium on the 6th of November 2022 an amla member asked how a student legendary member can carry out

The League let’s take a look at how huzzle responded to this question is foreign foreign Foreign Foreign functions we will now move on to the second segment of this program looking at answers given by two questions received by ahmadis from around the world these questions and answers have been taken from the al-haqam’s answers to Everyday issues column a lady from Austria wrote to Hazard

Is that people from different cultures some Muslim sex and Muslim Scholars and many other religions had expressed their view about reincarnation an overview of which was as follows God Almighty reincarnates man in order to establish peace he brings man into the world repeatedly so that he may go through different experiences like poverty

Wealth sickness and health Etc because it would be unjust for man’s soul to go through only one experience she asked what the position of the ahmadiya Muslim Community was on this issue and whether the promised Messiah lay his Salam or any of his caliphs had said anything in

This regard Azure and were in his letter dated the 6th of September 2021 provided the following guidance on this issue the doctrine of reincarnation in fact stems from not understanding and not believing in the life of the Hereafter which is the eternal life it is the result of unfamiliarity with

God’s nature and his attributes especially the attributes of creation sovereignty and other various attributes related to his rahma such as generosity a facing of sins forgiveness and mercy as per the doctrine of reincarnation God Almighty is compelled not to Grant Everlasting salvation to any human being if a person wishes to attain salvation

By repenting from his wanderings and misdeeds during his life God is unable to Grant it to him merely on account of his repentance and pure transformation rather that person must according to the doctrine of reincarnation re-enter the world in another state even if it means departing from human

Existence and transmigrating into a dog a monkey or a pig moreover this false Doctrine also prevents a person from following the path’s superiority because as a result of believing in this Doctrine it is possible for instance that the woman he marries in the reincarnated life may have been his

Mother sister or grandmother in the previous life apart from this there are many other absurd and nonsensical aspects of this Doctrine the promised Messiah has refuted this unislamic doctrine of reincarnation which is completely inconsistent with the attributes and nature of God Almighty in a very detailed and reasoned manner in several

Of his works including the philosophy of the teachings of Islam just my Martian Orham from among these works of the promised Messiah the philosophy of the teachings of Islam have also been translated into Arabic and are available online along with the Arabic translations there you will be able to find the

Promised messiah’s refutation of the doctrine of reincarnation as an example the following excerpt from one of his works is reproduced below States transmigration the returning of the souls to this world in different forms is the other aspect of their Doctrine which relates to the creation despite all their claims to reason and

Rationality the ideas believe that parmeshwar is a hard-hearted being who punishes the souls for millions of years as a penalty for a single sin and keeps throwing them back into the cycle of transmigration even though they are not his creation and he has no right over them

Would it not be more appropriate to punish them for a specific number of years as Earthly governments do greater punishment can only be justified if one has an equally greater right over the guilty but when all particles and souls are self-existent and the parmeshwar has no right over

Them except perhaps to cast them into repeated rebirths he is surely not entitled to put them through such a long punishment in Islam although God says that he is the creator of every particle in every soul and the source of all their powers their life and their existence he still says

I.E they will dwell in Hell For Eternity but this eternity should not be confused with God’s eternity it only means a long period of time after which his Mercy will intervene for he is the almighty and does what he Wills this verse has been explained in a

Hadith where our Lord and Master the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam says a time shall come upon hell when no one will be left in it and its Gates shall be moved to and fro by the morning Breeze but the aryas present God as a rancorous an unforgiving being whose Fury is never

Appeased and who does not forgive sins even after putting the souls through the cycle of transmigration for billions of years further proof of the falsity of the concept of transmigration is that it is contrary to the true moral and ethical values for instance when a man takes a woman

For his wife how can he be sure that she is not his mother or sister or granddaughter who might have died earlier on would such a person not be breaking The Vedic law by Contracting such a marriage such a situation could be avoided if every child was born with a written

Record of its parentage in its past lives but since no such Arrangement has been apparently made by the permission would one not be justified in believing that he himself desires to spread such evil we also find it difficult to understand what the transmigration of souls is really meant to achieve salvation mukti

Undoubtedly depends on God realization going on and if this is what transmigration is meant to achieve then why is it that a soul loses all the stock of knowledge and awareness it has so laboriously earned in its past lives and without which there can be no question of salvation

We see that every child comes into the world utterly devoid of knowledge just like a spanthrift who has squandered away all his fortune and finds himself penniless even if one has read The Vedas a thousand times in his previous life he will not remember a page of it it is

Hard to see how a soul can be delivered from the cycle of transmigration when he keeps losing all its stock of knowledge and awareness acquired in its past lives the souls are indeed ill-fated for they do not lack God realization to become deserving of salvation but according to the Arya belief the

Salvation also lasts a short period of time after which they are thrown back into the cycle of transmigration for the next letter A lady from the UK wrote to Hazard meaning asked why we observe the three rakas of Witter prayer in two parts IE two rakas and then one raka

Scholars of Hadith and jurisputans have described various ways of performing with and they have also given different arguments in favor of their position the following two are the more well-known ones one is to offer to the cause finish them with Salam and then offer the third raka separately

The second method is to offer three regards together in such a way that after the two records one sits down Gada for the shahud then gets up to offer the third raka and finally ends the prayer with a Salam hence responding to a person’s question about how one should perform vitil the

Promised Messiah Islam said while sitting down in the middle for atahyat and say salaam at Once In The End it is mentioned in a Hadith that the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam would usually separate the three rakas of the Vita prayer with a salaam in the middle hence it is narrated by hazrat

Abdullah Bin um Allah’s messenger used to separate the Vitter from the shaf with a Salam which he would make us hear likewise in the inner chamber while I used to be in the house he would separate the Witter from the chef with the Salam which he would make us hear

Someone asked as a Muslim about how the promised Messiah used to offer the vital prayer the person asked did the promised Messiah lay is to say salaam after offering two rakaza with their prayer and complete the remaining Wonder Card thereafter or would he offer all the three rakas in one go

As a Muslim who replied usually he would say salaam after offering two I did that as far as he had heard of narrations from the people familiar with the matter they had also expressed that he used to say salaam after offering two rakas and offered the remaining Wonder car separately thus

Although Islamic jurists have also declared the method of offering the three units of the Vita prayer together with sitting down for the shahud in the middle and saying one Salam in the end to be correct and must known the general practice of our Lord and Master the holy prophet Muhammad

Sallallahu alaihi wasallam and of his Ardent devotee the promised Messiah was that after offering two records of Vita he would say salaam and then offer the third raka separately and that concludes another episode of Beacon of guidance to join us again for the next episode until then


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