Ahmadi Muslim VideoTube Friday Sermon Khalifa V Friday Sermon | December 9, 2011 | English

Friday Sermon | December 9, 2011 | English

Friday Sermon – Khalifatul Masih V – Mirza Masroor Ahmad – Year 2011

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Lulu a rock mall all Molly can only be young kenapa the way you’re gonna lay hidden a said all those the bean said all the way to bear lane Willis told me Mahalo Fenian Viet Ozma similis lotto salam gadhavi silicon buzzer says that the opponents of Jamaat

Ahmadiyya from the outset of the claim of the promised messiah peace be upon him until today without any reasoning without any logic rather out of the obstinacy the egotism and also due to their vested interests they are rejecting the claim of the promised messiah alayhi salatu salam least be a

Polymer whereas in contrast the promised messiah on whom be peace through thousands of logical arguments in light of the Holy Quran in light of the hadith and in light of the statements of the commentaries of the earlier holy people and scholars of Islam yup he will mercy you’re ready

Through this he proved that he was that Messiah and Marty who had been prophesied in both the Quran and hadith the promised Messiah a salami and support of his claim also explained the divine signs that corroborated his coming Gordon work in terms of the treatment of Allah the Almighty to the

Promised Messiah late salam he clearly elucidated that but those who have a seal on their hearts from allah the almighty those who allah does not desire to guide they can not be guided by anyone at all the disbelief of the heart cannot be opened by anybody who love

Those long boo but righteous natured persons accepted the promised messiah peace be upon him and they came into his bed his pledge of allegiance such persons attained the good fortune of coming into the fold of allegiance of the promised messiah on whom be peace it was written in their destiny that allah

Was to guide them you should feel good but those people who out of a fear of the so-called scholars or those who follow the so-called scholars and did not enter the pledge of allegiance of the promised messiah allah salam despite the fact that the grace and bounties of allah was descending like spiritual

Rainfall yet such persons remain deprived of the spiritual rain and blessings and until today they are remaining deprived however on the other hand as i stated those persons who allah the almighty desires to guide who possess both piety and also nobility they are accepting the promised messiah

On whom be peace such persons accepted the promised messiah on a salam in his time and they accept him today as well because they are aware the mom misciagna that all the signs of someone being sent at a time of disorder have been fulfilled the lust and greed of the

World is greater and the fear of Allah in comparison has diminished you hear this has reached the extent to the point that these so-called movies these religious clergy’s and also their cohorts and followers you suck the good sugar they have reached a depths of degradation they have stooped to such a

Low level run agree that in order to persecute remedies they do not even desist from insulting and disrespecting the Holy Quran and the Holy Prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him and after doing this they say God yannis have done this day themselves throw the

Pure and blessed pages and also the parchments of the Holy Quran onto the flow or into the gutter or they place it into rubbish bins and after doing so they implicated amedee saying that such and such a midi has carried this out yet that our MIDI would have no idea

Whatsoever what would be coming to pass the implicated our MIDI only learns of what occurred when the police arrived at his house to arrest him all he learns of what occurred when those persons who use filthy language carry out processions and rallies against that implicated Ahmed II also another method of these

Persons is that upon the walls of the schools in inappropriate places and in improper ways they write things about our master the holy prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam for the sake of whose honour and sanctity every remedy is always prepared to sacrifice himself moreover an animal he is always

Prepared to even sacrifice his children and his children’s children for the honour of the holy prophet sallallahu salem so such persons invite these improper things on the walls of the schools and implicate the amedee children and because of this the amedee children are evicted from the school

They are persecuted and they are beaten up moreover upon these innocent school and MIDI children they make attempts to launch cases of blasphemy against the holy prophet salah salem in such cases they do not allow bail and the punishments are most extreme they attribute actions and deeds upon our

Innocent amédée children with which they can never imagine or envisage to carry out there for when moral degradation reaches to such levels when the fear of God the Almighty entirely vanquishes from the hearts when obnoxious and vile acts which extreme proportions then the cries the wailing and screaming for help

