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Beacon Of Guidance | Episode 29

Beacon Of Guidance

Thank you foreign and welcome to another episode of Beacon of guidance this series is a compilation of questions and answers given by our beloved may Allah be his helper these are from various virtual from ahmadis from all over the world let’s now start our program with the very first question

From the USA on the 12th of March 2022 a boy had asked what children can do to become nearer to Allah let’s take a look at azul’s answer my question is that what should children do to become near to Allah you see how old are you nine nine now

You should offer your five daily prayers and pray to Allah we have five daily prayers you know it yes you offer five times five daily prayers Isha they are five prayers right so offer your five daily prayers and pray to Allah in your prayers that Allah

Make you a good Muslim so that you become nearer to Allah secondly you read the Holy Quran daily and if possible you also read the translation of it try to learn the translation of it so that you would know that what is written in the Holy

Quran and then when you know what is written in the Holy Quran then you try to practice it you follow what Allah wants from you when you do all these things when you see that what Allah wants from you that you become a person who is a good worshiper who worships Allah

Five times daily you are a person who reads the Holy Quran and finds the Commandments of Allah from the Holy Quran then you are the person who behave well towards your parents you are the person who is good in dealing with your siblings you are the person who respects your

Teachers in the school you are the person who also kind and friendly to your fellow students you are the good students in your school not the naughty students so then he will become such person who Allah loves and then you will become nearer to Allah okay okay for our second question beloved

From the UK on the 15th of May 2022 let’s take a look um foreign foreign foreign Foreign Foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign Foreign said my question is sometimes we hear some people saying negative things against nizami jamaat what should we do in this scenario you see first thing is that office Bureau should reform themselves to see their inner self whatever they are doing is it according to the teaching of us

The Quran teaching of Allah if office bearers are right are performing their duties with the fear of Allah then yes we they can be excused and then blame will be on those people who are saying negative things against office bearers sometimes because of the behavior of his bearers some people have grievances grievances

Against those of his bearers so the first thing is that offices office Bearer should also see to it that no negative attitude should be shown by them towards any of the member of the jamaat right why do they have the Grievances why do they speak ill of the of his

Bearers because they have their personal experience and Grievances and those personal grievances make them involved into speaking right so if they are very close friend of you then you can tell them that it is not right if you have any personal grievance or grievances against any office Bearer

Then you should not speak ill of them speak negative things about you can have your own grievances so you it can be solved you can take this matter to the higher authorities or to the Khalifa and if even then they do not try to stop

Or they are they they insist that no we shall keep on doing this thing then pray for them and leave their company for some time so they realize that what they were doing was wrong and it has caused one of their close friends to leave them right

And but at the same time you should pray for them as well and if you think that it will damage the image of the jamaat or it can harm the jamaat then you should report you to the higher authority if these are the people speaking ill

Of uh not only the office Bearer but as well so this is your duty but the first thing is that try to advise them and if they are a close friend of you you see with kindness you tell them that no this is not the right attitude it’s not the

Right way of talking and it will harm not only it will not harm the jamaat but rather it will harm you so try to leave this so this is the only way we can advise them if they do not try to repent then leave their company but at the same time

Not only leave them but pray for them as well right that Allah saved them from going astray it’s now time for question four whereas blesses from Sweden on the 21st of November 2021 a lady has asked hazul for guidance regarding her children and the way they should interact with their friends let’s

Take a look um foreign foreign foreign foreign Foreign ties a leader should possess in order to lead others let’s take a look at azul’s response if it is you mean a political leader or the leader of your country then they should be honest right they should feel the pain of the people for the public of the public right

And instead of just filling their own chest from the public money and increasing their Bank balances here in the country and abroad then they are not good leaders say if you are a true leader a good leader you have to be very much honest and we caring of your people right

These are the best qualities and do justice as well so a good leader should be honest and should be showing absolute Justice in every respect hard working sincere to the country and the Republic and the nation so these are the qualities if your leader has that those qualities then

He’s a good leader other if not I hope that ahmadis should emerge as good leaders in future so that you can run your country in the best way right even if it is a spiritual leader the spiritual leader should also have the same qualities if it is the leader within the jamaat

Your Amir your president they should also have the same qualities right okay for the sixth question of the segment is from Finland in December 2021 asked that some people speak very openly and in doing so they offend others is that way correct let’s take a look at jazoo’s answer is foreign foreign baby

Brothers foreign foreign in the next question of this program with the jamaat members of kababir in June 2021 has always asked as to how Ahmadi Muslims should Mark the Centenary of their jamaat here is what hazur had to say foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign Foreign foreign ‘s answers to Everyday issues column someone from Syria presented his research regarding the existence of some elements of interest in stock trading Etc the fifth in his letter dated the 28th of September 2021 commented on it as follows conducting academic research is a very

Good idea you may by all means do research on this and share your findings with me as far as the presence of elements of interest in various types of businesses in the present era is concerned the following statement of the promised Messiah was of this age is fundamental to understanding this phenomenon States

In recent times most jurisprudential issues in this country have become convoluted there is one or the other element of Interest riba involved in every trade this is why renewed ichthihad is needed in this age while defining interest on another occasion the promised Messiah stated the Sharia defines interest as lending

Money to someone for a pre-arranged profit in return whenever this definition is applicable it is considered interest however if the borrower does not pledge any such payment but voluntarily pays back extra then that amount would not be considered interest therefore when it comes to the Fulfillment of pledges prophets have

