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Beacon Of Guidance | Episode 24

Beacon Of Guidance

Adopt the habit of offering Salat. Everyone should develop the mind-set that the way one cannot physically remain alive without air, in the same way, one cannot spiritually remain alive without Salat. Regardless of how many other virtuous deeds one does, such virtuous deeds are only of temporary benefit.

They are seasonal, whereby a cold wind may occasionally blow, at times one may experience cold weather, at other times one may experience pleasant weather and then a climate of extreme heat and humidity with no air circulation returns. Thus, such deeds are not beneficial and one eventually starts to feel restless.

One can only attain true benefit when all the Lajna members are consistent in observing Salat. And they should morally train their children and inculcate the habit of offering Salat within them. For Lajna to offer Salat themselves is not sufficient

Until and unless your next generation does not become accustomed to offering Salat as well. Yes, beloved Huzoor, nine out of eleven Majalis send in their report regularly. Eight of these are Urdu speaking and one of them speaks Bangla. They send in their reports regularly but beloved Huzoor,

There is a weakness from the African and Arab Lajna within our Jama’ats. Okay, you should gain their confidence and trust as well. In fact, this is actually a weakness on your part as you don’t remain in contact with such members properly. You don’t sit and meet with Africans nor the Arabs.

Sit with Arabs and eat naan (bread) and hummus with them; sit with Africans and eat banku, kenkey and smoked fish with them and then they will feel that you are a part of them. It is not a question of being Pakistani, Arab or African, rather we are all to live together in unity

And we ought to establish an Ahmadi society. This is also a very important task in matters of Tarbiyyat. If you establish a proper Ahmadi society, if you establish a proper Islamic society in which there is no distinction between nationalities and if everyone is tightly knit together as one, as Ahmadi Muslims,

Then all of your issues will be resolved. This is a great task. Along with Salat, this is also a challenge in Tarbiyyat which is to bring everyone together and keep them united. The purpose of the advent of the Promised Messiah (as) which was to unite everyone upon one religion,

You should keep that target before you and ensure to live together in unity. And wherever there is a weakness you should go and find out why this weakness is there. Is the weakness on our part or theirs and on whosoever’s part there is any weakness then you must remove that.

This is also the duty of Secretary Tarbiyyat and also the duty of the relevant Secretary Tarbiyyat in the local Majalis. My question is that what impact will the Afghanistan war have on the rest of the world? The wars in Afghanistan are being fought for the last 100 years.

And so, these situations of disorder and unrest continue to occur. This situation in Afghanistan has been on-going from the time of the Promised Messiah (as) when upon the martyrdom of Sahibzada Abdul Latif Shaheed Sahib, the Promised Messiah (as) stated that the land of Kabul will not remain in peace.

Therefore, the peace in this land has been destroyed and the situation continues to be like this. And now the Taliban have come into power again, so let us see how they run the government and also for how long can the other nations of the world work with them?

Nowadays, if any government does not integrate with the international community, it cannot function. The countries have so many links with one another and are dependent on each other, for trade as an example. Therefore, there are many such factors and the Taliban will have to realise this.

If they run the government in a proper way, then they will be able to work along with the other governments of the world. However, due to their extremist views and mind-set, it seems that after some time there will be disorder once again and it will be caused by their own people.

Even now, when the Taliban came into power, they removed the flag of Afghanistan and raised the flag of the Taliban. However, it was not as if they had conquered a new land, therefore the flag of Afghanistan should have remained. Some people opposed this act and protested against this

And even raised the flag of Afghanistan during their protest, but from what the news has reported, the Taliban fired shots at them and some even died as a result. Therefore, even now, there is a great deal of unrest and disorder there. It will certainly lead to further disorder and unrest in the country.

Therefore, if the Taliban do not change their policies in order to establish peace and security On the other hand, if the governments of the world feel that they are posing a danger to the world then another government may enter their land in order to seize control.

First it was Russia and when they left, USA came and took control and now that USA has left maybe China would intervene in order show its superiority. Similarly, there could be other countries as well who may involve themselves in this. Therefore, there has to be some change in policies

With regards to the international politics whereby the other governments want to establish control in Afghanistan due to the significance of the that region. However, this all depends on the conduct of the Taliban. So let us see what happens and how the situation will unfold.