By the oppressed take its course therefore in particular nowadays in context of the circumstances in Pakistan through which families are passing as I have frequently drawn attention towards previously on several occasions that the pivotal point of your prayers should revolve only and only around the progress of immediate in other words the

True Islam the reason why this should be carried out is so a las chastisement can quickly descend upon those people such persons who on the name of Islam are carrying out excesses and all sorts of extremities they attempt to defame Allah Islam and also the holy prophet sallallahu alayhi wassalam peace and

Blessings of Allah be upon him we also need to be inclined towards praying the following that the righteous and good nature’s amongst them should be enabled by God the Almighty to convey the Salam the greetings of peace of the holy prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam to the imam of the time amongst our various

Programs at Iran MTA there are also live programs within these live programs many callers with the grace of the Almighty Allah comprehend the reality and the truth and also take the best the Pledge of Allegiance so therefore it is not the majority of the Muslims are a part

Of this disorder and also this cruelty in persecution nonetheless this is the case that a majority of the Muslims out of a fear and also due to ignorance and being unaware they do not want to comprehend and understand the message of an idiot or if they do understand the

Message of a minute they are terrified because of the law of the land and the law of the land out of a fear of the mullah the Muslim clergy is not prepared to give even ordinary rights of citizens to emily’s today it is not the rule of

Law whether it is the rule of the mullah the Muslim clergy that is prevalent the mullah has infused in the heart of the Muslims who are unaware ignorance that God forbid remedies instead of the holy prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him believe that hazard mirza

Ghulam muhammad of kalyan on whom be peace is the last navi of profit whereas this is absolutely great what we say is that the holy prophet salallahu alayhi was selling peace and blessings of allah be upon him are and true devotee in the garb of all the prophets came to bring

The followers of all religions to submit before the holy prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam peace and blessings of allah be upon him rather than to challenge the many professors allahu alayhi wasallam the promised messiah on whom be peace brought logical arguments in reasoning and through that he rendered speechless the world he

Stood before those who attacked islam like an unassailable war soon north of islam the promised messiah peace be upon him through logical reasoning and also arguments not only defended the attacks against islam and holy prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam brother he also forced them to retreat moreover through this logical reasoning and also

These arguments the promised messiah peace be upon him fought the enemy in such a manner that the opponents had no route to take but to take flight the promised messiah peace be upon him was given a revelation well John haka was a hotel battle in Alberta latern as

A hooker cool nobody got a min muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam but the barakah mean I love our tottenham meaning proclaim truth has arrived and falsehood has vanished indeed falsehood is bound to vanish every single blessing is derived from muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam then blessed is he who taught and also who attained learning

This revelation and also the other revelations mentioned herein or do in Persian after describing them in his book The Rock will collab the promised Messiah on whom be peace states all these revelations constituted a prophecy that God the Almighty through my hand and also through me will establish the

Truth of the faith of Islam and also prove the falsehood of all other face therefore that prophecy now is fulfilled because no opponent has had the capacity of fortitude to prove the truth of his faith against me at my hand heavenly signs are being displayed and through my

Pen the truth and verities a deeper meanings of the Holy Quran are illuminating therefore arise search in the entire world is there anyone from among the Christians or the Sikhs or the dude or the followers of any other religion who can stand against me in exhibiting heavily signed and in setting

Forth the verities and profound meanings of learning I am the one concerning whom this hadith is found in the authentic books of Hadees that in his time all religious communities will perish but Islam will shine bright in a manner that it never shown in the intervening period

Pazuzu says in short we observe that today the beautiful teaching of Islam is being presented purely through the promised messiah peace be upon him today it is a community of the promised messiah on whom be peace alone that in an organized and disciplined manner through a structure and a system

Under the shade of khilafat is carrying out the work of the Bleak of Islam the propagation of Islam whether it is in Africa Europe or any other part of the world this task of the Bleak is being carried out to present the true picture an image of Islam by Jamaat Ahmadiyya

