Ahmadi Muslim VideoTube Friday Sermon Khalifa V Friday Sermon | December 30, 2011 | English

Friday Sermon | December 30, 2011 | English

Friday Sermon – Khalifatul Masih V – Mirza Masroor Ahmad – Year 2011

So Allah I’d better Allah Oh Oh egg better Allah Oh at Baron love ah Oh Oh egg butter I sure had a la uh in uh oh hi love oh aha are you know hi Oh ash hadu Ana Muhammadan Rasulullah I sure had a Muhammad are so a little love

Oh Hey Ya Allah set up oh hey yah Oh hey I little fellow oh hey ya little fella ah o Allah egg metal love uh Oh for egg better love uh you know oh hi Lala Oh Oh hmm star look around too low I shall I shall I wash an eagle of me

Wash my mom in a shake Oh miss me la la y’all gone all the way honestly if you said all those me with museum odorless the zoo says that the promised messiah peace be upon him once stated do not assume that the party of the Sahaba of the companions only to

Be those who passed away in earlier times brahdada is another group whom allah the exalted as mentioned in the holy quran they are also included amongst the Sahaba the companions who will be with the borough’s the reflection of Ahmed izuzu says that one of the names of the Holy Prophet

Muhammad peace and blessings of Allah be upon him is Ahmed and his bruise reflection is a promised Messiah on whom be peace the promised Messiah continues therefore it is stated while Corrina min whom llama el hakuba him and among others from among them who have not yet

Joined them that is do not assume that the Jamaat of the Sahaba companions limited to this in fact the Jamaat of the promised messiah on a sellout de wassalam will also be from amongst the sahabi the companions in other words those who saw in person the promised

Messiah Elise alarm who initiated at his hand and it took benefits from being in his company and then those who advanced in the faith and conviction so the promised Messiah Elise alarm says dis Jamaat will also be of the Sahaba of the companions he says further commentators

Have accepted that this verse is in relation to the Jamaat the community of the promised messiah as a salam the word min home infers that their inner inclination and proclivity will be similar to that of the companions Pazuzu says that there for those persons who took benefits from personally being in

The presence of the promised messiah peace be upon him Oh surely hold a status every single one of them is a model an example for us whose standard of piety whose standard of taqwa and who standard a pious Reformation are most certainly worthy of being followed it is a great

Fortune upon us that some of the accounts of the lives of these companions of the promised messiah on whom be peace have reached us further through these companions of the promised messiah on whom be peace the circumstances and the accounts of the gatherings in which the promised messiah

And a salam was present have also been related and reached us I from time to time mention the different accounts of the Companions of the promised Messiah and he said up there was salaam today i will similarly present such accounts as a result of the derby the moral training

That these companions received from the promised messiah le salaam as a result of that spiritual light that the promised messiah I Lisa lata wassalam had attained from his master the holy prophet sallallaho and he was selling the sea level prophets allah the exalted infused such a revolution within the

Companions that every single one of them exhibited a unique and astonishing glory whether the companion was rich or poor whether he was educated or illiterate we see in every single one of them an extraordinary and you need change infusing within them whether it relates to tobacco the dependence and reliance

Of a laden that held its own unique glory if it was the passion of faith of the companions then it was selfless and also held its own unique and extraordinary glory in relation to their link with the Holy Quran they had a deep connection with it they loved it and

They held deep affection towards it the fact that God Himself taught them the Holy Quran and bestow spiritual knowledge into the hearts and minds this illustrates the special connection with God Almighty this was also a distinction they held God’s treatment towards them in every other matter was

Also of the kind that God grants to those who are very near to him then we also find within these accounts the manner in which the promised messiah allah salam taught the companions in these gatherings how to solve different problems and resolve various issues how to provide spontaneous and immediate

Responses to certain circumstances and predicaments the promised messiah la salam with just a few words provided such excellent there be a tomorrow training to the companions through which they were able to compete with others with arguments and logic therefore most fortunate with his companions who after 1400 years lived through that time in

Which this true and ardent devotee and servant of the holy prophet sallallahu alayhi wassalam lived as i mentioned i will present certain accounts today from the register da viah that is a register of traditions of the promised messiah and a salaams companions how that moldy sufi atta muhammad sahib radiyallahu

