Ahmadi Muslim VideoTube Friday Sermon Khalifa V Friday Sermon | خطبئہِ جمعہ | June 30, 2017

Friday Sermon | خطبئہِ جمعہ | June 30, 2017

Friday Sermon – Khalifatul Masih V – Mirza Masroor Ahmad – Year 2017

Allah is the Greatest, Allah is the Greatest I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah I bear witness that Muhammad [saw] is the Messenger of Allah. Come to Prayer Come to success

Allah is the Greatest, Allah is the Greatest. There is none worthy of worship except Allah. Peace and blessing of Allah be upon you I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah

and I bear witness that Muhammad [saw] is His Servant and Messenger. After this I seek refuge with Allah from Satan, the accursed. In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful. All praise belong to Allah, Lord of all the worlds. The Gracious, the Merciful.

Master of the Day of Judgment. Thee alone do we worship and Thee alone do we implore for help. Guide us in the right path- The path of those whom Thou has bestowed Thy blessings, those who have not incurred Thy displeasure,

and those who have gone astray. Ameen The month of Ramadan comes with countless blessings and those who are able to understand its true essence partake from these blessings. I have received letters from many people and still receiving them in which people have stated that

not only did they have the opportunity to improve in their obligatory worship during these days but also had the opportunity to offer supererogatory prayers. They also had the opportunity to listen to the Dars on the Holy Quran and Ahadith

and offer the Tara veeh and Taha jjud prayers. Similarly, they have also had the opportunity to finish a complete reading of the Holy Quran. Those who have been writing to me have also stated that during these days they experienced themselves

to be in a completely different state and were able to enjoy a spiritual delight. They also stated that they were able to garner the blessings of Ramadan and have their prayers answered and were also able to increase their faith in the existence of God Almighty.

[They further stated that] to witness such wonders and to experience this condition was completely due to the grace of Allah the Almighty and not because of any quality of their own and requested prayers for themselves to ever remain in this state.

And, they requested to pray that they do not become bereft of the spiritual pleasures which Allah the Almighty has granted them owing to any kind of negligence, weakness, error, arrogance, and any unpleasant action or by not fulfilling the rights of Allah Almighty

and the rights of fellow man. Also, that they do not lose the blessings and grace of Allah the Almighty which they received in this month from Allah the Almighty and they further stated that may Allah the Almighty enable them to continue receiving these blessings.

May Allah the Almighty fulfil the desires of those who truly made an effort to acquire the blessings of Ramadan and even if there were any weaknesses or shortcomings on their part then may Allah the Almighty purely through His blessings and while overlooking

the reward those efforts and may this reward continue with them forever which He granted them out of His mercy and forgiveness during the month of Ramadan. Also, for those who attained high standards, may He continue increasing them

and for those who made even a slight effort, may He also reward their efforts and enable them to always continue progressing. However, everyone must pray for themselves as well so that their condition does not regress, rather they continue to advance.

Moreover, one should make an effort to not allow any kind of lapse or regression in the standards that they have achieved in fulfilling the rights of God and the rights of fellow man. In fact, they should not only try to remain at that level

but further strive according to their abilities and also supplicate to to Allah the Almighty that they continue to progress further. May Allah the Almighty enable us to do so. Allah the Almighty has drawn our attention towards prayer through various ways.

Where Allah the Almighty states that ‘I am near’ this does not only apply to the month of Ramadan. In fact, Allah the Almighty states that whosoever supplicates to Him while in a state of anguish and distress, Allah the Almighty answers their prayers. Allah the Almighty states:

[Arabic] “Or, Who answers the distressed person when he calls upon Him, and removes the evil?” Allah the Almighty further on states: [Arabic] “Is there a God besides Allah?” In other words, it is only Allah the Almighty Who answers the prayers of one who supplicates

while they are in state of extreme distress and alleviates their suffering. Regarding this verse [of the Holy Quran], the Promised Messiah [as] has stated: “Allah the Almighty has mentioned a sign whereby one can recognise Him and

“that is that your God is one Who listens to the prayers of those in distress.” Then, in another place Allah the Almighty states: [Arabic Text] “Pray unto Me; I will answer your prayer .”

