Ahmadi Muslim VideoTube Friday Sermon Khalifa V Friday Sermon: 20th May 2016 (Urdu)

Friday Sermon: 20th May 2016 (Urdu)

Friday Sermon: 20th May 2016 (Urdu)

Friday Sermon: 20th May 2016 (Urdu)

Friday Sermon – Khalifatul Masih V – Mirza Masroor Ahmad – Year 2016

I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except God He is alone and has no partner and I bear witness that Muhammad (saw) is His Servant and Messenger After this I seek refuge with Allah, from Satan, the accursed. In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful.

All praise belongs to Allah, Lord of all the worlds. The Gracious, the Merciful. Master of the Day of Judgment. Thee alone do we worship and Thee alone do we implore for help. Guide us in the right path; The path of those on whom Thou hast bestowed Thy blessings,

Those who have not incurred Thy displeasure, and those who have not gone astray. “O ye who believe! follow not the footsteps of Satan, and whoso follows the footsteps of Satan should know that he surely enjoins immorality and manifest evil.

And but for the grace of Allah and His mercy upon you, not one of you would ever be pure, but Allah purifies whom He pleases. And Allah is All-Hearing, All-Knowing.” [Holy Qur’an 24:22] In addition to the above verse, Allah the Almighty has warned the mankind and the faithful

Against following in Satan’s footsteps in other places too. Satan defies and disobeys Allah and rebels against His commandments. Having defied and disobeyed Allah, he would obviously impart that rebellion in his followers too. Consequently, they will become the fuel for hellfire like him.

Allah the Almighty had clearly told Satan that his followers would go straight to hell. After such a stark warning, Allah the Almighty says does man still not understand that Satan is his manifest enemy? We must save ourselves from Satan. In this world, there are people who do not care about the religion,

Nor do they know what heaven and hell are. They do not believe in Allah the Almighty. They do not understand the religion, nor do they want to understand it. In the Western countries some people have read about Islam, but only for the sake of knowledge

Or just to show off the fact that they have read, while all they have is a shallow book knowledge. There are others who read the Holy Quran only to criticise it or to get information about it without ever benefiting from the beauty of its teachings.

They cannot rid themselves of the grip Satan has over them. As far as God is concerned, they are neither looking for Him, nor are they interested in Him. Such people indeed are followers of Satan but there are still others who say that

They believe in Allah the Almighty, call themselves people of the faith, but still follow in the footsteps of Satan. Some fall into the footsteps of Satan unconsciously or are at the risk of doing so by not following Allah’s commandments or even by not trying hard enough to seek Allah’s nearness.

Therefore, Allah the Almighty warns us against following in Satan’s footsteps. People of the faith are warned that they should not be contented just by accepting Islam. By accepting Islam, they think they are immune to Satan’s attacks and temptations of following him.

But Allah the Almighty says that believers are as threatened by Satan as non-believers are and a Momin [true believer] can also fall in the hands of Satan. It is incumbent on every believer to remember Allah the Almighty all the time to seek His protection against Satan.

From day one, Satan had sought Allah’s permission to lead man away from the righteous path by saying that he would entice man in every way he can with the challenge that the majority of mankind would follow him.

So what we see in the world today, that even the so-called believers are following Satan, whereas Allah Almighty had warned them against this, for example Allah the Almighty says in the Holy Quran: [Holy Qura’n 4:94] “And whoso kills a believer intentionally, his reward shall be Hell wherein he shall abide.”

So what is happening in the Muslim world today is exactly that. Muslims are following Satan by killing each other. And then, senseless mass killings by the extremists, regardless of who is being killed, are all satanic acts that lead to hell, while man commits these atrocities, in a desire to go to the heavens,

Misguided by Satan. Satan says these acts lead to heaven. On the contrary, Allah the Almighty says that they will lead to hell and not heaven, because you were followers of Satan. Thus, Allah the Almighty commands believers to always reflect upon yourselves and see

Whether you are in any way following the footsteps of Satan; whether you are following the footsteps of Satan by disobeying minor matters or by committing grave sins. It is not necessary that only terrorists and murderers, the example of whom I have given,

Are following the footsteps of Satan. Rather, when a person distances himself from even the smallest of Allah the Almighty’s commandments, he nears himself towards Satan. Thus, it is necessary to be very cautious. In order for people to become true believers, it is necessary to remain utmost cautious of Satan’s attack.