Anhum may allah be pleased with him narrates once i read in the paper that the promised messiah on whom be peace was going to visit jhelum however i could not obtain leave to go to jail him as who says because he was at work so he

Continues but i was very restless due to this i said to my family at home that tomorrow is Sunday and the promised messiah allah salam has gone to jail him so do not inform anyone and i shall set forth to go there there was a very short

Time left before the train was to depart the gentleman the station was three miles away the path was hilly and it was night even during the day it was difficult for people to cross that path but there was a commitment and a devotion even at

Night so he set forth he says that I put my trust in God Almighty and I went off coincidentally there was a light that was lit right before me for the entire path as I was walking along to the station perhaps there was another person who may have been going off somewhere so

Praying to God I ran across that hilly path towards the station as who says that when he states that there was a light that was laid before him now they may have been a person through which that light was lit but the fact is he

Put his trust in God he was going to meet the Messiah and the mighty most certainly God provided that arrangement that light kept being laid before him and he was unable to run that pass to the station so he says when I arrived at the station the train was ready to

Depart I purchased a ticket and eventually I we tell him I was enabled to meet the promised Messiah la Salaam there there was a set amandine Sahib he says that I will be delighted if today you recite that poem also it says that he had written a poem at the time of his

Bed his pledge of allegiance and in that poem he had written some words of prayers and sent it to the promised messiah peace be upon him along with his letter of initiation it was quite a lengthy poem so said saw him asked that please recite this poem Sufis I replied

That if the promised Messiah Islam permits then I will do it so the promised messiah salaam permitted him he immediately stood up and would wait forever he was cited that poem that poem had such an impact upon the audience that somebody said please provide that perm he said I have just verbally

Recited this by heart after reciting the poem the Vizier forgiven when the promised messiah allah salam was exactly the same as what he had sent in the letter previously a zoo says when he did the initiation and he wrote his letter of bet his initiation he also promised

Messiah salama give me a visa fur off repeated words of prayer so the promised messiah on whom be peace he wrote Ava’s Aoife and he says when I asked him verbally now he gave the exact same busy fine i was astonished how excellent his memory was that the

Visitor that he had written to me that i should recite was the exact same busy fahee narrated to me now verbally de visita that the promised messiah on whom be peace provided at that time through a letter and also right here verbally was that what are you asking for a visa

There is no need for any other busy for brass aight darood sharif invoking blessings and salutations upon the Prophet Muhammad with abundance recite Hampshire leaf that is surah fatiha and say is that far that is beg for repentance with great profusion and read the Holy carotid great reflection this

Is the Vezina that is a secret of all successes as who says many people also write to me from time to time and I also guide them in light of this instruction of the promised messiah alison Ottawa’s sonam generally the promised messiah on whom be peace has also said to somebody

That also recite lajolla well ago at the in lab in la he’ll azim that there is no power to avoid sin or to do good except through a la the promised messiah le salam said that this should also be recited Saudis are those matters that

Enable a person to draw near to god the exalted the next narration is a hundred Khalifa nurudeen Sahib of jammu Asura says disc relief a new routine Sahib was Joe Mooney he should not be mistaken for how that Khalifa dome see the firth because he has the same name as him this

Was a different companion of the promised messiah on whom be peace he relates that once i walked from Jammu to kashmir via gujarat along the way when i was needed to go to rot i offered my prayers in a jungle and i was praying allahumma inni i also becoming al hamra

Well wasn’t in this prayer with great fervor and intensity after this God the Almighty provided for my means and provisions in such a way that I’d never faced difficulty and despite the fact that I never had any particularly extraordinary work or job I received thousands of rupees from

Unknown sources or from the unseen Asura says so after these companions took to bear the pledge of allegiance then through the spiritual power of the promised messiah peace be upon him a revolutionary change occurred within them then they prayed and when they prayed God the Almighty responded to

Them in miraculous manners so he prayed that I should never beg for money from anybody else I should never have to face adversities or constraint in this slide so he prayed for this and he said with the grace of Almighty Allah I never again faced financial difficulty next