Thus, the spiritual blessings we derived and the nearness to Allah the Almighty we attained and also the wonders we witnessed of the acceptance of our prayers can all become a permanent part of our life.

To show the wondrous signs of His acceptance of prayers and His nearness despite our shortcomings, therefore is to make us realise that we should try to establish this permanently. Allah the Almighty cannot be restricted only to the month of Ramadan wherein He will come close

and regardless of whether one performs any deed, it is only in Ramadan in which He will come close. This month or these days are simply to draw our attention because when the whole Community collectively focuses on something then even the weak are also encouraged to pay attention,

thus his proclamation is for all times: [Arabic Text] “I am always near; come and derive the pleasure of My nearness. “Since you were seeking My nearness collectively as a Community and imploring from Me, “therefore as a special favour of Mine I increase My blessings manifold.”

Otherwise, generally while drawing our attention towards prayers and the ways to increase nearness to Allah the Almighty, the Holy Prophet [saw] stated: “Our Lord is most near to man during the middle part of the night. “Therefore, if you are able to do so then most

“surely become among those who remember God in that hour.” Many people instilled the habit of offering voluntary prayers during the month of Ramadan and if they become regular in this and also pray for this and make a firm resolve

before sleeping in the night then they can permanently benefit from this nearness. When one attains the nearness of Allah the Almighty then they are in His protection and citadel. This nearness [to God] is acquired through the supplications of the night and also

through the remembrance of God Almighty and His worship in the day. While drawing our attention towards the remembrance of God Almighty, the Holy Prophet [saw] said admonishingly: “The difference between one who remembers God

“and the one who does not is like that of one who is living and one who is dead.” Thus, the provisions for the sustenance of our life have been provided throughout the year and also to attain His nearness.

The means to have our prayers accepted are available all the time. Therefore, to limit this to a few days and thereafter to not pay heed to the words of God Almighty will cause one to be become like the dead.

If we wish to attain the true essence of life then it is necessary for us to remember God in the rest of the eleven months of the year. A narration mentions that that Holy Prophet [saw] said: “I enjoin you to remember Allah the Almighty abundantly.

“The similitude of remembering Allah is like that of one who is pursued relentlessly by his enemy. “The one chased finally finds refuge in a robust fort “(and saves himself from the enemy who is about to grasp hold of him).

“In a similar way, one cannot attain salvation from Satan without engaging “in remembrance of Allah.” Thus Allah the Almighty does not give refuge and protection to man during only certain days. Rather God’s proclamation that [Arabic] “I am near” is applicable everywhere and at all times.

His robust fort of refuge is present in all places and eternally. The doors to this fort are always open to true believers to seek protection in. Ever-alert guards assigned by Allah the Almighty stand ready at these stations to halt Satan

and to save the servants of God from Satanic attacks. If to escape from an enemy, man foolishly chooses to follow a treacherous path rather than rushing towards Allah the Almighty’s fortress, it would only be his stupidity and senselessness.

It is now our duty to take all precautions to remain within this fort lest out of carelessness we end up exiting this robust fort, falling into the hands of the most evil enemy. In short, each one of us needs to give constant and

special attention to prayers and performing good deeds. This will enable us to remain permanently within the protection and refuge of Allah the Almighty. Give emphasis to supplications and remembrance of Allah.

What should the state of prayers consist of and what method of prayer should we employ? The Promised Messiah [as] explains at one place and says: “Remember that Allah the Almighty is completely self-sufficient and without need of anything.

“Prayer has to be done again and again and constantly as well as in a state of deep anguish “otherwise it will be ineffective (the condition is it has to be done repeatedly and in anguish).

“Observe the torment one endures when his wife or child falls ill or he faces a daunting court case. “A prayer devoid of true passion and empty of anguish is completely futile and redundant.” Thus, for prayers to be accepted, anguish and intense passion is the necessary prerequisite.