Jewish menorah is long when I said to the Jabbar’s then as the opponents of Islam are raising allegations and attacks against the teachings of Islam and also the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam so for this reason exhibitions of the Holy Quran should be held where the beautiful teachings

Within the Holy Quran are elusively explained alhamdulillah all praise belongs to Allah exhibitions were held all over the world and they are being held in various places of the world reports are being received in this slide from everywhere or Jews long those who came to attend the exhibitions and

Non-muslims said that islam and the teachings of the Holy Quran that you are presenting it is such a beautiful image of Islam that we are astonished how were we opposing this teaching of Islam before these aspects of Islam never came before us it was our ignorance before

The majority had a very apologetic tone they took away the Holy Quran and also other Islamic literature from our exhibitions those who came to the exhibitions were very well educated and very well civilized amongst whom were also Muslims also Christians and also people of other faiths all of them

Without exception are appreciating this world we are carrying out that this is a great endeavor that you are at the taking however it is unfortunate that the mullahs there is a group among stem that is amongst the release clergy’s when various countries are opposing these exhibitions we are

Holding they are opposing us spreading the teachings of Islam perhaps I mentioned earlier as well that in India in the city of Delhi in a very large hole which was obtained from the government on rent we held an exhibition of the Holy Quran dare demoulas the religious clerics joining with certain

Extremists raise such an uproar that the exhibition which was due to run for three days have to be wrapped up in two days yet even in those two days the exhibition left a tremendous impact a very well educated highly academic who is very influential and holds a high

Standing in society after the exhibition he went to God young he said I am visiting call Dion for the first time and I’ve journeyed him I desired to see the place of those people who are carrying out this immense service towards Islam and the Holy Quran he visited various places in Guardian and

Was positively affected but it is with great regret that I have to say that hair in a city of the UK very recently they were organizing an exhibition due to the fear or of the mullahs the religious clerics the police requested our organizers to cancel the organizing of the exhibition the principal such

Request should be refuted with logical reasons but the local jamaat all the local administration accepted the request of the billies and they cancelled the exhibition if here in this country or in these countries in europe where all kinds of freedom are available and the government proclaimed that we

Grant these freedoms to you if we indulge these mullahs anyone join you then in this country also we would be those who promote extremism or tomorrow we need to make the authorities understand this point very well and we need to make arrangements to reorganize the exhibition some people say that we

Should hold the exhibition quietly what is the point in holding the exhibition quietly on the one hand we claim that we are going to progress the mission of the jelly hola the stalwart and champion of God Almighty yet on the other hand we display appeasement this cannot be the

Case as I stated in this country the rule of law is prevalent in the government of firms that this is so so therefore them say to the government that it is your work to enforce the law and to give every citizen his or her right and to protect and safeguard them

And this is what you need to do in any case this is a state of the mulleted even in non-muslim countries such as india or here in the UK when we make endeavors to convey the message of the Quran and Islam then rather than non-muslims it is the so-called Muslim

Clergy who raised objections that how is it possible that this dangerous and threatening work of conveying the beautiful teachings of the Holy Quran is being carried out by our money’s there is no way we can tolerate this thus this is a true picture of the so-called caretakers of Islam yet we have to

Continue in our task Islam involve you move on come on in every circumstance we need to silence the opponents of Islam and we need to endeavour to spread the teachings of the holy qur’an in the world inshallah God willing naturally we will go on doing this so that we can

Bring the world under the Holy Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings of Allah be upon him as I mentioned cool that this is a positive quality of Western countries that in front of the law or the government everyone is seen equally therefore if anyone tries to place hindrances in front of our work we

Should seek the help and support of the law and the government here I should present an example of the upholding of the law when recently I went on a European tour on the way back I led a friday / in Holland there I addressed a politician who is a member of parliament