When Satan attacks and deceives people, he does not do so in a manner that a person easily understands it. When he deceives people and incites them towards committing sins, when he pulls them towards disobeying the commands of Allah the Almighty,

He does not openly ask them to do this, to disobey and to become distant from Allah the Almighty or to commit such and such sins. Rather, he calls towards sins in the disguise of virtues. When Satan distanced Adam(as) from the command of Allah the Almighty,

He distanced him with the incentive of a virtuous deed. This verse that I have recited also sheds light upon how vices spread when a person follows the footsteps of Satan and how a vice spreads from one area to another, engulfing a vast region.

When a person takes a firm step, one after the other, it means that he is spreading vices. A vice apparently seems to be rather trivial in the beginning, or a person wonders what harm this vice could cause him or the society.

However, when this spreads to a vast region, or a large number of people start committing it or turn a blind eye towards the vice, or they fear calling it a vice due to the fear of society, or they remain silent or do not act [against it] by developing a sense of inferiority, worrying

About the possibility of being degraded by the society if they voice their opinion against it. There are many things of this society, which are practiced in this society in the name of freedom. Governments approve of them as well, however, they are vices.

Furthermore, in this society, an example is that of the veil/hijab which is considered as a small evil in the eyes of the society and that the rights of women are supressed due to the veil. Much is said in this society against the veil. In their eyes this is no vice, therefore,

They say that there was no need for any command regarding this by the [Islamic] law. Being the victims of inferiority, worrying about what people will say to them, or that their friends dislike it, or school or college students, and at times teachers making fun

Of the veil, some girls become lax with regards to observing the veil. Satan says that this is a trivial matter. It is not as if you are not doing away with your purity by disobeying this command.

Remove your veil, scarf or Niqab in order to protect yourself form the words of society. Nothing will happen as you are doing all of the other things in accordance with the teachings of Islam. However, at that time the girl and woman removing the veil

Do not realise the fact that this is a command mentioned in the Holy Qur’an. The dignity of a woman is her dignified dress. The purity of a woman is in her abstinence from unnecessarily meeting other men. By the grace of Allah the Almighty, there are such girls, Ahmadi girls, in this society

As well, who give dumbfounding responses to the criticism of men against their veil by saying that this is our deed. We do as we please. Why do you take our freedom by forcing us to remove the veil? We also have the right to dress according to our liking and choice.

However, there are also those [girls] who, despite being Ahmadis, say that it is very difficult to wear the veil or a scarf in this society, and that they feel embarrassed. Parents should also inculcate these things in girls from a young age that

They should feel embarrassed by not acting in accordance with the teachings of Islam instead of being embarrassed by obeying the command of Allah the Almighty. Similarly, there are also some vices among boys due to this free society, which quietly enter [their habits]. Furthermore, when such boys indulge in one vice,

Other vices also start entering [their habits] and they start indulging in them as well. Thus, in order to be saved from Satan it is necessary to build such defences in our very homes, which will not only protect us from his every attack, but also enable [us] to respond to his attack.

Do not allow Satan to enter in your lives by considering his love to be love. Rather, every Ahmadi should endeavour to seek refuge with Allah by ever engaging in seeking His forgiveness. The greatest refuge to be protected from Satan is indeed Allah the Almighty.

Thus, in this world gone astray, we should seek God Almighty’s forgiveness and try to enter the refuge of Allah the Almighty as it is only by seeking His forgiveness that one can enter the refuge of Allah the Almighty. No person approaches any vice knowingly.

It is against nature that a person tries to do something, knowing that it will cause him harm. Allah the Almighty has clearly told a believer of vices and virtues. Thus, a person should search for vices and virtues according to the given teachings

Of Allah the Almighty and then try to abstain from them or act in accordance with them. Satan is aware that as long as a person is in the refuge of Allah the Almighty, in His fortification, he cannot harm him. Therefore, Satan makes a person follow him by taking him out of that refuge,

By taking him out of that castle in which he is protected. In order to take a person out of the refuge of Allah the Almighty, it is obvious that at first Satan entices him with virtues, rather, it is only possible to take a believer out of

The refuge of Allah the Almighty by enticing him with virtues. At times a man and woman gain acquaintance in the name of a virtue, in the name of human sympathy or in the name of helping another person, which, at times, bears bad consequences.

