Ahmadi Muslim VideoTube Friday Sermon Khalifa V Friday Sermon | خطبئہِ جمعہ | October 6, 2017

Friday Sermon | خطبئہِ جمعہ | October 6, 2017

Friday Sermon – Khalifatul Masih V – Mirza Masroor Ahmad – Year 2017

Allah is the Greatest, Allah is the Greatest I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah I bear witness that Muhammad (saw) is the Messenger of Allah. Come to Prayer Come to success

Allah is the Greatest, Allah is the Greatest. There is none worthy of worship except Allah. Peace be upon you all, I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah He is alone and has no partner

and I bear witness that Muhammad (saw) is His Servant and Messenger After this I seek refuge with Allah from Satan the accursed. In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful. All praise belongs to Allah, Lord of all the worlds. The Gracious, the Merciful.

Master of the Day of Judgment. Thee alone do we worship and Thee alone do we implore for help. Guide us in the right path The path of those on whom Thou hast bestowed Thy blessings, those who have not incurred Thy displeasure,

and those who have not gone astray. From time to time, I narrate faith-inspiring incidents, which contain accounts of people’s own conversions to Ahmadiyyat, or they consist of their extraordinary spiritual experiences after their having accepted Ahmadiyyat,

or they consist of the accounts of the Blessings of Almighty Allah upon the Community and of the progress and strengthening of the faith of the members of the Jama’at as well as the results of those blessings.

Many people write to me or express that I should continue narrating such incidents, “because they also attract the attention of our children as they are absorbing. “They result in the betterment of the religious and spiritual state of the youth

“and also serves as a means of refining our own spiritual states “and causes our attention to be drawn towards improving our conditions.” Some people who are Ahmadi by birth say that the state of the faith of the new converts

and their relationship with Allah the Almighty puts them to shame and reminds them that they must also make progress in terms of faith. Likewise, some new converts also express that “These incidents increase our faith also.”

However, alongside all this, there are also some people living in these Western countries or other such people, who consider themselves to be very educated and developed, who although have originally come from Pakistan, but the world has absorbed them to such an extent

or perhaps they have indulged themselves in the world to such a degree that they are now fully engrossed in it. They do not pay attention to Allah the Almighty or at least not as much attention

as it behoves an Ahmadi and do not uphold the right of Allah the Almighty, which is compulsory upon anyone who has accepted the Promised Messiah (as) and has entered into his bai’at. To begin with, they do not even pay attention to fulfilling the rights

of Allah the Almighty and of the Community established by Him. And if there is some attention then only so little that it equates to nothing. These people are negligent in fulfilling their religious duties.

They do not ponder over the betterment of the state of their faith at all or at best, they ponder very little. When the new converts narrate their incidents or any incidents, which result in spiritual progress in some way, such people, upon hearing these incidents,

say as way of an allegation, that “why do such incidents of conversions “and of the increasing of faith only occur to Africans, Arabs or Asians? “Why are there no such incidents among Europeans? Why are they not guided through dreams?

“Why are they not guided upon reading religious books? Why do they not pay any heed? “Why do they not have any spiritual experiences?” Firstly, those Europeans who pay heed to religion, are also vouchsafed signs from Allah the Almighty.

Allah the Almighty Himself creates the means of the progress of their faith. Here in the United Kingdom, there are many new converts or there are native people who have performed the bai’at many years ago, yet their faith continues to increase every day.

The new converts, who have recently joined Ahmadiyyat, go through such experiences, which are truly remarkable and which also become a means of increasing their certainty and faith in the Being of Allah the Almighty. The truthfulness of the Community continues to be revealed to them.

Also these people are progressing in their sincerity and loyalty for [the institution of] Khilafat. Amongst them there are men as well as women. During the Lajna, Khuddam and Ansar Ijtema’at [Women’s, Youth, Men auxiliary conventions]

they narrate their own incidents and some have even narrated them on MTA, which have been very faith inspiring. Nevertheless, Allah the Almighty displays signs to those in the Western world who are interested in religion and He manifests the truth of Ahmadiyyat to them.

Then there are a denomination of people who, although do not accept Ahmadiyyat, are impressed with the pre-eminence and excellence of Islam which they learn of through Ahmadiyyat. Numerous of such accounts exist which I relate after my tours or after Jalsas.

The key point to bear in mind here is that Allah the Almighty guides those who try to find Him for His sake. God does not care for people who are steeped entirely in materialism and have absolutely no inclination towards God,

no connection with Him or religion and no concern for the hereafter. Such persons are left deprived of guidance. Further, the history of prophets tells us that generally it is the poor and weak who are interested in religion and accept the prophets.