Always acted favorably towards others if a king borrows some money and voluntarily returns more than the principal amount and he as the borrower does not pay it with the intention that it is interest fee then it is not considered interest rather a favor from the King whenever God’s messenger

Took a loan from someone at the time of repayment he would always return some extra one should only be mindful not to be desirous of it however if one received an additional sum contrary to one’s desire or expectation then that would not be considered interest thus the interest that Islam has

Forbidden results from a person lending money to someone with the intention of getting back a premium on top of their principal amount given as a loan however if the borrower returns something extra voluntarily it is not considered interest moreover the banking system has become an integral part of almost every worldly business nowadays

And most of the world’s banking systems have some element of interest in them which then becomes part of those businesses as well stated that there was some element of Interest involved in every trade due to which renewed ichthihad was required in this age under such circumstances if a person

Remains given to a lot of doubt and suspicion then his life would become unbearable because some interest money would have been invested somewhere in the companies that do business with the clothes that we wear in our daily lives then the bread that we eat there will be some involvement of Interest money at

Some stage or another in its business and if a person wants to abandon all these worldly needs in favor of merely sitting in his house which is obviously impossible even then his house would have been made of bricks sand and cement and the companies that make these materials

Would also have dealt with interest or used interest money in their businesses hence one should not create unnecessary difficulties for oneself by subjecting such matters to extreme scrutiny and falling into suspicion it is also mentioned in a Hadith as narrated by Hazard that amla fakal rasulullahi wasallam

A group of people said to Allah’s messenger some people bring us meat and we do not know whether they mention Allah’s name or not while slaughtering the animal he said mention Allah’s name I recite the basmallah on the meat and eat it the promised Messiah was asked whether

It was permissible to eat food prepared by Hindus he stated the Sharia has made it permissible the Sharia does not insist on such restrictions rather it pays emphasis on he indeed truly prospers who purifies it the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam would eat items prepared by

Armenians and in any case one cannot do without it thus one should act with piety when tending to the various matters and worldly Affairs without giving way to suspicion and doubts and where there is a direct possibility of committing a prohibited act or the prohibition of something is clearly

Evident then it should be avoided at all costs in this regard there is another Hadith of the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam that guides Us in the best possible manner States whenever the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam was given an option between two things he used to select the

Easier of the two as long as it was not sinful but if it was sinful he would remain far from it by Allah he never took revenge for himself concerning any matter that was presented to him but when Allah’s limits were transgressed he would take revenge for Allah’s sake

In the same way it is also mentioned about the promised Messiah wasallam that on one occasion the astonishing inventions of Europe and America were mentioned before him in the same mention it was also said that the canned milk and broth Etc which was imported from overseas was very

Exquisite and keen and one of its qualities were that it had not been touched by human hands at all even milk was obtained by machines upon hearing this the promised Messiah salaam said Christians have now become a nation that does not care about the boundaries of religion

And what religion has declared lawful or unlawful pork is extensively consumed by them the name of God is not mentioned on the animals they slaughter rather as has been reported their heads are severed like a jolt therefore it may be possible that the biscuits and milk Etc that are produced

At their factories contain lard and pig milk thus in our view the consumption of these biscuits or such milk and broth Etc from abroad is completely against piety and impermissible under such circumstances where Pig breeding and poor consumption are a common practice among these people in the West

How can we assume that there would be no element of it in other food items as well that these people prepare and export on this Abu said sahib known as Arab sahib a rice Trader from Rangoon related the following incident before the promised Messiah there was a biscuits and bread factory

In Rangoon that used to be owned by the British it was then brought by a Muslim businessman for around 150 000 rupees when he checked the accounts he found that lard had also been purchased for the factory upon his inquiry the Factory’s previous owners informed him that it was used in biscuits Etc

Because without it these products would not be tasty and that such fat was also added to such products in Europe and America from reading this incident the readers of Badr can gauge with what piety and meticulousness the promised Messiah Salat of assalam used to deal with such things

However since there were some of us who had had the opportunity to travel extensively and some brothers are still in distant lands such as Africa Etc who may need this kind of milk and biscuits considering them to the promised Messiah was asked again moreover it was said about the food of the Hindus

That they also kept things very dirty and their vessels would often be licked by dogs upon hearing this the promised Messiah Salat of Islam said in our view that food of Christians is halal about which there is no doubt and which has not been declared Haram by the Holy Quran

Otherwise it would be tantamount to not eating certain items at home considering them to be Haram but eating them outside from the hands of Christians and it does not only depend on Christians if there is ever a suspicious kind of Muslim we cannot even eat his

Food for example if a Muslim is insane and does not know about Haram and halal then what can be trusted about his food or other prepared items that is why we do not let our families consume English biscuits but order them from a Hindu company in India as compared to Christians the situation

With Hindus falls under compulsion is because they have mingled with us a lot and only their shops are found everywhere if there are Muslim shops and everything can be found there then of course one should not buy food items from Hindus thus in summary a person should neither

Become too given to suspicion and doubt and avoid the use of lawful things for no reason nor should one have a careless attitude and use every lawful and unlawful thing instead one should try to live According to Islamic teachings by carefully examining matters to an appropriate and careful extent

And that concludes another episode of Beacon of guidance do join us again for the next episode until then


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