Ahmadi Muslim VideoTube MTA Programm Beacon Of Guidance | Episode 22

Beacon Of Guidance | Episode 22

Beacon Of Guidance

My question is that often a person takes a situation and continues to think over it again and again. And despite praying a lot and remembering Allah, that desire or thought keeps on coming in their mind. For example, whilst praying for a good life partner,

If a person keeps on having a one particular desire about something, then in such circumstances, how does one know if that desire or thought has been placed in one’s heart by Allah the Almighty? The fact of the matter is that the Holy Prophet (sa) has given us a basic guiding principle

And it is in reference to the same issue you mentioned about choosing a life partner. The Holy Prophet (sa) instructed that when finding a suitable match, a person looks for three or four aspects; the nobility of the boy or girl’s family, or the wealth of the boy or girl’s family,

In the case of a boy, he looks at the girl’s appearance, similarly a girl looks for a handsome boy, this is what happens in today’s society, right? These are three aspects, but the Holy Prophet (sa) said that these are all worldly things, and that one should look for piety (in a spouse).

When a boy looks for a spouse, he should look for piety. Similarly, a girl should also look for piety in a boy. For this reason, I tell boys that this injunction does not mean that when searching for a spouse, they search for a pious girl, in fact,

The boys themselves will have to make themselves pious as well. If the boy is not pious, then how does he expect to find a pious girl? How will his attention to be drawn to the fact that he should search for a pious girl? For this reason, in this one statement,

The Holy Prophet (sa) reformed the mind-set of both the girls and boys, in that both the boy and the girl ought to be pious. Whilst praying, if one develops worldly thoughts, then it means that those thoughts are not as a result of Allah the Almighty’s acceptance of those prayers.

If it were from Allah the Almighty then one’s attention would be drawn towards their (i.e. the spouses) piety and virtuous deeds. One should pray to be given a spouse who is pious and carries out virtuous deeds. That is why it is said that when one prays for their marriage,

One ought to pray for a good and prosperous outcome with respect to one’s spouse. Pray for a husband who is pious, performs virtuous deeds, who is educated, who is caring and would look after his wife; and one who is trustworthy,

It should not be the case that he would later go on to deceive the other person. Sometimes it happens that a girl agrees to the proposal, but after the marriage it comes to light that the boy was already interested elsewhere and was in a relationship.

You ought to seek (Allah’s) protection from such boys. For this reason, one ought to pray in this way. Then there is a way to pray also; one ought to pray for something virtuous. You should not simply think that such and such boy is handsome and is wealthy

And so you should pray to marry him. In fact, pray for Allah to grant you a prosperous outcome with respect to your spouse. When one is blessed with a prosperous outcome, then all virtues will fall into place. Okay? Does that answer the question or not? Yes, InshaAllah Are you satisfied? Yes, JazakAllah

Okay then you ought to pray in this manner. Are you married or still to be married? No, I am not married yet. Okay then pray with this virtuous intention as I have just mentioned Yes, InshAllah, JazakAllah


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