Normally we find greater passion to find Allah the Almighty and fear of Him in the meek, humble and destitute. The worldly and powerful say – as Allah the Almighty has said in the Holy Qur’an – that “you have no status” – [Qur’an]

that your followers are “to all outwardly appearance, the most demeaned.” Thus, worldly people are afflicted with arrogance and pride. Firstly due to this arrogance and secondly because they are fully entangled with their materialistic endeavours,

they completely lack the perception and insight to give heed to religion. The majority of the people of Europe or the developed Western countries have become Atheists. When they have completely turned away from Allah the Almighty,

how will Allah the Almighty turn to them and give them guidance? Depicting the image of worldly people, the Promised Messiah (as) says: “In Surah Al-Asr Allah the Almighty “has described the lives of the disbelievers, and that of the believers.

“The disbelievers lead a life like animals “who have no purpose in their lives except to eat, drink and fulfil their carnal desires [Arabic] ‘just like the animals, all they do is eat and drink’.

“However take a bull that can eat grain but when needing to pull the plough, it just sits idle (it was a tradition amongst farmers in past times to use bulls to pull the plough and cultivate the land. Here as well horses were used to pull ploughs).

“A bull that sits down when needing to work and simply only eats.” The Promised Messiah (as) says: “What would be the outcome of this? “The farmer would sell such a bull to the butchers to be slaughtered.” The Promised Messiah (as) says:

“And regarding those who neither follow nor have any concern for the commands of Allah the Almighty “and live a life of sin, transgression and immorality, Allah the Almighty says [Arabic], “in other words, why will my Lord have any concern for you if you do not worship Him.”

Thus Allah the Almighty cares for those who bow towards and seeks guidance from Him. The Promised Messiah (as) says further in this regard: “Truthfulness is a huge trait, “without which Aamile Saalihah [righteous deeds] cannot be performed.

“Allah the Almighty does not avert from his practice “and man, who is corrupt, also does not change his actions. “God Almighty states: [Arabic, Holy Qur’an 29:70] ‘Whosever struggles in the way of Allah the Almighty, He opens His paths for such a person.’ ”

Those who constantly make efforts and remain ever concerned in their search for the true religion of God, are granted guidance, their faith is strengthened and they continuously progress. Allah the Almighty blesses some people for some act of piety or the other

and displays to them His path. Therefore the faith inspiring accounts that are related are of people who are constantly engaged in the effort to find the right path. There are others upon whom descends the special Grace of Allah the Almighty

due to some act of virtue and then are shown the right path by Him. Today I have also collated some accounts of people who strengthened in their devotion and sincerity and spirituality. Ameer Sahib Burkina Faso writes:

“Our local missionary went to a village called Lakeen for Tabligh [to propagate the message]. “After he completed his preaching, only an elderly lady took the Bai’at [oath of allegiance]. “The local missionary informed the people of the village, ‘our mosque is 15 kilometres from here.

‘If any of you want to learn about the Ahmadiyya Community, ‘you may come there where we have arrangements for the Friday Prayers.’ ” In any case that lady had taken the oath of allegiance. The local missionary says:

“As a result of the monsoon, a waterway between that village and our mosque filled with water. “After that elderly lady took the oath of allegiance, “she would try to reach that mosque with her prayer mat every week for the Friday Prayers.

“Seeing the area filled with water, she would open up her prayer mat right there and say ‘I have done the Friday prayer with the Ahmadis because that was my intention.’ “After a month when the water in that place subsided,

“this lady came to our mission house and related this whole incident. “This was her devotion after accepting Ahmadiyyat. “After hearing this, the local missionary set off once again to that village for preaching “and said to them “Look, this elderly women

“was searching for the truth and she found and accepted it. “Allah the Almighty blessed her and this is why she made such a great sacrifice.” So she would head out every Friday but because of the impasse of water she would sit down there and then return,

but this was the devotion she displayed in any case. After the local missionary related this incident to the village people, the others seeing the devotion of the lady, including her very close relatives and 30 in total, all took the oath of allegiance.

Thus this is how Allah the Almighty provided them with the means for guidance. Then, there are people who become Ahmadis through dreams. From France is a lady, Asiya Sahiba, who took the Bai’at says:

“The reason I want to relate the account of my conversion is perhaps “you will be pleased with me and accept me in your blessed Jama’at [Community]. “As was my routine, one day I was on the Internet searching for new channels,

“and I found the link for Hiwarul Mubashar [a live Arabic discussion programme on MTA]. “The subject of the death of the Messiah was being discussed at the time. “I was left astonished by the fact that it was devoid entirely of any doubt of conjecture

“and the robust and unassailable arguments presented. “A few days before I had seen in a dream that I am about to fall in a dark well. “I very firmly hold onto the ridge of the well with both my hands whilst my legs dangled below.