Therefore, the Holy Prophet(saw) also used to forbid entering the house of such women, whose husbands were not home and the reason mentioned for this was that Satan flows through the veins of a person like blood. The Holy Prophet(saw) mentioned

A fundamental principle in this saying that those who are not within the forbidden degrees of marriage should not meet with one another freely as this can give Satan the opportunity to do his work. Thus, in this society, where men and woman openly mix and where getting together of men

And women in private is accepted as a norm, Ahmadis needs to be extremely careful. It is not just naïve young girls and boys, which end up in trouble. Even when mature married people visit each other unreservedly in the name of friendship

And freedom, it leads to problems and at times even homes are broken because of this. As, with the grace of Allah the Exalted, we are blessed that Allah the Almighty has enabled us to accept the Promised Messiah(as) and have made us understand the wisdom behind

Every commandment of Islam. We must obey every commandment of Allah the Almighty and the Holy Prophet(saw) without any question and hesitation. Amongst the ills of today are TV and the internet. Just reflect and we will see that in many household children and adults do not offer the Fajr [morning] prayers on time as

They watch TV till late at night or stay up watching programmes on the internet. Then they just cannot get up in the morning for Fajr Salat. Some of them, even don’t realise that they ought to get up in the morning for Salat.

These two evils of TV and the internet are such that they don’t just lead to the loss of one or two Salat. Those, who get used to these things, watching TV and internet till late at night becomes their daily routine.

This makes it difficult for them to get up on time for Fajr Salat in the morning. There are some, who do not get up for Salat and then there are others, who give no importance to Salat at all. Salat is an obligatory duty, we must offer Salat,

Even when we are poorly, in pain or in the state of war. This may mean offering Salat sitting or lying down. Even in the state of war and travelling, a shortened [Qasr] Salat has to be offered. Salat has to be offered under any circumstances. Under normal circumstances,

Men are ordered to say Salat in congregation and women are instructed to say Salat on time. However, Satan takes people away from Salat by the lure of a worldly TV/internet programme. Then Satan tightens his grip through more programmes, apps on the phones and iPads.

Initially, people watch sensible programmes on these devices, then the attraction grows and people get sucked into watching immoral and obscene programmes. This leads to restlessness in homes. Men busy themselves watching immoral programmes on TV and internet till late at night and do not attend to the rights of their wives and children.

In such homes, children also develop the same habits and watch immoral and obscene programmes. So, all Ahmadi households should do their best to protect themselves from such evils. The Holy Prophet(saw) used to be very concerned about Satan attacking his followers.

He taught his Companions very comprehensive prayers in order to be protected from Satan. One of the companion of the Holy Prophet (saw) narrated that the Holy Prophet(saw) taught us this prayer: Oh Allah, put Your love in our hearts, reform us and lead us to the path of peace.

Take us out of darkness towards light. Protect us against the overt and covert obscenities. Bless us through our ears and eyes. Bless us through our spouses and our children. Turn to us with mercy and indeed it is only You Who accept repentance and

Who shows mercy again and again. Make us of those who are grateful for their blessings, who talk about their blessings fondly and who make the most of these blessings. Oh Allah, perfect Your blessings on us. Thus, this is a prayer, which prevents one from unwarranted worldly entertainment

And all kinds of other meaningless things. It halts the onslaughts of Satan. These days, various kinds of absurdities are being pursued in the world in the name of “entertainment”. When an individual will pray for blessings for his ears and eyes, when he will supplicate to attain security

And to make a progress from darkness to light and will pray to be able to fulfil the rights of spouses, when one will pray for the children to become the delight of one’s eyes, then his attention will itself be diverted from absurdities and obscenities.

In this way, a believer becomes the means of protecting the entire house from Satan. Thus, in this age that we are going through, media has brought not one country but the entire world closer to each other. Unfortunately, instead of bringing us closer

To each other in virtues, it has brought us closer to following the footsteps of Satan. Under such circumstances, it is necessary for an Ahmadi to watch over his condition more than ever before. Allah the Almighty has granted us MTA. He has also given us a website,

Comprising of spiritual and educational material of the Jama’at. If we turn much attention towards them, only then will we be able to keep our attention to such matters that bring us closer to Allah the Almighty and only then, will we be protected from Satan.

