Ahmadi Muslim VideoTube Friday Sermon Khalifa V Friday Sermon | November 25, 2011 | English

Friday Sermon | November 25, 2011 | English

Friday Sermon – Khalifatul Masih V – Mirza Masroor Ahmad – Year 2011

And Allah Allah Oh oh I’d better a lark oh I’d better I shall ah oh hi I sure had I love oh hi oh I shall hadu Ana Muhammadan Rasulullah oh I shadow maja mother so a little oh hey I lisanna oh hey I lisanna Oh oh hey yah oh hey ah Oh

O Allah but uh oh I’d better la la ah I love Oh hmm lonely for him too low milano hai la la la la la sharika lahu wash honolulu a mom or the house of ill or we’ll all miss me long rahman al hamdulillah here a bill on me rahmani

Raheem male community yo confine him in a Cell all things to be said although the non month or lame way to Lulu there lady Hodge girl buzzer says at nowadays certain countries of the continent of Africa are celebrating the golden jubilee of their independence within these celebrations our pan

African Association are also taking part this association was formed here during the era of hundred khalifatul masih robbie the fourth Khalifa may allah be pleased with him and this association consists of african harmony brothers but in any case as i said this association is also partaking the celebrations of

African countries that are holding programs to this effect they also said to me that upon this occasion we are organizing a function please attend it so inshallah God willing I will be attending that function that they are organising but today with reference to freedom I would like to say a few words

Before you freedom from slavery and freedom of religion and freedom of conscience are great blessings Africa is that continent in which the majority of countries for a long period of time war subjugated countries and lived in slaved for this reason the celebration of the independence of these countries

And commemorating the Jubilees are most certainly for them extremely significant and this is that you right may Allah make it so that this freedom which they have obtained 50 or 60 years before today in various countries may it be a true former freedom and may they never

Ever again be chained in that slavery in fact if with a pious intention if with trustworthiness an honesty if with justice they derive benefit from this freedom then it is not implausible that at a certain time the continent of Africa in the years to come will lead

The entire world if we glance at the history of religions the founders of the religions and also the UM BR the prophets who come from Allah Almighty amongst the important tasks which they are commissioned for one of the most important and significant tasks is freedom be it freedom from tyrannical

Rulers and Pharaoh like leaders or be it as a result of religion being distorted or those who in the name of religion those so-called caretakers of religion who for their own vested interest carry out ceremonies or religious rituals and they place yolks around the necks of people so providing freedom from this

Kind of slavery is also provided every form of freedom is brought about by the MBR the prophets but it is most unfortunate that many nations fail to understand this reality and they rejected the true standard bearers of freedom by doing so they were not only deprived of true freedom

Themselves in fact they came under the wrath of Almighty Allah and were destroyed and pulverized such people gave preference to worley rulers and being subjugated and enslaved to them rather than choosing to be enslaved to the akumal hockey mean the best of judges they gave preference to that

Other type of slavery rather than that type of slavery through which new avenues of freedom are opened so therefore by changing their preferences and priorities of freedom not only did they go on losing their freedoms but in fact they ruined their life in this world and in the hereafter therefore if

You delve deep into the depths of the study of freedom than true freedom is brought about through the source of the unbiased and the biggest son of freedom that we find before us the Rays of which spread far and wide and encompasses every single form of freedom that is the

Person of the holy prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam peace and blessings of allah be upon him he provided freedom from apparent slavery and he also provided freedom from those people who had various yokes tied around the neck so he also freed them from that type of slavery as well in fact by

Connecting with him in the true sense today also his person is a tremendous source of attaining freedom God Almighty addressed the holy prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam as the hot emunah being the seed of all prophets so this n compasses all worldly and spiritual matters and in the process

Provides a seal so therefore there can be no doubt in this whatsoever that after a last testimony after a las proclamation no good natured or righteous person can have doubt about this that it is only and only the seal of Muhammad peace and blessings of Allah

Be upon him that provides a seal of all forms of excellences and the pinnacle of all these excellences are found in the person of the holy prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam thus when the heightened pinnacle of every task in every matter were to be fulfilled through the person of the Holy Prophet sallallahu alayhi