“I suddenly looked up and saw three or four white birds, “that were very white but I was not aware of who they were. “Those birds were trying to save me. She says that at first, I did not at all understand this dream.

“However, later on I understood that these [birds] “were the panellists of the Hiwar [programme], who appeared to me in the form of birds. “At first, I was not aware of the fact that the founder of this Jama’at

“had claimed to be the Messiah and Mahdi. However, I had developed some doubt with regards to this. “Following this, I decided to study the books of the Jama’at, “especially those of the Promised Messiah (as), “in which I found nothing contrary to [the teachings of] Islam.

“As a matter of fact, quite in contrast to this, I saw in the blessed character “of the Promised Messiah (as) a glorious champion defending Islam, Muslims “and the Holy Prophet (saw) with all his might,

“who is establishing the awe of Islam on its enemies through the means of these books.” She says that “following this, I offered the Istikhara prayer [prayer to seek Divine guidance regarding a certain matter]

“and after two days a friend of mine told me that she saw in a dream that “I and that friend of mine are in the house of my mother-in-law and that out of all the rooms, “I am in search of a particular room.

“Upon this, I see a bright, illuminated and comfortable room, “upon which I said to her that I like this room and I will stay here. “She says that I interpreted this dream in a positive manner

“in that I should enter the Jama’at. Hence, I performed the Bai’at.” There is another lady from Turkey, Mira Sahiba, who [was introduced to the Jama’at] through MTA. She says that “I wish to narrate the details of my Bai’at [pledge of initiation].

“I was introduced to the Jama’at in 2010 and I was fortunate to join. “I observed that my husband used to watch MTA Al-Arabia with great passion. “Hence, I started to watch it as well and at times I would watch MTA even in his absence.

“My husband used to say to me that you should do the Bai’at once you have gained satisfaction. “Upon this, I would say that I cannot take this responsibility. “I have a large family and the responsibilities of the house are many.

“Following this, I watched a programme prepared by the Jama’at regarding the Dajjal [antichrist] “and I found the interpretation to be very logical and rational, which I had never heard before. “Following this, I started to watch MTA even more. “I watched the programmes of Hiwar and

“started to offer the Tahajjud prayer [pre-dawn voluntary prayer] regularly. “After this, ‘Abd-ul-Qadir Odeh sahib once visited upon which I did Bai’at [pledged initiation]. “Following this, my daughter-in-law and daughters also did Bai’at [pledged initiation].

“We would discuss topics related to the Jama’at and say that this is the true Islam. “She says that the day I did Bai’at, “I saw in a dream that I am reciting the verses of Surah Al-Kahf.

“Upon this, I was certain that God the Exalted would safeguard us from the evil of Dajjal “and that I will become one of the helpers and assistants of the Imam Mahdi. “I am grateful to God that He endowed me with faith.

“May Allah enable me to fulfil this responsibility.” Hence, this is manner in which they personally write these accounts and also desire our prayers. Then, there are some accounts relating to newly established Jama’ats as to how Allah the Exalted establishes these Jama’ats.

‘Abd-ul-Quddus Sahib, missionary of Benin, writes that “Mu’allim Zakariyya went to a village in order to do Tabligh [propagate the true message of Islam]. “There, a friend said that ‘the people are presently out of the village due to their work and affairs.

‘You should return on Friday, when people will be present here.’ “Hence, when the Mu’allim returned on Friday, “he offered two Nawafil [voluntary prayer] after entering the mosque “and with the permission of the Imam and the committee of the village, he started to preach.

“The Mu’allim delivered a speech on the commentary of Surah Al-Fatihah “and the advent of the Imam Mahdi “and the people continuously raised slogans of “Allahu Akbar” during the speech. “When he finished conveying the message,

“the president of the committee of the mosque said that I was a Muslim by birth. “However, until today I have never heard a similar commentary of Surah Al-Fatihah. “If this is the teaching of the Ahmadiyya Jama’at, I congratulate everyone. We accept this Jama’at.

“Hence, alongside the Imam, every member of the Muslim community of the village “accepted the Ahmadiyya Jama’at and in this manner, a new Jama’at was established.” He says that “the Maulvi [religious cleric] of this village fiercely opposed this. “When our Mu’allim returned home,

“the Maulvi called him and said to never return to this village and mosque. “After some time, when our Mu’allim went there again “in relation to the national Ijtema’ of Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Benin “and requested the Khuddam to participate,

“the Maulvi once again stopped him and did not allow him to take the Khuddam with him. “However, the newly converted Khuddam rejected the Maulvi “and all of them participated in the Ijtema”. Hence, this is how Allah the Exalted humiliates those Maulvis

who oppose us and this is also how He is establishing new Jama’ats. There is another account with regards to the establishment of new Jama’ats, which is that of the Arusha region. The missionary writes that

“by the Grace of Allah the Exalted, Ahmadiyyat was established in a new area. “There was previously no Ahmadi in the village of Kuswani in the district of Same. “I had the opportunity to visit this village many times and many leaflets were distributed.

