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Beacon Of Guidance | Episode 30

Beacon Of Guidance

Thank you and welcome to another episode of Beacon of guidance this series is a compilation of questions and answers given by our beloved these are taken from various from ahmedis from all across the world let’s now commence our program with the very first question on the 11th of December 2021

With Arab ahmadis living in Canada a gentleman had asked beloved regarding what factors were leading to the ruin of Arab countries let’s take a look at azul’s answer is long um a ciao yeah foreign foreign foreign Foreign foreign foreign foreign everyone foreign for our second question the following day on the 12th of December 2021 beloved with female Arab ahmadis in which his Holiness was asked what kind of quality should a missionary’s wife have let’s take a look at hezel’s guidance foreign foreign literature questions okay foreign foreign To appear s for our third question we will turn to Europe where the fifth granted a virtual to the National Armada members of Norway on the 5th of December 2021 an amla member inquired due to starting jobs at a young age kid was not attend jamaat events what is azul’s guidance in this

Regard Less jobs foreign Foreign foreign it’s now time for question four whereas region on the 11th of September 2021.’s opinion on the current state of the world let’s take a look at what Hazel stated my question is what is your opinion on the current state of the world you see if people did not recognize

Their creator and their lord their Allah and did not discharge their duties towards him and what Allah has told us to do if they did not do it then the world is fast going to Doom itself so this is why we are here we have to let the people understand that

If you did not practice what Allah has said if you did not change yourself then this is going to be your fate and only those will be saved from this sad end of their life who will remember Allah even you know everywhere you say their atrocities their cruelties brutalities

Happening whether it is being done by the big powers to the poor Nations or whether it is within the Nations within the Muslim ummah or even small countries so everywhere their chaos we have to let them understand what are their duties and this is the duty of an amadi

To let the people understand and it’s the great responsibility on our shoulder this is why I’ve been telling all the time to the people of the world the politicians to the leaders that they should change themselves and try to establish True Justice absolute Justice in the world and discharge their duties

Towards their creator and their following otherwise there’s no guarantee what is going to happen and what we can see is very dark and bleak end of this world for the fifth question of this segment is from Australia on the 12th of June 2022 where ahadim what is the best way to

Inform your non-hamili friends that you are an Ahmadi let’s take a look at Hazel answered this question what is the best way I can inform my non-amedi Muslim friends that I am an Amity Muslim and what is the best way of handling those people who hold negative sentiments

About ajamat try to understand why you are anamadi you see you should know that we ahmadis believe that according to the prophecy of the holy prophet salallahu and according to the promise of Allah a promise reformer will come in the later days to revive the true teaching of Islam

Now every Muslim believes that that reformer will come and he will call mehdi and Messiah and we believe that that person has come in the person of kadian that is what we believe this is why we are ahmathis because he has come to revive the true teaching of Islam

When your fellow students and fellow friends will see that there is some significant change in you you are different from the other Muslims we offer five daily prayers you read the Holy Quran you know the meaning of the Holy Quran you are morally good you are not involved in any bad things

Then they would know that these are the people who are different from us and then they would try to listen to you if they are Muslims you can tell them this change in me is only because of my acceptance of the problem Islam right and this is what we have been

Saying and I have been explaining in my species and addresses that quite a number of new Converse have completely changed their behavior their attitude their whole lifestyle and after having seen them their close relatives their friends have asked them how did this change happen in you

And they would explain that this is the reason because now I have seen the true teaching of Islam and I am practicing it this is why it has changed my whole lifestyle and now I am a practicing Muslim so if you set your own example before your fellow friends before no numbers

Then they would know that he is an amadi boy even at this young age he has close relation with the latala he offers five daily prayers he reads Quran he practice what he says then they will listen to you and this is how you can remove the negative opinion

About you from the minds of those people so you will have to change yourself first you understand what you are for the sixth question of this segment is from South Australia on the 5th of June 2022 an issue was presented that the khudam attended related activities less than Sports what is azul’s guidance

Regarding this and what is the solution let’s take a look at how Hazel answered this question Azure my question is there is a trend observed in khudam where the entrust interbeti or ilmi activities is far less when compared to the entrust in sports or other activities of leisure can beloved hazur

Provide some guidance as to how we can bridge that Gap nowadays because of the involvement in the worldly things you are deviating from your religion you are forgetting what are your religious duties you are forgetting duties you owe to Allah this is why the pattern of interest and

The preference of Interest has changed make the khudam realize the purpose of their life right that is what ratala has told us in the Holy Quran if we realize the purpose of our life then we shall take more interest in religious obligations we should do probability from the very childhood

Before entering the age of a thorough landia organization parents should properly train and teach them and when they attend the age of seven then organization should take care of them teach them what are their duties what are their obligations they should pray five times and go before Allah and always be thankful

