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Beacon Of Guidance | Episode 27

Beacon Of Guidance

The truth is that I smile at every sincere Ah whenever they come and see me. I am also smiling upon seeing all of you! Certainly, I have the same emotions of love for you as I have for the Africans and those are the same feelings I have for Europeans.

Every sincere Ahmadi, whether they are European, African, Asian, Arab, or from South America or from anywhere – they are all equal in my eyes. And the expressions of love emanating from their faces compel me to love them in the same way and to express the same love and affection that they are showing.

There is no difference here. Neither are you less than the Africans, nor are Africans less than you, neither are Pakistanis better than you, nor are Africans more or less than any other people, nor are Europeans. Whoever is a sincere Ahmadi and has a special relationship with Khilafat,

Whenever I meet them or see them, I smile. Whoever I meet, be it an African child, a European child, a South American child, a Pakistani child, be they young, male or female, I am happy to see every sincere Ahmadi and have only feelings and emotions of love in my heart for them!

And I am always smiling! I dont think I have ever expressed any displeasure upon seeing you; have I? Arabs often meet me, have I ever expressed my displeasure? I smile at you in the same way when meeting you. My heart is filled with great feelings of love

And affection for each and every sincere Ahmadi Muslim, alright? Peace and blessings of Allah be upon you beloved Huzoor. Beloved Huzoor my question is that despite the appearance of [divine] puni what is the reason why the world is failing to turn towards the Imam of the Age, whereas the Qur’an says:

[Arabic – We never punish until We have sent a Messenger.] What happened when Prophets came in the past? Did the people in the past pay heed? They were destroyed due to [divine] punishment, except for the Holy Prophet (sa), who was the last Prophet,

The punishment that befell in his time was in the form of wars. It was not the case that the punishment of fire or water appeared in the time of the Holy Prophet (sa). The Promised Messiah (as) has written that warfare was the punishment for them

[i.e. the disbelievers in the time of the Holy Prophet (sa)] Owing to this, Muslims were also martyred, but there came a time when the people eventually realised. Nowadays, we find the same situation, people are immersed in materialism. The Promised Messiah (as) has written that if people do not pay heed,

Then divine punishments will increase and people will be destroyed. The Promised Messiah (as) has also written that it is not compulsory that everyone has to accept Islam and Ahmadiyyat to avert divine punishment. If people start to fulfil the rights of Allah the Almighty and His people;

If people abstain from vulgar and immoral acts and sin, even then the Mercy of Allah will be stirred and people can be saved from punishments. At present, the world is immersed in materialism and they do not realise why these things are happening, despite the fact that we continue to warn them.

In the recent past, I have written letters to world leaders in which I informed them with reference to the Promised Messiah (as) that if the people do not pay heed, then the punishments of Allah the Almighty will descend. Even now you can see that when Covid-19 came,

Or when any natural disaster occurs like a tsunami, storm or earthquake, some people do briefly turn towards religion and call out the name of Allah; some call out,Allah, Allah, others say Ram Ram or whichever way they know according to their faiths. They try to reform themselves so that

They may fulfil the rights of one another and of Allah. However, when the punishment subsides, they go back to their old ways. Such a state of affairs has been mentioned in the Holy Quran that when a punishment is inflicted upon a people,

They pray and call out for Allah that if He removes the affliction, they will reform themselves. However, Allah the Almighty has also stated in the Holy Quran that when the punishment is averted, they again become indulged in materialism. Thus, this is the current state of the worldly people.

Eventually, if they do not pay heed and do not understand, they will be destroyed. Nations before too have been ruined and now again they are being devastated and gradually they will disappear, whilst pio people will continue to reform themselves. Alright? Our job is to warn people and to deliver the message [of Islam].

