Ahmadi Muslim VideoTube Friday Sermon Khalifa V Friday Sermon | December 23, 2011 | English

Friday Sermon | December 23, 2011 | English

Friday Sermon – Khalifatul Masih V – Mirza Masroor Ahmad – Year 2011

Allah egg better Allah Oh a lark Oh egg butter I sure had a la are in love oh hi love oh sure ah yuh hi ash hadu Ana Muhammadan Rasulullah Oh oh she had a Muhammad our asses Oh hola hey I let up Oh oh hey Jana set up Oh Oh

Oh hey little fella Oh uh oh ya little fella Oh Oh unloved Oh Oh for Egbert love uh in uh oh I love Oh Darla groom to LA ushma the lalala LA for the law shall holla who wash I don’t know who a muggle Falls of ill of a min ash-shaytani

Bismillah r-rahman r-rahim fun hamdulillah here follow me Roquemore male community yo yo come swing it hidden acero those poppy said all the La Nina male white is fooling with only your ins on the near me I a big penis metal clip on man you gon mizzou says that every person who

Comes into this world will have to leave it one day this is a law of nature no person is exempt from this in many places in the Holy Quran as well the subject of Kunlun of sins are a cuddle mode that every soul shall taste of death has been elucidated in different

Ways and by mentioning this in diverse man as it has drawn our attention towards the fact that a person should keep his inevitable death before him for by doing this it keeps a person’s mind inclined towards Allah further allah the almighty has mentioned that apart from his own being in existence everything

Else that is on this world everything that is in this universe in fact everything that is in this universe is they will all perish oregon therefore when only the being and existence of allah is everlasting and when allah the almighty is inculcated a believer to give greater emphasis and presidents

Towards the hair after over and above this life just my bungalow the hair after being the true and everlasting life that hair after where a person who had obey the commands of allah the almighty in this life will receive the rewards and blessings and where a person who disobeyed God

Will receive punishment George Jr therefore fortunate all those people amongst us who give presidents to the hair after over this life and to endeavour to attain the pleasure of God Almighty Rosie gonna give you such person spend a greater part of their life in an effort to please that truly

Beloved one or at least they strive to spend their lives in this way through which they can please they’re truly beloved one they give presidents to their faith over the world and for this they are prepared to make every single sacrifice in this manner they progress

To such a degree that aside from service to the faith there is nothing else that interests them they fulfil the rights due to others and if they do so they do it because this is a command of Allah the Almighty that fulfilled that you of how Google about the rights due to

Mankind because this is also a part of the faith such persons fulfill their trust for the sake of attaining the pleasure of god the exalted in order to fulfill the two of their trust they do not care at all any impediments that may come along the route weather before them

Or behind them whether at times of ease or at times of adversity whether an illness or in good health they have only one objective that I must fulfill that pledge that I made with god the exalted talk about the new element I must fulfill the Geo of that trust that has

Been assigned towards me the body will develop amata your woman annossy such people are counted amongst those regarding whom allah the almighty states wha mean inaczej my yet enough Sahab d’ivoire Amira’s Allah Allah the translation of this is and off men there is he who would sell himself to

Seek the pleasure of Allah well huzur says their faces exudes serenity at all times as if they are a personification of nazi mod marina the soul at peace recently one such person who possess these qualities an elder at holy person of a community passed away who most

Surely was a great asset of dis gemma this community his name was said abdullah he shot saw him in nylander he was indeed a hero you own surely to unload belong and to him we shall return may allah the almighty grant him a position near his dear ones i may allah

The almighty purely and only through his grace make this loss come good of this community may God the Almighty create manifold people in his place so that this caravan of an idiot can rapidly and always continue upwards and forward towards its destination now i will mention some details by way of a unity

Of sale abdullah shah sahib macadam shah sahib was born on 12 January 1932 in kolel district uh notnot Kashmir Dianna got it but it with then he later came to God young when he grew up the party should be good after coming to God yarn when the partition

Took place that is the partition of the indo park he then went to Pakistan or his mother remain behind in Kashmir judges all so therefore he was separated from his mother and after 40 years he met his mother again for 40 years he was unable to meet his mother this