To Allah that he has provided us so many things once they grow up then when they enter the age of they will realize their duties so the main thing is that make them realize what their obligations are what is the purpose of their life not just to gain and attain the worldly things

So it’s a continuous process of the continuous process we don’t have any Force recipe there’s no force in religion no compassion in the way that they should themselves realize that what are their activities so from the very childhood to all the stages they pass through we have to take care of our youngsters

And keep on doing it never ever think that you are not going to discharge your duty this is the duty of his bearers and the trainers never never never give up we now move on to the second segment of this program looking at answers given by Hazard questions received by ahmadis from

Around the world these questions and answers have been taken out from the al-haqam’s answers to Everyday issues column for the first letter of this segment a lady from the UK wrote to seek guidance regarding the adoption of children and the rights and responsibilities of their relatives letter dated the 26th of September 2021

Provided the following guidance to her According to Islamic teachings adoption of children is allowed but Allah exalted has especially commanded in this Regard in the Holy Quran that such children should be addressed by and carry the family names of their real parents alone therefore such children should be

Informed about their adoption and their real parents at a young age this is the correct Islamic teaching as far as the Islamic legal right of such children on inheritance Etc is concerned they are entitled to it only through their real parents I.E the real parents of such children remain their

Legal heirs and such children Remain the legal Heirs of their real parents adoption does not affect the mutual legal inheritance rights of these children or their real parents nevertheless if the adoptive parents who raise such children want to give something to these children they can do

So in the form of a gift a hippo during their lifetime or they can bequeath something to them however one is only allowed to bequeath up to a maximum of one-third of one’s total assets for the next letter a person from Guardian in India wrote to seek guidance about milk Banks where

Human milk donated by mothers is provided for Orphans latter dated the 12th of October 2021 gave the following reply to this question According to Islamic teachings children who are suckled by the same mother establish a mutual Foster relationship due to which such boys and girls cannot marry each other when they grow up

Therefore an organization or a government that provides the facility of breast milk somewhere in response to a need will have to exercise great care they will have to keep a record of which child received the breast milk by which woman which would seem impossible therefore in my view the establishment

Of such milk Banks is not appropriate as per the Islamic Sharia because it can potentially create many types of ambiguities and other issues anyway what is the need for these types of milk banks in this area when scores of different types of formula milk are available on the market

If any institutional government is concerned about the upbringing of Orphan children they can provide the facility of formula milk for such children anyway I am having more research conducted on this issue but for now I am off the view that establishing milk banks in this way as stated in your

Letter is not appropriate According to Islamic teachings had research conducted on this issue by darolifta rabba then in his subsequent letter dated 17th of August 2022 hazur gave further guidance to the questioner as follows I have had further research conducted on this issue by darolita according to the findings of This

Research establishing human milk Banks and providing milk to Children through them is not appropriate as per Islamic teachings this is so because Islam has established the sanctity of relationships that have been forged on the basis of Nursing to such an extent thy has prohibited the intermarriage of these relationships in

The same way thy has prohibited the intermarriage of mahram relationships due to dissent on the other hand one cannot know at all about the milk received from these types of milk Banks as to how many women and which women’s milk is in a packet of milk

And even if the details of these women were recorded on these packets the children who drank such milk would become Foster siblings of innumerable other children and it would be seemingly impossible to keep track of them and take precautions with regard to marriages therefore if a child needs breast milk

Then for this the method of the Foster mother stipulated by Islam should be adopted however if this facility is not available somewhere then instead of making relationships doubtful by taking the trouble to use milk from milk Banks milk from ordinary cows buffaloes or formula milk should be used so that the

Sanctity of relationships established by Islam can be fully respected and for the final question for today a gentleman from Guardian in India wrote to us at the meeting that before her demise my mother had told me that whenever she passes away I should perform her also however since my

Mother died of covid-19 there also could not be performed this has caused me great pain please could you guide me as to whether I acted appropriately in his letter dated the 19th of September 2021 provided the following guidance in this regard as a matter of fact under normal circumstances

Only a woman should wash a woman’s dead body and only a man should wash a man’s except in the case of a husband and wife who are permitted to wash each other’s dead bodies thus it was a very good thing that you did not wash your mother’s body

Anyway as you wrote she died due to covid-19 so even for medical reasons you would not have been allowed to perform her Russell thus you need not to worry about it at all may Allah the exalted have mercy on your mother may he forgive her raise her

Status Grant patience to all her family members and make them the inheritors of the legacy of her good deeds and prayers ameen and that concludes another episode of Beacon of guidance where we present a number of questions presented virtually and through correspondence to Hazard V and their faith inspiring responses

Until the next episode

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