If you do watch other channels for entertainment, then it should be ensured that only such programmes are watched that are considered decent. Parents should be cautious about themselves and also supervise their children. Wherever there is absurdity and filth, save yourselves from such programmes as they lead to further indecency and evil things.

They drive one to a position which distances him from Allah the Almighty. Every Ahmadi household should make it binding upon themselves that, as a minimum, all members of the household listen to the Friday Sermon on MTA every week. Moreover, you should daily watch other programmes of MTA for at least one hour.

Those households where this is the practice, we see that, by the Grace of Allah, they are all inclined towards faith; their children as well as adults are learning the faith. Whoever will act upon this, will certainly, on one hand, gain benefit in terms of faith and

On the other hand Satan will also be distanced from them; they will be inclined towards attaining nearness to Allah; households will gain tranquillity and blessings will be created in them as per the [aforementioned] prayer of the Holy Prophet(saw).

A mother wrote to me that, “My son was fine upto the age of 17; he was offering prayers etc. “and showed interest in the activities of Majlis. However, now that he has grown older and “has gained a bit of freedom, he has – under the influence of his friends –

Turned completely away from faith.” It is true that, at a certain age, boys can be particularly susceptible to the influence of their environment. However, parents should try to have a friendly relationship with their children and teach them the distinction between right and wrong. Furthermore, a religious atmosphere should be established in the home.

Nowadays, as I have mentioned, in the same way as Allah has provided us with worldly means of entertainment, so has He given means of Tarbiyyat [moral training] within those means of entertainment. If all of the household were to sit together and watch them and benefit from them,

Then the children will have a feeling that they hold importance at home. Thus, they will not step out and will not involve in absurdities, will not seek peace outside because they will experience that peace at home. Then, it is also incumbent upon parents to attach their children to the mosque and

To involve them in the activities of the auxiliary organisations. Here, I will also say to the auxiliary organisations and the administrative system of the Jama’at, although particularly to the auxiliary organisations, that they have to look after their members. Everyone is organised into a particular group, which makes this task of caring easier.

Khuddam must take care of Khuddam. Lajna must take care of members of Lajna. It is particularly important to take care of Atfal and young Kuddam and moreover of Nasirat and young members of Lajna. It is a huge responsibility upon the auxiliary organisations to firmly attach them with the Jama’at.

Khuddam should form various such teams which attach Khuddam of various dispositions with themselves. However, more complaints are received from young girls. As all girls above the age of 15 [and older women] become members of the same Lajna organisation, the young girls complain about the attitudes of some older ladies and office-bearers in particular.

If [those ladies] are not being guilty of distancing girls from faith, they are certainly distancing them from the activities of the Majlis. Thus, office-bearers should furnish such attitudes, which enable them to act with compassion and attach the members with the faith, the mosque, their auxiliary organisation and the Jama’at.

Otherwise, Satan is lying in wait for anyone to show a weakness [in faith] or have some grievance against an office-bearer so that he can attack and take control of such an individual. We have believed in the Promised Messiah(as) because, in this age,

There was to be a final war against Satan through the Promised Messiah(as). However, if, through our actions, we are providing Satan, who pretends to be a sympathiser, an opportunity to take control of our children and young people, due to the attitudes of

Office-bearers, then such office-bearers, whether men or women, are not helpers of the Promised Messiah(as), rather they are helpers of Satan. Thus, every office-bearer should particularly make an effort to safeguard herself/himself as well as members of the Jama’at from the onslaughts of Satan. Hence,

There is a need to understand the blessings which Allah the Almighty has bestowed [upon us]. There is a need to obtain the pleasure of Allah the Almighty. Similarly, every sensible Ahamdi, young boys and girls, should keep in mind that

Allah the Almighty has graced them with this favour by either granting them the ability to accept Ahmadiyyat or by their birth in an Ahmadi household. He granted them the ability to accept the Promised Messiah(as). The Holy Prophet(saw) gave

The glad-tidings of the advent of the Promised Messiah(as) who is to defeat Satan in this age. For this reason, an Ahmadi should not turn himself away from faith because of the behaviour of his elder or a so-called noble person.

Rather, an Ahmadi should be a helper of the Promised Messiah(as) in order to defeat Satan. For this, he should pray to Allah the Almighty. Allah the Almighty says that I am All-Hearing and All-Knowing, I am the One who hears and who knows.