The Promised Messiah [as] says: “For prayers to be accepted is conditional on pain and anguish being displayed. “The prayers one makes should not be mere lip service nor superficial. “Rather one should display restlessness and anxiety when making supplications.” The Promised Messiah [as] further says:

“You should have pain and compassion in your heart for anyone you pray for.” Man prays for himself with intense passion and as the Promised Messiah [as] has said, he also prays for his close ones and his wife and children with similar intensity when they are suffering.

However, the duty of a true believer is to enlarge this personal circle to also pray for the Community, to pray for the Muslim people at large, to pray for your country, to pray to avert the perilous circumstances that are befalling the world.

In short pray in this manner with a longing that emanates from within your heart. Your prayers should not remain on the surface. The Promised Messiah [as] said on one occasion: “It is my habit that even my opponents and enemies should not be exempt from my prayers.

“The wider the scope of one’s prayers, the more benefit it will give to the supplicant. “The more one’s prayers are limited in their scope and are close-hearted, “the more one will move away from Allah the Almighty.”

Thus, one method of attaining closeness to God is to not limit your prayers to only being personal and individual, rather your circle of prayers should be expanded. Today’s society and world are drawn so close together that praying for others will actually benefit one’s own person.

In other words in addition to the blessings received from God and the benefit derived from it, one also gains worldly benefits because every person has an apparent effect on the other. And so first of all in your regular prayers pray for the Community.

This is a duty of every Ahmadi to include in his or her supplications the Community as a whole. Everyone is familiar with the predicament of the Community in Pakistan. There are frequent incidents of government officials and Maulvies [religious clerics]

instigating cases or causing trouble against Ahmadis. May Allah the Almighty protect every Pakistani Ahmadi from their mischief. In the political situation in the country, the government is trying to divert attention away from itself.

To do so, they may try to cause loss or harm to minorities or weaker groups through certain means, through groups or people and through attacks. After instigating such acts the government, in the name of establishing law and order, forms stricter

laws so that they can rule according to their whims and to strengthen their seat of power. This is what is emerging from media reports in Pakistan currently. What the reality is in this regard, God knows better,

however such conniving schemes have been implemented by governments in the past and so there is a need to pray especially. Ahmadis living in Pakistan should make special prayers for themselves.

I have said many times before that the passion that should be shown in prayers is missing and thus give attention to this. As far as any efforts or actions are concerned separate to prayers, we have never taken the law in our hands

or taken revenge in the past and nor will we ever in the future. It is the weapon of prayers that we always utilise. Allah continues to save and protect the Community from those who scheme to eliminate it.

God Willing, Allah the Almighty will safeguard the Community in future also. In fact, God Willing , the Community will march towards progress at an even faster rate than before. There is similarly measures being taken against the Algerian Community under an organised scheme.

However, apart from rare exceptions, all Ahmadis are completely firm upon their faith. They write to me that “do not worry as we are prepared to offer every form of sacrifice.” In fact one person wrote to me that “You cite that we are a new Community.

“Indeed, the Community here has been established for the last ten years. “However, our history of offering sacrifices runs back much longer. “And so as we have made sacrifices before, “how can it be that we stop giving sacrifices having accepted the truth.”

The government there fail to understand the nature of these people who neither retaliate strongly and nor falter in their faith. Men, women, all are ready to accept punishments however they are not ready to give up their faith.

All of this is because Ahmadis possess the weapon of prayers and believe firmly in the blessings and bounties of Allah the Almighty. They believe that one day this period of trial will come to an end and God Almighty will indeed listen to our prayers.

We prostrate before that God, Who is All-Powerful. He is an indestructible pillar and whosoever holds onto Him, He becomes their pillar and saviour. The honour and majesty of our God overpowers any kingdom or government. He is the Independent and Besought of all.

These worldly powers and governments do not even equate to an insignificant ant in comparison. Thus, if our Lord is of such power and glory, then we have no reason to fear. Indeed, trials are inevitable and we need to offer sacrifices, however, eventually only those who

side with God Almighty will be victorious. The history of the Ahmadiyya Community bears testimony to the fact that on every occasion God Almighty has protected the Community, whilst at the same time frustrating the plans of the enemy.

