Ahmadi Muslim VideoTube MTA Programm Beacon Of Guidance | Episode 17

Beacon Of Guidance | Episode 17

Beacon Of Guidance

The progress of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is ever continuing. The knowledge of the unseen is with Allah the Almighty alone and man cannot say anything. However, the progress that the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is making, by the Grace of Allah the Almighty, and the way it is spreading in every country

And in their various cities, there is a solid foundation that has been set and people are being introduced to the Jama’at. Also, the Jama’at has been introduced in some of the major parliaments of the world and they have started to recognise the Jama’at more than before.

So, we have hope that the next ten years or the next twenty or twenty five years are very important years for the progress of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. God willing, we will come to see that the majority of the people will come under the flag of the Promised Messiah (as),

Or at least there will be a majority, even amongst the Muslims as well, who will accept that Ahmadiyyat is the true Islam, God willing. Huzoor, every Ahmadi has a heartfelt desire to have a personal connection with the Khalifah of the time and that Huzoor know them personally. So Huzoor,

How can this desire of mine be fulfilled? Do you write letters to me? Yes, Huzoor. Alright. Yes. Do you send via fax or by mail? Huzoor, sometimes via fax and sometimes I send using Gmail. Place your photo in the corner of the letter.

In that way I will know that Saeed Malkana Sahib has written the letter. Gradually, I will start to recognise you. Many astute students of different Jamia do this by placing their photo with it. Then gradually I become more and more acquainted with them.

I know the Jamia students of the UK as they meet with me regularly. You should also pray because to merely have a personal connection and for me to recognise you is nothing to be proud of. In fact, the true essence of this bond it is to act upon the directives

And initiatives of the Khalifa of the time and to encourage others to act upon them as well. The task of a missionary and a Jamia student, be it, whilst in Jamia or when they later become missionaries and they develop a more mature understanding,

Is that they should become the true helpers of the Khalifa of the time. And if you become a true helper, fulfil your responsibilities, act with righteousness and pray ardently, then Allah the Almighty Himself will create such circumstances wherein something particular takes place and through which you are able to attain

An even greater nearness [to the Khalifa of the time]. Alright? But the true nearness is to become a true helper of the Khalifa of the time and to continue furthering his work and initiatives. My question is, why is it that sinful people are not punished sufficiently, and why do pious people have

To endure hardships in this life? What is the wisdom in the fact that one would have to face more hardships if they are more righteous? Allah the Almighty states, that He punishes certain sins in this life, and punishes some in the hereafter.

In a Hadith it is stated that this world is a test, and one will be tried in this world; it is an examination hall, in this test one will be posed with difficult questions and they will have to be answered. If one answers them correctly they will pass, otherwise they will fail,

And the announcement regarding those who have failed can be made in this life, or it can be made in the hereafter. Okay? For this reason, Allah the Almighty has said that man’s life in this world is hardly 70, 80 or 90 years, the eternal life to come,

Which will continue for a very long time; thousands and thousands of years, only Allah knows how long it will continue on for, that will be in the hereafter. In that life, Allah the Almighty will grant you reward and also punish.

The sinners will be put in Hell and those who did good deeds will enter Heaven. The Promised Messiah (as) has written, that prophets undergo the most trials; they have to go through difficult times. Did the Holy Prophet (sa) not endure hardships? Indeed, he did. In comparison, his enemies roamed around freely committing injustices.

However, Allah the Almighty punished the enemies in this life. Some of the enemies received punishment in this life and they died, such as Abu Jahl etc. Some enemies such as Abu Sufyan did not receive punishment in this life, but Allah was pleased on account of some good deeds

And Allah enabled him to accept Islam and he was forgiven. The same was the case in the time of the Promised Messiah (as); one opponent claimed that he disguised himself as a policeman and called out to Mirza Sahib, and as Mirza Sahib was rushing down the stairs,

Owing to fear of him, Mirza Sahib slipped and fell down the stairs. Whereas no such incident occurred. It so happened that he did lose his footing, but there was no instance of him falling down and nor was he coming down from a staircase, it was a level surface.

Nonetheless, the person who used to mock at him, there were two of them, Allah punished one of them in a way that he was sleeping on a roof terrace. He suddenly woke up; his foot slipped as a result of which he fell from the roof and died.

Of the two that would mock (the Promised Messiah (as), Allah punished one of them in this life. The other person who would mock him, Allah made an example out of him by enabling him to see the success and progress of the Promised Messiah (as),

And he would be distressed and burn with jealousy owing to it. Thus, Allah the Almighty has different ways in which He punishes and bestows reward. To some God gives in this life and in the hereafter, but to some He only gives in the hereafter.

In the same way, He makes believers pass through difficulties and hardships and then gives them reward in abundance. However, there are many believers who Allah bestows abundantly in this life also, if one ponders over it, Allah has bestowed countless blessings upon us. Where are you from originally? Were you born there? Rabwah.

When did you move there? Three years ago. You have gained some advantages by moving there, at least you can offer your prayers in peace Yes You can call yourself a Muslim. Yes So, Allah the Almighty took you out from that trial and provided you with ease. So, you have received a reward, right?

Yes Alright? You are still young, in the coming years Allah can bless you in many other ways if you remain inclined towards Him. Right? And when you remain established upon this and become a true believer, then Allah will bless you even more in the next life. What did you do in Rabwah?

I was a student. What were your subjects? Computer Science. I see, what did study; did you complete a bachelor? Have you got a degree? Masters in computer science. You have completed a masters? Wonderful, from your appearance you look very young, what did you do when you moved there?

