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Beacon Of Guidance | Episode 6

Beacon Of Guidance

Huzoor my question is that it has been observed that when children reach the age of 15, they have a very high standard of moral training. It shows that the parents have also made a lot of effort in that. However, as they become Khuddam and grow older,

They begin to have less contact with the Jama’at and their level of Jama’at and Islamic knowledge also begins to fall. When we speak to their parents, they say that the children do not listen to them or do not listen as much. What can we do in this regard? The auxiliary organisations of Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya

And Lajna should try and make an effort in this regard. When such boys or girls enter Khuddam or Lajna, then the auxiliary organisations should make such programmes which are tailored to the needs of those who have started to socialise more openly and freely with their friends outside.

They should form a plan according to their needs and try to keep them attached. Similarly, you should not stick to your old style of thinking. Make a plan that would attract them. You also have made set guidelines and believe that you have to stick to them.

In fact, attach young assistants with you and ask them how can we attract and integrate the younger generation. You should ask the youths yourselves; the Waqf-e-Nau children – boys and girls – who reach the age of 15, you should ask them what methods or techniques should you adopt

That would ensure they remain firmly attached to the Jama’at. Pose this question to them, okay? Then after every month or two, conduct their assessment, contact them and meet with them. Ensure there are regular activities for them. Hold programmes that would make them eager to come to the mosque.

The main task is for them to have a link with the mosque. Okay? Also, as I mentioned, involve Ansarullah and Khuddamul Ahmadiyya and also expand your team in order to keep them attached with you. Ask the youths themselves, so that they realise they are valuable members, okay?

And (for them to realise) that materialism has no value, but that they have dedicated their lives. The parents will have put the effort in from their part, but by the age of 15, your department, along with Khuddamul Ahmadiyya and Lajna, should instil within the minds of the children that they are Waqf-e-Nau

And explain to them their responsibilities. I explained these responsibilities (of Waqf-e-Nau) in a sermon in Canada. Explain these to everyone so that each person is aware of it; if you continue to remind them about it each month, then by the time they turn 15, they will be fully aware of who they are.

Up until they turn 15, it is the parents who put the effort in, you do not have much input except for conducting a meeting each month or every two months, or compile lists or hold an Ijtema each year. Given this situation

You must assess how you can form a bond with them from childhood They should be attached with you to such an extent that whenever you ask anything, they will respond to it; ‘so you attach them’ as has been explained in the Qur’an with reference to Prophet Abraham

And how he was advised to attach birds to him in a way that they would respond to his call. Similarly, they ought to be attached to you in a way that they also respond to your call. Huzoor, many members from different Majalis ask the question that when they do Tabligh to people

In their respected spheres, people initially listen or read everything attentively, however as soon as they learn that we are Ahmadis, they break their contact with us. In such circumstances, how can we do Tabligh? Firstly, you should inform them about virtuous things and try to form a bond with them

And attach them to yourself for a significant period of time. The Holy Qur’an has taught us (in the form of a metaphor) that you should attach birds to yourselves and train them in such a way that they become fond of you and run towards you.

So similarly, with such people you should create a sincere mutual bond and when that is achieved, they will listen to you. Then when they find out that you are an Ahmadi Muslim then they will realise (the truth) themselves. Some will leave you,

But others who wish to continue to remain in contact with you will continue to listen to what you say to them. You cannot forcefully deliver the message to anyone and neither can you force anyone to become an Ahmadi. Therefore, we have to continuously strive for people

To come towards Ahmadiyyat with sincerity and loyalty. So, first establish a personal bond with them. Then gradually, they will come to realise that you act upon the religious teachings you speak of and that your actions are in accordance to the Islamic teachings

And that you are a true Muslim – that you observe the prayers, recite the Holy Qur’an, believe in the Holy Prophet (sa) to be the Seal of the Prophets and you also believe in the Imam of the age. In such a case they will become inclined towards you.

Thus, this requires a consistent effort which we need to make. It is not the case to simply say that people leave; for this one needs to maintain a constant contact. It is not even necessary to tell them in the beginning; in fact, they should be able to tell themselves through your actions

Without you even having to tell them that you are an Ahmadi.

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