And a party leader whose name is good wielders to the move I gave him this message in a very similar that you people against Islam and the Holy Prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him are exceeding in your disrespect and the utilization of vile and profane language you have exceeded

All limits of enmity desist from this or else fear God’s chastisement which comes unannounced which then manifest at its appointed time and destroys people like you that God most certainly possesses that power to seize persons like yourself I also said that we have no worldly power we can only challenge

People like you through our prayers in the press release that was prepared based on a summary of this friday sermon by our press section when the in charge of the procession came with this press statement to me he had written all of the other thing but had not within this

Particular sentence item said to him that most certainly add the sentence that we have no worldly powers this is exactly what I said that you and everyone like you is destroyed and this is the reality when we can test our opponents and those who hold enmity towards us we do it either through

Logical reasons or most of all we do this through her prayers nonetheless this particular press release was also read by this Dutch politician get willders he then wrote a letter to his government in which he posed certain questions to the Home Minister when this was mentioned in the

Press day than the Jamaat in Holland wrote to me that willders has posed questions in this manner and it seemed like the demands they were quite worried I responded to them that if the Home Office ask questions of you then there is no need to be fearful and no do you

Need to be apprehensive fully explain your stance the foundation for this was laid by that politician who is carrying out in appropriate acts and who has produced erroneous films regarding the holy prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam he has utilized very harsh language and he has defamed Islam we responded to

That and what we said was that Allah the Almighty is one who opposed the owner of His Prophet he can cease persons who disrespect his prophet therefore be fearful of God in any case in terms of the questions that he posed the government also responded to those questions you have what movie argue

Wealth while you will do that is after a few days they responded into also publishing the newspapers here the first question asked by will this was that are you familiar with this article that world Muslim leader sends warning to Dutch politician Geert will dis that is are you the interior minister aware of

This so the interior minister reply to him that yes I am aware of this article i have read it the second question by willders quoting my name he asked that miss Erma Saruman has said that listen carefully view your party and every other person like you will ultimately be destroyed

So we’ll t’as wrote this to the minister further on interpreting this quote himself saying that what measures will the interior minister plan to take against his mischievous message love you the interior minister applied that according to the press release means a masseur man has said that such peoples

And groups are not destroyed by any disorder of violence or other secular activities piranha only through prayer I do not see anything in this statement that incites disorder or violence or could be a cause for it for this reason I see no reason whatsoever to take measures against Jamaat Medea the

Ahmadiyya Muslim community then his third question was that how is the Ahmadiyya Muslim community in Holland connected to the Emily a Muslim community worldwide and to Musa Mohammed the interior minister apply steady ahmadiyya muslim community holland is part of the worldwide ahmadiyya muslim communities so this was his reply so

Therefore this is a justice displayed by these people a politician who is also a party leader and a member of parliament and then he is also the same religion as them yet when he poses a question the response that is given his fair-minded and also just I have heard that now will

This is researching further into the Jamaat to try and extract negative aspects however much these people desire they can make efforts to do so this is a divine Jamaat and this remote always says what is true and what is based on facts and this is exactly what they were

Always fine within the jomon long so therefore the imam of this time has assigned us with the duty of spreading the message of islam to the corners of the world and to render the opponents of islam speechless through logical arguments according to every person’s capacity and also efforts every single

Amedee is endeavouring to undertake task islampur additional Islam go and where the opponents of a snob attack Islam or dare it is emily’s who defend Islam and also provide responses at render them speechless and Anthony’s also make the world understand this is the spiritual knowledge and understanding that is acquired from the

Promised messiah peace be upon him that we utilize because of which every single remedy without any inferiority complex to major and senior secular and religious leaders are providing the message of islam the moon ago if other people go to these world leaders then they go to seek help from them islam or

They go to attain some worldly benefits they never have the courage to convey the message of islam to these world leaders recently our immune saw him of gaba beer as part of a delegation had the opportunity to travel to Italy before he traveled he mentioned to me that this delegation going to Italy