“Similarly, newspapers and books of the Jama’at were also distributed in this village, “as a result of which not only are people beginning to do Bai’at [pledge initiation], “but the Jama’at has also formally been established.

“Furthermore, by the Grace of Allah the Exalted, a plot for the mosque is being purchased here and “the local members of the Jama’at are personally preparing the bricks “for the construction of the mosque. “However, along with this, the opposition from other Muslims has also commenced.

“The opponents have started to spread disorder against the Jama’at “and have started to display immoral behaviour. “He says that we sought permission from the authorities “and arranged for a debate in the village.

“We made an announcement in the entire village and invited Sunni Maulvis that if they believe that “they are on the truth, they should come and we will discuss this in front of everyone. “Hence, a debate was held in accordance with the agreed upon programme

“and many non-Ahmadis participated in it. However, not a single Maulvi from the Sunnis attended. “As a result, the people of the village understood that Maulvis can do nothing but spread disorder.” Allah the Exalted provides means for the guidance of people in various manners;

those people, who are truly inclined towards religion. Amir Sahib Burkina Faso writes that “we preached in a village called Nabire. “By the Grace of Allah the Exalted, many people did Bai’at [pledged initiation] there, “a Mu’allim was posted and assigned to a mosque there,

“which was made out of mud bricks and the Friday prayers started to be offered regularly. “However, the non-Ahmadi Maulvi started to create disorder. “He entered the mosque exactly at the time for the Friday prayers

“and started to incite people in order to try and sway them away from Ahmadiyyat. “However, the Jama’at continued to grow. “In the end, the Maulvi was unable to achieve anything upon which “he built a mosque of his own opposite the mosque of the Jama’at

“and announced that the mosque of the Jama’at will from now on remain merely as a store “for prayer mats and that no one would go there for prayers. “However, the exact opposite took place. “Only his relatives offer prayers in his mosque,

“whereas the number of worshippers in our mosque has started to increase. “He further writes that in this small place, “the attendance for Friday prayers is approximately 200 to 250 people.” With regards to how Allah the Exalted manifests the acceptance of prayers,

the missionary of Benin, Ansar Sahib writes: “we achieved 200 Bai’ats [pledges of initiation] in the village of Asio. “Now, in that village a class for moral training is organised every Friday and Tuesday.

“The daughter of the Sadr Sahib in that area, who lived in another village became severely ill “and due to this ailment, her body had become completely lifeless. “He says that when I went to his village, Sadr Sahib said that

“please pray and also write to the Khalifa of the time requesting for prayers. “He says that upon this I wrote a letter there and then.” He wrote a letter to me. He says that “when I returned the following day,

“the people told me that the girls has seized to speak and move. “They took the girl to the hospital, however, no treatment was proving to be beneficial. “Subsequently, they brought her back home in a state of despair.

“A Maulvi was called, who recited various verses of the Qur’an and blew them on her. “He charged 4,000 Francs and a goat for this. “However, the girl did not get better. “Following this, another Maulvi was called, who charged a similar huge amount.

“However, it did not make any difference.” He says that “we became disheartened with the Maulvis. “We thought that the girls was going to pass away sooner or later “and brought her to the house of her father.”

Hence, when we brought the girl here, her father had requested the Jama’at for prayers and had also written a letter to me requesting for prayers. He says that “after only one day, the girl began to move

“and by the next evening, the illness had completely left her body. “No one could perceive for her to survive. “However, seeing her now, it is impossible to say that she had ever fallen ill.”

Hence, this is also a sign of the truthfulness of the Promised Messiah (as). The very same Mu’allim of Burkina Faso, by the name Fenze Karim Sahib, writes that “we went to a village in order to do Tabligh [convey the true message of Islam].

“When we arrived, we sought permission to preach upon which the Imam of the village said that “your missionary has already visited us and many of us have also done Bai’at [pledged initiation]. “However, not everyone in the village did Bai’at [pledged initiation].

“Therefore, you should preach your message as those, who were previously left out, “might also join after you have conveyed the message to them. “Hence, there was a lengthy sitting of questions and answers. “In the end, their elder said that ‘we have accepted Ahmadiyyat.

‘However, there were still certain matters, which had not been clarified. ‘Nevertheless, today I have personally seen that ‘if anyone is truly rendering a service to Islam today, then it is you [i.e. Ahmadis]

‘who do so continuously and with steadfastness and do not show any fatigue. Thus, we are with you.’ “Hence, the Imam said to the people of the village that “those who did not yet do Bai’at, should do so now.