I am aware of how much you fear satanic attacks. I am aware of the struggles you are going through and the prayers you are offering to safeguard yourself form it. For this reason, I will listen to your prayers. You pray and also safeguard yourself from an environment, which generates such thoughts.

With this prayer, safeguard yourself form this environment in which man gets influenced by Satan. And pray that you are always protected from satanic attacks. Allah the Almighty says that the struggles and prayers offered with sincerity will be accepted and you will be protected from Satan. Similarly,

Those who are assigned the task of service to faith particularly those who are entrusted with the responsibility of providing guidance and moral training of the Jama’at members, they should try to mould their words and actions according to the pleasure of Allah the Almighty.

Pray sincerely to Allah the Almighty that Allah the Almighty may not let anyone come under the control of Satan because of them. So much so that none of Jama’at members follow Satan in any manner. Allah the Almighty says that I will hear such prayers which are offered with sincerity

And I will continue to guide you and those people who are attacked by Satan. So that you can protect yourself from such attacks. Otherwise, it is not possible for you to protect yourself from satanic attack without the help of Allah the Almighty and without prostrating before Him.

Hence, look for the help of Allah the Almighty. As I have stated that Satan said to Allah the Almighty that ‘If you do not stop me forcefully, and give me some leeway, then I will misguide human beings and I will put all my effort towards this”.

How far does Satan go in this effort, an ordinary believer aside, Satan even tries to control the Auliya [friends/saints of Allah] until the last moment. It is his effort that even in the last moments they take some action that may bring them under his power.

Someone mentioned about a dream in a gathering of the Promised Messiah(as). After listening to the dream, the Promised Messiah(as) said “this dream ended in a strange “manner. Satan desires to deceit man through various portrayals, however, it has become known that your end is very good because this dream concludes in a good place.”

The person who was narrating his dream, the end result of his dream showed that the end result was that Satan had attacked him but he was protected from him. Then the Promised Messiah(as) says “Quite often it happens that a man is protected from Satanic

“attacks if he tries to safeguard himself or if there is Grace of Allah the Almighty [he is protected].” The Promised Messiah(as) further states “It has been related about a saint that when he passed away, his last words were ‘not yet, not yet.’ ”

When he was about to pass away, then the last words on his tongue at the time of death were ‘not yet, not yet.’ “One of his followers who was there became very astonished and “after his death he started to pray intensely night and day that what is this matter?

“This saint continuously said ‘not yet, not yet’. At last he met that saint in his dream. “He enquired, ‘What were those last words and why did you say ‘not yet, not yet?’ “That saint replied ‘Satan attacks every man at the time of death in order to snatch away

“the light of faith from him in the last minute. For this reason, Satan also came to me as usual “and tried to turn me away from religion. When I did not let any of his attacks become successful,

“he said to me that you have been safeguarded from my hands. For this reason, I said ‘not yet, not yet’ that is until I am not dead, I am not in peace from you.’’ Despite the fact that he is inciting me, I am trying to safeguard myself in every manner,

However, until I am alive he will continue to incite me. For this reason, until my life ends I cannot say that I am protected from you. Thus these are the standards the Auliya (friends/saints of Allah) established before us. Satan constantly tries to lead the friends/saints of Allah astray and into the hellfire.

And so this is a matter of extremely grave concern for an ordinary person. Even a moment of carelessness can throw one into the lap of Satan, which is why we should constantly engage in Taubah (repentance) and Istighfar (seeking forgiveness).

Elsewhere, the Promised Messiah(as) explaining Satan’s attempts to assault man, says: “Satan is always on the lookout for how he can corrupt man’s actions and lead him astray; “to the extent that he even tries to misguide man in his righteous deeds.

“For this he concocts every possible type of ploy and scheme to lead him to immorality. “For example Satan will even try to corrupt one’s prayers by making a person think pretentiously and ostentatiously. (Thus although a person may be praying,

Which is a pious action, Satan tries to make his worship impure in some way or the other by making the person perform his prayers for show).” Then, the Promised Messiah(as) says: “In the same way Satan tries to lead astray even the one leading the prayers (the Imam).