Our responsibility is to propagate the message of Islam and to reach every single person. After that, it is up to Allah the Almighty to guide people. We should continue our work with diligence and by doing so we would fulfil our obligations. We should also pray that Allah the Almighty may guide the people

And that nations may be saved from destruction. This is our duty which we will continue carrying out until the world remains. Alright? We do not need to be worried as to why the entire world has not reformed because we have not been appointed as a keeper over them,

Rather we are only responsible to convey the message of Allah and to teach them and draw their attention towards fulfilling the rights of Allah and His creation. Along with this we should also pray. If we fulfil this obligation of ours in the true sense and with utmost diligence

Then we will not be held responsible for others. The rest is between God and His creation as to how He deals with them. A Waqf-e-Nau should not spend his time watchi TV dramas or inappropriate internet programme There is some good entertainment available and there are many intellectual programmes.

For example, National Geographic programmes which can be seen on the internet and various other intellectual programmes. One should watch these types of programmes instead of watching inappropriate programmes which ruin ones morals. Similarly, there are films, one should abstain from spending all their time watching TV for entertainment, or inappropriate dramas and films,

These include Indian films and other European films which are inappropriate. That is why, as I have previously mentioned as well, you should always remember that God Almighty has commanded us in the Holy Quran as to what we should do and what we should abstain from.

Whatever He has instructed us to do, we should carry it out and should abstain from what He has forbidden us from. God Almighty has also mentioned in the Holy Quran that prayer protects one from indecency that is why you should be mindful of your five daily prayers

And try to offer your prayer whilst fulfilling its due rights. You should also pray to Allah the Almighty that He protects you from such immoral forms of entertainment and also bad company. Amongst your friends, you should choose a good company, who possess good morals and who are inclined towards studies,

Not those who waste all their time in vain things, alright? Similarly, there are games, instead of playing TV games all day, such as Fortnite and other games which children like to play – although you are much older for that now –

But instead of playing these games you should take part in outdoor activities, alrig Your entertainment should be such that also provides you with physical exercise and not that you simply sit at home playing games on TV or the internet. One should abstain from such games as they make ones body and mind lethargic.

My question is, nothing can happen in this w without the Will of Allah the Almighty, so then why are atrocities inflicted upon Ah Alright, tell me, which prophet was most beloved to Allah the Almighty? The Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa). The Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa),

However did he not endure the injustices inflicted upon him for 13 years in Mecca? Yes, he did. He did right? Then when he came to Medina, he still had to endure many hardships, right? Then even after the victory of Mecca, the oppressors continued to launch attacks and battles continued.

Then the hypocrites would also get emboldened at times. Then there were also atrocities inflicted upon the Muslims during the time of the Khulafa-e-Rashideen. Wherever there would be a small number of Muslims, atrocities would be inflicted upon them, alright? So, Allah the Almighty states in the Holy Quran

That He tries His people to see how firm and resolute they are in their faith. When a person continues to remember Allah the Almighty, does not fear anyone and possesses the fear of Allah in their hear even in the face of hardships and injustices, then Allah the Almighty rewards such a person.

He rewards His people in this world and in the hereafter. Now, as you can see, you are all sitting here, your parents moved from Pakistan as atrocities may have been inflicted upon them. Now, if they moved after having endured hardships

Or after having left everything behind like their wealth; if harm was caused to them and if their businesses were burned down, they moved here and Allah the Almighty bestowed more blessings upon them and gave them more than what they had before, alright? An oppressive Prime Minister once said

That he would make Ahmadis powerless and destroy them. He said that they (Ahmadis) would beg for money with bowls in their hands. But what happened with the one who claimed this? Allah the Almighty put an end to his life and he was hung by his own general, alright?

And the Ahmadis regarding whom he claimed that they would end up holding beggars bowl are now spread around the world, and by the grace of Allah the Almighty the Community is making progress, building mosques everywhere, establishing missions, preaching the message, and on an individual level, Ahmadis are also in better circumstances.

Hence, Allah Almighty tries us to see the level of faith we possess. He of course punishes the wrongdoers for their injustices, but at the same time He tries us and rewards us in this life and in the hereafter. This has been the case with every prophet.

Every prophet and their community were treated unjustly, but in the end, Allah Almighty protects them and grants them victory.


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