“In this manner, another 73 people of the village did Bai’at.” If Allah Almighty has opened their hearts and enabled them to accept the true Islam, then this is all due to His Grace upon them. Some people ask why are they converting to Ahmadiyyat?

This is because they are concerned about faith and worry about their own conditions. They partake in religious gatherings that last the entire night. In comparison, people do not have time over here to sit down for that long

and give time to faith and attend religious gatherings and ask questions. The Naib Nazir of Da’wate Ilallah in India writes that “We were able to reconnect with ‘Abdul Sattar sahib, a friend from the city of Lakhimpur.

“He started crying uncontrollably when we met and informed me that ‘We were originally from the village of Kiran Pur. ‘We had a plot of land of 50 vigeh [25 acres] and were running a good business there.

‘We took the Oath of Allegiance twelve years ago and entered the Jama’at, ‘however, after that we were we were persecuted immediately. ‘The opponents stoned our house, forced us out of our home, ‘injured my son severely and also broke my wife’s hand.

‘We were so severely persecuted that we had no option ‘but to sell our property at a very low price and leave immediately. ‘The entire business was destroyed and we moved to a small house in the city of Lakhimpur,

‘however, the opponents did not stop following us. ‘They reached Lakhimpur and incited the local Muslims to shun us. ‘Not a single Muslim of this city would speak to us ‘and we were harassed every time we would go out.

‘Our contact with the Jama’at was severed during this time but ‘Allah Almighty showed us a magnificent sign of the truthfulness of the Ahmadiyya Community. ‘One day the majority of our most prominent opponents ‘were travelling together on a bus in order to attend a wedding.

‘Their bus became stuck at a railroad crossing and was struck by an oncoming train. ‘This accident resulted in the deaths of 28 people who died on the scene ‘and those who survived were severely injured.

‘The dead bodies were in such a bad condition that it was difficult to identify any of them ‘and pieces of body parts were spread far and wide. ‘This accident caused deaths of nine members in each of our opponent’s households.

‘We visited the hospital to meet with those who were injured after hearing about what had happened ‘but the relatives of our opponents lowered their heads in shame.’ “After this incident, a Maulavi sahib of the grand mosque in the city of Lakhimpur

“invited those opponents who had survived and the family of ‘Abdul-Sattar sahib to the mosque. “Maulavi sahib addressed those opponents and said ‘You all should apologise to these Ahmadis ‘and stop oppressing them and terminate this boycott that you organised against them.’

“Therefore, the opposition subsided after that accident.” “He says, ‘Even though our connection with the Jama’at had been cut off but ‘we considered ourselves Ahmadis by heart.’ “He was very happy when his contact with the Jama’at was re-established

“and they all renewed their Oath of Allegiance.” Therefore, Allah Almighty strengthens the faith of those who convert to Ahmadiyyat with utmost sincerity. The missionary of Kosovo writes “Shafchi Kiraskhi sahib, a well known scholar,

“was the Imam of the grand mosque located near the Government House. “He also taught as a professor of Islamic Studies in the university there “and was very well known nationwide. “Several years ago, he said some provocative things about the Jama’at on radio programmes

“and he also organised propaganda on the Internet against the Jama’at. “Allah Almighty sought revenge for this in the following manner: “first he was suspended from the University “because allegations were raised about his character.

“Then, the police arrested him based on the accusations of providing shelter to terrorists “and his involvement in illegal money. “He was arrested for several days and was removed as the Imam of that grand mosque. “He was relieved of all his duties.

“There were a few other Imams in the country “who would incite the common people against the Jama’at. “During the course of the year, these Imams were also arrested on the basis of spreading religious hatred and causing unrest in society.” He says,

“It has never happened before that prominent scholars have faced such disgrace and dishonor. “Allah Almighty granted the local Ahmadis steadfastness in faith because of this.” An example from India regarding oppression of new converts and steadfastness of faith has been shared before.

There is another similar example. There is a village in UP [Uttar Pradesh] where everyone accepted Ahmadiyyat at first, but turned away from it due to severe opposition, other than Muhammad Hanif Sahib who remained steadfast on Ahmadiyyat.

The opponents persecuted him severely but he remained steadfast on his faith. During this time of opposition, Hanif Sahib’s son passed away and the opponents forbade him from burying his son in the graveyard and from offering his funeral prayers.

Hanif Sahib was told “We will only lead your son’s funeral prayers “and let you bury him in the graveyard if you turn away from Ahmadiyyat.” Hanif Sahib remained steadfast and offered his son’s funeral prayers with his children and buried him in his own house.

When his contact with the Jama’at was re-established and he renewed the Oath of Allegiance along with his family, he became quite emotional. When someone asked “Why did you not contact the headquarters” he responded by saying “People informed me that the headquarters of Qadianis

“which was located in Lakhnow, was deserted “and their school were closed and no one had remained behind. “On top of that, I did not have the contact information “for the Jama’at headquarters in Qadian” but despite all of this he remained resolute in his faith.