Separation he endured for the sake of his faith the brief background and history of sale jostle him is that his paternal grandfather said muhammad hussain sahib was removed astray canas in irrakesh mere of a say his family the members of this family due to some religious differences left a homeland

And they migrated to the area of not over or perhaps it is not about says his own and they settled in one of his sons were saying abdurrahman on shah sahib he took the bear the sight of allegiance at a young age and joined f Madea in fact

He had accepted an idiot in childhood he left aside the life of be a melody which is the following of the so-called saints and he spent his life instead for the sake of a midi an extreme humility and humbleness history of F Madea Jammu and Kashmir records regarding say double he

Shall say that macadam said abdullah shah sahib Shaheed in 1941 moved to Guardian in 1945 he dedicated his life for the sake of Islam and enter into Medusa Earthman did after the partition in 1949 he once again re-entered into jamia ahmadiyya for moving to Amanda green Jung

In 1953 he passed a more be Fuzzle and in Punjab University stood at the first position in 1955 he passed with Shia exam from jamia by shelina later he gained an MA with distinction in Arabic he carried out quite deep extensive research work he was unable to serve her

Domina media for a lengthy period of time he was the editor of the monthly ansarullah magazine and also damaged Elda jamia and he remained so for three years he also served as a printer of the harlot and the shizzle as hard magazines for approximately 12 to 13 years he had

Also served as a manager and printer of this y’all Aslam press he had also served as managing director about catalyst Lamia president of the alphas on board he was the first managing director of MTA Pakistan he was also a director of puzzling over foundation and a director of the taher foundation he

Was an asura shot the director of publications and also the member of numerous committees he was also unable to serve as he acting naughty Allah and Amina megami he was enabled to work on the revision of the Kashmiri language translation of the Holy Quran as the

Nozzle is shot he was unable to work on the set of books of the promised messiah peace be upon him rouhani resign on the new computerized addition he made manifold indexes and wrote many forwards of several books he was unable to render great services as regard to the

Translation of the Holy Quran my Heather khalifatul masih Bobby the fourth Khalifa may Allah have mercy upon him you he also played a key role in the publication of the lectures by heathered Khalifa da messina fourth may allah be pleased with him on homeopathy he was a man who provided great and valuable

Opinion he was a simple nature he was righteous noble and pious compassionate forbearing humble and full of humility and one who always spoke measured Lee and parents due to having a strong religious background he researched every single matter most extent and in depth then he provided solid advice whenever he would

Be given any task from the Felicia of the time regarding researching into any intellectual or matter of knowledge he would always strive to fulfill that in optimum and the quickest time he shrugged okumura holman in the publication and preparation of the books and other publication he would guide his

Staff he would provide most profound and most insightful advice I have provided some of the important aspects relating to his work then the nasser a shot the director of publication should have experience of printing and in this side he was a printer and publisher of alphas

Oh and also other magazines he was an expert in checking and analyzing the printing paper he was fully informed about every single aspect of the printing machine in terms of his types as technical specifications etc similarly whether it related to the publication of a book or the publication

Of a magazine he would always render most solid and profound advice some details have been mentioned regarding salable hey shah sahib in alpha soul newspaper it says that in april nineteen forty-five he resolved to do but that is to do it his life but he did not fill

The form of the pledge of occasion Diggy until eleven November 1950 as I mentioned earlier he receive education until the middle level he entered into jamia ahmadiyya during his education in jamia millia he completed his matriculation examinations achieving the sixth position but the grace of Almighty Allah every year jamia he acquired the

First position similarly in the Moulvi fossil examinations he acquired the first position who knew such open very many belly TV or in February 1956 he was appointed for the first time he worked in different capacities in different departments on 29 jun 19 8230 freedom she deposed may

Allah have mercy upon him appointed him as NASA a shot director of publications with regard to the knowledge filled religious lecture sword a little Quran of huddled Khalifa Thomasina both he had the honor of working towards finding the references and other material he would remain awake every day until 3am with

His team to complete this task he would not rest until efax the required material to London he also provided academic assistance in terms of the friday sermons he was also a member of the combination team of the Quranic translation as well as he homeopathy book of hundred Khalifa Thomasina both