Just give it a few months and the entire situation will be evident. Does Huzoor think that there will come a time when Dajjali powers will combat Ahmadi governments and if so, will Ahmadis have to go to fight? The fact of the matter is that in such a time

When any nation or government uses power to destroy religion, Ahmadis have the permission to perform the Jihad and fight. The Promised Messiah (as) stated that the Messiah Jesus will suspend warfare. The meaning of ‘Iltiwa’ is to go forward, to put a stop to it for some time,

Until the times comes where those circumstances are no longer present. There are not the circumstances right now where weapons are being used to destroy religion. When weapons are used to try an put an end to religion, that is when Muslims will have the right to fight,

And the Ahmadis will have that right even more so. Understand? This is only if it is for religious purposes. But as it is, the wars being fought are geo-political wars. What is happening in them is that the Muslims are adopting the religion of others. The Muslims themselves are purchasing weapons from non-Muslims.

Muslims themselves are killing other Muslims with the help of others. Then how can there be a Jihad? Can what is happening today even be deemed a Jihad? This is the time of the Jihad of the pen, as is mentioned in the Hadith of Sahih Bukhari in relation

To the coming of the Promised Messiah (as) that ‘Yada’ul Harb’ i.e. there shall be an end to warfare because the Dajjali powers and the religious leaders will speak against Islam by means of literature, writings and the media. So that is what we must also do.

The Promised Messiah (as) did not say that it will end completely. What he said was that those who hear his words then fights, shall become disbelievers and suffer great humiliation. If you fight against any disbeliever who not fighting against your religion, merely for your worldly gain, you shall taste defeat.

And now the Muslims are indeed tasting defeat. The words of the Promised Messiah (as) have come true, have they not? Of course he did say that the Messiah Jesus shall suspend warfare. What he did was suspend all these until the conditions were to arise.

Pray these do not arise, but if you say they are to, then by all means, Ahmadis will have the right to fight, but only because they would be trying to put an end to religion. What was the permission which Allah Almighty granted to the Holy Prophet (sa) to fight,

As is mentioned for the first in Surah al-Hajj. It was that permission has been granted due to the fact that the people had transgressed beyond limits, and because they desired to put an end to religion. If they had not been prevented from doing this, no synagogue,

Church, temple or mosque would have remained intact. The Holy Qur’an has named the places of worship of all religions, stating that none of these would remain, and this is why permission is being granted. Hence, the permission in Islam to fight is only when a war is being fought against religion.

There is no permission to fight for geographical gain, nor did the Muslims ever fight [for such a purpose]. Wars were fought to put an end to disorder and sedition. No wars in Islam were fought for geographical objectives; at least the Rightly Guided Caliphs never did.

Later on Muslim kings with the title of Khalifa did fight wars for such purposes, but in that time the Islamic teachings were not being implemented. They came to an end by the cessation of the Rightly Guided Caliphate. The practical implementation was not there.

Wars continued to happen, some of which were lawful, and others unlawfully. Therefore, wars can only be fought when there is disorder and to end it. This is why it is mentioned in Surah al-Hujurat that if two nations are fighting, you should try to establish peace between them.

When the fighting is over, deal with them in a just manner. If one nation wrongs another, you should act against the one committing it. But when peace is established, do not impose your restrictions or sanctions for your personal gains on them, as is seen in the world today.

Subsequently they should be left alone to run their countries and govern their countries and to progress. What happened after the first and second world wars? Countries were broken up and divided, lest they gather strength and unite again. This was not just at all.

The Middle East was split up into mandates by the Dajjali [Antichrist] powers so that they cannot unite together and fight as one. From that time there has been discord and clashes, which continue to increase. How are we to fight with the Dajjal, the Muslims themselves have aligned with the Dajjal, okay, understood?