It was the will of Allah Almighty to guide him so He kept him on the right path and those who accepted Ahmadiyyat for another purpose turned away and left the Jama’at. There is another example from Ivory Coast

about being subjected to injustice for the sake of the Jama’at. Seiko sahib, who is a new convert, took the Oath of Allegiance and wrote to his brothers informing them about it. They responded by saying “As per the Islamic Shariah,

“if you do not turn away from Ahmadiyyat within three days, we will have to execute you.” Similarly, his business partners who were from the Wahabi sect, handed over his share and terminated their business partnership with him.

However, Seiko sahib did not worry about any loss or opposition and remained steadfast on Ahmadiyyat with utmost determination. Allah Almighty has provided us, out of His sheer Grace, the facility to connect with the world through MTA.

The following is an incident on the effects of my televised sermons. Ameer sahib France writes “A friend named Daniyaal sahib “took the Oath of Allegiance and entered the Jama’at. “He says that before accepting Ahmadiyyat, he resided in Mayotte Island,

“which is an island that belongs to France. “He would visit a mosque in Mayotte and the Imam there “would very frequently play the sermons delivered by Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (aba). “In one of Huzoor’s (aba) sermons,

“Huzoor (aba) mentioned the death of Jesus (as) and that had a profound impact on him. “The Imam of the mosque introduced him to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.” He was a good person and did not seek any personal gains from this

“He told us to ‘Pray that Allah Almighty may show you the right path.’ ” Daniyal sahib says “These things had a great effect on me “and Imam sahib instructed us to gather information about the Jama’at.

“So I began researching about Prophet Jesus (as) on the Internet “and found some Jama’at videos in the French language that were about death of Jesus (as). “Similarly, on YouTube I was able to find the French translation

“of the actual sermon delivered by Huzoor (aba) about Prophet Jesus (as). “After this I took the Oath of Allegiance.” Ameer sahib writes “I established contact between our Missionary In Charge “and this Imam in Mayotte and Jama’at literature was mailed to him.

“By the Grace of Allah, that Imam took the Oath of Allegiance and entered the Jama’at along with 70 people.” The message of Islam was propagated to this tiny Island from thousands of miles away. This is undoubtedly Allah Almighty’s favour that was bestowed upon us through MTA.

What sort of impact do books have on non-Muslims? Missionary from Congo Brazzaville writes “Whilst narrating his incident of taking the Bai’at, “a new convert named Ambima sahib says ‘I visited my younger brother one day and saw a book there

“entitled ‘The True Story of Jesus (as)’.” He says “I borrowed that book from him to read. “I mentioned this book to my Pastor who said ‘One should not read such random books ‘without contemplating about it because such things can cause one to lose faith.’

“However, reading that book opened my eyes “and I realised that our pastors conceal a lot of things from us. “I read that book for a second time and confirmed the references with the Bible.

“I got in touch with my brother who had already joined the Jama’at and enquired ‘Where did you find this book and who are these people?’ “He said ‘This book is written by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

‘and in a few days I will be traveling to their headquarters where Jalsa Germany will take place. ‘You should join me and we can listen to the Jalsa proceedings together and you can see these people yourself and ask questions about Islam.’

“Hence, we went to the mission house and witnessed the environment of Jalsa Germany. “I heard your addresses and was completely transformed after that “and I took the Oath of Allegiance during Jalsa Germany by the Grace of Allah Almighty.”

He says that “I am very happy and now I feel that the purpose of my life has been fulfilled.” People also experience significant transformation after taking the Oath of Allegiance. Zaheer Wahid sahib, a new convert from Uzbekistan, says “My way of offering prayers changed

“after understanding the Promised Messiah’s (as) commentary of Surah Al-Fatihah. “I was never able to achieve what I am able to attain now when offering prayers. “The commentary of the Hadith which elaborates “on the meaning of the word ‘Ihsaan’ has benefited me particularly.

“I was not able to comprehend its meaning before.” A missionary from Kosovo writes “New converts to Ahmadiyyat are advancing in sincerity and sacrifice on a daily basis. “A friend named Nazir Bahalay sahib looks over an important department in the city and after

“accepting Ahmadiyyat he spends his night and day serving the Jama’at despite his other commitments. “He is ever ready for any programme pertaining “to propagating the message of Islam or something to do with moral training.

“He is always ready to do Waqf-e-Aarzi and visit his neighbouring country. “Many new tabligh contacts have been established through him. “Once he took part in a Tabligh programme despite being severely sick.