Wassalam peace and blessings of Allah be upon him therefore the excellences of bringing about freedom in any way shape or form were to only be brought about through his person and this is exactly what occurred the world witness that these excellences with a great splendour and a great glory wool fulfill through

His person and until today those who connect with him in the true sense are witnessing how this is being fulfilled the perfect book that was revealed to the holy prophet sallallahu alehiwassallaam that is also called kata melco to within it the subject of freedom has been expounded with different references and also in

Different forms the holy prophet sallallahu ala salama spy hasanah most perfect example glorifies and enhances his beautiful teaching further in the holy quran allah the almighty says in one place God acaba that is to free one from bondage or this can be explained in other words to free a slave

Or to support someone attaining freedom Allah the Almighty dances in one verse a part of which only I shall read out wattle ma la illaha be he so a Lakota well yeah Tom well Misaki nuh wah bonus Sibylla was saw alena for fury club and spends his

Money for love of him to the Kindred the orphans and the needy the travelers and those who ask for charity and those who free people from bondage or free the captives house who says in other words to free people from slavery if we place this in context of what is being said

Proceeding to this part of the verse then what has been expounded is that this is a great form of piety that after believing in a line believing in the last day in believing in the angels in the books and in the prophets these are those pious acts that when a person acts

Upon them enables him to achieve newness to God included amongst these is also the freeing of slaves therefore in order to maintain the state of one’s faith in order to go on performing pious deeds and to establish the highest levels of righteousness the freeing of slaves all

To free any human life is a great and major form of piety there are numerous examples relating to this found in the hadith in one hadith which is a narration of bahadi in which haddad abu huraira may allah be pleased with him has narrated that the holy prophet

Salallahu alayhi wasallam would say that which ever muslim would free a slave allah the almighty would grant him complete salvation from the fire of hell islam then teaches the freeing of slaves as expiation this teaching is found in many places in the Holy Quran in one

Place to Holy Quran teaches that if a Muslim accidentally kills another Muslim then he should free a slave and also gave blood money this punishment is not limited to only the killing of a believer or this is not Dean elucidated if only a Muslim has

Been killed that is a freeing of a slave rather what has been said is that if you have a pact with any nation and a disbeliever of that nation is killed by you then in that instance also a slave is to be freed then in terms of the

Various punishments of breaking an oath to one by God where various possibilities have been given according to one’s capacity that if this is not a punishment and this should be be the punishment and if not this then this punishment should be meted one of the punishments been mentioned is the

Freeing of a slave so thus the freeing of slaves on different occasions that has been cited has been mentioned for the reason that Islam gradually wants to eradicate slavery altogether in the time of the holy prophet sallallahu alayhi wassalam all the time preceding the holy prophets of the law alio salam the

Keeping of slaves was a normal practice with the advent of islam in order to eradicate this slavery it has given emphasis on the subject at different occasions as I have explained in fact we find a narration in the hadith related by a small Binta Abu Bakr she says that

The Holy Prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him would say to the Muslims that when the solar eclipse accursed and free a slave that is those who can manage to do so those who are able to free a slave daima certainly should free a slave upon the eclipse of

The Sun then the holy prophet salallahu alayhi salam upheld the owner of the slaves and safeguarded their rights in an excellent way it is mentioned in the hadith that there were seven brothers they had one slave shared between them on one occasion one of these seven brothers became enraged with the slave

In his anger he firmly slapped that slave when this incident came to the knowledge of the holy prophet peace and blessings of allah be upon him then he stated that free the slave you do not have the right to keep this slave any longer because you are not aware of how

To treat the slave in a good in short if we delve into that era when keeping a slave was a normal practice for those who are rich keeping a slave was a great asset the more slaves a person possess the more he would be deemed to be wealthier rich rich people

Would keep slaves at such circumstance that this commandment is given that if you desire true wealth that is the wealth of faith it is better for you that you should free slaves provide the means of the freeing of slaves upon this commandment the Sahaba the Companions of

The holy prophet peace and blessings of allah be upon him according to their capacity they feed dozens sometimes thousands of slaves it is said regarding her that usman been a fan that he freed 20 thousand slaves at just one instance and separate to this at other times you

Also feed thousands of slaves other companions feed dozens of slaves so they freed slaves according to whatever the capacity was for those who had slaves to carry a different task Islamic teaching upon them was that treat them like brothers whatever you wear yourself clothe them with whatever you eat