Consists of people of different religions it is going to be an inter-religious meeting where we will also meet the Pope in fact he said we were going on the invitation of the Pope therefore if you deem it appropriate I would like to deliver a message from you

That is from mizzou and i would like to also gift him with a copy of the Holy Quran so I replied that this would be very good most certainly do so subsequently I wrote a message from here and sent it to him saying that go and

Deliver this to the Pope he also made copies of that message when he went there he delivered that message to the Pope and he also gave copies of that letter or message to other senior priests or controls of the Vatican he also delivered the Pope with a gift of

The Holy Quran and pictures were taken of this meeting I will relate just one part of this report with him by sharif or they saw him aha she writes at Hawks are this humble one went to the residence of the Pope the Vatican on tenth November 2011 along

With that group that contained people of different religions including the great rabbi of Israel some Christians some juice and some Muslims officials who all included I delivered her zoo’s letter to the Pope I said to the pub that within this letter is a most important message

From the worldwide Imam a leader of the air media Muslim community the Pope we see that letter himself with his hands I also gave him a copy of the italian translation of the Holy Quran the Italian and Israeli TV and also Italian newspapers and also Hebrew newspapers

Publish pictures of my meeting with the Pope after the meeting on Vatican Radio there was a press conference held I mention her tues letter in this press conference and also mentioned the summary of that letter I gave a copy of this letter to all the journalists similar the responsible person in the

Vatican for the middle eastern churches all the Cardinals etc there I gave them copies of the letter as well I also held a meeting with the committee of inter-religious discussions they noted my address in order to invite me to their conference then next conference will be held next year in through yoga

So coming to the letter that I wrote to the Pope the summary of it is that after some words of prayer then was this verse of the Holy Quran well yeah Arnel kita beta are low in a cali madden sawa in vain and i will be no come on la na

Buddha in the law when initially gabon che a while yet taffetta bogdana pardon or babam in buna law say o people of the book come to a word equal between us and you that we worship none but allah and that we associate no partner with him

And that some of us take not others for Lords sighs Allah garage believe long then I am just giving the summary here I mentioned that nowadays Islam is under the glare of the world its teachings are being frequently targeted although this is occurring due to the actions of

Certain Muslims however the basis for targeting Islam is absolutely incorrect due to these bad acts even well educated people do not desist from raising a negation and attacking the holy prophet salallahu salam and islam in the way that there are teachings of every founder or teachings of every religion

The purpose of which is always to connect man and god islam teaches exactly the same in fact islam teaches it in a better manner therefore due to the actions of a minority of people islam should not be attacked inappropriately islam teaches us to respect all prophets including the

Prophets mentioned in the Bible and in the Holy Quran we are the humble servants of the holy prophet muhammad sallallahu ala solomon are extremely grieved and pained by the attacks on the honor and respect of the holy prophet peace and blessings of allah be upon him

We do respond to these attacks but by presenting the beautiful teachings of the holy prophet sallallahu ala salama in front of the world and beautiful teachings of the Quran in front of the world would teach love affection and brotherhood the fundamental teaching of Islam is that tread on the quad

Righteousness and this is a sound that resonates five times a day from our mosques in which the greatness of God the Almighty is proclaimed and also it is announced that the Holy Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings of Allah be upon him is a Messenger of Allah further

On I also wrote that the reason why peace is being destroyed in the world today on the pretext of freedom of conscious and expression some people play with the sentiments of others they also cause religious offense to other people nowadays small scale walls are erupting in the world the world requires today to

Make efforts to end these wars otherwise this could lead to a world war and this world war could result in untold destruction unagi then I wrote that rather than focusing on the material progress of the world there is a greater need to make efforts to save the world

From destruction not the way you otherwise there will be certain destruction thus religious leaders should try to uproot from the world mutual enmity and the serpent of other people’s rights I then wrote that because you hold an influential voice in the world you have a large following