“When he experience a lot of weakness during this programme, he went home to his wife, “who is a nurse, and asked her to set up an intravenous drip for him and upon feeling better

“he stubbornly returned to the programme saying ‘it is Tablighi programme and I must take part in it.’ “So he returned and stayed busy with this programme until late night.” So this is the passion these new converts have for doing Tabligh.

Ibrahim sahib, missionary from Congo Brazzaville writes “A village chief said ‘My son-in-law’s behaviour towards me was not appropriate. ‘Every evening he would be drunk and use foul language and would abuse me verbally. ‘However, I have noticed that after accepting Islam and Ahmadiyyat,

‘he has stopped drinking and using foul language. This is very astonishing for me.’ ” These are the transformations that Allah Almighty brings about in the new converts. A new convert member from Burkina Faso writes:

“When I was a non-Ahmadi I faced many difficulties and was engulfed in several issues. “I would be blessed with a child, however, it would pass away quickly. “I would visit the elder leaders and mendicants, some of whom would tell me to buy a goat,

“whereas others would tell me to buy a chicken and slaughter them where the idols were kept, “and this was to remove my hardships.” He further writes: “When I heard the message of the Ahmadiyya Community I was moved by it “and as a result I joined the Community.

“The money I once would offer to the Maulvis [religious clerics], “I would now give as Chanda [obligatory contribution]. “I witnessed that God Almighty removed all my hardships “and also granted me with healthy children who survived.”

When the Maulvis noticed that he has stopped visiting them and had accepted Ahmadiyyat, they enquired: “why have you abandoned the religion of your father and forefathers?” He says: “I informed them that I am very content. “God Almighty has granted me children that have survived,

“I pay my Chanda and God Almighty gives me double in return. “This is all due to the blessings of the Ahmadiyya Community. “He has completely altered my situation. Whatever work I wish to complete is fulfilled.

“It is for this reason that God Almighty has shown me this path “and the path of my father and forefathers was one of misguidance.” Radio has been a useful tool in achieving bai’ats. A missionary from Benin writes: “In a village in my region,

“a Christian gentleman by the name Sowi Jorafan, “rung into our radio program and asked about the second coming of prophet Jesus (as). “He also extended an invitation to us to meet. “Hence when we met him at a later date we answered his question

“by presenting reasons through logic and also from the Bible. “By the Grace of Allah, he was convinced and stated that “the Ahmadiyya view point on this matter is correct. “He also agreed that prophet Jesus (as) was merely a prophet of God

“and his second coming has been fulfilled in the form of the Promised Messiah (as). “He understood the matter and accepted Ahmadiyyat. “Having spoken to the aforementioned gentlemen “he explained that he listened to our radio show regularly “and that on Mondays and Thursdays,

“he would leave work and come home especially for the programme at its broadcast time.” If one is curious about finding the truth, then God Almighty guides that individual, just as He has decreed. Ghalib Sahib, the missionary from Bolivia writes:

“William Shaheen, a priest belonging to the Jehova’s Witnesses denomination, “had been a resident of Bolivia for the past three years. “He was originally from Lebanon and was a Christian by birth.

“I wished to increase my knowledge about this Christian sect and set up a meeting with him. “When we met for the first time, instead of informing me about his sect, “he began questioning me about Islam and Ahmadiyyat.

“Consequently I presented the teachings of the Jamaat to him “speaking at length about prophet Jesus (as). “I invited him to attend the Friday Prayer services, “after which he began to attend the Friday prayers service regularly.

“After every Friday Prayers we would have a detailed discussion. “Mr William was worried that were he to accept Ahmadiyyat, “his parents as well as the church would oppose him. Consequently he would have to find a new job.

“However, at the same time he would give great importance to finding the truth. “The aforementioned gentlemen was fluent in Arabic “and as a result he began studying the books of the Jamaat in Arabic online.

“After studying these books he said: ‘I had been in search for the truth for a long time. ” ‘But now I have found it.’ Hence, without worrying about any opposition or his employment, “he joined the community after one of the Friday Prayer services.”

Whether a person performs the Bai’at or not, the message of Ahmadiyyat certainly influences other people. Kamran Mubashar Sahib from Australia writes: “We would spread the message of Ahmadiyyat by going door to door.

“We knocked on one of the doors and a man rushed out in such a ferocious manner “that it seemed as if he would attack us.” The missionary continues by saying: “In this fit of rage he said:

‘ever since you Muslims have entered into our country, you have destroyed the peace. ‘You all should leave our country. ‘You neither wish to integrate with us nor will you ever try to.’ “When he finished speaking I said to him that he is correct

“in that certain Muslim terrorists are tarnishing the image of Islam. “However our motto is ‘Love for All, Hatred for None’. “Wherever the Jamaat is established in the world, the members of the community integrate, “our children also play in local football clubs.