In this respect he discharged his duties most excellently he was unable to serve in the publication of the chronic translations in Punjabi Cindy Pashto answer nike Aqualad at the scene fish got a developer Martha Istanbul stunning once Haddad khalifatul masih the fourth may allah have mercy upon him pay tribute to

Shah sahib in a friday sermon of 26 September 1997 has who said I have observed this quality in singer dublin high shall see him then whenever a specific matter is explained to him even if he does not have personal knowledge of it he looks for people who are

Familiar or knowledgeable about it it has never happened that I gave him some instructions about a book and he has not prepared exactly what was instructed of him with the grace of Allah he has deep insight and he studies everything in my new detail when recently in 2008 I said

To him that rouhani has I in the set of books of the promised Messiah on a salam should be computerized you were so sure saab accomplish this task with great endeavor in terms of this new computerized set aside from other distinctive features one is that Syed

Abdulla hey Shasta he took care at this point as well but this new computerized edition should be page by page in exact accordance with the previous edition of the honey class I mean this is so that the references that I’ve been used in a literature in the last 50 100 years of

The Jamaat they could be easily located also some new essays and also arabic poems of the promised messiah on whom be peace have been included previously they were unable to be published but they have been included in this new edition with your granny green but the demurrer

I were others khalifatul masih rob a may allah have mercy upon him in the will do translation of the Holy Quran II published people on the green he wrote in the Ford under the title of my thanks or my gratitude to others and he wrote that a team of scholars have

Continually work with me here in London on the translation of the Holy Quran that is being presented here similarly a team of scholars in the center rubber worked under the direction of syed abdul hey shah sahib nozzoli shot having reviewed the translation they assisted me with a valuable advice and opinions

If I did not have the collective help of all of these people it would not have been possible for me to carry out this task of my own mother for a work in a letter of 1997 haddad khalifatul masih the forth road to shah sahib about the publication of maha Zonama the

Memorandum which is presented in a National Assembly of the country he wrote the publication of my cinema is very good mashallah you work very hard and with flair in another letter Haddad khalifatul masih the fourth may allah have mercy upon him road to say it’s I

Hear that your report on such and such date has been received mashallah you are working politically and you are extremely productive with the grace of Almighty Allah you are the only Nasser who does not ever need reminding about entrusted tasks kazarka mwen la Arsenal jaisa may Allah bless you in every

Respect then this letter continues it is quite a lengthy letter but alhamdulillah Allah enabled him to carry out great services all of these words of praise and all of these tributes increase him in his humility and incline him to working even harder it was not the case that after he was praised as

Productivity of work dropped you see Rebecca zoom on ma pakistani muslim he in the era of haddad caliph tom see that both may allah have mercy upon him in pakistan the volumes of mph was odd that is the writings of the promised messiah elisa lata was salaam

They were changed from ten volumes to five references were provided for all the quranic verses of the Holy Quran that were mentioned within mph Azad where required new headings were included small and for the benefit of the Vedas an index was included at the end of sections which mentioned the

Names of person places and qur’anic references however last year in fact this year when see the blue he shows up came for jalsa I said to him that instead of the five volume set of mph user change it back to the 10 volume said it would be better so he did not

Mention in the least that we have worked so hard to compile this five volume set from the old 10 volume set and that it would be extremely difficult now to return to the old format of 10 volumes rather without even the smallest hint of complaint of negativity he said

Absolutely we will return now to publishing it as a 10 volume set kazu says when the volumes are thinner it is easier to read malphas art is a compilation of the books of the instructions of the promised messiah peace be upon him a person can read it

Whilst lying down whilst on journey old while sitting in my opinion if the volumes are smaller it is easier in comparison to reading sticker volumes so anyhow he immediately started work on this new instruction similarly with regard to the knowledge filled treasure of a commentary of the Holy Quran tough

City Kabir by her third caliph CC the second may Allah have mercy upon him Gillian the body this carbon trees compiled in a 10 volume set for the ease of use of the Vedas he prepared the most comprehensive index for the ten volumes of dev City Kabir this include names

Geographical locations and also explanation of difficult words which all would be Baloo true what the view he was a member of different committees in the Andaman he was on the Mahabharat panel a member of the department of history of f mediate the member of if now the member

