Ahmadi Muslim VideoTube Friday Sermon Khalifa V Friday Sermon: 16th December 2011 (English)

Friday Sermon: 16th December 2011 (English)

Friday Sermon – Khalifatul Masih V – Mirza Masroor Ahmad – Year 2011

Allah x better Allah Oh all better Allah Oh better oh I’d better a shadow a la la Oh Oh oh I shall Oh oh hi ash hadu Ana Muhammadan Rasulullah all she had mother Russell I don’t know oh hey Jana said uh oh hey yah Oh oh hey I’ll follow Oh Oh Oh

O Allah Akbar Allah uh oh I’d better love yuh oh la la oh sorry Brambila I said all along 10 wash a model of a min ash-shaytani bismillah al hamdulillah therapy rockwall a community he Okinawa all comes from within a selfish said although poly fooling buzzer says set mashallah our children normally finished

Their first meeting of the only garage at a very young age Rana green program could lick their mothers who have a greater concern that their children should quickly finish their holy quran you’ll make great efforts to this effect bubu bubu bubu here as well and also in

Other countries where ever I go on tours rumor got long children and parents are most eager that their children should recite the Holy Quran Allah for me and the are mean ceremony should be conducted you mean the group would one however I have noticed that once the

Holy Quran has been completed the first time to instill the habit in the children of continuously repeating and revising and reciting it won’t agree for me you there is not much concerned or efforts in this way or koshish womanly OT good anomaly in comparison to the efforts that are made for the first

Reading of the Holy Quran to be completed because normally when I asked women that are you regularly reciting the Holy Quran or not then sometimes it can be deciphered from the reading style of the person but generally the response I receive is that they are not reading on

A regular basis who’s could do of me while the fact is that mothers and fathers after they complete the first reading of the Holy Quran of the children should supervise and in how do you concern by inculcating the habit in the children out regularly reciting the

Holy Quran the love will make the other darling what’s there for me your concern should not be limited to having the first leading of the Quran finished only we want to book you allude Miroku well yada after the Quran is finished for the first time there is a need to supervise

Your children regularly on the group most certainly agree to conclude the first reading of the Holy Quran is an extremely important task or remember one on the qualcomm gone some mother’s achieve this first reading of the Holy Quran when the children often but four or five years old undoubtedly this is a

Task that you requires great endeavor beram in the pilgrim but as I said you have to maintain the constant and regular meeting of the Holy Quran is of even greater importance or balloon recently I received a letter from a lei Li where she mentioned my mother this

Lady said that one thing that your mother said to me for which I am still grateful today or all pickman’s beautiful google is that once I took my child to your mother after she had completely the reading of the Holy Quran and I told her proudly wonderful person

With that this child has completed bleeding the Holy Quran at the age of six in response your mother said this is no great achievement to have your child or finish reading the Holy Quran at the age of five or six now tell me this how much love have you instilled of the Holy

Quran in your child’s heart did we perfectly asura says that this is the reality that alongside reading the Holy Quran to instill the love of the Holy Quran in the child’s heart is most essential it is then that children will be interested in reading the Holy Quran

Especially in the age to which we are basking with children have many other interests for example there is television there is the internet and there are other books so when the child regularly recites the Holy Quran in the morning wood football and he regularly studies the Holy Quran this would make

The child aware of the significance of the Holy Quran the promised Messiah on whom be peace has also drawn attention towards this that in this time there I diverse interests in the world the few different kinds of books are available that interest in different way there are new Sciences that are being introduced

In such times the reading of the Holy Quran becomes of even greater significance that we need to draw our attention towards this process in short we need to give immense heat towards reading and reciting the Holy Quran wagga local drew love of the Holy Quran will be instilled in the hearts of

Children when his parents themselves read robe and recite the Holy Quran in people of when parents themselves reflect and meditate upon the holy quran and they make this a habit when parents give inclination and heed towards reading the Holy Quran pidugu you when from every home after the morning prayer

Book or if nowadays due to the winter the fajr prayer being date somebody having to leave for work early in such a case if before the fajr prayer he regularly recites the Holy Quran blogger then that house due to this recitation of the Holy Quran will be filled with

