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Beacon Of Guidance | Episode 28

Beacon Of Guidance

Do you not see countless non-Muslims raising allegations against Islam? I meant that can there be any criticism of I The fact of the matter is that aside from Mus there are many people who criticise Islam, ri If the matter is; can a Muslim raise an allegation against Islam or not?

Then the questions that arise in your mind, you should try to find the answers to them. God Almighty has ordained worship five times a day, if in your mind a question arises as to why these five prayers have been prescribed, then you should try to solve the question,

(if the question arises as to) why fasting has been prescribed? You should try and look for the answer to this, even scientists nowadays are acknowledging that fasting is beneficial, and that prayers are a means of regulation and keeps one disciplined, or if there are questions regarding the existence of God

Or if there are questions about other commandments such as purdah (veil), you ought to look for the answer to every question. Okay? Recently in the Friday Sermon, I read an extract of Hazrat Musleh Maud (ra), did you listen to the Sermon? Yes,

Hazrat Musleh Maud (ra) said that when he was 11 years old, a question came to his mind as to what were the proofs of the existence of God, similarly, what were the proofs that the Holy Prophet (sa) was truthful? What were the proofs that the Promised Messiah (as) was truthful? Right?

What were the proofs that Islam was true? Hazrat Musleh Maud (ra) says that he then began to ponder over these questions, then when he became convinced that God Almighty exists and it was proven, then he understood that the Holy Prophet (sa) was a true prophet of God

And that the Promised Messiah (as) came in subservience to the Holy Prophet (sa) in this era to reform mankind. So, questions do arise in the mind of an educated person, but, a person should not simply remain quiet owing to that question,

But as Hazrat Musleh Maud (ra) explained that he investigated and deliberated over the matt and he said that he would not move from his place until he found the answer to his questi therefore you also ought to investigate in this manner.

If you do not find the answer on the same day deliberate over the matter the following day, and then ask others, read the literature (of the Jamaat). By the grace of Allah the Almighty now there is extensive information available within the Jamaat.

It was not available in earlier times (i.e. in the time of Hazrat Musleh Maud (ra)) that one could easily find the answer to the questions that arise in ones mind about Islam or about one of its commandments. Specify what you want to ask,

Is it whether an allegation on Islam can arise in the mind of a Muslim? Is that what you wanted to ask? Yes Huzoor, Then this is what you should have asked, why are you hesitant, you should ask openly, can we raise any allegations against the teachings of Islam?

You could pose your question in this manner: regarding the commandments in Islam that we do not understand, can we ask why they have been prescribed? Right? And if it is wrong in your view, then you should seek the correct answer or ask someone who has knowledge about the subject,

There are missionaries, educated women (around you) or if you still do not understand then you ca write the question to me and ask about it. A religion in essence is one that can be understood, it is only then one can truly follow its teachings.

If one follows religion and thinks of themselves as an Ahmadi simply because ones parents are Ahmadi Muslims, then there is no benefit in this unless you yourself investigate what Ahmadiyyat is, what was the claim of the Promised Messiah (as), what Shariah was brought by the Holy Prophet (sa),

What are the commandments found in the Holy Quran, what does Allah the Almighty want in regards to His Being, you have to understand all these matters in order to become a true Ahmadi Muslim. Thus, questions do arise in the minds of an educated person and indeed it ought to,

But one should not become stubborn and leave the allegation, in fact one ought to resolve these questions and do not leave it alone until you find the right answer. My question is that when someone at school says I am dirty because I am a foreigner, what should my reaction be?

Tell them that you are not dirty because you perform ablution five times a day and offer prayers. So you keep yourself clean and pure. If they say you are bad because you are a Muslim and a foreigner if this is what they mean when they say you are dirty

Then tell them that the important thing is to be morally good. [Tell them] that you have good morals, you worship Allah the Almighty, you speak to them nicely and only think good things about them, you do not fight with them,

You put a lot of effort into your studies so that you get good grades and so that when you get older you can serve the nation. The reason you try to improve your potential and skills, so that you can be useful and serve your nation when you get older.