Of the planning committee a member of the preserving the audio video cassettes and a member of the preserving of the battle God use a member of delaford centenary committee he also had the honor of being a Cyrano homola a prisoner in the way of Allah he was also

The president of the alphas on board abdon hey Shasta him speaking about his first meeting with harder to leave Demasi the third may allah have mercy upon him says that the awe-inspiring personality and compassion of the third Khalifa reminds me when after he had given me some important responsibilities

Then in the first Malacca at the meeting when I was cooled by his word so I went before the presence of Azul my hands were trembling with nervousness Azurill with great compassion stated that what is there the need to be nervous comprehend the work that I provide to

You and carry out with complete diligence and efforts dan has all took my hand in his hand and this is me as you did not verily trust one but once he did he would show complete affection guidance and pardon to him and he would continue to do so he writes at once

Arrest warrant was issued for me izuzu says that in pakistan it was common for editors and publishers to have arrest warrants issued in the names so I such an arrest warrant issued for Sade abdullah shah sahib google i/o google on google i am eating we muscovado when how did khalifatul

Masih the third may allah have mercy upon him came to know about as he convened a meeting with him and also other lawyers so he writes said after this house who sent one of his sons with a message that say to abdullah shah sahib that do not worry i will pray for

Him good on the keyboard so the Sun told him that after the meeting would harder to cleave Thomasina third may allah have mercy upon him Azurill call me and he said she’ll sign has just left her he has a case which he has to attend in either islamabad allah ho he would not

Have left by now so say to him that immediately after he left when I prayed due to his anxiety then allah the almighty made me utter these words upon my lips that God never lets his pious people go to waste so therefore there is no need to be anxious or nervous so that

Was the most frightening and terrifying case against them but within a few days the grave case was wound up and a manta finished so God’s disclosure to how that khalifatul masih the third is also a testimony that in God’s i said abdullah shah sahib was amongst the pious and

Righteous persons who remain in God’s refuge in protection yet at another time allah the almighty enabled side of the haitians I hope to be a prisoner in a way of Allah when another case was issued against him with as long but I thought the case that was issued against

Him was regard to a pamphlet in which there was a line in the promised Messiah a Salaam that religion is based on these five this was published by secretary lagina in their magazine so describe Mohammed Asha sie haben also say the abdullah shah sahib at case is issued

Against him shah sahib and also i should say i were locked up for a few days and the case went on for many a months if you who may Allah got adopted a missionary relates that shah sahib had informed him that at the outset the vaca zindagi would receive a very small

Allowance due to this life would go by with extreme difficulty upon this Joss I’ve said it once my father-in-law said to me that from a worldly perspective you are highly educated so why do you not go towards the world to earn your livelihood shall type said that I

Responded to him that I have made two pledges the first pledge I have made it of marriage with your daughter the second pledge I have made is with Allah the Almighty of being a vug facility alive devotee now you tell me which pledge should I break shahzaib said and

I said to him up to some time that if I war to preserve my first pledge and break the second one then how can this be possible herring this the father-in-law remained quiet afterwards he never raised this issue again shahzaib said with a grace of Almighty Allah after that incident for my entire

Life allah the almighty rewarded me without measure as who says that therefore this is a pious quality of the holy people of both the father not temporarily observing the condition of shah sahib as his human nature salted kranj written thoughts in his mind however the response of shots I’ve left

Him speechless that anomaly could never even envisage breaking the pact he makes with God Almighty and this also elucidates shall sahibs trust in reliance and God Almighty the passion that Shah saab had for the trust in god almighty and also preserving his promise that he made with God was such that God

Almighty rewarded him in return in such a way that shows up said that never in my life did I ever faced difficulty again jhaza he would take care of the sentiments of those who worked under him I was very kind to them one accountant relates that I worked 15 years with shah

Sahib apart from just one solitary incident i do not remember a single occurrence when he ever expressed extreme anger so what came to pass that upon a misconception of misunderstanding we gave some books to another office without permission from shah sahib when somebody told josh hype about this

Incident that shah sahib was extremely enraged due to shah sahib being so livid for two days i did not enter the room of him after two day shop called me into his room he smiled and he presented to me the biscuit settle before him another helper a worker of shah sahib whose name

