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Beacon Of Guidance | Episode 4

Beacon Of Guidance

If a person is fearful and cannot withstand the opposition, for example, it may be particularly difficult for some women to withstand the opposition, then there is no harm if they have the belief [in Ahmadiyyat] in their heart but do not openly proclaim it. However if a man has the strength and the courage

To withstand [the hostility] and face it then he should express his faith openly. If we look at the history of the companions of the Holy Prophet (sa) we find there were some companions, who became Muslims in the very early days, who were afforded the protection of a tribal chief or an influential person,

Yet they would say “we return your protection “because we wish to endure the same injustices and cruelties “that our other Muslim brothers are enduring.” At the same time, it is also known from history that the Holy Prophet (sa) allowed some people to keep their faith private

And in their hearts if they could not bear the opposition. At times, this is the wise and prudent course of action. There were many Muslims who remained in Makkah even after the Holy Prophet (sa) had migrated from there. Although they had professed their belief in Islam, but they had kept it hidden.

We find some incidents that when the army of the disbelievers would leave, some of them would come with the army – there is mention of two individuals whom I have previously mentioned in my sermons whilst narrating the lives of the companions. In one of the battles, the army of the disbelievers came

And among them were two individuals, who had kept their faith [in Islam] hidden. Once they reached close the Muslim army, they left the army of the disbelievers and joined the Muslim army and said, “we joined with the army [of the disbelievers] as an excuse in order to come here.”

Therefore, they had kept their faith hidden for all that time. The Holy Prophet (sa) did not question them as to why they had kept their faith hidden, in fact he granted them protection and included them among the Muslims. Thus, we find such incidents from history

And presently I am narrating the accounts of the companions and these incidents have been mentioned in those and only a few months ago I narrated this particular incident in my sermon. Therefore, there is no harm in this and particularly in the case of women, if they feel that by expressing their faith

They will have to endure great hardship and they will not be able to withstand it, then they should keep it hidden. There is no harm in this. However, if one has the opportunity [to freely express it] then they should openly express it. My question is that what is the Islamic perspective

On the theory of evolution? And how can we explain this to people? We believe that humans have gone through a process of human evolution. However, we do not accept the theory of Darwin that humans were once an insect, monkey, beetle or any other animal and then evolved into a human from that.

Indeed, humans have passed through various stages and in its initial stages they behaved in a manner which perhaps resembled monkeys and they lived in caves and jungles, but then they gradually developed as they became more and more intelligent. However, the species of humankind and monkeys

Are completely distinct from one another and each developed separately. Therefore, we do believe in evolution and the Holy Qur’an also mentions about evolution. Humans have evolved to the stage they are at and are still continuing to evolve. Therefore, we do not say

That humans have not passed through a process of evolution, indeed they have and have reached the stage they are currently at, and even now, various conditions continue to develop. However, the monkeys, beetles and other species of animals have evolved separately.

We do not believe the theory of Darwin to be correct in that regard. We do however believe that an evolution did take place.

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