“Thus we should never be fearless of the attacks of Satan; for while he very openly and brazenly “attacks the immoral and depraved (those people in the world who are immersed in sinful ways, “are corrupt and far-removed from religion are easy prey for Satan), however he does not

“hold back from unleashing his assaults on even the pious (he does not desist from trying to “tempt those who are righteous and finds one opportunity or the other and pounces on them). “Those who are under the Grace of God the Almighty and are cognisant of the very subtle and

“elusive mischiefs of Satan pray to God Almighty for protection. “However those who are weak and raw often succumb to his ploys. “And so a Momin (true believer) should constantl pray to God the Almighty and engage in Istighfar (seeking forgiveness for one’s sins) s he is saved from Satan’s wickedness.”

Drawing attention to Istighfar , the Promised Messiah(as) says: “God Almighty has enjoined us to resolutely engage in Istighfar . “This is so man constantly seeks forgiveness for every sin whether it is overt or concealed,

“whether he is aware of a sin he has committed or not, and whether it is a sin relating to “his speech, ears, nose and eyes -for any type of sin. “Nowadays we should recite the prayer of Adam(as): ‘Our Lord, we have wronged ourselves; and if Thou forgive us not

And have not mercy on us, we shall surely be of the lost.’ ” Counselling us, the Promised Messiah(as) says: “Friends! Do not look upon the commandments of God with contempt. “Let not the poison of philosophy of the current era affect you. “Follow the commandments of God like a child obeys its mother.

“Perform your Salat, perform your Salat, for it is the secret to attaining all power. “And when you stand for Salat, do not do so as a customary act. Rather, just as you perform a “physical ablution, you should also perform an internal ablution by cleansing your thoughts of anyone other than Allah.”

Just as you physically cleanse your body with water, you should also cleanse your body, your heart of any thoughts that arise other than that of Allah. “Then you should stand with both [physical and spiritual] ablutions and

“should fervently pray and you should make it a habit to cry and weep [before Allah] so that you may be shown mercy. Adopt truthfulness, adopt truthfulness, for He watches you.” Always adopt the truth in every matter. You should realise in every matter that Allah the Almighty is watching you.

“He sees what is in your hearts. Can a person ever deceive God? “Can your fabrications ever be successful in front of God? The unfortunate person is he who “increases in his immoralities to such an extent that he acts as though God does not exist.

Such a person is soon destroyed and God cares not for such a person.” The Pomised Messiah(as) further says, “Friends! Mere logic of this world is a Satan and the hollow philosophy of this age is an Iblis.” Mere logic and reasoning are all Satanic. It is not enough to just follow these,

Rather you must search for God too. The Promised Messiah(as) says that [mere logic] greatly reduces the light of one’s faith. “If you only tread upon the path of logic and philosophy then the light of your faith will “reduce and it creates arrogant brazenness and takes one very close to atheism.

“Therefore, save yourself from this and create a heart which is fearful of God and “follow the commandments of God without any defiance. Follow the commandments of “Allah the Almighty without any defiance just as a child obeys its mother.

“The teachings of the Holy Quran lead you to the pinnacle of righteousness so pay heed to them and conform yourselves to the teachings.” May Allah the Almighty make us of those who are saved from walking on the steps of Satan.

May we be those who bow before Allah the Almighty, who follow His commandments whilst beseeching His help and may we practice the teachings of the Holy Quran. And may we be grateful that Allah has granted us the opportunity to accept His chosen one who

Was to defeat Satan. May Allah enable us to become a part of those who counter and destroy every attack of Satan whilst fulfilling the obligations we have as part of our Bai’at to the Promised Messiah(as). May Allah enable us to do so. Ameen. All praise is due to Allah.

We laud Him, we beseech help from Him and ask His protection; we confide in Him, we trust Him alone and we seek protection against the evils and mischief of our souls and from the bad results of our deeds. Whomsoever He guides on the right path, none can misguide him;

And whosoever He declares misled, none can guide him onto the right path. And we bear witness that none deserves to be worshipped except Allah. He is alone and has no partner. We bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and Messenger. O servants of Allah! May Allah be merciful to you.

Verily, Allah commands you to act with justice, to confer benefits upon each other and to do good to others as one does to one ‘s kindred and forbids evil which pertain to your own selves and evils which affect others and prohibits revolts against a lawful authority. He warns you against being unmindful.

You remember Allah; He too will remember you; call Him and He will make a response to your call. And verily divine remembrance is the highest virtue.

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