Ahmadi Muslim VideoTube Friday Sermon Khalifa V Friday Sermon: 18th December 2009 – Part 1 (Urdu)

Friday Sermon: 18th December 2009 – Part 1 (Urdu)

Friday Sermon – Khalifatul Masih V – Mirza Masroor Ahmad – Year 2009

You Allah like but Allah like a bum Allah like my law Oh like mom eyeshadow la la la Oh a shadow Allah Allah helo I said one Muhammadan Rasulullah oh I had one mohammad rasool allah Oh oh hey sana hey Alice la la ah hey I’ll follow ah oh hi I’ll follow Oh

Oh Allah all all like Bob la Allah Allah oh darling ramble oh I shall I love a little or wat ola kala who wash honolulu my mother falls of along a min ash-shaytani ringing bismillah r-rahman a humble in long hair you rock my only came home with thee

Young kenapa though we all can assign we have in a Cell all those the P said all the one on long-haul a way to approve a lady you wanna pour la mirada be will be stepping you hakumen the Kolyma skating come on ba ba Madonna saw owner rocky ornithology

Alarm you a little more affair what na hoona one curry will follow the law oversharing many arch-nemesis dual frankfurt’s a developer their own Jessica jenna maroney valley md janta ki wajah is all this mustard kita meet / / jostle we’re gonna wanna hear but Russell Bell a game of skill ooh

Subcommittee surat Orbis I’ll get a victim here Keegan garage yay ankita mehta dick Ruth Marie nikkor t-shirt ec much chicer you silly a young que la kk MDMK lava both come to Rodney Sue’s no way jose de queijo mera hai yaha germany key you to stream of a yo-yo ma

Tebya net american deli mustard hamburg ET dis que para Sol their family goes our shot me hooray with a bar hall montecito Cleveland man Charlene whatta lake in Frankfurt his machine capital Q Ramona que no le Fay Germany Jamaat k demotic function Munna karna chahti fee this may

Bostock scirocco will I I known I belong Saturday you still meets are generally Malika Kim avi’s me Charlotte oneco screw this Liam na masjid k which is a unique is the Greve may shamil ho nay or yaha juniper nogami virility Jessica Monica many such kar bhi hum everything

Allah Fiat go to that would think a here bhusawal affair mr. grieve me kuch kehna como con me liga or Islam Keitel in k VAR ma un Logan Todd v ooh ok pal a wasp on co vo jonte vino de Vaca frevo sorrenti ok taken PP v ho toh kuch na

Kuch padam opener and open channel como camellia hamari masala Tamir peyote or Caproni massages duniya ma Jamaat NJ akeefa Lavinia

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