Blessings and the child will also be inclined to watch this the children will follow those acts of goodness and piety that had to be found in a moment a true believer subsequently as the child grows up progressively the love and honor of the Holy Quran will increase in the child’s heart balloon

Birthday then every single one of us will witness the galaga that if the holy qur’an is being read regularly and with due diligence and meditation husband and wives will demonstrate mutual love and affection for the sake of allah almighty within the household consequently this will make their children into useful

Members of the Jamaat or the community in addition the moral training of the children would be carried out in a most excellent manner it is this that if Emily needs to strive towards to make it a part and parcel of his life Annie needs to give you need intelligence

Towards this of course was to come through this time the promised Messiah are they allowed to was salaam peace be upon him in order to instill this within our hearts has made great efforts to work with whom i usually works with hope beyond ago that we should gave the Holy

Quran and greater status and everything else in the world Islamic bomb dinner alivelu that we should give the most honor to the Holy Quran in comparison to everything else we respect and honor of the Holy Quran should not be limited as is normally the case amongst the nominees but they merely wrapped the

Holy Quran in a beautiful cloth place it on a beautiful shelf or inside a beautiful container a box reveal owner of the Holy Quran real love of the Holy Quran is that one should make maximum efforts to obey commands until within it that one should make what the Holy Quran

Forbids and permits a part and parcel of his life those acts that Allah the Almighty has forbidden us from following a person should prevent himself from acting upon the sands on and those accent allah the almighty has instructed us to follow a person should utilize all his capacities and all these

Capabilities to follow that to the other words the one good and one should read the Holy Quran with the fear of God in his heart the promised messiah peace be upon him in manifold places in his books also in his assemblies and also in his writings has explained the great

Importance of the Holy Quran and he has mentioned all these aspects or in the promised messiah la salam is mentioned the expectations he has of one who initiates who does the bear to take some pledge of allegiance you can people an of one who is anomaly or regret remember

Your corner therefore we need to fill our homes with the recitation would be longer did love it of the Holy Quran there is a great need for this it is essential that alongside the recitation of the Holy Quran the translation of the Quran is also read so that the

Injunctions entail within it can be comprehended at home before the child alongside reading the Holy Quran out in order to make them understand you should read out the translation of the Holy Quran do not only instill the habit of reading the Holy Quran itself rather such gathering should be held where

Small points are extracted from the Holy Quran and are explained to the children so that interest for the Holy Quran is also developed in them though smoothness locals long the promised messiah peace be upon him is deemed the understanding of the translation of the Holy Quran and

The prayer as most essential yet to only read the translation and to not read the original Arabic text is not allowed the promised messiah peace be upon him says we certainly do not allow that only the translation of the Holy Quran is read this negates the miracle of the Holy Quran

Oz bottle hooker jus shucks one who suggested that is it is only enough to read the translation wishes the Holy Quran not to remain in the world Asura says that indeed a great miracle of the Holy Quran is that his text remains intact until today this is a miracle and

A great miracle most certainly that it is still in his original form in fact this is a proclamation of Allah in lonavala Zelda’s occur our another hula hobbyzone that verily we ourself have sent down this exhortation and most surely we will be escorting you home both the men willing as the promised

Messiah peace be upon him is explained that this is a miracle that the Holy Quran continues in its original Arabic text form until today or should be even the fiercest critics of Islam being the most major opponents of Islam quality live longer they even a forced to admit

That the Holy Quran is still preserved in his original and true form until today are the waffles if we were to only rely on translations you thought you were going to put them then we would see that the translations are most diverse when our translation is presented to the

World than they admit that this translation of yours is completely different from other because na nominees have not translated the Quran correctly through the review there is a priest who is a prominent detractor of Islam from America he obtained various translations of the Holy Quran Kukushkin goober he

Did not look at the Arabic original text based on those translations he said that Islam and Holy Quran say this and that when we sent him to our Quranic commentary did not respond and not the much following up all he said was the following broken about usual that the

Translations that i received they were written by Muslims mangala kilner in any case it is the promised messiah peace be upon him alone who even in the translation of the Holy Quran has brought us near to the original Arabic Tessa has elucidated to us as true meanings and in a depth here

Incidentally i should also mention that recently i came across an objection by a detractor of an idiot and in that he stated that if mr. saw him was a prophet then why did he ask his jamar that is his community that follow imam abu hanifa the responsiveness can be found