Yourself feed them with the Holy Prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon his own useful model was such that when after marriage to her the 20 jami allah be pleased with her she gave all her possessions and slaves to him he freedom all had that said binhai Rosa was one of

Those slaves the Holy Prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him adopted him as his son he treated him with such compassion kindness and love that when hazards real parents came to retrieve him hazards aired refused to go with him in short it was the extremely kind and

Loving treatment of the holy prophet peace and blessings of allah be upon him it was the supremely cident benevolence of the Prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him that hazards e preferred slavery to freedom as a result of that love of the holy prophets allah salam hundred Zedd left

Behind his blood relations therefore those who raise objections against Islam and the Holy Prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him cannot offer even the tiniest fraction of an example the like of the holy prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam that anybody could have provided means to dis extent for the

Freedom of slaves and for the freedom of humanity the holy prophet peace and blessings of allah be upon him said to his followers that when you are ascertaining work from your slaves treat them in a good manner and if you give them difficult word to carry out then

Give them a helping hand therefore the holy prophet peace and blessings of allah be upon him transform the history of slavery it is a result of this that one italian orientalist doctor big larry has written that the custom of slavery has existed since the outset of human civilization itself and it continues

Even today pertaining to the nomadic muslims or to the civilized muslims the state of slavery amongst them was far better than the other people’s it would be unfair to compare the slavery in eastern countries with a slavery that existed 100 years before today in d hadith the traditions of the Prophet we

Find great human compassion the holy prophet peace and blessings of allah be upon him says do not say that he is my slave in fact say he is my son and do not say that she is my female slave rather say that she is my daughter then this Orientalists writes that if we

Reflect upon these accounts from a historical perspective then we would become aware that the holy prophet peace and blessings of allah be upon him in this respect brought about a spectacular reform prior to Islam a person who could not repay a debt faced the possibility of

Losing his freedom as who says that is a person took a loan from someone in those times was unable to repay that loan until he repaid that debt he would become enslaved to the debtor or at least that was a possibility of becoming a slave to that person he owed the money

To so this orientalist continues that after Islam no Muslim could enslave another free Muslim the Prophet of Islam peace and blessings of Allah be upon him did not only limit slavery rather he also introduced regulations and he also inculcated Muslims at march on words in this regard to the extent that such a

Time arrives when slowly but gradually all slaves would be free as i said this professor Biglari wrote this book in italian which has been translated into english at one time the USA jamaat published his book in this book the teachings of islam have been presented in an excellent manner in fact this book

Should be republished if the right from that time are not preserved under anybody’s name and america jamaat had permission to publish and they should we publish it in this book is sufficient to render speechless those opponents who raised allegations against Islam in the holy prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam

Thus dis teaching this is fought that is this model which even non-muslims could not remain without praising and admitting this is that excellent model and excellent teaching which is the reality of human freedom I have presented a few examples from the Holy Quran and the hadith we find countless injunctions guidances and councils

Within them it is this true teaching by following which the world can attain real freedom and peace justice and reconciliation can be established those who have acquired freedom in Africa it is the responsibility of Jamaat a madea of those who have become a modest that they should spread these teachings to the

Maximum degree possible they should bring people under the submission of the holy prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam so they can become familiar with a reality of freedom by just commemorating a one of golden jubilee freedom will not be established freedom will be established when you understand this

Reality that is both the rulers and also the public of how we are to maintain this freedom and for this what means ought to be adopted for that freedom to be maintained that means will only be found in the Isfahan or the perfect example of the holy prophet sallallahu

Wasallam and holy quran big dairy has only stated that a Muslim cannot be enslaved but in a true Muslim society it can never occur that anybody becomes a slave this is also extremely important for a Muslim and he should always bear this in mind that the Holy Prophet peace

And blessings of Allah be upon him before his demise his final counsel to his ailment that issue the Muslim community at large was this that do not forget my teachings regarding prayer and also slaves however it is most unfortunate that the majority of Muslims in particular the leaders and the people

In authority that they have forgotten these two very teachings they neither display that interest and that passion and zeal in their prayers nor do we find the fear of God within them and no are there any attempts to remove slavery although that form of slavery does not