Mia should offer them as I writes about his late father had more vigilant in sight and his circumstances he relates that what we saw he was one who put his trust in God Almighty he would say that God the Almighty would provide for whatever we were in need of it is an

Amazing trust in god the exalted there is no need for us to ask anyone else for anything it had never happened that we asked others for any provisions etc so he relates that in around nineteen eighteen or nineteen nineteen the Unterman employed me and they gave me 20

To 25 rupees a zoo says in other words that the allowance that was set for him was 20 or 25 rupees from the enjoyment so he continues that wheat etc had all become very expensive at the time munchie fahan ali khan sahib the Naza bait Lamar was in ferozpur my father was

Working under him one day her son ali khan type said to mull beach a lot of things I him that you receive a wage this is why you work with such devotion and diligence this is why you work so hard more visa a would say that I did

Not like this and i replied to him what did I ask you for a wage I dedicated my life for the sake of the service of the faith in terms of the allowance that I received that has been set by the Jamaat I did not ask for that allowance I have

No demand or requirements and he said to the nozzle metal model that I will no longer take any allowance khan sahib did another battle mode responded that will you work in the same manner as before will he work in your own way in other words although you will not take away

But will you actually work in the same way as he worked before so maulvi jalal uddin type said i will work with even greater diligence and also with perfect obedience as though he says that is he said that i will work even harder than before and also with perfect obedience

He said that work in obedience have no correlation with pay whether i received a wage or not i must serve the faith he relates that after saying these few words i went on a double eek expedition i was going by foot as we said at the time there were no modes of transport

Normally the missionaries when they went on the big expeditions had to go on foot so he continues it on the way thoughts started creeping into my mind that the salary that i receive would fulfill my necessity somewhat nowadays we are passing through difficult times wheat and other provisions are all very

Expensive now how would I make ends meet these were the thoughts creeping into his mind Asura says now look after these thoughts creeped into his mind how did God treat him so this person says that my father related that these thoughts were circling in my mind when suddenly a

Thunderous sound occurred that is a most frightening sound occurred through which my heart trembled and what was that sound it was a message that was sent through a powerful voice have you always received a wage is it through your ways that you have grown up also says in other words such a long

Time has now passed have you spent your whole life and grown up only through a wage he says that as soon as I heard this sound all my anxieties and concerns completely vanished in a most humble manner i supplicated oh lord what need do I have of this wage what significance

Is this wage have in comparison to you he says after this my situation improved greatly in the future and allah the almighty took care me in such a manner that my circumstances improved most significantly maulvi sahib would say that khan sahib was an old friend of mine he said these words inadvertently

As a joke but after this became the means of breaking the shake of the matter of the salary of the wage as who says that therefore this became a means of removing the Sheikh associating partners with God from all these types mind then writing further about the circumstances of other digital din sahib

His son who I mentioned earlier relate sat in a dream I see that Haddad khalifatul masih the first may allah be pleased with him his gambling somali Geraldine’s i mentioned this dream to the promised messiah peace be upon him the promised messiah ELISA Lam says Bowlby jalal uddin sahib maulvi sahib in

Other words haddad caliph doma see the first mallanna near the inside indeed Gamble’s but he Gamble’s with God just like gamblers put every single thing they have on the line he also does so he does not leave anything for himself likewise Melissa puts everything on the

Line for God or in the way of God he puts everything in the line as who says he said one of these two phrases as who says that in other words this is a bargain that Haddad khalifatul masih the first may allow pleased with him mace worldly people for

Whirly benefits and gains put things on the line in gambling but regarding Haddad khalifatul masih the first may allah be pleased with him the promised messiah peace be upon him says that to cater for his life in this world and the next he spends in the way of God then as

We are all aware there are countless accounts in the life of Haddad Khalifa CC the first may allah be pleased with him in a manner that God the Almighty fulfill all his worldly needs and necessities and fulfill them beyond measure further the rank and status he received in the religious field everyone

Is aware of how that sufi Willem Mohammed Sahib son of Mia Valley Mohammed Sahib relates that in 1912 i passed my BA exams from Punjab University after this I enquired from father to khalifatul masih the first should i memorize the holy quran or should i do an MA how that cliff CC the