Is muhammad iqbal sigh brides that i have work for 20 years with him money has always treated us like son he was extremely loving and affectionate to all his workers his demeanor was in every respect dervish like when he helped any of the workers he would not allow any of

The other workers to learn of that similarly when he asked for any personal work to be carried out by his workers and he would fulfill the right or do you have that when any of the children of the workers were to be married he would help them to the maximum extent possible

In addition he would help countless people in need regarding his extensive knowledge Abdul Majeed our Messiah who is of our arabic test hair rice that since this humble one has been working on the translation of rouhani cuisine I have had a connection with shah sahib at some juncture i faced great difficulties

And in this light i needed to seek guidance from shah sahib in every such instance motor damn shah sahib with great compassion in a most scholarly and chef amana guided me sure saves reply would always be well reasoned satisfying affectionate and also all encompassing upon all aspects of the question and

Alongside is it will be replete with courtesy and filled with high moral regard if i presented any suggestion to him then he would receive it most cheerfully and happily this way of his cheerfulness and compassion remain until his last breath but by sure i ah sahib writes that at the annual sports rally

Of jamia ahmadiyya for the prize-giving ceremony so and special guests will be called amongst the holy and elder people of the Jamaat one year introducing the elderly person who had been bite especially for the event principal Sahib jamia said that there are many people who work in

Different ways some are those who work with one hand and a clap with the other in other words they promote and announce whatever work they have carried out they tell others that we have carried out such and such work then principles I’ve said there are some others who club with

Both hands they are not carrying out any work there is more commotion and propaganda live art rather than work and then there are other people who work with both hands they have no concern at all that anybody sees or praises they work today such a servant of the faith

Is our guest in other words saith observation saw him from what you see Asura says that this is one hundred percent correct I have always observed in shoreside that he would work extremely quietly regardless of ill health or his feet beings fun and he would still do this once I asked him

That your feet are swollen are you not paint he says that I have never realized when I’m so involved in my work that I do not even know whether my feet are swollen or otherwise he will speak little in the gatherings and the meetings I observed that the underman

Meetings but when he did speak he provided most solid and valuable guidance and advice then nobody else i began rice that when i had the opportunity to come near to him and for some time i worked as his deputy I found him as exactly as described somebody who

Was very quiet dervish like and who worked extremely hard and there were other countless qualities within him as soon as he arrived in the office he would drown within his work in Punjabi there is an idiom sailor suit ke kaam karna in other words to be completely

Engrossed in your work from the work of the office letters to the work of the rouhani cuisine he would carry out all the proofreading himself this noble deserving of envy and seventh of the faith would not even be aware of closing time that everyone had gone home he would work so

Much that his feet would swell up but he would go on working in this manner he was a selfless humble and dervish like person I had the opportunity to see him from very near there was no hint of hypocrisy or pretense in him he was extremely compassionate he was a great

Source of information of the history of F madea’s despite working extremely hard he was a very cheerful person he was a person who was the embodiment of humblest humility under wish like I have testified my spell that he would spend the money of the Jamaat with great

Thought in fact with considering many a times and he would always be careful not to waste the money of the Jamaat he would be extremely compassionate kind and forbearing to his stuff he remained ill for a long period of time but this was no impediment for the work he was

Carrying out then another murder by omission rights regarding shah sahib that in his personality there was not even a hint of pride or arrogance truly he was a selfless dervish like an angelic person another but a bo missionary rice it when work on rouhani cuisine was being carried out I found

Out from a certain occurrence how much belief sauce I’ve had upon the promised Messiah a Salaam that occurrence came to pass in the following way that in the case of Henry Martin Clark the promised messiah as salam has in every instance written Douglas as the name of the judge

But in Rohani cuisine volume 15 in a book teriyaki galoob on page 349 the judge is referred to as j.r Drummond and a name has been mentioned as patong code for this issue the reset shall have a history of and medea the buckman written to that what is this case they both had

The same view that this must be an error of the scribe of the typist but shall sahibs view was as such a big error could not have come to pass and he did not include a footnote upon this and he left it as it was then when work was

Being carried out on Rohani cuisine vol 18 on the book noodle merci de on Bay 578 the promised Messiah Alice alarm says Abdul Hermes was arrested again after one and a half years he was asked the same question and he remained firm on a previous testimony