Exist as such today where slaves are bought with cash however in the name of the government the public treated like slaves in certain countries where there is restlessness and also to mount this exists in particular in certain Arab Muslim countries because the public at large have now realized

That we are being treated like slaves one government emerges on the name of democracy and it endeavours that whoever is made the leader remains leader for life after this his children then take over the government those who flatter and also people who have vested interests they surround these leaders

And they have transformed entirely their preferences and also their priorities they make every single possible effort to establish their own government in the process they fire us even their own people then the forces against Islam Oh major powers those powers that have vested interests in order to realize the

Personal interest in order to seize the national resources and the wealth they fanned the flame of the disorder and the uproar of the public who carry out disease order in order to free themselves from the cruelty of the government they come on the pretext of aid such a vicious cycle begins that the

Progress of the nation is taken back 100 years and the efforts of the public to attain freedom are taken further into enslavement by coming out of slavery of their own people they come into the slavery of other powers if not direct slavery then indirect slavery occurs I have stated this before as well

That’s certain major powers they have supported certain governments for years they keep them in the seat of authority and do not care in any way shape or form about the public’s loss of freedom when their own interests come to an end in those nations then in the name of the

Freedom of the people they topple those governments and try to remove them from power but now the situation is such in certain countries where in the recent past the circumstances were such where the government was toppled and new government’s came to the phone now observing them these major powers have

Become anxious a concern that the government’s that we desire to come into power did not those changes that they desired to see did not materialize in certain places or certain circumstances are emerging where changes cannot occur so this is becoming a means of the anxiety and restlessness a new sequence

Of disorder and a wave of hypocrisy is about to begin in fact in certain places this has already commenced the public have fallen prey to misconception they have come out of the slavery of one government and are now falling into the slavery of another government in fact in

Certain places they have realized that they have fallen into this enslavement the wealth of the nation even now is not being spent on the welfare and betterment of the people is not being spent to provide them with rights and justice is not being spent to make them

Educated and nor will it be spent for these purposes because those governments that are now coming into power bringing with them their vested interests the poverty and the low standard of living existed amongst the people before this wishful thinking that this will be removed is incorrect in

Fact this will remain the case you will witness this in the near future yourself this has all occurred because the rulers have not acted upon the holy prophet peace and blessings of allah be upon him said vice they call themselves muslims but they do not implement what the prophet muhammad sallallahu alaihi

Wasallam taught in earlier times a person according to his wealth would keep slaves now the national wealth is being used to enslave the people of that country now even the media have started raising voices and they’re also presenting images that in the countries which generate oil there is poverty rife

On the one hand there are golden palaces and on the other hand in these countries there are households in which they can not afford even two meals in the day therefore by usurping the rights of the people the people are being enslaved and they have been made into slaves there

Was a time when how that Oh mommy I love you pleased with him how to recall his forces from the Christian area because at that time due to the strength of the enemy force the Muslims could not maintain that hole in that for an area at that time the Muslims would turn the

Money to the Christians which they had taken by way of tax that tax which had been taken for the safety and welfare of the Christians in order to fulfill the rights that was returned to them and it was returned to them saying that because we can no longer for future rights we

Therefore but turn this money to you at that time the Christian subjects they would cry and while sweeping they stated we pray that you should return into power here because we have never seen any rulers like you under the Muslim government the justice and the rights that we have received we have never

Received from our own governments and now in the current time Muslim rulers eluting the wealth of Muslims themselves justice is no longer to be found in a country rights are being usurped nobody’s life or property is safe any longer and then with great audacity it is proclaimed that whatever we are

Carrying out for the people cannot be carried out by anybody else this revolutionary state that is developed in different countries and through which as i stated people with vested interests are deriving benefit some people on the pretext of religion are making efforts to achieve their personal gains all of

This would never have happened if the rights of the people were granted to the people that is if the government’s were establishing justice this would not have happened if the freedoms of the people were preserved and safeguarded this would not have come to pass governments also instead of being greedy they should

Have striven to establish and maintain justice if they did so this would not have taken place I mentioned the religious leaders due to the public not possessing religious knowledge because they are uneducated in terms of religious matters these religious leaders have introduced incorrect interpretations and also erroneous customs and has shackled the

