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Beacon Of Guidance | Episode 3

Beacon Of Guidance

Allah the Almighty has created mankind so that they worship Him. Along with this, Allah the Almighty has explained how one can worship Him. Allah the Almighty has stated that He has created mankind and blessed everyone with many qualities. Allah the Almighty has created many animals and other creation;

A human effectively is also from among the animals, but humans are said to be social animals, right? Yes From among all of creation, mankind has been created as the most superior, okay? Then Allah the Almighty granted humans intellect and the capacity to think, which is why humans can come up with new inventions;

You will see new planes, new cars, new computers, new phones, new apps, new games. All these inventions were possible because Allah the Almighty gave humans intellect which they can use. Hence, Allah the Almighty has stated that since mankind has been made as the best of all creation,

Therefore, they should show gratitude for this. To be thankful for being made the best of all creation and for being granted a mind with which great things can be achieved and they can make all other creation subordinate to them and make them work under them. Right?

And the manner in which one can express their gratitude is to worship Allah. And in order to show gratitude, over the course of history, different prophets were sent with different methods of worship. Through the advent of the Holy Prophet (sa), Allah the Almighty commanded us to observe the Salat.

There is a detailed Hadith in relation to this wherein it mentions how the total number of Salat was gradually reduced to five. In any case, there are five Salat which have been made obligatory upon us and this is so that we can become the grateful servants of Allah the Almighty.

When we become grateful servants of Allah the Almighty, then Allah the Almighty states, “I granted you intellect and wisdom “and created you as a beautiful human being and the best among My creation “and since you are expressing your gratitude for this through My worship “and you are adhering to My commandments,

“therefore I will bestow even more blessings upon you “and will grant you in abundance.” Allah the Almighty bestows His blessings upon others as well who work hard even if they do not worship Him, but an Ahmadi Muslim, who is a true Muslim and truly believes in Allah the Almighty,

They are also rewarded by Allah the Almighty for their worship. Allah the Almighty grants them worldly provisions and also increases them in faith and spirituality. And owing to their worship, Allah the Almighty draws them even closer to Him and one develops a special bond of love with Allah the Almighty

And seeks to adhere to everything that Allah the Almighty has commanded. Secondly, which is even greater, is that Allah the Almighty states that the life in this world is temporary. One can live up to a maximum age of 70, 80, 90 or 100 – majority live to such an age.

However, one will be granted the reward of worshipping Allah the Almighty in the next life which is eternal. Thus, a pious person, who worships Allah the Almighty is rewarded by Him in this world and owing to their gratitude and worship, they are also rewarded in the hereafter as well,

Whereas others will not be granted this reward. This is why we worship Allah the Almighty. Peace be upon you. Peace be upon you too. My name is Humaiyon. I took the Bai’at at the end of 2019. I have a small question. In light of the Holy Qur’an and hadith,

What is the status of Khilafat and the Khalifa from a religious and political standpoint? It is my request if you could briefly explain this. The fact is that this current Khilafat, which was to be established after the coming of the Imam Mahdi, is a purely spiritual and religious Khilafat;

It does not have any relation with worldly endeavours. Some prophets who came in the past were granted governments, while others were not. Prophet Jesus (as), who is the prophet and sovereign for Christians, ruled no such government. 310 years later, when the Roman Emperor accepted Christianity,

It was then that Christians began to openly propagate their faith and Christianity spread. Nonetheless, the Ahmadiyya Khilafat is a spiritual Khilafat. Of course, kings or heads of state will enter the fold of Ahmadiyyat as it was revealed to the Promised Messiah (as) by God Almighty that “kings shall seek blessings from your garments.”

What it means by this is that the Promised Messiah’s (as) spiritual kingdom will always remain, while worldly kings will continue to take blessings from him. Similarly, in Surah al-Hujurat of the Holy Qu’ran, it is stated that when two Muslim parties or governments come into conflict, then bring about peace between them.

When the Holy Qur’an was revealed, there was only one Muslims government at the time. Two ruling powers or smaller groups were out of the question. Yet, it is clearly stated that peace should be established between the two parties in conflict, and the neighbouring powers should also intervene if necessary and stop the oppressor.

When the conflict and war has been settled and peace has been established, then no party should be wronged. Even if one party has transgressed, if reconciliation is achieved then none should be wronged. Then, they should live in peace and harmony. If the party [at fault] raises another conflict,

Then all other powers should come together to prevent it. This means that worldly powers will remain, and we are commanded to make peace amongst them. However, as far as religious, intellectual and spiritual progress is concerned, that was to occur through Khilafat and the Promised Messiah (as).

This proves that in this era the Khilafat is only linked to spirituality and faith. Indeed there will be kings of different countries, including Islamic countries, who will come and seek guidance on spiritual matters and perhaps will seek guidance on other matters too. However, Khilafat will no longer govern like a worldly king.

Indeed worldly kings will be subordinate to the Khalifa in terms of spirituality, okay? Yes. I have another question if I am permitted to ask? The time has finished, but do ask if it is a small question? it is a small question, from a Jama’at perspective, what is the status of the mainstream Muslims?

