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Beacon Of Guidance | Episode 26

Beacon Of Guidance

My question is that there are some Lajna members who do not keep a connection with the Jama’at and when we try to contact them then they refuse to meet us. In this regard what guidance can you grant to us?

The fact of the matter is that you only contact them for Jama’at related work. You do it for the purpose that today there is a Jama’at meeting, a Jalsa or Ijtema is happening so they should come or they should pay their Chanda or take part in such and such financial schemes.

So firstly do not contact them in relation to Jama’at related matters. Contact them firstly on the basis of forging personal relationships. When they have established a personal bond with you then they shall realise that they you are not contacting them to solely get Chanda.

Then, gradually tell them about the auxiliary organisations within the Jama’at. Those that are of Pakistani origin when they gradually develop a personal bond with you then explain to them that they have come here but not because they possessed any qualities due to which the Italian government gave them a place to live.

Rather, they have come here on asylum from Pakistan or other countries as well. They have come here to earn a livelihood, so the grace that Allah has bestowed upon them, it is necessary for them to exhibit it in this manner that they become grateful to Allah the Almighty and partake in Jama’at programmes.

Therefore, a personal bond should be established gradually. And in this way you’ll be able to advise them. However, if you suddenly start advising them, then there are different temperaments, some people become annoyed and reply to you in this manner. Thus, your approach should be correct. Yes, InshaAllah. Last week, a question was asked

About whether taking a loan from the bank, or the banking system or brokerage is permissible or not. I answered the question and one part of it came in the [MTA] news, but the last part of the answer did not. The reason for this was that I was not entirely satisfied about it

And thought it was best to research further into the matter. Some people even wrote to me saying that if brokerage is not permissible then they would finish their businesses. They demonstrated good sincerity. Nonetheless, in this regard I want to say that with respect to taking commission,

Because one is not directly taking interest, it is permissible; as it is commission. This is permissible and the Promised Messiah (as) has declared it to be permissible. For example, people who run money exchanges, they take extra money in the form of commission;

The Promised Messiah (as) has said that this is lawful and it is not interest. Similarly, any business in which one does not directly deal with interest does not fall under the category of interest. I mentioned last time as well that the Promised Messiah (as) has stated

That the entire [financial] system has been disrupted and it will require a new verdict based on the circumstances [ijtihad]. If one begins going into these minute details then working in a bank would become unlawful. Furthermore, the economic system that all industries and businesses use today are based on interest.

Then one would not even be able to wear clothes, one would have to use leaves to cover up like in the olden times. For this reason, the Promised Messiah (as) has said that the entire [financial] system has become disrupted. What is not directly related [to interest] is permissible.

I gave the example last week as well that if a person raises the price of their commodity as they will be paid later, then that is permissible as well. In fact, once the Promised Messiah (as) was asked whether it was permissible to work in a place

Where one checks if [businesses] have the correct licence for selling alcohol. He replied that it was a job in which he was not physically selling alcohol; it was a governmental job in which he had to check if they were selling according to their licence or not,

Therefore there was no harm in doing this job. Nevertheless, the Promised Messiah (as) said that he should try to see if he can get a better job than that which did not have any kind of involvement with alcohol. Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II (ra) was once asked by someone

That they work for a Sikh employer, who works with interest and gives loans on interest; the questioner would oversee the accounts for him and so he asked if this was permissible? Hazrat Musleh Maud (ra) replied that he was working for him [and not with interest] and so it was permissible for him.

Based upon this, the question about taking commission in a brokerage, then this is permissible. If one is taking interest from someone, then that is unlawful. Okay? This is not just to do with Australia, but it is in fact the same everywhere in the world. So one can work as a commission agent,

Because one is charging for the service they provide. But in some instances it so happens that people are in desperate need and require a loan, sometimes the agencies providing the loan, or lending agencies do not approve it and a broker organises it for them.

The broker can see that the person acquiring the loan is in a desperate need; if a broker’s fee is normally 100Rs or £100 or $100 but he takes $500 or $1000 from the one in need as his fee, then such an advantage should not be taken.

You may however take the normal fee that is settled from before. It should not be the case that one sees another in a desperate state and then charges that person extra. A career as a broker is permissible, therefore inform the person who asked this question [last week].

I seek guidance in relation to the prophecy the Promised Messiah (as) made about Kabul, upon which beloved Huzoor shed light yesterday. My question is, will the land of Kabul ever find peace, and if so, how will this be? There will be peace in Kabul when the people turn to God Almighty

And listen to the words of God Almighty’s chosen one. And when they remedy all the injustices they have been committing. The remedy for this is to accept the Imam whom God Almighty has sent in this age, and regarding whom the Holy Prophet (sa) foretold that he would propagate the faith around the world.

That is when peace will be established in the world. This condition applies to Kabul as well. If it is not met, the fighting, disorder and disputes will continue. In general, one finds the same happening in the Muslim nations. Thus, they fail to obey God Almighty’s teachings,

And instead then they firmly oppose it and reject it and then try to forcibly spread their own religion; whereby they impose blasphemy laws, or laws regarding apostasy, or do other things according to their own desires and then say that they will not transgress;

Allah Almighty has stated in the Holy Qur’an that taking the life of a believer or one who professes the Kalima [declaration of faith] will be the means of throwing one into hell. These people continue to kill those who profess the Kalima. As for the revolution which has now happened,

They claim they have caused a revolution the like of the Conquest of Makkah, but where are the disbelievers here? The place they have seized control over is inhabited by Muslims. So how can this be compared to the Conquest of Makkah? Hence, this is not how peace is established.

