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Beacon Of Guidance | Episode 19

Beacon Of Guidance

Peace be upon you Huzoor. My question is that the European Union has passed a new law whereby an employer can fire an employee wearing Hijab without giving any explanation. Huzoor could you grant us some advice and guidelines on this? This is a very foolish law and many people are speaking out against it.

It is against human rights. A person wears the Hijab and states that it is a part of their faith, or, for example, in the case of a follower of Judaism who wear a small hat [Kippah] could be told in the future that he can no longer wear the hat.

Or, they could ban the men from wearing a hat or the Sikhs from wearing their turbans, and in this way, they will be denying people their rights. Therefore, this law is completely wrong from the outset. You all affirm in your pledge that you will give precedence to your faith over all worldly things.

Therefore, in the instance where you are not permitted to wear the Hijab in a particular employment, then you should leave that employment. One should always give precedence to their faith over all worldly things. You have affirmed this in your pledge, right? And you repeat this pledge every time in your gatherings as well.

So this is a pledge you have made. Also, you should fight against this law from a legal point of view as well. You should speak out and lobby against it. The laws made by humans in these parliaments are not like the laws of the shariah in that they will always remain established.

When people speak out against them, then a time will come that these laws will be abolished. There are many laws which they had made but they are now gradually being terminated. Therefore, it is our duty to continue to raise our voices against it.

If not today, then perhaps in the next 5 years or 10 years, or the next generation, will become free (from this law). However, we must always be mindful of the basic principal that we must always give precedence to our faith over all worldly matters. Whatever they are doing is of course wrong.

On the one hand, they talk about human rights, and yet, on the other hand, they are denying the rights women have in Islam. You should write against this in the newspapers. Ahmadi women should write in their Swedish newspapers and also in other European newspapers. You should write wherever you have a say.

I have instructed as well to make effort in this regard. You should also make an effort for this in Sweden and write that these people are violating the human rights by passing such laws. If there is a woman who has the potential and calibre,

For example, she may be a good scientist or a good doctor or a surgeon, however her employer is firing her simply for the reason that she wears a Hijab, then this is certainly not justice. In fact, this would be wasting the person’s potential and depriving an intelligent person of their rights.

Therefore, you should write about this and lobby against it. You should speak up on this issue because a lot can happen by simply speaking out against this. So you all should write as well. Alright? JazakAllah My question is that when we face any difficult situation, how can we tell

If it is a punishment from Allah the Almighty or a trial? If you have committed a sin and you fell into a hardship because of that sin then of course you would know it was a punishment. If you have not committed a sin

And some hardship comes your way and you have to bear difficulties, then you should consider it to be a trial from Allah the Almighty. Prophets are the most beloved of God and yet they too faced trials and tribulations. They fell sick and endured adversities.

The Holy Prophet (sa) was the most beloved of God and yet he encountered numerous trials and tribulations. There were times when he had no food to eat. In the time of battle, he tied stones to his stomach to lessen his hunger. Who else was more beloved to God than him?

Yet he was put through difficulties. He also faced difficulties during the battles and he would spend many days without food. His wife, Hazrat Ayesha (ra) states that many days went by without having anything to cook at home on the stove. If today, a person has to miss even one meal,

They complain about the hardship. This is hardship for them. However, (in the life of the Holy Prophet (sa)) many days would pass by and there would be nothing to cook on the stove. At times, when the Holy Prophet (sa) would eat, it would be nothing more than bread dipped in some vinegar

And he would still be grateful and say that the food is most delicious. At times the companions would come to know that the Holy Prophet (sa) had not eaten for many days and would thus invite him and bring him to their home. Your hardships are only

That perhaps your mother or father does not give you money in order to eat burgers or pocket money when you go to school and you wonder why such a hardship has befallen you. Or if you have a fever then you consider it to be a hardship.

Once, the Holy Prophet (sa) had a very high temperature and he stated that if ever one was to experience the severity with which he experiences fevers and falls ill, they would not be able to bear that hardship. Therefore, if a person endures hardships for the sake of Allah the Almighty

And does good instead of evil, if you feel as if you have not done any wrong and that you do good deeds, you offer prayers, do justice to the worship of Allah the Almighty, fulfil the rights of others,

You do not fight or quarrel with others, you do not usurp the rights of others, then any hardships you face along the way are a test from Allah the Almighty. It is His way to see if you can bear the difficulties with patience.

When you go through hardships whilst continuing to praise Allah the Almighty and say that you are happy in whatever Allah the Almighty wills, then Allah the Almighty grants rewards and continues to shower his blessings upon you Then, as a result, upon experiencing the ease that follows hardships,

One realises that this was a test from Allah the Almighty. However, if during your trials you begin to express ingratitude and you complain, then those hardships continue to be prolonged and it is possible that a trial becomes a punishment because you are being ungrateful. Therefore, be grateful in all circumstances.

Worship Allah the Almighty, fulfil the rights of humankind and as a result Allah the Almighty will reward you and bless you and you will realise that the hardship you went through was not a punishment but a trial from Allah the Almighty. Alright? JazakAllah beloved Huzoor.


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