That I did that on the behest of the Christians azu says in other words when he was arrested for the second time the judge was different it was that judge that was mentioned by the promised Messiah day said I’m and not the judge of the previous case so he continued

That shouts I’ve never remained restless and he always was affectionate loving towards this stuff the liberian of khilafat library up wat writes that shah sahib was a very beneficial and useful person i have seen that he would carry out work of the community with great efforts and endeavour despite his

Illness he would work throughout his feet would always remain swollen and he also had different ailments for example of the heart a few months before a task was sent from London to check the additions of my tahini immediate a zoo says that I had assigned a toss to him

To check certain editions of butter in a madea so he continues that sauce I’ve sent a message to me that is the Liberian that collect together all the additions of butter any immediate into a cartoon so he says that I collected all the additions into a carton and I

Inquired from him should i bring it along to you to check he responded that why should you be trouble I will come myself despite the fact that it was difficult for him to walk he went to the library in person and shed all the additions of by rohini immediate he said

He did not want any of the older editions to be damaged in any way this is why he said I felt it more appropriate to check it in person he spent quite a few hours checking Mohammed Ahmed names type of our arabic des rights at preparing a complete index

Of the silica be at a time before computers had come into being is something requiring immense diligence and attention to detail he undertook this starts with great endeavor one aspect of his humbleness is that in the current edition of Rohani cuisine there are some printing errors whenever I contacted him during the translation

Regarding this and he acknowledged any errors graciously in open heartedly wherever explanations were required he provided suitable explanations and he rapidly would respond to correspondences in this regard a zoo says he did carry a proofreading most diligently and carefully but it is human nature that mistakes creep in

However he was most saddened so they should have been no mistakes in such a beautiful addition one abominable silsila missionaries Kadima mathias i’ve said that in 11 years i always found shouts I completely engaged in its work he was a very quiet person who completed all tasks with the utmost of

Responsibility it was astonishing that he worked so hard at even an elder age mashallah after office hours he would take part in the meetings of the Arabic board during the work of rouhani cuisine he personally proof read each word of every single book Suze says that in

Short he was a person of great scholarly standing he was the most hard-working bookface indicate life to Bertie he would often relate to his old missionaries I have also witnessed that era of southern german when there was great simplicity J 2 constraints there were no unnecessary facilities

Indicating towards a roof of the old office he would say that whilst now we have electric fans Everywhere’s before on this pipe here there used to be a fan with the fan would be attached a rope and whenever required we would use the rope to make the fan rotate because

There was no electricity he related the once haddad khalifatul masih sunny the second Khalifa may allah be pleased with him sanchez I with a message to occupied kashmir when he meets fellow pindi found no transport available day if he had organised transport he would have delayed the task in order to fulfill the

Task assigned to him by heather to khalifatul masih in a quick as possible time he started walking from rawalpindi to kashmir and he also returned from kashmir on foot and he delivered that message it was assigned to him shouts I’m had also fostered a girl we had married to a missionary later he

Brought her up like his own child even after her marriage she would ask about a well-being and take care of her and sent her gifts with his children and wife at home he would be most caring and loving his children and his wife said we never

Heard him speaking in a loud voice he was very mindful of preserving his children self-respect and did the finest to be its moral training of them the aspect of simplicity was prominent in his life showing off for display was employed by him he was a model of steadfastness he never complained about

His sufferings of pain whether it related to ill health or any other problem his patience was so exemplary that when he learned of the passing away of his mother who was in Kashmir through a letter he bore it would great resoluteness and for many days he did

Not mention it to anyone else he was an extremely hospitable person at gel saawan guests arrived from Kashmir to stay at his house he would offer them the entire house and he would move into a storeroom along with his family he always remained fully engrossed in fulfilling the pledge of his his

Life devotion and he remained so until his last breath in later years he regularly visited his children abroad almost all of his sons live outside pakistan his eldest son is a madea aside who is a chairman of humanity first when he would visit his children that his family and his relatives would insist

That he stayed with them and he would answer that I have devoted my entire life I have not devoted just a temporary part of my life he had a lot of pain in his feet and as I said it would remain swollen despite this he would regularly

