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Foreign Foreign Age of Islam a program where we discuss the Life and Legacy left behind by our Master the holy prophet Muhammad May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him in the previous episode we looked at the terrible and inhumane boycott leveled by the quraish in an attempt to stop the

Spread of Islam and they besieged the the Muslims the Banu Hashim and the monument in a valley called the valley of Abu Talib for approximately two and a half to three years in today’s episode we will look at a very interesting phenomenon that took place in those in

The time of the boycott known as the and joining me for today’s episode in the studios is who is a missionary serving in the additional office here in the UK and joining me on Skype will be Adam Walker who is serving as director MTA online assalamualaikum to both of you gentlemen

Welcome again to the Golden Age of Islam I asked we discussed about the the boycott in the previous um episode whilst the Muslim was still there this this miracle known as and it took place and this is something which um lot of there’s a lot of debate about

What was it was it a physical event was it a spiritual event um what what is the ahmedia viewpoint on this is an Arabic term which literally means the splitting of the Moon and as you mentioned this was a miracle that was shown um by the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi

Wasallam and through this miracle Allah the almighty established the truthfulness of the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam and in a way it was a prophecy of what was to come in the near future and this is recorded in the Holy Quran as well where Allah the almighty says

That a Time the hour is near that the time has drawn near one and the moon has been rent asunder and so the question is that we know the incident the moon was split into two in the ahadis there is also mentioned that when the meccans asked the holy

Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam for a sign he in made an indication towards the moon and the moon could be seen on once one half could be seen on this side of the Hira mountain and one side on the other so now the question is was this a

Physical did this actually take place in reality was this a vision which was shown to all of the people around the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam what was it and both possibilities are there the promised Messiah the founder of the ahmadiya Muslim Community has very categorically stated that there are

Countless phenomena which take place in the world around us some of them seem impossible but you or I nobody can claim that we know all of the laws of nature people are very quick to raise objections and say this is not possible because this is against the law of

Nature and the promised Messiah salaam says that do you have a list of all of the laws of nature does Allah the almighty not have certain laws of nature which you are not aware of so it’s possible that things can take place in reality which are seemingly against the

Law of nature but that’s just because we haven’t discovered them yet that’s one possibility the other possibility is that it was a spiritual experience a vision which was shown to all of the people around the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam and that is also a perfectly uh reasonable

Explanation both are there in fact they were both of the opinion that it was a a spiritual experience of vision yeah yeah absolutely so what was the purpose of this this miracle then well um the the tabiroya which is a science in uh Islamic um in you know in the in Islam in

General uh is that um there are interpretations of Dreams certain things are symbolic for certain things and the moon has always been symbolic for Authority or power or kingship or rain so to speak so there is a a Hadith in which hazrat safiyah who later became a wife of the holy

Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam who was the daughter of very famous Jewish Chieftain she saw a dream that the moon has fallen into her lap and her father at that time interpreted that to me that she would marry the Arab King an Arab King and who was a greater King than the spiritual

King of the whole world the prophet of Islam similarly um there is a mention that has an eyeshadow of the Allah and I saw that three moons have fallen into her Chambers and what that was later history demonstrates that what that meant was that in her quarters where she used to

Live the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam was buried then who was buried and hazrat um who was buried so all of these people were holy men who were leaders of their time in a way they were spiritual Kings and they also had secular Authority as well at

The time so what this meant was that the moon was breaking into two that Allah the almighty was saying the hour has come near now that the rule and the authority which the Arabs and the meccans in particular enjoy that will be rent asunder and a new form of

Leadership which is a spiritual leadership of the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam would be established and you are busy opposing the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi Islam you may besiege him here in the Italian but a time will come when he will be in power and Allah the almighty will make

Him the ruler and the king of not only Arabia but the whole world and interesting enough well it’s not the the moon and being disappeared or it has um or has a you know rent asunder has been has happened before in history as well everyone has access to the internet

If anyone types in Google even Moon disappearance 11 10 uh they’ll come up with a list of websites which all mention a very strange phenomena which took place in 1110 CE and it was when it’s recorded by a traveler who was walking in the day in in the night and

He said it was a bright starry night there were no clouds seen and suddenly the moon just disappeared no orb no light at all and it wasn’t an eclipse and scientists now in in you know in the late 21st century they now say that they don’t know exactly what which volcano

Caused it but what happened was two years earlier in 1108 um there was a series of volcanic eruptions which caused volcanic ash to to somehow Cloud the moon and that’s why I despair and I’ll read you just a quick um from one of these website which says

That so who or rather which volcano is to blame for The Disappearance of the Moon scientists don’t give a clear answer to that question they simply say closely spaced volcanic eruptions that occurred between 1108 and 1110 produced a dust Veil which hit the moon so these sorts of phenomena it just demonstrates

That sometimes you don’t know which law of nature is in play and I mean it’s possible that sometimes meteors can fall in certain places it’s possible that there was some sort of an eruption on the surface of the Moon at that time which made it appear as if the moon had

Broken to sometimes meteors fall in certain places which give you an optical illusion of what is happening so the miracle hazrat miyazab has mentioned a very important philosophy he says that Miracles are not against the law of nature Miracles are Miracles because they are Dem they are manifested at a

Time when Allah Almighty and His prophets of God are are demonstrating something to the people who oppose them and at that time they asked for a sign the prophet of Islam showed them a sign at that time brilliant that’s brilliant you know for that Adam’s uh we were discussing the the government incident

Which took place in the valley of Abu Talib when the Muslims were still under siege um and as you quite rightly mentioned in the last program that the the boycott came to an end despite it being a time to Rejoice we see that this was a quite