General public through these wrong customs and wrong interpretations and in this way they have enslaved them regarding this great prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him who came to establish a greatness of mankind Allah Almighty says regarding him the other one home is Sara home while Allah

Allah deep garnet I need him that this prophet of ours removes their burdens and also removes the shackles that are around their neck but what is happening instead here today we find the complete opposite in the current situation Muslim countries who believe in this prophet or who at least profess belief in the

Prophet so after following this prophet they should have established justice and honesty and they should have been models of providing freedom other countries non Muslim nations should have been able to look at their justice and honesty and the way that they provide freedom and are progressing and taken that as an

Example for themselves but here we find the contrary to be true at the Muslim el-amar the clergy who should have spread the true teachings of Islam and who should have rid the Muslims of all kinds of innovations they also have put shackles upon them so both of these sets

Of people have shackled the Muslims and the public has suppressed them and have enslaved them in this way therefore the blame lies not only with the rulers in fact a Muslim olomana clergy are also counted amongst those people who introduced false customs false doctrines and interpretations in the name of

Religion and have played with the sentiments of the people and in this way have made them in slaves in one respect this will continue this will never come to an end until they accept the chosen person sent by God Almighty who Allah Almighty sent in this era to establish

Human values who was commissioned to remove all burdens from us and to free us from all shackles and who taught us to be enslaved in only one way and that is to be enslaved to Allah and His resold the messenger peace and blessings of Allah be upon him through this

Slavery of submission new avenues of freedom are realized justice is observed equality is manifested and such a beautiful society is witness where in order to obtain rights possessions are not needed in order to acquire freedom erroneous approaches are not adopted in fact in order to give and grant rights

The king and also the beggar both are making efforts together in short now to uphold the honor of the Muslims and to safeguard themselves from every type of disorder there is only one path alone that act upon the commands and the teachings of Allah and His Messenger

This is impossible until they do not refrain from denying and rejecting that person who allah the almighty sent in this era to establish those two types of Rights the promised Messiah on whom be peace at different times on different occasion has presented his teaching in most beautiful manner this teaching

Establishes truth and also justice and as a guarantee a permanent freedom he says that remember that a Muslim should ever be ready to discharge rights of God and the rights of mankind just as one verbally regards God as one and without any partner in his person

And in his attributes in the same way one should practically demonstrate this I should treat the creation of Allah Almighty with kindness and also compassion the promised Messiah says until your dealings with each other are not in order you’re dealing with God cannot be in order although in both of

These rights God has a greater right but to have a clear dealing with his creation is akin to be a reflection of it a person who does not have clear dealings with his brother cannot also pay the Jews of God the actual matter is that a person to consider the other as a

Brother if one believes himself to be superior he believes somebody else to be inferior to him looking down upon others it can never be expected of him that he will display justice and also Brotherhood in any case the promised Messiah on whom be peace says further in

One place that the Jamaat or the community that our holy prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him established every person within that was a pure nature every single one of them sacrificed their lives for their faith not even one of them led a hypocritical life all of them without exception paid

The dues of the rights of God and the rights of mankind azu says when faith takes precedence over the world then only that state can be developed when becoming purified a person fulfills the right Oh to God and attention is also then drawn towards fulfilling the rights

Due to mankind today we do not find a single leader amongst the Muslims or in the Muslim countries who reach to these standards when rulers desiring of justice who fulfilled rights cannot be found then everybody acts in their own way to obtain the rights as i stated those with ulterior motives are

Vested interests pursue their own gains and in the name of justice and freedom new tales of cruelty and oppression begin there for freedom today that is in the name of freedom leaving one type of slavery and entering into another form of slavery look in most countries of

Africa or look in other Muslim countries this is a very state that you will find if they are free themselves from the slavery of foreign powers then their own people have enslaved them may Allah make it so that the leaders in the Muslim countries and also the leaders of African countries their political

Leaders the army who often in the name of revolution seizes power upon the government’s also religious leaders all those who call themselves orlimar the Muslim clergy that they understand this reality that to shackle your fellow citizens in slavery by not trading on the path of justice by not fulfilling

The rights of others they will come under the wrath of God Almighty every ruler will be questioned that did you fulfill the right of your rule those responsibilities of yours did you fulfill them Oh did you fill your coffers with the nation’s wealth you did profess the name of Allah and His