Thus, if we are in need of anything, then that is only to seek protection under the formidable fortress of God Almighty by not only continuing with our prayers and remembrance [of Him], rather we must increase our efforts in this regard.

As I mentioned earlier, it is the responsibility of every Ahmadi residing in Pakistan to focus on prayers. As for those who believe that they are safe from any immediate danger and as a result of this they

have become negligent in their prayers by not paying full attention towards them, they should also remember that they too can undergo a trial or hardship at any time. In order to safeguard their faith they will have to seek the shelter of God Almighty.

Therefore, before a situation of this sort arises one should focus their attention towards prayers. With respect to the acceptance of prayer, as I mentioned previously, if at this time an individual is making use of the comforts and luxuries of this world,

even then they should pray in anguish for their fellow Ahmadi who is facing difficulty and hardships. May Allah the Almighty remove the trials they are facing due to their faith, as well as any personal afflictions.

As I have already mentioned, praying for other people in turn removes one’s own afflictions. The people living outside these countries; in Europe and other developed countries should not consider themselves safe from this. The wave of anti-Islamic sentiments that is sweeping across the western

and developed countries will also influence some Ahmadis no matter how much we distance ourselves from actions of other Muslims; stating that we follow the peaceful teachings of Islam, which are of love and affection. Not everyone is aware of who we are

and what was the purpose of the advent of the Promised Messiah [as]. Therefore, we must spread the message of the Promised Messiah [as] to every single person, explaining to them what his mission was. People who retaliate do so blindly

and there have been incidents here in the past and are taking place now. Anti-Islamic organisations as well as nationalists are taking action to harm Muslims and people of other nations. In fact, one Ahmadi has written to me saying that “previously my manager

“was very pleased with my work and would always praise me. “In addition to this he was impressed with my morals and etiquettes. “However, after some time his demeanour changed and he began to oppose Muslims,

“hence he also turned against me also and wished to remove me from the job.” Thus, it is incidents like these that slowly increase further if they are not dealt with at the right time. However, aside from prayer there is solution to this.

Without forging a strong connection with Allah Almighty, no one can save themselves from this predicament. If God Almighty has openly declared: “should you come towards Me with sincerity, I will accept your prayers and supplications”

– then we must use all our abilities in order to adopt this method. Therefore, when one exhausts all their efforts and endeavours, then without the help of God Almighty – the being who is Oft-Returning with compassion – it will be difficult to survive.

We cannot remove these afflictions and trials without His help. Furthermore, it is not only the question of the Muslims or Ahmadis, rather the situation of the entire world is changing and due to displeasing God Almighty it is heading towards its own destruction.

Currently the major powers are instigating Muslims to fight amongst themselves. As I have been mentioning for several years now, the Muslims are playing into their hands and their own thoughtlessness is leading to their strength diminishing.

The progress of the Muslim countries has been set back several decades. At this point in time, the strategies of the USA seem extremely dangerous. In Syria the foundations for war are being laid and this will only increase.

The situation in Syria is being created to the effect that it will cause Iran to intervene in Syria directly. In such a predicament Iran may send in ground forces and this would lead to the USA and Israel

initiating direct conflict with Iran out of enmity, which could spark a war. Unfortunately, the Government of Saudi Arabia would also support them. This seems to be the apparent scenario that would play out as the ploy to weaken the Muslim

countries borne of the hatred and rancour for Islam, is being executed very shrewdly. [Western] powers are working meticulously towards this and will continue do so in the future. However, this will not remain an isolated war.

Russia would also openly enter the war in order to assist the opposing side, to which they have hinted on different occasions. This could subsequently take the shape of a world war and this is what analysts are beginning to say.