First replied memorized the Holy Quran what is the importance of doing an MA so he says that within six months I memorized the Holy Quran when I related this to her dog cleave CC the first he did as I stay sugar a prostration of gratefulness huzur who says this was it

Their beer tomorrow training of the companions this was the perfect obedience this was a love for the Holy Quran that he left aside the world he first memorized the Holy Quran then he turned towards further studies next there is an account of saith after aadi ahmad sahib radi allahu ta’ala anho may

Allah be pleased with him he writes at remembering or mentioning the beloved is not lesser than actually meeting the beloved the heart of the lever holds a deep passion to remember and mention the beloved one regarding the chosen one of the gracious and merciful Lord the chief

Of all profits our beloved our master the Holy Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings of Allah be upon him his burrow see Camille perfect reflection his mother a German reflection of his Beauty his beloved one his lena and his prophet reflected in the promised messiah salatu salam i could

Not envision somebody would have a great desire and passion to remember such a great person would not be delighted to remembering him but I was fearful that my memory was weakening and a long time at passed since i had the honor of being the Blessed company of the promised

Messiah on whom be peace in other words from the end of nineteen Oh two until the end of 1903 for one year I was with the promised messiah peace be upon him but I was 24 then in those days my maternal uncle ni the late said Emmett

Hussain sahib were the only two guests who had called upon the promised messiah on whom be peace as who said perhaps he had come from cuttack so he continues for both of us for many months the promised messiah on whom be peace had arranged for rice to eat because that

Was a place where people were fond of rice perhaps it is Alisa so therefore rice was provided the promised messiah on whom be peace provided strict instructions to me alot Madine regarding the guests the late me a nudge Modi will relate to both of us himself that the

Promised messiah peace be upon him had provided strict instructions regarding your hospitality the same say an octo redeem sahib relates i was a student and i would attend that darcel grounds or the religious lectures on the quran by hazard can if you don’t see the first

May allah be pleased with him how that cliff CC the first would be greatly affectionate towards me my father or the allahu ta’ala i know and my late mother Robert humble Malcolm at up by yanni selena may allah have mercy upon both my parents as they looked after me in my

Childhood so when they directed me to return home then when i said that due to the vast expenses of travel it was difficult to return to donna lamont guardian article if DOMA see the first said when you are ready to return her right to me and i will send you the travel expenses

A zoo says that when the parents said to return that I was about to depart I said to her that khalifatul masih the first that travel expenses are quite high therefore it would be difficult to return home to God yawn so how that can leave them see the first and says when

You are ready to return I will send you the travel expenses so the narrator says when the time drew near for me to return at the time in the small masjid mubarak the prayers will be offered on the roof fathered Khalif don’t see the first may

I love you pleased with him from behind on one side put his hand on my shoulders and affectionately he stated that after adine I have heard that you have learned the Holy Quran for many teachers and you read it with great abundance because he said that in those days I was studied

The Holy Quran from many teachers so Haddad Khalif don’t see the first continues that I have heard you idiot most profusely what does allaha yui limo Kamala this is what Azura says had that collect him see the first that adopt got stuck by that his righteousness in the

Fear of God then God would teach you himself azu says this is a fundamental point to disc earn and understand the Holy Quran the companions had a great fervor to comprehend and study the Holy Quran therefore this companion would study the Holy Quran from mother’s grief to Mussina first by tending his darts

Further he would learn from other teachers in order for his learning to increase subsequently Allah the Almighty teaches a righteous person Holy Quran himself and guides him this is what we observe in the lives of the companions mashallah they had great knowledge of the holy quran there is a narration of

Haddad Sheridan Sahib son of most Hakeem saw him he took the bed to pledge of a leading to 1906 and in the same year he met the promised messiah on whom be peace he relates at one day the promised messiah on whom be peace stayed sitting after the maghrib prayer incidentally on

That day there was no light within the mosque they were a few people surrounding the promised messiah um amongst tomb was also me one person asked a question to the promised Messiah on whom be peace at hazard mole bees that is non-ahmadi religious cleric said the Messiah of Nazareth that is Jesus