“I myself am new here and already have become a member of the [local] library.” Nevertheless, a lengthy discussion then ensued. “That very individual who was enraged and seemed likely to strike became happy and said:

” ‘I would like to take a picture with you.” In the end the missionary states: “I invited him to the mission house, which he accepted whole heartedly. “It is due to the Grace of Allah that He Himself

“opens the hearts of the people towards the message of Islam.” In one of my previous sermons I mentioned that asylum seekers should also spend time in preaching the message. One such individual who had applied for asylum in Germany mentioned about his case.

He writes: “A judge received my file protocol. “He asked me whether I partake in leaflet distribution for my community, “to which I replied in the affirmative. “The Judge asked in which area I distribute leaflets.

“I named a few of the places that I had distributed leaflets. “The judge said: ‘that is fine, I also received a flyer in such and such place. “You can go as your case has been accepted.”

In this manner performing tabligh became the means of him winning the case. Then, Kamran Mubasher sahib, a missionary in Australia has mentioned another incident. He writes: “Some of our members of Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya [youths] “are hesitant in taking part in certain activities”

Over here [in the UK] the public have become aware of the Ahmadiyya Community to such an extent that this hesitation in our youths here has been removed. However, in some places this is not the case.

He further writes: “A tablighi program was organised with Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya Australia, “in which the youth members were told to wear T-shirts bearing information of the Jamaat “and then to preach the message to the public.

“One khadim [youth member] approached me and said that he feels embarrassed by wearing T-shirts “with the name of the Jamaat.” He then writes: “I explained to him that

“this will be the very reason why people will come up to us. You should wear it and see the outcome. “Hence, due to the Grace of Allah the Almighty, this came true “and as soon as our youth members went out, people began to take pictures with us,

“we gave various interviews and had the chance to spread the message. “Afterwards that same youth said: ‘Initially I was embarrassed “to wear the T-shirt with the name of the Jamaat, “however, I now know that all the blessings are with staying attached with the Jamaat.”

Thus, through tabligh, God Almighty provides the means of reforming our youth. Allah the Almighty revealed the following words to the Promised Messiah (as) [Arabic: The time is near when you will be helped and your name will be exalted among people.]

Whilst elaborating upon this the Promised Messiah (as) says: ” ‘The time is nigh when you will be helped and your name will be exalted among people’. This is what this revelation means.” Allah Almighty revealed these words

to the Promised Messiah (as) for the very first time in 1883 and this revelation was repeated twice afterwards when no one knew the Promised Messiah (as). The Promised Messiah (as) says “Can this work be carried out or enacted by a mere human?

“Absolutely not! Only Allah Almighty can do such a thing that first He informs about an event, “only He has knowledge of the unseen, and only He can reveal any news.” The Promised Messiah (as) says “This sign is fulfilled every single day”

that people are being introduced to the Promised Messiah and people are taking his Bai’at. The Promised Messiah (as) also said “Allah Almighty gives the glad-tiding that ‘A time will come for you when you will become well known in the world.’

This is taking place at this time. We are witnessing this today. By the Grace of Allah Almighty, the name of the Promised Messiah (as), the name of the Jama’at, the name of Islam are all spreading in the world.

A voice that was raised from a far off land has reached countless countries of the world. It has reached 210 countries worldwide. With reference to the number of countries where Ahmadiyyat has been established,

I would like to say that some people think that the Jama’at exaggerates these numbers. The number of countries in the world is not as much as we claim to be in the Jama’at because there are only about 190 to 195 countries in the UN membership.

There is no doubt that the number of countries in the UN membership is correct but the number of countries around the world is approximately 220. This was mentioned in BBC in reference to a game that was being televised.

They said that this match will be watched in 220 countries of the world. So to give reference of the UN membership and to stay and think that the Jama’at exaggerates the numbers and invents new numbers of countries is incorrect.

Our youth should rid themselves of such thought. May Allah Almighty enable us to spread this message, the message that Allah Almighty has instructed us to spread through the Promised Messiah (as). All praise is due to Allah.

We laud Him, we beseech help from Him and ask His protection; we confide in Him, we trust Him alone and we seek protection against the evils and mischief of our souls and from the bad results of our deeds.

Whomsoever He guides on the right path, none can misguide him; and whosoever He declares misled, none can guide him onto the right path. And we bear witness that none deserves to be worshipped except Allah. We bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and Messenger.

O servants of Allah! May Allah be merciful to you. Verily, Allah commands you to act with justice, to confer benefits upon each other and to do good to others as one does to one ‘s kindred and forbids evil which pertain to your own selves

and evils which affect others and prohibits revolts against a lawful authority. He warns you against being unmindful. You remember Allah; He too will remember you; call Him and He will make a response to your call. And verily divine remembrance is the highest virtue.

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