Go to the office and would not let his ill health impede with his work in his final illness he went to the hospital five times but every time he asked the same question of the doctors but when can I return to the office two days before passing away he was again taken

To the hospital he was sitting in the office doing his work he had some pain anyway immediately to the hospital at twelve o’clock for a checkup the doctors admitted him even at the hospital he would continue checking his office work his workers would bring the documents to

Him at the hospital and he would continue his work in this manner on the final day he said pray and may Allah be my protector and helper he had become aware that a time of his death was near because he said that time of my flight

Has arrived whenever a fax would be sent to him from here he would reply to it by hand even until now his final letter that he wrote to me was handwritten he did not have any clerk write it on his behalf and neither did he have it composed and his writing was beautiful

And measured whereas due to its weaknesses hands would shake yet despite this he would take out great time to write his letters to me probably the permanent on fourteenth decembe at 1130am he remained in the office and this is where he passed away it was his

Desire to pass away in the office when he was in the office he stated that it is my wish to complete the work of correcting the mistakes of rouhani cuisine but however he did not get the opportunity to do this a missionary who works in Masada ish art writes the

Following that I was told by abdul hayee shall saves himself that his wife sister’s husband that on 17th december shah sahib saw a dream by his wife came to him and said that have you not obtained a ticket shah sahib said that no i have not yet obtained a ticket

After a little while shahzaib said to his wife that i have obtained a ticket and i have boarded on the day shall so he passed away it approximately ten o’clock in the morning got me through good leo this friend went to ask of the well-being of shall save in hospital

There he learned the doctors had said that we have made whatever efforts possible now shah sahib then called his son imran over and he said to him in a soft voice at the flight has arrived the Sun could not understand what Joseph said so he came near to try and hear him

Properly but and sha sha he passed away how’s ur censored therefore this servant of the Jamaat until his last breath remain completely devoted to the community and to the maximum extent possible he gave presents to the Jamaat over every single other matter shah sahib acquired religious knowledge he read the books of

The promised messiah on whom be peace but he also acted upon it he did not just acquire knowledge as many different people have said in the letters that i read out that he always remained fully engaged in trying to fulfill how google line her google about the rights due to

God and the right due to mankind when I was not a Allah I found him one who displayed perfect obedience he was neither a shot at the time and when god the exalted cloaked me with a mantle of khilafat i found that shall sobbing a sincerity and loyalty had increased

Phenomenally even more than before and most surely this is what should have happened because a link with khilafat is different he was one who comprehended the spirit of the bear the Pledge of Allegiance and with all his capacities and powers he fulfilled the do of his bed his pledge of allegiance may allah

The almighty elevate the rank of shah sahib may allah the almighty go on creating similar persons who are so dedicated devoted and helpers of the falafel authority to another or after the friday prayers i will inshallah lead his funeral prayers alongside this there are also some other funerals the first

Of empty oz begum sahiba who was the wife of the late mohammed mohammed sahib who was a missionary in east africa she passed away on 15th december inna lillahi were in LA he wrote you own she was born in 1936 on 24th November 1952 she was married to Mohamed minerva said

He was a second wife of one we saw him from the time of her marriage until the retirement of Muhammad maneuver Sahib that is when you return from his field of work apart from just a 34 year gap the remaining entire time the late empty hasta hey boss spent this whole time

With her husband in Kenya Tanzania palestine in nigeria and it was unable to serve in this capacity maulvi muhammad minerva type in his book picnic BBG aden the remembrance of a pious lady has praised both his wives how that Cliff Tim Cedar Falls also praised his book greatly that this is how they

Should live the first wife of maulana muhammad minerva sahib would refer to the second wife of madonna whenever say who just passed away as Appa an affectionate way of calling an elder sister she never used derogatory terms and neither did she have a negative attitude or link with her both wives had

A great relationship between each other they would take care of each other children to such a degree that people would ask their children that amongst these two ladies who is your real mother she in order to fulfill the financial requirements of others she would take money out of a pension and sometimes he

Would even take a loan to help other people in need her son mubarak f Mathias Abe is a secretary no such a horrible girl group me believe he relates that she had a great passion for the service of the faith he was courageous brave and fearless she would help everyone whether