And so, [tell them] that you are not bad. [Tell them that] no matter what they may think of you, you do not think ill of them, because if we begin thinking ill of one another it will only lead to malice coming about in our hearts

And we proclaim Love for All, Hatred for None. Alright? Love for all, hatred for none. So no matter what they say [tell them] you will never say nothing bad to them and you will pray for them so that Allah the Almighty changes their way of thinking.

This is how you should respond to them. My question is that sometimes, people who have been granted favours by God, such as the progenies of prophets, caliphs, martyrs, righteous and truthful people despite being the recipients of prayers and having before them virtuous examples still go astray from the right path.

Why is this so? Everyone is responsible for their own actions. Hazrat Noahs (as) son didnt accept him and so he was punished by Allah the Almighty and drowned. Alright? The Promised Messiah (as) has written and it is also found in Hadith

That the Holy Prophet (sa) said, I have also quoted this in a recent sermon, Fatima, do not think that you will be forgive just because you are the daughter of a Prophe It is your actions that can take you to the stage of being forgiven.

Thus, prophets and pious people do establish their examples, but if no one acts according to their examples; if a person is stubborn and does not attain guidance even after seeing such an example, then the law established by Allah the Almighty is enacted. Allah the Almighty does not consider

That the person is the son or daughter of such and such pious person, rather, Allah the Almighty considers that persons own actions and whether they acted according to His teachings. If not, then that person will be punished either in this world or the next, Allah the Almighty knows best about this.

The teachings for everyone are the same; if a person is wise, they learn lessons from the examples of others. Upon seeing a virtuous example, they carry out virtues themselves. If a person is ill-natured and is enticed by worldliness and its glamour, or their personal desires have increased,

Then such a person falls into evils irrespect of whose progeny they are or arent from. Alright? Everyone has their own actions. When prophets give advice it applies to everyone. When the Holy Prophet (sa) used to give advice he would be advising all Muslims;

When he gave individual advice he did the same for his children as well. Similarly, pious people advise others and also their children; if someone does not accept out of stubbornness, then what can be done? Once, the Holy Prophet (sa) went to Hazrat Alis (ra) home and he had not offered tahajjud.

[Hazrat Ali (ra)] said that he would wake up when Allah the Almighty caused him to wake up The Holy Prophet (sa) said that it was strange how people give absurd reasoning and apply the name of Allah the Almighty to t which they do not wish to do, doing so is wro

In any case, Hazrat Ali (ra) learnt his lesson from this away from this and thereafter began waking up for tahajjud. The Holy Prophet (as) also used to advise Hazrat Fatima (ra) in a similar manner. Hence the guidance is there, if a person is intelligent then they will act upon it.

Noah (as) advised his son to join him instead of going astray but he didnt act upon this advice and drowned. The Holy Prophet (sa) advised his child, who listened and was saved as a result. Hence, this all depends on each individual.

To say that it is a necessary condition for t progeny of a pious person to also be pious, although yes they are generally pious, but then some also turn out to be evil. Alright? There is a natural law that if you draw closer to evil then you will become evil,

But it has generally been observed that pious people who pray for their children, whether prophets, truthful people or anyone else such as the righteous and the martyrs – if they are pious and pray for their children and weep before Allah the Almighty in prayer, then generally, their children are better off

There are only a few examples of those who turn out to be bad. For the past 30 years, the sun of Khilafat has been illuminating its [spiritual] light to the west. Then can we say that the prophecy of the sun rising from the west is being fulfilled through this?

From one aspect it is being fulfilled in this that the teachings of Islam are being spread throughout the world from the west and that Khilafat is here. This could be a personal interpretation of it and there is no harm in it. But another meaning of this [prophecy] is

That there will come a time when the people of the west will begin to accept Islam in large numbers, and when they start accepting Islam – just like the example of during the Roman t when the Roman Emperor accepted Christianity then Islam will spread quickly throughout the world. Understood?

At the same time, we should try to pray, propagate the faith but also set a good example so that the people living in the west accept religion after gaining full understanding of And when they accept, God Willing, Islam will spread rapidly in the world.


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