Peace be upon him would create animals the promised messiah on whom be peace responded that shaikh sahib god is the creator is a messiah also the creator as who says he only said this one sentence so the narrator relates that I was not aware who that checks I was who asked a

Question because it was dark but that she acts on I did not speak again the promised messiah on whom be peace said himself again that our religious clerics should use these very brief and concise sentences in the discussions and debates as who says that they would say that the

Messiah Jesus peace be upon him would create birds and he would produce animals so the promised Messiah salam responded that this is very strange that God is the creator because the Creator is an attribute of God and the Messiah is apparently also creator as a Muslim you’re also being involved in this

Sharrock associating partners with God so the promised Messiah on whom be peace says sometimes he’s very small and concise sentences work better in the Bleak because in lengthy discussions after the subject matter becomes confused the narrator relates that is had a declared insane that I return to

My village I had keen enthusiasm for reading the Holy Quran one day the promised Messiah on whom be peace in for me in a dream azu said he was extremely enthusiastic to read early Quran he saw a dream one day in which the promised messiah peace be upon him said come to

Guardian we will teach you to holy quran ourselves so this is a dream that he saw he sewed the dream at a time when the promised messiah on whom be peace had passed away already he relates that after this I saw another dream in the dream I have migrated to the place where

The mahalo know Sarah but is now formed a zoo says that is he migrated to guardian and in guardian he alights in the mahalanobis so he continues and in the open field I am unloading my luggage and I inquire that what is a name of this area upon

This a voice resonates from the heavens in the shape of a countenance which was solid it looks like a football a voice resonated from that that the name of this place is Ebrahimi jungle where you are unloading your luggage so therefore Allah the Almighty had informed me that

The promised messiah peace be upon his name was also Ibrahim at the time I was unaware of the verse of the promised messiah la salade de wassalam that I have the reflection of Adam of Moses of Jacob and further the countless progeny of Ibrahim so he says that through this

Resonating voice God Almighty gave me this message it was then that I learned that this was also the name of the promised messiah allah salam a zoo says sometimes the support of the statements and revelations of the promised messiah peace be upon him was through the companions and allah the almighty would

Display this to the dreams claro din sahib continues further than i do not say out of humility but I say as a matter of fact that I was a sinner what I’m about to relate is most certainly and my surely as a result of the light

Of prophethood rather than out of my own endeavors because it is a promised Messiah on whom be peace who said that I am that light of God through which the truth is manifested so this is a certainty that the person who forms a connection with that light will also

Partake of that light indeed this is also absolutely evident that a person acquires at light according to his capabilities and capacities we were not even aware that is maulvi sahib other hello Dean Simon erase that we were not even aware what a revelation was what a

Vision was or what a true dream was but with the grace of Almighty Allah by joining this chosen once sent by god the exalted by connecting with this chosen one from God the Almighty not only are we aware of what revelation is not only are we aware of what visions are

Not only how we learned of what true dreams are in fact we have seen all of these three implemented upon us in our lives azu says this was a revolution that the promised messiah peace be upon him infused amongst them it is said about her that cleave Dempsey the first

May allah be pleased with him we have heard this account many times at once somebody asks how that could even see the first may allah be pleased with him you are previously already a saint in a holy person what did you attain by coming into the pledge of allegiance of

The promised Messiah La Silla so how does he leave them see the first may allah be pleased with him said amongst many benefits i shall tell you one previously I would see the holy prophet peace and blessings of allah be upon him in dreams now i see the holy prophets of

The law a leo salam with my eyes open through vision so this is a revolution that the promised messiah peace be upon him infused within me how that Geraldine Sipe says for the certainty of faith we can now relate the reality of these things for example within Machine

Mubarak perhaps it was the time of zuhr prayer I received this revelation la llamo al Mulla hoon it is day we shall prosper in this I was informed that it is the people of dis Jamaat or community who will prosper and gain success therefore we observe that the people who

Appear to be insignificant there and is a good one and great work is being carried out by them and there is a special impact found with my prayers once I pray that o Allah what is the best manner of attaining newness to you Azul says look what a great desire they

Had they had a relationship with God the Almighty in order to enhance that connection with God what means did they try to devise they would pray to God the Almighty that what is the best manner of attaining nearness to you so he says that Allah replied to me that there are