One must first obey the commandments of Allah the Almighty. When the commandments of Allah are followed, only then will peace be established. When they stop opposing the one sent by God Almighty, that is when peace will be established. Our duty is to continue spreading this message

And to pray that God Almighty grant these people understanding, that they are able to accept [this message] and that they reform their conduct and put an end to their transgressions; only then is there any chance of having peace. Allah Almighty is forgiving, so He can then forgive. Alright?

My question is that we see in the media that it targets Muslims, my question is that why do they target Muslims? Why do they do this? Only the media [outlets] can answer this. If a person acts foolishly or acts unjustly, you have to ask the one carrying out this injustice

As to the reason, what can I say? The truth is that the world does not know about the true teachings of Islam. The world sees that in Syria Muslims are fighting and killing each other, the world sees the injustices being carried out in Yemen, the world sees the atrocities committed by the Taliban,

The world sees that Al-Qaeda are carrying out atrocities for no reasons, right? The world has seen that they [Muslims] speak against Europe in certain matters, some of the facts are not even correct, then there is Boko Haram, Al-Shabab, such and such organisations, who claim to be Muslims and are carrying out atrocities.

For this reason the world target Islam. If we tell them about the true teachings of Islam, as we do in our Peace Conferences or if I go anywhere in the world and I explain to them through press conferences etc, I narrate the accounts of people, like I did in yesterdays sermon

Who say that the Islam you have presented is such that everyone will be ready to accept it and stand in support of it. If there is a weakness then it is on our part that we are not explaining to the world. In this day and age, it is the job of the people

From the Community of the Promised Messiah (as) that they should tell the world what the true image of Islam is and what the reality is. So, this is your responsibility and duty. Whenever there is an incident you should highlight the true teachings of Islam

And explain to the people that what has happened is wrong. Also write short articles and editorials about Islam, do not let any opportunity slip from your hands. When the world become enlightened and become aware of the true teachings of Islam, then they will not speak against Islam.

Therefore, it is our responsibility to tell them as much as we can, we do this over you should also in your countries. Distribute leaflets and pamphlets on the topic of piece. Denmark is a small country, you should have conveyed the peaceful teachings of Islam to every citizen. You should have published a pamphlet.

What is the total population? 5 million 5 million is not a large number, you can easily reach 5 million people through pamphlets, right? Explaining to them about the peaceful message of Islam. That could be one and the second one could highlight the beautiful teachings of Islam and explain that the Promised Messiah (as)

Was sent in order to spread these beautiful teachings. All this is our responsibility, to ensure this reaches them and that the wrong portrayal by the media is stopped. Establish a relationship with the media and inform them. You should engage with them, invite them to your functions

And develop a relationship so that they are willing to publish your articles. They will then see the truth for themselves. Otherwise, if the media sees only the wrongful actions of certain so-called Muslims then of course they will tell the people about that.

Certainly, when we do inform them of the true teachings of Islam, they acknowledge that they have made a mistake [in their previous reporting]. Many people in front of me have said this and then they go on to write in support of Islam. Alright? Yes. My question is, Huzoor have you

Ever faced any difficulty in your life which caused you great concern and how did you overcome this? By the grace of Allah I have not faced any such overwhelming difficulty which would cause me to become anxious. During student life, at the most a student is worried about passing exams and matters like these.

In such circumstances, I prostrated before Allah, praying to Him and weeping before Him; as a result, Allah the Almighty created such means that helped me and removed all my worries. This has always been my experience. I cannot say I ever faced an overwhelming difficulty. However, during student life, I faced certain difficulties,

But with the help of Allah, the difficulties in my studies would become resolved. But it should not be the case that you stop studying and then test Allah the Almighty by praying to him to help you pass. You should work hard and put the effort in.

When a person faces any type of difficulty they should pray to Allah. If a person prostrates before Allah the Almighty sincerely then Allah the Almighty accepts their prayers. Prayers and charity [Sadaqah] removes difficulties; this is what we have been taught by the Islamic teachings

And this is what I have practiced whenever any hardships have arisen. Okay? Allah the Almighty knows best, however the Promised Messiah (as) has stated that, “The tasks that Allah the Almighty “has assigned to me, and my prophecies “and what Allah the Almighty “has informed me in His revelations –

“which I have informed the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of “- those things will, inshAllah, most certainly come to pass.” When they shall come to pass, only Allah knows best. When this verse [of the Holy Qur’an] was revealed I mentioned this incident in my sermon yesterday in relation to Hazrat Umar (ra) –

That the Holy Prophet (sa) reminded him and also the other companions that “Indeed this vision of mine is true “and we would certainly perform the pilgrimage of Hajj “and the Tawaf of the Holy Ka’bah, “however I did not say that this would certainly happen this year.”

In fact, the Holy Prophet (sa) did not even specifically say that it would happen the following year either, but due to the change of circumstances through the actions of the enemy himself, the Holy Prophet (sa) very quickly entered Makkah as a victor owing to the change of circumstances.

Therefore, when Allah the Almighty revealed this to the Holy Prophet (sa) and the Holy Prophet (sa) did not set any particular time limit for this, then how can I specifically set a time limit for it? But nonetheless, it is for certain that these prophecies will be fulfilled

Because they are the words of Allah the Almighty and we have seen that numerous prophecies and revelations of the Promised Messiah (as) have been fulfilled and what he said in relation to God’s words, they came true. And God-willing, the day will come when the Muslim Ummah,

Under the flag of the Promised Messiah (as), will enter the Holy Ka’bah.


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