Therefore you need to make efforts to the following effect that all world religions should work in cohesion and strive to establish peace and in this way we need to make the world recognize the Creator the One God therefore this is a summary of that letter along which

Was sent to the Pope may allah the almighty enable him to have understood this letter and i hope that he would have read it may these people be those who establish human values and respect and regard religious values and most of all made it recognize the one god as is

Evident from the report of Sharif Sahib that on this occasion there were also other Muslim leaders and other influential people however if anybody was enabled to deliver the message of Islam and the Holy Quran to the Pope then it was a servant of the Imam of the time and the stalwart

Of alone yet these people say that Emma DS are not Muslims and that God forbid we affront the holy prophet muhammad sallallahu and he was Selim and the Holy Quran whereas by attaching ourselves with the promised messiah on whom be peace Johnse we witness until today a

Renewed glory of the successes of Islam even non of middies who have branco and enmity in the heart are forced to confess that the mission of the promised Messiah on ahista lata wassalam on whom be peace that most certainly has been achieved by him there was a well-known

Case filed against the promised messiah on a salaam by a priest Henry Martin Clark in actuality the motivation behind this court case was to try and seek revenge for the defeat by the Christians by the promised Messiah alayhi salatu salam during a debate the promised messiah la salam has explained the

Details of that debate in his book junkie micardis Martin Clark raised his court case against the promised messiah on a salata was salaam and he falsely accused him of murder the details of this are also found in the promised Messiah le Saddam’s boogie double Berea in any case in this court case the

Promised Messiah Ali Saddam was honorably acquitted by the judge of that time captain Douglas the promised Messiah a Salaam gave this judge the title of pilot the second this is also a lengthy exposition dr. Henry Martin Clark was completely humiliated and disgraced during that cold case in fact

The judge says that if you so desire you can raise a case of defamation against him recently our Asif Sahib of MTA he told me that he had contacted the great grandson of Henry Martin Clark who had wished to see me I said to him that most

Happily he can come please bring him so in the past few days he came to meet me people do come to meet routinely and as a norm but the things which he said in that will of God i would like to present a few of those before you because it is

A sign of the truthfulness of the promised messiah peace be upon him how splendidly even today Allah supports the promised messiah a salaams I was speaking to him with reference to junkie micardis and he said that I only started researching into this most recently today I have realized that Henry Martin

Clark is lost in the past this is a statement of that great grandson that Henry Martin Clark is lost in the past whereas in contrast the person who challenged him he is successful all over the world he said that myself until a few years ago I was unaware who my great

Grandfather was only very recently when I was researching into my ancestry I came to know that Henry Martin Clark is my great grandfather in any case we discussed this for about half an hour he spoke in a very measured and a humble manner I felt that perhaps this is his

Mannerism but later he said to ask himself that during the entire meeting I remained in an extremely emotional state later Asif Sahib also told me that when I was discussing with him that the promised Messiah a late Saddam used some harsh words against Martin Clark so he explained to his great grandson that

That was used because of the obstinacy of Henry Martin Clark and its inflexibility due to that circumstance that ensued whereas it was completely evident when a person looks into that debate that Islam gained victory yet Martin Clark kept proclaiming and kept on insisting that Christianity had won the debate so then

The promised Messiah le salam said this would be decided through prayer so that Allah would display a clear sign he responded to this spontaneously amongst the lengthy discussions that were held that God has certainly shown a sign even today in other words God has certainly shown a sign even today he then

Mentioned the meeting there I have sent to auto Saab to write an article about all the details in any case of truthfulness of the promised Messiah Elise alarm is today being verified to buy the progeny of these very opponents of Islam if there is somebody who does

Not understand and it is those mullahs those religious clerics who are the so-called Kate acres of religion the promised messiah peace be upon him says that rejecting me is not rejecting me in fact it is rejecting God and His Messenger peace and blessings of Allah be upon him because whoever rejects me