In the writings of the promised messiah a salam because he has never said follow imam abu hanifa but with reference to the Holy Quran I should mention that in an assembly of the promised messiah peace be upon him somebody mentioned that in the honey feat read only reading

The translation of the Holy Quran is deemed sufficient in reply the promised Messiah on whom be peace says that if this was the creator of the great Imam it was his mistake buzzer who says that that was an erroneous concept indeed he was an imam he gave great services

Towards Islam any mentioned many different issues in his writings but if he has stated that reading a translation is sufficient and that is wrong in any case in this era Allah the Almighty sent the promised messiah peace be upon him as a means to truly safe God the Holy

Quran us mom the promised messiah alayhi salaatu wassalam advises community to understand comprehend and love the holy quran in many fold places bruised more in one place the promised messiah on whom be peace writes the holy quran is the law of the heavens and is a source of salvation one aswell says although

The context of this quote is a debate where the promised messiah peace be upon him was proving the death of jesus peace be upon him in light of the holy quran yet this is a general principle looking that the holy quran is a law of the heavens and in this way

It is a means of salvation what is the AUSA without if we observe in laws of the world are not of any use if they are just established until those laws are actually enforced and they are abided by similarly the law of the Holy Quran will only be beneficial and useful it will

Only be a means of salvation or without the loyola when the Holy Quran is followed if the Holy Quran commands are not abided by then it cannot be a means of salvation by just beating the holy quran and not following what is entail within you cannot acquire salvation and

You will not receive the pleasure of God Almighty and we would not receive the rewards and the blessings of God the Almighty therefore to comprehend and understand the teachings of the Holy Quran and then to follow and abide by those commands is absolutely essential the promised Messiah on whom be peace

Says in one place remember what the Holy Quran is a fountainhead of real blessings and a source of salvation but there’s more on the dog goes it it is an error on the part of those people who did not practice the Holy Quran one group amongst those who do not practice

The Holy Quran is those who do not have any faith in it such person do not consider it to be a word of God these people are very remote and far oh gods those people who say they believe that this is a word of God go go go go Kalam

And that this is a healing formula of salvation if they do not practice on it then that would be so regrettably an astonishing many among them are they who have not read the Holy Quran their entire lives you know sorry therefore the example of people who are negligent

And scared us about the Word of God Oh Kalam is similar to a person who knows that such-and-such spring is extremely pure sweet blonde refresh and its water is like an elixir and heels many ailments Rosby was he has certain knowledge of this yet in spite of this knowledge and

In spite of being thirsty and in spite of being embroiled in many ailments he does not go near the spring was composed how unfortunate and ignorant of him he should have junk from the spring super Jonathan and should have sashayed him from his delicious and healing water and

Cherish till yet in spite of being a way of this he is as distant from it as an unaware person who says may allah the almighty enable us to act upon these moving passionate and heart filled words and act upon and abide the holy quran and to comprehend and understand it well

He will only fulfill the Jews of our bet our Pledge of Allegiance truly when we applied the teachings of a holy quran upon ourselves the teaching of the Holy Quran is this as I stated earlier the guerrilla beyond the world who chronically moved on we blew that we

Should avoid every vice mentioned in answer are you to be on wheels look long and every highest act that is entailed during we can strive to act upon and we need to make every effort to follow that the promised Messiah on whom be peace states the Holy Quran does not simply

Require that a person having given up evil should assume that now I have attained excellence so many bother the Holy Quran wants to define man with supreme excellences and high morals and that is actions and his deeds involves sympathy and the welfare of mankind your money the consequence of which should be

That allah the exalted is pleased with this person sahaja yoga therefore if a moment a believer truly loves the Holy Quran will agree then he strived to attain such as standard himself and he does reach at a standard and he also makes efforts to take his children to that standard in

That level as the promised messiah peace be upon him has explained avoiding evil and bad axe is no achievement that is to prevent yourself from carrying out any bad act that is no great form of excellence for good modeling that should not be our aim what my god our target

Should be very lovely and we need to strive to accomplish those targets or she could meet you good morning all the virtues that I mentioned within the Holy Quran we need to apply upon ourselves from new galaga makuch group when every man woman and child makes efforts to