I completed my masters when I came here, and now I am working. You completed your masters over there, so you benefited from going there. You got your reward, right? Yes. Allah the Almighty granted you success. Yes Allah the Almighty blessed your efforts from there

And gave you a reward in that he enabled you to do a masters there. And now you have job as well? Yes See, Allah the Almighty blessed your previous efforts [in Pakistan] and gave you a reward here. So if one deliberates, a persons each and every moment

And the dawn of each day brings forth the blessings of Allah the Almighty. It is wrong to say that a pious person does not receive anything in this life, and evil people receive everything. As for worldly people, Allah the Almighty was going to bestow upon them also

Because Allah says that worldly people think that they have gained wealth, riches, comforts and luxuries, and they think that have made exceptional progress, but these things are only a means of the punishment that He will give them. Whether Allah chooses to punish them in this life or the next.

That is why He says to the believers that they will be punished, but believers should not abandon Allah. Beloved Huzoor, if God loves us 70 times more than a mother then why do we find the concept of Hell and such severe punishment? Whereas no matter how bad her child behaves,

A mother can never bear to see her child in such pain or torment. Yet, God loves His servant 70 times more than a mother, so, how can God bear to see His servants in such severe torment? Do parents not punish their children? They do, but only for their reformation.

We can discern from this that despite the fact that Allah the Almighty is merciful and loving, to the extent that He is even more compassionate than a mother is for her child, despite all that, people go so much astray that they still manage to incur the punishment of Allah the Almighty.

This is the fault of people, not the fault of Allah the Almighty. A child causes a lot of mischief; for example, he slaps his younger brother, or pushes someone, or cries before his mother in his stubbornness, and then his mother may discipline him a little but then also loves and consoles him.

Allah the Almighty also displays this love. He states that “if I punish you based on your deeds, “then all of humankind would face ruin.” This is the mercy of Allah the Almighty that despite our wrongful deeds, He does not punish us.

Of course, He has made a law of what is good and what is evil. [He says],“If you behave well, I will reward you, “and if you commit misdeeds, I will punish you.” Allah the Almighty is Merciful, and His mercy encompasses all things, but He also has the power to punish.

He is also “Muntaqim” (Avenger) and the Master. If everyone was to know that they can do whatever they like because Allah the Almighty will not do anything, then everyone would go astray and stop offering prayers. When everything is the same then there is no distinction between what is good and what is evil.

This is the purpose of punishment. Secondly, despite having established the concept of heaven and hell, Allah the Almighty still forgives. Allah the Almighty forgave even that individual who committed a hundred murders, simply because he was hopeful that Allah the Almighty would forgive him and desired to reform himself.

When he embarked on the journey to reform himself, he passed away. Angels appeared on the scene, the angel responsible for taking people to hell wanted to take him to hell and the angel of heaven was taking him to heaven because he was on his way to goodness.

Allah the Almighty decided that the distance of his journey should be measured; if he was closer to his destination of goodness, he would be forgiven by Allah the Almighty, and if he was closer to the place where he used to commit sins, he would be cast into hell.

Allah the Almighty made it so that the distance required for him to attain heaven was closer, and so he went to heaven. Allah the Almighty is so merciful and loving that He grants His forgiveness despite one committing so many sins. As far as mothers are concerned,

Those mothers who are excessive in their love and adoration, their outcome is similar to what is mentioned in a parable. There was a man who from his early childhood developed habits of fighting and stealing. He grew up to be a thief and then went on to becoming a murderer. Finally, he was caught.

When he was caught, he was sentenced to hanging because he had committed many murders and robberies. When he was about to be hung, he was asked, “Do you have any last wish?” He said, “Yes, I have a wish. “Before I die, I want to see my mother from up close

“and would like to express my love for her.” The jailer accepted his request. When the mother came, he said, “Bring your face close to me. “I am about to die and want to suck on your tongue.” He wanted to do this to his own mother’s tongue. When his mother stuck her tongue out,

He bit onto it so hard that here tongue severed in half and she screamed. The people rebuked him for this, saying, “Do you not have any shame? “Even in your final moments when you are about to die, “you are leaving whilst inflicting pain on your mother.

“And you have cut her tongue so that she may never speak again.” He said, “When I was a child and committed wrongdoings, “she would console me and tell me that nothing would happen. “When I grew older and committed wrongdoings more openly, “the people complained about me.

“Even then, she would place her hand on me and fight for me, “saying that her child was absolutely right. “She never rebuked me and told me to continue what I was doing.” She was forgiving him like the love equal to 70 mothers, right? She kept on forgiving him.

[He continued,] “As a result, I was even more encouraged by this. “I got older, became a thief, started committing robberies “and eventually started killing people, and my mother would protect me every time, “saying that everything would be alright.” This is the result of that forgiveness.

[He continued,] “Now I have committed so many crimes that I am being hung. “If my mother’s tongue, which I have now cut, advised me in my childhood, “exhorted me to do good and to abstain from evil, “and did not unduly show me mercy, then I would not be in this state today.”

Thus, Allah the Almighty does not show this type of mercy. Allah the Almighty has made a law; whoever commits a crime will be punished, however, despite that He is still Gracious and forgives whomever He wills. There are many who commit grave crimes whom Allah the Almighty forgives.

It is the mercy of Allah the Almighty that after completing the sentence of punishment, He says that He will make hell completely empty. Everyone will go to heaven. This is also through His mercy. However, the main thing for us to ponder over is that despite the immense mercy of Allah the Almighty,

People are so sinful that they still manage to enter hell. Why is it that they are unable to attain the mercy of Allah the Almighty? Instead of blaming Allah the Almighty by saying that, He should love us 70 times more than a mother. This is something we should ponder over ourselves.

Think about how you will do good deeds, alright? Do not blame Allah the Almighty, blame yourselves. Yes, Huzoor.


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