JazakAllah beloved Huzoor Okay. Peace be upon you. Of course, the Holy Prophet (sa) is a mercy for all peoples (`alameen), and there is no limit to “`alameen” for him, wherever it may be. There are other prophets in relation to whom the word “`alameen” has been used

But the scope of “`alameen” for them was limited to where they were sent. However, the Holy Prophet (sa) was sent for the entire world. And when this world establishes contact with another world where there is life which possesses knowledge and understanding, and [the concept of] religion reaches them,

Then of course the Holy Prophet (sa) will be a prophet for them as well. Allah the Almighty sent him to wherever the message can reach, because by calling Himself the, “Lord of All the Worlds”, and then calling the Holy Prophet (sa) “a mercy for all peoples” in the Holy Qur’an,

God has broadened the scope of “`alameen” for the Holy Prophet (sa). The scope of “`alameen” for the Holy Prophet (sa) extends to wherever his message reaches. Alright? At that time they will have to accept [this message]. At present you should convey the message of the Holy Prophet (sa) to this world

And that itself would be a great feat. You have not yet been able to convey it to even one percent of Switzerland, however you are speaking of other worlds? Begin with your own dwelling, then God-willing, this is the work of Allah the Almighty

And He will also convey the message there [to other worlds] as well . It is the commandment [of Islam] for a Muslim to obey the laws of the land where they are residing. If the government is carrying out injustices, one option is to leave that place and migrate.

However, whilst remaining there if your voice can reach the authorities and the government representatives then you should use it to speak out and inform them that injustices never flourish. Thus our task this is that any government or anyone who is unjust, we should strive to make them understand that injustices can never succeed.

Certainly, we are the ones who do raise our voices against injustices and for this we sometimes even have to bear hardships as well. In Pakistan, according to the constitution, Ahmadis have been declared as non-Muslims. As far as the constitution is concerned of declaring Ahmadis as non-Muslims,

No Ahmadi will accept themselves to be a non-Muslim. The constitution prohibits us from saying “La ilaaha illalaah Muhammadur Rasoolulah” [There is none worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad (sa) is His Messenger], however no Ahmadi can accept [such a law] .

The constitution prohibits us from offering the five daily prayers facing the Qiblah, however no Ahmadi is prepared to accept this and there are many Islamic injunctions [which Ahmadis are prohibited from]. However, as for the other laws of the land, Ahmadis living there abide by all of them.

One thing to remember is that if one is faced with such difficult circumstances and one is able to migrate, then Islam instructs that instead of rebelling against the oppressive government, one ought to migrate from there. We find this very example and practice in the life of the Holy Prophet (sa).

Alternatively, if you wish to remain there, then you must counter the cruelties by raising your voice against the injustices and seek your rights. It is not for an Ahmadi Muslim to create disorder and cause damage to property and to say things which may harm the nation and the country.

Such actions do not have any impact on those who are carrying out the injustices, rather it is the general population who suffer. For this we must raise our voices and we should always bear in mind that we always support the truth

And in order to support the truth, at times on has to face difficulties. Furthermore, at the time of the creation of Israel, in the speech delivered in the United Nations, Chaudhry Zafrulla Khan Sahib said that peace will never be established unless both nations are afforded equal rights;

And he also said that if Palestine and Israel are to co-exist, then they must exist as two separate independent countries. You have originally come from Palestine and although it is said that there is a government in Palestine, it is not an independent government.

No government in the world is ready to recognise it, nor does the United Nations. Therefore even when living under Palestine, you are more or less living in suppressed conditions. Therefore asking how you can follow the law living under Israel, even living in Palestine you have to endure certain hardships.

For this you must use wisdom whilst speaking out against it, and gather together such people who can present your matter before the international stage, through which an independent Palestinian government can be established. As opposed to a supressed Palestinian government which has no power.

Nonetheless, speaking out against injustices is a fundamental responsibility of a believer; or then the second injunction is to migrate from the land in which one is oppressed. Aside from these two things, to create unrest, damage property or create civil unrest does not behove a true believer nor has permission been granted for this.

For this, we will have to use wisdom and prayer; pray and form a connection with Allah the Almighty. If the Palestinians truly unite, supplicate and reach the highest levels of faith, morality and righteousness to such a degree where their supplications reach the threshold of Allah the Almighty

And He becomes the Helper of the believers, then the situation will improve, God willing. Alright? JazakAllah


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