This effect Oracle then a pure society will be established Park more to go such a society will be established with Islam desires to form long juice coupon code each other and with silence those who raise objections against Islam regularly for the growth good new ally movie one

Who your hair two women who are renowned nowadays who looked a little difficulty and arrays excessive objections against Islamic laws in the lectures possibly recently through the efforts of predominant Medea UK a debate was held with them at UCL phylrich were forward this debate was organized by the administration of the university to

Confirm your mouth you in this debate was these two ladies as is their normal routine presented extensive objections against Islam but alpha Dom amongst whom one was a Pakistani origin studies here in jamia millia UK and the second was a new convert of English origin both of these responded to them in such

A positive reasoned and strong man in light of the teachings of the Holy Quran and in light of the true teachings of Islam Islam you kiki billion views with you that I heard that they were left indignant and completely upset in fact even as supporters expressed regret in a

Manner which they objective in an excessive manner thus with a grace of Almighty Allah through the Amity youth the teachings of Islam gained victory and triumph therefore we need to make great efforts to comprehend and understand the teachings of the Holy Quran and we need to strive to implement

And apply those teachings it is then that our homes would become paradise like the movie willing and we will be unable to fulfill our dues of the bleak in our society that is a preaching of Islam removal of African teaching the manner of reciting the Holy Quran the

Promised Messiah on whom be peace says the Holy Quran should be read in deep reflection with concentration and with great ponderings it has mentioned in the hadith robach re Jana not good on God in other words there are many kardi that is the situs of the Holy Quran who are

Cursed by the Holy Quran super gonna grieve the Holy Quran curses the question who reads the Quran but does not practice on it was put one in with you namitha when one comes across a verse to rating blessings while reciting the quran blessings can be sought from

Allah the exalted at that juncture where Tormentum people is mentioned in the holy quran entreaty should be made to god for his refuge from his torment and it should be read with care and concentration and with deep affection pana should be acted upon or is put a

Movie ago azor says that this state can only be developed when the importance of the Holy Quran is understood and you develop a special connection with the Holy Quran thus we need to instill this important and special connection for the Holy Quran within our hearts chronically Amelia Pelican regarding the

Excuse of some people who state wailuku that the Holy Quran is extremely difficult to understand the promised Messiah on whom be peace explains that some foolish people say that we cannot understand or comprehend the Holy Quran and this is why you should not give attention towards it because it is

Difficult this is their mistake with the Holy Quran has elucidated matters of faith with such eloquence that is peerless and matchless room is your babies or bemoaning the arguments provided in the Holy Quran influence the hearts the holy quran is so powerful and eloquent that it was even understood by

The nomads of Arabia who are completely illiterate then how can people of the current age not understand it in school mr. Hauser says it is an immense favor of Allah the exalted upon us then he commissioned the promised Messiah on whom be peace is the morning the

Promised messiah peace be upon him not only explained the apparent commandments to us in fact he also unraveled the deeper truths and insights of the Quran for us and he granted us the beneficence of what ocarina mean home la mañana kumi him and among others from among them who

Have not yet joined them so therefore we should try and accumulate the treasures at the promised Messiah are they said at the was salaam peace be upon him that he gave to us the mechanically was long and with me this can only occur when we truly love the holy quran to become

There are many people in the world were outside of this jamaat amongst the muslims dumas the world who are excellent for situs of the Holy Quran bigger will they receive awards for this and they have cassettes which are circulated all over the world but there are also amongst them who are excellent

Reciters of the Holy Quran but do not know about the inner depths and meanings of the including senior religious scholars for this reason the issue of the abrogation of the verses of the Holy Quran has continued for a long time with little fella Yoko even now they do not

Comprehend certain verses overly Quran including the issue surrounding the death of Jesus peace be upon him mentioned in the Quran in any case they’re unaware ignorant of the true meanings of the Holy Quran regarding this there is an alarming and frightening hadith related by a bar spin

Mother live who said that I heard the holy prophet peace and blessings of allah be upon him stay at that time is going to come when they will be the reciters of the Holy Quran such will boast that there is no bigger reciter of the Holy Quran them and there is no

Bigger scholar than them the holy prophet sallallahu wasallam inquired from the Companions that do you find anything good amongst such people the companions are applied it absolutely not the Prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him responded these people will be from among you and from this Ummah