As I have said previously, a war will push back the progress of any Muslim country that has advanced in overall development by several decades. Some countries have already have faced such repercussions and have been set back by decades,

but others will follow and ultimately it will be the Muslims who will suffer loss. Qatar is presently faced with a similar plight. This is another ploy to create conflict and discord between Muslims. Rather than eliminating terrorism, the only thing apparent is sectarian differences.

A resentment has developed in an attempt to gain ascendency in wealth and resources and to keep [Qatar] subservient. Initially the USA told Saudi Arabia they were free to impose sanctions on Qatar. This is more or less what was been reported in the media

that after the President of the United States visited and gave the go ahead, these measures against Qatar were then taken. Now after all of this has been implemented the US Government has said that the conditions for peace set by Saudi Arabia are too strict

and that they should be more lenient; all the while trying to subdue Qatar under their control and to show that they are completely neutral. The Muslim countries are failing to understand that a conspiracy is being contrived against them,

or rather a conspiracy against Islam, which they must protect themselves from. However, the sparks of war may erupt not only out of the Middle East or Muslim countries. On a daily basis, the tensions between the USA and [North] Korea continue to increase.

Experts and analysts assessing global affairs openly comment that a devastating war may be the result of a small intervention with weapons by the USA,or any stern action or measures taken by them; or if North Korea decide to use weapons albeit only for intimidating.

Thus, the situation of the world is extremely perilous. Although China is allied with North Korea, assessing the gravity of the situation and understanding the horrific repercussions of a world war, they are trying to make Korea and the USA understand this perilous situation.

Furthermore there is the matter of new inventions. The computer has played a vital role in easing communication between people, maintaining records and assisting in economic and other departments. It has taken over the role of many things.

However, this very invention could be the cause of a World War. Presently, whether it is specific to one country or the entire world, there is a wave of cyber-attacks taking place. Here too the NHS organisation was left in disarray, as well as airport systems.

These cyber-attacks can be used as a tool in the war and can play a devastating role in providing a spark for a war and cause terrible destruction. Furthermore, a representative of NATO has clearly stated that

“if even one cyber-attack takes place against NATO or anywhere in the world in this fragile time, “it could result in devastating war. “Therefore, we cannot endure anymore [cyber] attacks.” This is the warning they issued. Hence, the world is paving the way for its own destruction.

People think that the advancement of the world and the progress of worldly people is the guarantee of their safety, whereas it can be the means of their destruction. Then there are the worldly people and the worldly heads of government

who have become completely oblivious due to their vested interests. Especially when the head of the world’s seemingly most powerful country, who whilst sitting in his own sphere makes empty claims and thinks that the world will run according to his will,

then these ideas will only worsen the situation. One thing is clear that due to sheer arrogance and out of his hate for his enemies and the Muslims, he is determined to wipe out the Muslims.

He is hell-bent on destroying his enemies, whoever they may be, and remains unmindful of the fact that he too will not be safe from the dreadful consequences of the situation of the world that has arisen due to several factors.

It is misfortune for the Muslims that the Sovereigns of the place which is the centre of Islam are also dishonest and merely for the benefit of their vested interests and to establish their authority over their land they are weakening Islam

by falling victim to the hands of Non-Muslims. As I have mentioned earlier, this is the state of the Saudi government. The leaders of Muslim countries also committed atrocities against their own people and as a result they have turned the majority of their citizens against themselves.

Then to further strengthen their rule, the governments are increasing in their oppression and tyranny. This is situation in Syria, in Iraq and in other countries up to a certain extent and believe that this is how they will solve their issues.

However, they fail to comprehend that the solution lies in the directive of the Holy Prophet [saw] and that is to believe in the Promised Messiah and Imam Mahdi. We Ahmadis are helpless. We have neither power nor wealth or any authority in government.

However, we are fortunate that in accordance with the instructions of the Holy Prophet [saw] we have accepted the awaited Messiah and Mahdi, with whom now the peace of the world is linked.

And this will happen by acting on the instructions given by the Promised Messiah [as]. If the world can be saved from war and obliteration, it is only through a single means; that is the fervent prayers of each and every Ahmadi to save humanity from these destructions.