Messenger but did you truly care about Islam if they answer in the negative that most surely they will come under God chastisement because no lie can be stated in front of God nothing can be hidden from the site valla in the holy quran allah the almighty stays that true believers are

De julio monitor him were either him prone who are watchful of the trust and the covenants therefore leaders will be asked about their trust in particular when they pledge in the name of Allah the Almighty dave says that they will look to the benefits of the country the

Betterment of the people the fulfillment of their rights the establishment of justice and also for the sake of freedom they will make every single effort but it is most unfortunate that for the most part we observe that they loot the national wealth dear are the ulama the

Muslim clergy they have main religion a way of making money as I stated they have introduced incorrect customs rituals teachings and doctrines they shackle the public with those incorrect approaches and they use them only to subjugate the people the people also do not fulfill their rights in short by not

Fulfilling or honoring the trust you to them everyone is inviting a las roth in chastisement that is ordered rife in countries nowadays are a natural outcome of all of this extremism financial downturn general disorder these are not only circumstances of today in fact they are indicating towards a most harrowing

And worrying future for example in pakistan since its independence for 62 or 63 years all these matters have reached their pinnacle and every single day we find that these issues increase nobody can say what will occur tomorrow so then how can we expect that the situation will improve in the future we

Did obtain freedom from the subjugation of the British but instead we have been shackled in the slavery of our own people even tighter may God Almighty have mercy on our country and also upon our people that Pakistan which God Yasim at a time of Independence declared that hair followers of all religions would

Have religious freedom and as Pakistani citizens all citizens were equal but what is not happening again steph ADIZ incorrect statements are attributed to F midis and a hata model NBR the seed of all the prophets the holy prophet muhammad sallallahu leo salam Who am ADIZ give preference to be in a slavery

Of over thousands of freedoms and who are ready to have the next smited for this purpose yet they make false accusations against RM ADIZ that God forbid remedies insult the holy prophet peace and blessings of allah be upon him we consider being deprived of our rights as citizens of no value whatsoever nor

Do we consider that of any significance even if we are the pride of every single one of our rights we will bear this and we are tolerating this but in accordance with the wish of the so-called when Imam Muslim clergy and with each rulers we can never separate ourselves from the

Holy Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings of Allah be upon him why Cannot emily’s utilize the right to vote in Pakistan it is for this reason because they say that your right to vote and your freedom are conditional upon this proclamation that you need to make let’s say that you are not Muslim and

You are not associated with the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam by God every single one of us ahem ADIZ are ready to be cut into pieces but we would not even spit on such freedom and right to vote which will separate us from a master the holy prophet muhammad

Sallallahu alayhi was sendin peace and blessings of allah be upon him so therefore such freedoms are welcome for you worthy people we prefer the slavery which makes us to dust under the feet of the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wassalam peace and blessings of allah be upon him and in the process makes us

True servants of god who have the true depiction of the rights due to God and enabled us to fulfill them and also gives us a perception of the rights due to people and enables us to fulfill those inshallah God willing a day will come when this very humility of us this

Slavery of us will demonstrate to the world the true scenes of freedom and those people who call themselves free who are actually shackled who are chained in bondage and who are enslaved they’re all the future generations one day will be proud to be in the slavery of the Messiah of Muhammad they will

Then have the perception of the VL freedom for the establishment of which the Holy Prophet Muhammad the chosen one peace and blessings of Allah be upon him arrived may Allah make it so that the world witnesses this day of freedom quickly and that the world is safe from those frightening consequences which are

Caused by rejecting those were sent by allah may allah the almighty enable every single one of us every our money to go through these difficult times with patience steadfastness and to be able to go through these days in prayers alhamdulillah alhamdulillah enojado when I say I know when a stuffy room when ami

No me wanna throw a color wale when also below him in shuuran enforce a no women say you’re Theon Molly know when your day love Allah Allahu Omaha follow the yellow when a shadow la la oh when they show the one armed with the name of the water so long he bore the

Law here I him on come on Oh in the law are more open what the little this on you a thousand whoa we are home he’ll for sure 11 korean won yo is ok my local they let the room was gonna lo hice guru me woohoo i’ll study blah blah


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