Two means of attaining newness to me either give Chanda that his arms all carry out a bleak that is preaching so he says this is a response I received that God said that I like these two ways so then he supplicate oh allah i am not that well educated a

Zoo says he is here sitting and conversing with God so he said that I am not that well educated how when I carry out the Bleak that is preaching than Allah replied and said that we have already taught you the Holy Quran he says when god the exalted said these

Words it clarified the verse of the Holy Quran for me that were marred amantha is remain tawil atkin Elohim are now at that time this verse was clarified to me that it is actually a las ab that throws hazra says that it is said regarding now any profits on the most alumina battle

Of butter to the reason for that storm that appeared was actually a lot exalted so he said that this verse was clarified to me because when I was in my village then the promised Messiah la silla met me in a dream as we said this was mentioned earlier so he says that then

The promised Messiah later lungs had come to Guardian we will teach you to Holy Quran now observe the promise was made by the promised Messiah la Salaam but the response was given by god the exalted that we have taught you the Holy Quran there for now according to my

Capabilities and capacities with the grace of Almighty Allah whoever desires to learn the Holy Quran I can teach him nowadays in the guesthouse in the morning for an hour or an hour and a half I teach the Holy Quran with translation when god the exalted stated

That we have taught you dolly Quran he said alongside it have you not read the accounts of Arden’s a mood in the holy quran i read one ruku and related it to the people that what the outcome is of those who reject and disobey the prophets similarly regarding the prayer

Got the exalted stated eat ghee in abundance that is clarified semi fluid butter so he said what does it mean to eat gee so god the exalted on the third day replied ‘i tinggi means to pray most profusely these words were given in Punjabi language that in the house were

Prayer is offered that home always remain in enjoyment then I also heard the following voice a person who God does not speak to is not a Muslim as a recess therefore if we want to taste enjoyment we need to fill our houses with prayer so he says can a

Person like me claim that this occurred through my capacity and my capabilities it is absolutely evident this occurred through the light of prophethood I should repeat this verse of the promised messiah peace be upon him I am that water that came from the heavens at the

Appointed time I am that light from God through which God The Exalted was manifested next there is hundred hafiz nubby Bucky sahib son of greenberg sahib from faizullah chuck he met the promised messiah on whom be peace before the promised messiah on whom be peace had made his claim and he

Also took the bed the Pledge of Allegiance at the very beginning how came for slaughter han Sahib a missionary in Africa who is half ish bug sahibs son he writes the following that he had ardent love for the promised messiah peace be upon him within him and

He was so careful that whenever anybody asked him to relate something from the time with the promised messiah peace be upon him would always reply that i do not trust my memory may it not occur that I attribute something mistakenly to the promised messiah peace be upon him

He worked in the Department of waterways and for almost the entire year he would have to travel around to the degree that in the months of extreme heat made June etc he would have to walk around for his work he faced extreme exhaustion as a person would normally feel in these

Circumstances yet at night without fail he would wake up to offer the Dodger prayers and he would stress to us to wake up that is to his children during Ramadan despite the intense heat he would regularly keep fast during winter he would wake up for tahajjud prayers

And recite the prayer out loud so that his children could join with him with the grace of Almighty Allah he was a hafiz one who memorizes the whole Quran he were placed great emphasis on us upon prayers and fasting and supervisors strictly in this regard and this is a

Duty of parents he would be extremely enraged upon any slackness on our part he taught us the Holy Quran himself if he was engaged in his work during the day then he would teach us at night we were three brothers the eldest amongst us was abdur-rahman radiallahu and may

Allah be pleased with him he went to attain education in kalyan perhaps in 1907 during this time he passed away Habib Rahman Zahir ba and myself when he was 12 or 13 years old hafiz noor ahmad sahib and also have his hamid ali sahib with them when the

Promised messiah peace be upon him was writing but a Heaney immediate we met the promised messiah la salam for the first time and then we regularly came before him and we took the bed the pledge of allegiance very early because Hafiz Sahib that is the father the

Father of us all rehman sahib the narrator so that he kept asking to take the pledge of allegiance before the claim of the promised messiah salaam i do not remember the actual year of the bed and the meeting after but when we came for the first time we stayed with