Before he rejects me god forbid he considers goddess false whereas he observes that internal and external disorders have exceeded all bounds and despite the fact that Allah the Almighty has promised at inland are known as el azucar Dawa in the Laguna hafiz room that he has sent down his exhortation I

Must surely we have been his guardian but Allah is not arranged for the Reformation whereas he believes in this matter that in artistic love Allah said that just like the mosaic dispensation in this dispensation they would be a sequence of Halawa successes but God forbid this would mean he has

Not fulfilled his promise because there is no clearly for currently in the Muslim woman but it does not end here but further you would have to reject that in the Holy Quran when the Prophet Muhammad is called the like of Moses that would not be true either because it was essential for the

Congruence that a messiah should appear in the 14th century from this Ummah that is from this Muslim community just as a messiah had appeared in a 14th century of the mosaic dispensation similarly the verse of the Holy Quran would have to be rejected in tonight well Ocarina min ho

Na myeon Hakuba him and among others from among those who have not yet joined them because this gives the tiding of the coming of a messiah similarly many other verses of the Holy Quran would most certainly have to be denied I say with most conviction that from I’ll harm

To an ass the beginning to the end of the Holy Quran all of it would have to be abandoned then consider is it easy to accuse me of falsehood I do not say myself I say it swearing by God that this is the fact that whoever leaves me

Whoever rejects me he does not do it with his words but with his actions he would have rejected the entire Holy Quran and would have left god this is indicated in a revelation to me antonini why now mincha that rejecting me is rejecting God accepting me testifies to

God and laced a firm belief in the being and the existence of Allah the Almighty rejecting me is not actually rejecting me it is also rejecting the holy prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam so before you conjure up the courage to eject and deny me reflect in your heart and come to a

Decision that who are you in fact rejecting then the promised Messiah elisa lata wassalam says in another book that is that remember well that in this battle you are hurting yourself so do not thrust your hand into the fire lest it happens that the fire should flare up

And consume you no more surely that had this been man’s endeavor then many would be born who would destroy it in addition it would not have reached this age and stage in your view has it ever been such an imposter who falsely claimed communication with God Almighty

And yet survive for such a long time it is regrettable and a pity that you do not reflect at all and do not recall the verses of the Holy Quran we’re in God Almighty says with reference to the holy prophet sallallahu alehiwassallaam peace and blessings of Allah be upon him and

Says that if he falsely attributed even the smallest thing to God and I would have severe your jugular vein so who is dearer to God than the holy prophet salla lucidum that he should not only survive such a great imposter by should be in which by divine bounties so

Brothers refrain from self deception and be not obstinate in matters which are specially in a knowledge of God break your habits become a new person tread on the path of righteousness so that he may have mercy on you and that allow me forgive your sins so fear God and

Restrain yourselves is there not even one among you who is rightly guided what in London Tahoe for sofa yard Allahu Venice with him in India why young sorrow Abdul where your mazda colada voila dozin Runa who Shia if you do not desist and God will imminently bring his

Special help to his servants and he will destroy his enemies and you will not be able to do him any harm may allah the almighty make it so that the opponents of the promised messiah peace be upon him understand and comprehend this message may allah the almighty everywhere protect Emma DS from all

Kinds of evil may allah the almighty enable us to submit and prostrate before him to the maximum degree possible and to enable us to pray now after the friday prayer today as well I will leave some funeral prayers the first funeral prayers motor de memoria mahadin Sahiba wife of muharram Zachary Sahib

The Jabara district she passed away on 5th december two thousand eleven in the evening at approximately five o’clock in the Jabara district some naanum ADIZ attacked a remedy fairly and she passed away in this way in a little on he went in the Iliad out you own in other words

She is a martyr her house was connected to the mahahmbi house and in this area there are also other amedee people residing in the houses a few years ago some opponents they bought the adjacent land and through some conspiracies and dealings they canceled the right of the

Land of the family of the martyr this case is in the court the opposing persons had already previously attacked in order to seize the land but they failed on the day of the incident when they tried to seize the land again when they were opposed legacy apparently they

