Ahmadi Muslim VideoTube MTA Programm Beacon Of Guidance | Episode 20

Beacon Of Guidance | Episode 20

Beacon Of Guidance

There are certain dangers owing to the particular circumstances which have engulfed that region and the Muslims in particular always remain in a state of danger. And irrespective of whose at fault or who instigates it and what the policies ought to be, but nonetheless there is always danger present from the opponents of Islam.

And when we provide them with an excuse, then those dangers increase. Therefore, one has to live in that area with great wisdom. Moreover, as I mentioned yesterday that you have to demonstrate a good example which is a reflection of the true teachings of Islam. You should not give anyone an opportunity

To say something against Islam. However, there is a more general form of danger which is not just limited to that area because the biggest danger is prevalent across the world and that is the widespread dissemination of immorality and wrongdoing by deceiving (Dajjali) forces

That is being spread through the media, the internet and other means. As a result, young people, who despite being born in religious households, are neglecting their faith and are turning increasingly towards fulfilling worldly desires and materialism. So, we must strive to safeguard ourselves from this and impart proper moral training to our children

And mothers have a fundamental role in this. From childhood, mothers should forge a close bond with their children and teach them about their faith. An Ahmadi Muslim mother has a duty to ingrain within her child that they must forever give precedence to their faith over the world

And that they should never be overcome or be swayed by the attractions and superficial ways of the world. Rather one ought to always give precedence to their faith. When a person truly strives to give precedence to their faith and attain the pleasure of God Almighty in all matters

And offers their worship in an excellent manner and seeks to forge a relationship with God Almighty and to adopt the highest morals and to act upon Islam’s teachings, then you will surely attain the pleasure of God. Furthermore, when the pleasure of Allah the Almighty is attained

Then a person’s worldly needs also come to be naturally fulfilled. Therefore, it is incumbent to impart this training from childhood. If you are able to morally train your sons and daughters from a very young age, then you will be able to protect your future generations

And this is the great challenge of our time. Thus, the challenges which often arise owing to the circumstances there are not the ultimate challenge. Rather the true challenge lies in combatting the moral malaise and evils that are spreading in the world. When you become ready to combat those challenges,

Then you will also be able to overcome the challenges that arise owing to the circumstances there as well. Huzoor my question is that how can we derive pleasure in Salat and develop a true yearning and anguish in our prayers? Do you read the writings and sayings of the Promised Messiah (as)?

A basic principal which the Promised Messiah (as) has mentioned is that if one cannot attain such a state of fervency within them, then they should outwardly display the expressions as if they are crying. The physical state of a person affects the state of a person’s heart as well.

Therefore display such expressions as if you are crying. Have you ever experienced any hardship? Yes Huzoor. You have experienced it right? Then sometimes you can try and keep that particular hardship in your mind and then pray as that will also enable you to instil emotions of fervency and anguish within you

And this will also draw your attention towards other prayers as well. And, if you have sympathy for others, then you should keep their hardships in mind and pray and that will also help draw your attention and focus towards your prayers.

Therefore, try to adopt a similar condition and similar facial expressions (as if crying) and then one would be able to instil emotions of fervency and anguish within them and if it happens through this then that is fine. A missionary has dedicated his life (for the service of Islam)

And the biggest challenge for him in this day and age is that he has to make the entire world aware of the true teachings of Islam. This is a huge challenge for him. Thus, when one ponders over this challenge and prostrates before Allah the Almighty and supplicates to Him

Saying, “I have dedicated my life in order to fulfil this mission “and become the true helper of the Khalifah of the time “and I have made a pledge, how will I be able to fulfil this pledge?” Then this will naturally create a heartfelt emotion and anguish within the heart.

Once you are able to instil this anguish within you, it will draw your attention and focus towards prayers. However, do not just develop a heartfelt emotion and anguish for your personal needs, but develop this emotion in your prayers for the entire Jama’at

And Allah the Almighty Himself will take care of all your personal difficulties as well. Okay? Yes Huzoor. Also, repeatedly recite, “Thee Alone do we worship and Thee Alone do we implore for help.” There is an incident mentioned regarding one of the elders in Qadian,

Perhaps it was Maulvi Sarwar Shah Sahib or Maulvi Sher Ali Sahib, he was standing in the Mubarak Mosque in Qadian offering his nawafil prayers. He was standing with his hands folded together and was not going into Ruku, when the person (observing him) went a little closer, he could hear him whispering

“Thee Alone do we worship and Thee Alone do we implore for help” and whilst doing so he was overcome with such intense emotion and he continued to repeat those same words for 15 minutes. Therefore, you ought to ponder over the various states in Salat.

You are MashAllah studying in Jamia, have knowledge of faith, you know the translation of what is recited in Salat and have also read its commentaries, therefore when you carefully ponder over these words and recite them and continuously repeat them, then it naturally instils emotions of fervency and anguish within you.


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