Him so he that is for sermon slides narrator says that my father the companion arranged for my education in Kathy on during the time of griefs and sorrow he displayed the loftiest model of being content with the decree in pleasure of God the Almighty so this had

Games I’ve says when our elder brother passed away in 1907 our two elder sisters weddings were just a few days away for this purpose we had departed from the place of my father’s work had gone to Faisal a junk one of the wedding processions of my sisters had come from

The district jalandhar when they were three days left for the wedding procession of the groom to come then abdurrahman cybers brother passed away due to some ailment of the liver after this we received a cable from Rajjo in light of this demise the groom’s family decide that the wedding dates will delay

That is the groom’s family said that why don’t we delay the wedding dates that is they offered this delay themselves but the father that is akeem sighs father said that this demise was a decree of god the exalted it has now come to pass please bring your wedding possessions

That this girl can go off after marriage so three days after the death of his beloved child two of his daughters were made of this was a stern examination for any righteous person so here i sat during the first and second halawet with the grace of Almighty Allah I never faced any trials

And tribulations and neither did he ever hesitate from taking the pledge of allegiance of both the Qin afar he displays such a lofty model in a bang the kunafa I have come twice to West Africa affordably for preaching kazoo says I don’t hakim for Solomon site was

A missionary in Africa for a long period of time so he says when I stayed in Africa for the first time for eight years and now also seven years have passed despite passing through different circumstances and predicaments we’re from a wealthy perspectives I could have supported my father greatly he always

Advised me in the following way that I should never display any patients until how the khalifatul masih instructs you to return or when how that leaves you mercy instructs you to return then only you should return that do not say anything otherwise do not make any demand or requirements so during his

Appointment he would buy all the newspapers of the Jamaat and he would give his janda regularly he helped poor people greatly his hospitality was of the highest levels he had done his besit and he would give his hissa armoured during his time of work he has some land

And Faisal a jug which has included in his for seeit in the name of the argument he has put his land his paternal great-grandson in other words the great-grandson of this companion i am referring to azizam o mere sanam Alec Abdul Rahim sipe on 28th may in model

Town also attained the status of bata de my god the exalted he also left behind two very young children may god the exalted be the protector and helper old about is the young martyrs we should pray for the children for their wives for the families and also for their

Parents that may god the exalted be the protector and help of all of them and give them forbearance and patience and may God the Almighty facilitate the marriages of the young widows there is hazard muhammad yaqoob sahib son Amir suraj 18 Sahib he took the bed

The Pledge of Allegiance in 1900 and he saw or met the promised messiah on whom be peace in 1904 he writes that the promised Messiah a salam affectionately would give more opportunities or space to children the children would play in his lab the countenance of the promised messiah’s alarm was filled with light

Upon light from childhood we were aware that the promised messiah as salam loved us more than her parents whenever the promised messiah salam would come to lahore he would bless us by coming into our modest home once the promised messiah lassila went out he would go in

A closed carriage when it was time for him to return than all the elders of my family the late BSA roger dean sahib miamor roger din sahib his uncle and then mia dodged inside and also other members of the family were all waiting for the arrival of the promised messiah

Peace be upon him in front of our house was a government park on the road adjacent to our house a great number of vagabonds had assembled when the promised messiah peace be upon him returned then he went into his house through the stairs so the vagabond started throwing stones upon the house

My late father and also my uncle day counseled amongst each other what they should do so then the servant who had been assigned to me by my father my father said to the seven that take this child away referring to me so the servant took him then with great courageousness they confronted that

Crowd after confronting them the crowd dispersed the promised messiah on whom be peace dem said let him go he writes at once I was with my father the promised Messiah he said I was staying at the house there was a pen in paper there and he would write something and my

Father asked for him to name the daughter and the promised Messiah a salam said Amina Begum then there is an account for him that whenever I was with my father in Guardian being a childhood and having childhood habits I would go into the clinic of harder to cleave

Dempsey the first may allah be pleased with him where he would provide his service so how does cliff CC the first me I Lopez with him would take me in his lap and show me great affection he would often recite the Holy Quran before the children as who says that his hazard