Emma d or not at minibar again Mathias a–have was born of the first wife but from the second wife of maulana muhammad maneuver sahib who has just passed away one daughter antonov tahira sahiba is my to abdul razak but sahib machinery allari almighty elevate the rank of the

Disease and may her piety pass on into a progeny the next funeral or announcement of bereavement of sister Zeena baseem sahiba daughter macadam commando dean garland sahib of USA she passed away on 6 december at the age of 83 in a lil ah he was in Nyala here RT own apart from

Being said alleged not leave then she was also unable to serve in different capacities he was extremely pious and a person with great passion towards the Jamaat she was a local American she needs behind her husband and two sons the next funeral or announcement of bereavement is of impoverishment sahiba

Of Calgary she passed away at the age of 61 from cancer in null in LA he was in LA he wrote your own an extremely pious person he was regular in a prayers and one who performed at the hajj eid prayer she also had the honor of performing

Ombres she had a great passion and affection for reading the Holy Quran and the books of the promised messiah peace be upon him she was also a moo see the next person who passed away say that was SEMA begum sahiba who was a daughter of the late syed valio la shah sahib and

She is from America cyan’t believe la Shahib is the eldest mama or uncle of haddad khalifatul masih the fourth so she was the eldest daughter and he passed away at the age of 84 mashallah she possessed great qualities after every hood / friday sermon she would phone and in particular she would

Specially request me for prayers and prayers that her children remain on the right path her son nadeem fezzy type is a sutter or president of one of the Jamaat in America may allah the almighty elevated rank and maiya piety continue on into a progeny the next funeral is

Amiable calm so he was a son of mir bazhir mohammed sahib of kuwait he passed away on 6 december at the age of 88 inna lillahi were in LA he Roger he had great love for the promised messiah peace be upon him and a deep connection and relationship of loyalty

With Halawa his nikka was read by hundred muslim out the second Khalifa and Haddad Muslim on fulfilled the responsibility of being the Vakeel the attorney himself Muhammad Mustafa Sahib is from runge town karachi he passed away on 27 September in naalala he were in LA he wrote you own in 1971 he

Accepted at mediate he was the only enmity and his family after joining I’m idiot he faced many difficulties in hardship his brothers tied him before the village folks and made him a target of torture before he accepted F mediate he was also amongst those who fiercely opposed that m’dear but after becoming

An enmity he changed completely he always remain extremely loyal and devoted with the Jamaat the community in his area he was appointed a secretary tolima quran but i’ll be at fall secretary da battle in LA and also my limo coming he was unable to serve in all these capacities he taught countless

At fall no Suraj latina and saw the Quran with translation he had memorized a large proportion of the Holy Quran he leaves behind a part from his wife one son naveed mustafa sahib a missionary naseer ahmad sahib jokbal had passed away on 21st july but he had requested

For the funeral plain abstention to be performed he was the son of hundred mallika Ramdeen saw bloody allah ta’ala anho allah be pleased with him the companion of the promised messiah allah salam in 1930 his father in order to serve other muslim out the second caliph

Out of the Allahu on he left for cali on where he remained for 17 years and he gave great services in this time the deceased was a mu see he was extremely sincere and an amazing loyalty to her lover fateh muhammad khan saw him passed away on 28th November’s he was an

Extremely sincere and pious person he leaves behind five daughters and three sons hey son macadam harpies bahamas ibisevic facing the guy life devotee and a teacher in jamia media and his son-in-law mia abdur rashid the bottom side was a missionary may allah the almighty elevate the rank of all of

Those who have disease may allah the almighty grant forbearance patient and said fasteners to the family left behind enable them to remain steadfast and piety and to serve that your mouth in every respect as I stated the funeral prayer in absentia will be offered after the Friday prayers al hamdulillah al

Hamdulillah hello modos gone astray no no stop pero bueno me know they wanna talk alone when all the baloney shall enforce in all women say yeah they are Molly know when you’re they love Allah alone oh my god Leo follow the alone when I shadow Aloha

Oh well as our mother through long give all the Lord oh you know I ROP luckily one in this on my thighs a looper war wien Horning for sure well 131 boy yoku moku the Guru was caught a lawyer’s doin woohoo i still give lagoon will they grow

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