And the plight faced by the Muslims all over the world, is it a punishment, or are they suffering injustices? This is not a small question, it is a very extensive one. The question is small, but the answer is very long. The fact of the matter is that the Holy Prophet (sa) has stated

That whoever professes: “There is none worthy of worship except Allah”, he did not even mention regarding the declaration of “And Muhammad (sa) is His Messenger”, [The Holy Prophet (sa)] said: whoever professes: “There is none worthy of worship except Allah” is a Muslim. Therefore, whoever says

“There is none worthy of worship except Allah “and Muhammad (sa) is His Messenger”, we consider them to be Muslims. Non-Ahmadi Muslims reject the Imam of the age, the Promised Messiah (as), and so, in this regard, we say that they have disbelieved in the Promised Messiah (as),

The same Promised Messiah whose advent was foretold by the Holy Prophet (sa) and the prophecy of Surah al-Jumuah, as well as in other places. In this matter they are considered among those who have rejected [the Promised Messiah (as)]. However, in terms of the wider definition of a Muslim,

They profess the Kalimah [declaration of faith] and so they are Muslim. We do not consider them as non-Muslims, since they believe in the Holy Prophet (sa). As for the second part of the question regarding the plight they face, it was the promise of God that when Muslims fight the disbelievers,

He will assist them and they shall be victorious. That is a promise and that is what we saw in the early history of Islam and during the time of the Rightly Guided Caliphs. These days I am delivering Friday sermons about the companions of the Holy Prophet (sa)

And particularly during Hazrat Umar (ra)’s era there were a large number of places which were conquered by the Muslims. We can see how the Muslims were up against major powers of the time, but because Muslims were promised victory, God Almighty granted Muslims the victories.

So now, if the Muslims are fighting for the sake of Allah then surely they should also see victories! But they are not doing so. This is the first thing. Secondly, currently the Muslims are not even fighting against non-Muslims. Muslims are fighting against other Muslims. Tell me one place,

Aside from in Palestine and Israel where Muslims are fighting Jews, or perhaps in Kashmir, where the Muslims are fighting against India to an extent, throughout the world wherever there is conflict and discord, the Muslims are fighting amongst themselves. The Muslim sects are fighting with one another

Or one political party [of the Muslims] is fighting another. The Taliban claimed [that their victory was akin to] the conquest of Makkah, but were the people [in Afghanistan] disbelievers for them to claim that they have “conquered Makkah”? In fact, they are Muslims who recite,

“There is none worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad (sa) is His Messenger” and the Taliban also recite the same Kalimah. Therefore, how can it be akin to “conquering Makkah”? Muslims are killing one another. In such an instance, then Allah the Almighty sends His punishment. It is clearly stated in the Holy Qur’an

That killing one innocent Muslim will take you to hell. A companion of the Holy Prophet (sa) killed an opponent during a battle who had recited the Islamic creed out of fear of being killed, yet the Holy Prophet (sa) was very upset with the companion for doing so.

The companion said that he became Muslim out of fear of the sword, to which the Holy Prophet (sa) replied, “Did you open up his heart “to see if he did so out of fear?” So, this is the level of strictness that is present within Islam against a Muslim killing another Muslim.

So at a time when Muslims are killing other Muslims, what edict do I need to declare when Allah the Almighty’s actions are themselves proving whether this [current weak state of Muslims] is a depiction of God’s displeasure or pleasure. You can decide this for yourself

Because the action of God in itself is revealing this. Therefore, I do not need to express my opinion on this matter. For example, in Burma, the Rohingya Muslims have been killed and injustices have been perpetrated against them and also in various other parts of the world.

There ought to be unity amongst the Muslims; there are 54 Muslim countries and some of them are very wealthy, therefore why did they not all unite and stop Burma from doing this? They have all read the hadith that a Muslim is a brother to another Muslim,

Yet why do they not intervene and stop this? The Holy Prophet (sa) has stated that if one sees a wrong, then he should try and stop it with his hands and if he does not possess the strength to do that then he should stop it through the power of his speech,

And if he does not even possess the strength for that then he should at least pray for those being oppressed. At this moment in time, we neither possess any government nor any power, therefore we can only pray that may Allah the Almighty bestow His mercy upon those who are being persecuted.

However, the [Muslim] governments who possess wealth and there are 54 countries in total which occupy almost half of the world’s land, why did they not all unite and stop Burma? We acknowledge the fact that some Muslims are being persecuted, however we cannot say whether this is as a result of God’s punishment.

Only Allah the Almighty knows their deeds and whether they are receiving this as a punishment for their deeds or they are actually being persecuted and indeed those being oppressed should be helped by their fellow Muslims. And if the Muslims are not helping their fellow brothers who are being persecuted

Then they will also become recipient of divine punishment. Therefore, one ought to greatly seek forgiveness. Yes, JazakAllah. JazakAllah


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