This Muslim community but they will be the fuel of the fire of Hell House there says therefore the true means of attaining a las blessings the true means of nearness to Allah the Almighty and of saving oneself from the fire of hell is to understand the teachings of the Holy

Quran with humble as a humility and to implement it so much group it is not to make a worldly living out of it but rather to love it truly boogaloo boogaloo today it is the duty of every single admony to pay heed towards this and to acquire this the promised messiah

Alisa ottawa salam peace be upon him says in one place be alert hazur says this is mentioning castilla new our teaching that will be alert and do not take a single step country to divine teaching and the guidance of the Holy Quran I tell you truly that any person

Who obeys the least one of the 700 commands of the Holy Quran thought so who can shut upon him the door of salvation whom the drug cookin whoa the ways of true and perfect salvation have been opened by the holy quran and all the rest is its reflection

Therefore study the holy quran with chair and hold it very dear with a love that you have not for anything else yes because as God Almighty addressed me saying Alfredo cool no hoof in Quran that all good is contained in the Quran this is entirely true those people are

To be pitied you prefer anything to the Holy Quran The Fountainhead of all your prosperity and salvation is the Holy Quran there is no religious need of yours which is not fulfilled by the Holy Quran the Quran women on the day of judgment the Holy Quran one will confirm

Or deny your faith there is no other book under heaven beside the Holy Quran which can furnish you with salvation and guidance rubeola was God has been very favorable and beneficent towards you that he has the stone a book like the Holy Quran upon you I tell you truly

That if the book that is recited to you had been recited to the Christians they would not have perished on you if this bounty of guidance which has been bestowed upon you had been bestowed upon the Jews in face of the Torah some of the sex would you not have denied the

Day of judgment they’re both value disfavor that has been bestowed upon you it is a very dear and beautiful favor it is a great wealth if the Quran had not been repealed the whole world would have been left like a dirty lump of flesh the Quran is the book in contrast to which

All other guidance amounts to nothing then the promised Messiah on whom be peace states that an important teaching for you is that do not leave the Holy Quran you could honestly because your life is in the Holy Quran those people who give honor to the Holy Quran will be

Given honor in the heavens blastmon what is playing those people who give presidents the Holy Quran over every statement and hadith will be given presidents in the heavens well now for humankind upon the earth there is no book but the Holy Quran and for all children of Adam there

Is no profit or intercessor but the Holy Prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him so therefore strive to inculcate true love with this great prophet and do not hold superior anyone else over this messenger of allah so that salvation can be destined for you in the heavens oh my god remember

Salvation is not something a cool the dog would use the heel that will manifest after death rather true salvation is that which shows his light in this very life who is granted salvation salvation is given to one who believes that Allah is true and that Muhammad peace and blessings of Allah be

Upon him is an intercessor between God and the rest of creation and who believes that under the heavens there is no messenger equal to this messenger and that under the heavens there is no book equal to the Holy Quran on the earth Allah did not desire for any person that

He should remain alive forever about God will for this esteem prophet to have eternal life and in order to facilitate this God has laid the foundation for his feel chilled beneficence to remain until the day of judgment azu says in other words the lordís idiot of the holy

Prophet saw said I’m and the spatial beneficence of him will remain until the end of time and then he continues that finally through his spiritual beneficence the promised Messiah was sent to this world his coming was essential for the completion of the structure or the building of Islam

Because it was certain that before the end of the world for the dispensation Messiah would be sent in a spiritual sense just as in the mosaic dispensation it was granted this is indicated in the bus everything else Iran tell mr. games a lot and Athena unemployed a him guide us in the

Right path the path of those on whom thou hast bestowed thy blessings kazoo says at may Allah make it so that we our children and our future generations whoever comes until the day of judgement you are going to accept the Messiah Muhammad that day hold true love for the

Holy Quran and that they apply it and practice it in their lives and that at every moment they continue to attain blessings from his beneficence a little orphan low enough mother so you wanna talk on we’ll also be long and children force in all women say yeah the only know we are

They love along with the moment you knew who follow the yellow when I shall go along when I shadow us in all the law Oh in the law I only love you only saw me my thigh whoa wien morning for sure when Connie oh boy yaku mu school or

High school who I study plucking

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