On one occasion the Holy Prophet [saw] said that prayers can be effective in protecting one from trials that have befallen anyone, and also from those which are yet to come. The Holy Prophet [saw] said: “O servants of Allah! Make prayer incumbent upon yourselves.”

Therefore, in accordance with the instruction of the Holy Prophet [saw] we must make prayer incumbent upon ourselves. Today it is the duty of every Ahmadi to feel the pain and suffering of mankind and pray for them; (we should) anticipate the impending trials and

tribulations that are yet to come or have not befallen them yet or some which they do not perceive. Governments and one section of society are committing acts for their own interests; there are hundreds of thousands of innocent people living in these countries who are completely

unaware of what is going to happen to them and what is happening to them at present. They are harmless and innocent, so it is our duty to pray for them. Worldly people who, as I have mentioned, think that they will be safe from these effects by

staying in their earthly sieges, yet they do not comprehend that these disasters and destructions are fast approaching. Today it is the duty of the servants of the Promised Messiah [as] to not only pray for

themselves for God Almighty to keep them firm in their faith – to pay more attention to their relationship with Him and to their prayers and to remove their worries and troubles – but to also pray for the Muslim Ummah for God Almighty to

grant them enough understanding to realise their station and their responsibilities and not to fall in the hands of the enemies of Islam. And to accept the Messenger of Allah sent for their peace and advancement. Similarly, pray ardently for mankind to be protected from destruction

and in order to avoid a war. Prayer and alms remove difficulties. If the world moves towards reformation, then these wars can be avoided. We would not be happy if the world had to became destructed in order to bring people to their senses;

making them serve Allah the Almighty and accept the Messiah [as]. Instead we would be happy, and we endeavour and pray for God not to bring destruction on anyone due to their misdeeds and that the entire world comes to its senses in

order for it to be saved from a terrible end. It is the duty of the followers of the Promised Messiah [as] to make this message known, that by holding firm to the Promised Messiah [as] one can remain in the circle of protection;

in fact it is only through holding firm to him that this can be possible, but it is also our duty to pray for them with the certainty that through our prayers, God-willing, they will attain guidance and that God will save

them from falling in the pits of destruction. May Allah enable us to complete this mission of ours which was brought by the Promised Messiah[as] which is to bring the world under the banner of the Holy Prophet [saw], and in order to do this

we must utilise all our faculties and bring our full efforts into practical form. We must push our prayers to the summit as the victory of the Promised Messiah [as] will be through prayers. The Promised Messiah [as] was bestowed the weapon of prayer.

So as I have already said, even after Ramadan we must continue to strengthen our connection with God and excel in our prayers and worships. May Allah enable us to do so. The Promised Messiah [as] states: “Prayer is a great treasure and strength.

“The Holy Quran has repeatedly communicated this “and informed us of those who attained salvation from difficulties through their prayers. “The fountainhead of the lives of all the prophets “and the root to all their success was indeed prayer.

“Therefore my advice to you is to continue praying so that you may improve “the strength of your faith and deeds. “Through prayers such a change comes about through which, “with the grace of God you will have a prosperous end.”

May Allah grant us all a prosperous end and never allow us to fall in the hands of Satan and may He enable us to live our lives according to the commands of Allah and His messenger. All praise is due to Allah

We laud Him, we beseech help from Him and ask His protection we confide in Him, we trust Him alone and we seek protection against the evils and mischief of our souls and from the bad results of our deeds.

Whomsoever He guides on the right path, none can misguide him; and whosoever He declares misled, none can guide him onto the right path. And we bare witness that none deserves to be worshipped except Allah. We bear witness that Muhammad [saw] is His servant and Messenger.

O servants of Allah! May Allah be merciful to you. Verily, Allah commands you to act with justice, to confer benefits upon each other and to do goods to others as one does to one’s kindred and forbids evil which pertain to your own selves

and evils which affect others and prohibits revolts against a lawful authority. He warns you against being unmindful. You remember Allah; He too will remember you; call Him and He will make a response to your call and verily divine remembrance is the highest virtue.

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