Connect em see the first mile in pleasing him would take children in his lap when there was no patient to come see him and he would recite the Holy Quran to them and teach them so he said when I got up from then went into machine Mubarak there I had the

Opportunity to meet or see the promised messiah as salam the promised messiah salama seat me beside him and asked me some questions in those days just a few guests with light up the atmosphere but should Mubarak Guardian was just a small town we never expected that the promised messiah’s salaams revelation would come

True in this way my late father was greatly affectionate towards the promised messiah saddam he was an old servant my late father would say that Haddad khalifatul masih sunny the second Khalifa his arrival the time of the help and support he would say that we have

Witnessed is a zoo says he had mentioned this before that the promised Messiah a laser at there was salaam they believed in him that he had revelations due to belief in them he would say these would come true and he said we have also witnessed he’s come true therefore these

Were the Sahaba the companions who after coming into the pledge of allegiance of the promised messiah as salam indicated pious reformation within themselves and establish a connection with god the exalted and in their belief in the promised messiah allah salam day was so firm that nobody could shake that face

That they had their sense of honor for faith refresh the memories of the geroon e una the earliest companions and early profits on the LA julio salam they firmly adhered to the following words of the promised messiah slamming acquired comprehension and discover meant of it the promised messiah la sala de wassalam

Said when God has established this community and has demonstrated hundreds of signs in his corroboration from this God’s objective is that this community becomes a community of the Sahaba the companions and then the best age returns those who enter this German enter the category of what ocarina mean home among

Others from among them therefore they should forsake the perils of false pastimes and turn all the attention towards God has who says the Sahaba the companion of the promised Messiah on whom be peace as I mentioned they fulfil this desire and teaching of the promised Messiah salam may allah the exalted also

Enable all of us to do so that we are able to inculcate pious reformations within ourselves and then maintain and stay firm on them inshallah from day after tomorrow in fact from tomorrow 19 new year is starting may allah the exalted make this new year even more

Blessed for our Jamaat or a community may god the exalted restrained the hand of our enemies may he provide the means for them to be able to recognize the truth may God deal Monty on a personal level and also a zachem out the community continuously bestow immense

Blessings I mean after the friday prayer i will lead one funeral prayer this is a moghaddam jamaludin sahib who was the auditor of southern anjuman a madea pakistan makarram jamaludin say i was born on 15 december 1938 in guardian he was a born at midi at the age of 18 his

Services to the jamaat commenced on 27 december two thousand eleven at the age of 73 he passed away in night in LA he were indeed a he wrote you and surely to allah we belong and to him we shall return with the grace of Almighty Allah

He was a mu see he has been buried in bed Parappa with the grace of Almighty Allah he was enabled to serve the Jamaat for 55 years at different times he was unable to serve in different departments for example the property Department the vas a department that is the effort the

Private secretaries office the solid service to the derivation then he also worked as the auditor load southern german in july two thousand three until his demise he was engrossed in this service from april two thousand eight to june 2009 he worked as acting officer mahasti been Provident Fund he was a

Very quiet person who led a simple life he was extremely sincere he was also very compassionate towards his workers he meant every single person with compassion and love he always treated his wise children and close relatives with great affection and love and also in a pious manner with a grace of

Almighty Allah he was extremely brave and fearless he was regular and his fasting in prayer he was also regular in a structured press he had a great love for he loveth with the grace of Almighty Allah is extremely active in his work and he never displayed any slackness he

Always gave presidents to his Jamaat work over his worldly endeavors he always worked with a true spirit of a life devotee any word great humility whoever his officers will he always displayed perfect obedience to them may god the exalted elevate the rank of him and may allah the almighty display

Forgiveness and mercy to him me also allowed the almighty gave forbearance and patience to his children his wife had already passed away may allah the exalted enable his righteous deeds to be continued by his children welcome along al hamdulillah enough mother worst I know you wanna stop we’re

Open y no me no me wanna talk alone when also belonging should enforce a no women say ye are they are Molly no my love when you will know follow the alarm when I shadow low low high low Oh punishment mom on mothers who he bore the law

Oh you know what y’all do like the lace on my toe is a looper whoa we are honing for sure woman career one boy yo what’s gonna walk high school what do


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