Threw a brick and this is how she died but from a post mortem it came to light that she was hit by some part of the weapon due to which she was severely injured and passed away it was due to I’m in here that she was supposed to of

Her husband’s sister’s was severely injured but they are in a better condition now the martyred was only 25 or 26 years old the family was a farming family her father in law in 1992 purchased his plot and gave around one acre of it to the mosque where the morumbi house was constructed the

Opponents were trying to capture this land for quite a long time at this case even reached a high court in the high court’s they failed in their attempts after that they tried to change the record as his the tactic used in Pakistan certain persons conspire together and try to alter the record and

This is what they did but any case the court case was running again shanthi be Okajima terrible because there was a great deal of tension involved when the jomon presented the report to the DPO he clearly apologized saying that i can not upset the opposing faction who could you

Mod this miriam wat doen saw him after her demise she was parading share gutta in the district of Leah the culprit has already escaped with the help of the police that is the culprit who martyred this lady she has three very small children who she leaves behind apart

From her husband the eldest son is 9 years old then there is another child of four years old and then she has a daughter flew his six years old whose name is Mario between and also a child of five and a half years old the second funeral prayer is a mocha drama azizam

Necessary ba wife of Bahadur honza him dervish Katja who passed away on thur december two thousand eleven inna lillahi were in de la he wrote you own she was from the province of unbearable she was the daughter on low of me I shaadi han Sahib Sahabi companion of the

Promised Messiah array salam from childhood she would pray to go to guardian she wrote a long poem in this regard allah the almighty accepted her prayer and after her marriage in 1952 she moved to Guardian one verse of a poem reads as follows my lord my longing

In my prayer is that show mean rapidly that peaceful place of God young so with her husband she spent a long period of destitution difficulty with great loyalty and sincerity after her husband’s demise for a long period of 29 years she spent that with patience and gratitude as a widow in guardian she

Would keep special regard for the education and Marlowe training of our children she taught that most excellently the Holy Quran she is left behind by five daughters and three children may allah the almighty elevated rank of the deceased the third funeral prayer is austin ahmad ahmad sahib who is a mobile

Dig of indonesia he passed away on first december two thousand eleven in a lil AHIMA in the illahee raja hoon and he passed away due to some heart ailments he was born in 1953 he did the bear the Pledge of Allegiance in 1978 in 1979 he was admitted to fuss lajas jamia madeira

Bruh july 1985 he passes mabashi examinee returned to indonesia he was appointed to the war and after this he was enabled to serve in nine different places at the time of his demise he was in the Jamaat bun dough aside from his wife he leaves behind three children may

Allah the almighty grant them patience and also forbearance and also elevated rank of the deceased the fourth unit base of al hajj DM gunnin saw him off siren leone he passed away on 26 november two thousand eleven after a brief illness inna lillahi were in la la

Here at you own he grew up in poverty and he would say until the age of 15 he would go around barefoot but because of his love for knowledge he attained success and in a young age he became the managing director of the sierra leone produce Marketing Board he attained

Great knowledge to use a very cheerful person face in Cyre a person of high moral standards and who gave great financial sacrifices he leaves behind two daughters and four sons his wife ha già salman khan sahib is currently being unable to serve as a national sadr lajna

Amala silly own one of his sons Tommy Collins ahem who lives here was the former center who damela media united kingdom may allah the almighty elevated rank of the Seas and enable his piety and righteousness to continue on in his progeny I inshallah will lead all these funeral prayers after the Friday prayers

Al hamdulillah al hamdulillah law and honest I don’t wanna stop pero weno me know the he on atomic Allah Allah when I will be loving children for say no I mean say yaletown on my yard a lawful all alone when you live follow the yellow when a shadow a

La la la la when I show the one of the way with Lulu hey bar the law here i’ma come along in Malaya morrow be lovely one listen why Thor ball when harness for shower when calling you know he’s looking buckaroo musculo I asking what the way I studied looking really cool

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