A difficult time for the holy prophet on a personal level as well yeah I mean it was uh trouble sometimes such a sad time um so the the boycott finishes as we discussed in the last episode and um you know and that came with all of that that tribulation

Um and then not too long after that um when they returned from the uh the valley of uh Abu dhalib um two people that are so dear to the prophet saws pass away one after the other first at the age of 80 years passed away

Um and you know he began to to to to fall to fall ill um and uh and as he was falling ill different people were visiting him the prophet saws used to visit him a lot um he cared much for him for him for well-being for his welfare

And and he would he would visit him often and one time when the prophet saws went to visit him um he was uh he was sat with uh they were all sat with him with some of the uh decoration the among them was abujah and the prophet saws he came quite

Passionately to to encourage his um to to um to recite the shahada and to die upon the shahada um and what I have thought about it you know was obviously didn’t want that to happen and he said to him you know would you would you uh abandon the religion of uh Abdullah

And he thought about it for a while and then he said I’ll I’ll uh I’ll die upon the religion of Abdullah which itself must have been a very um a very um painful thing for the prophet salallahu to have heard and um you know there’s another race in the narration which is um

Um in which it said that Abu Talib delivered a speech to the um to the quraish and in that speech he he identified lots and lots of different characteristics of the Prophet wasallam that were just um preeminent Khadijah also passed away right after or a few a short while between

Yep I mean she she passed away um uh not not too long after that she was age 65 so 80 years and 65 years um and uh and and she you know I mean just just finishing on that last point when it comes you know um the the thing the the one um

Characteristic I was gonna say really came out most of all was truthfulness that this is what highlighted and even orientalist in the modern era have have really picked up on you know upon that and said that um that there’s no way that Abu dhali would have remained um so so attached to

A deceiver had the prophet saws and being being such a person but with how the tradija um again a very painful time because the she was so dear to the heart of the Prophet saws the prophet holy prophet saws used to speak so kindly and and lovingly about her that

Even how that is to say to the prophet saws was she sort of the only woman in the world and and and the prophet saws said that you know that she was among the greatest of the women of her of her era and he highlighted the wonderful characteristics that she had in her

Personality and um and he would become very emotional um you know when uh he would see the family of Hadith when he would think of her um she was clearly someone that just you know and I think you know if we even go back to the beginning of the story of

This series to uh uh you know to the beginning of Revelation what not we we see that the journey was a long one um and um and yeah in in that regard it was it was an extremely painful time and in many ways it’s been suggested that perhaps it was the boycott

Um and and and and that strength of Iman with Khadijah um that had uh that had led her to be so strong even though she was you know unwell um and then it was after that was settled um that she passed away and with Abu Bali because of the love that he had

With the prophet saws that after um you know there was that sense of comfort um that he that you know he passed away after you know then and he said to the quresh please don’t disturb this uh you know he’s a truthful person and don’t disturb him don’t cause him any trouble

In fact this year was actually known as like the year of grief because I guess two very close um people uh in the life of the holy prophet passed away and in fact it’s interesting to note that um mentions that no funeral prayer for the Khadijah was offered because at the time there

Was no Islamic injunction but the holy prophet himself lowered her into the grave it was a really beautiful narration that and it’s such a um an intimate account as well 25 years they spent together as husband and wife and if someone reads through these chapters you’ll know how much love the

Holy prophet had for her and how much love um she had for him and this was a perfect example of how everyone can spend um their married lives um viewers we are coming to that part of the program where we take um go to an external panelist and see what they have

To say on a very important matter and that was just as Adam Saleh mentioned had passed away as a Khadijah had passed away what were the the treatment of the quraish after Abu dhalib passed away who was his Guardian in many ways and we will go to New Zealand to mussense for

This question yes absolutely so after the demise of Hazard and Abu Talib the adversity faced by the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam increased manifold and the quresh of Makkah became Boulder towards the person of the holy prophet salallahu began to inflict severe hardship upon him once the holy prophet saw Allah was

Walking on his way when an ill-behaved person publicly threw filth upon the head of the Holy prophets of Allah the prophet returned home in this state and when one of his daughters saw this she quickly fetched some water washed his head and began to weep bitterly the holy prophet sallallahu calmed her

And said daughter weep not for Allah shall himself protect your father and all of these difficulties shall pass then at another instance the holy prophet saw Allah was in prostration before Allah Almighty in the courtyard of the Gaba where a few Chieftains of the quresh were gathered as well Abu jahil said

At this time if someone can muster the courage throw the uterus of a camel upon Muhammad hence stood up and through the uterus of a slaughtered camel full of blood and filth upon the back of the holy prophet salallahu all of them burst into laughter when the daughter of the Holy prophets

Learned of this she came running and removed this burden from her father’s shoulders it is only then that the holy prophet salallahu was able to lift his head from the prostration interestingly it’s narrated that once the holy prophet salallahu alaihi wasallam called upon The Chieftains of

The quresh by name who were adamant on erasing and humiliating Islam and prayed against them seeking a verdict from Allah and the narrator of this narration says that then I saw all of these people killed on the day of Badr at the hands of the Muslims polluting the air in the

Valley of Badr which is from New Zealand for that very eloquent answer I asked we mentioned earlier that Khadijah lasted 25 years and that was his only wife at the time um but now that she has passed away as companion um in order to you know and further

Enhance the the mission of the holy prophet it was necessary that he would marry again and um and that this is a time where even his his near relatives were proposing different marriages yes yes absolutely Zafir um for especially for a law-bearing prophet it’s important marriage is important because not only does the

Prophet show a wonderful example of how to live a domestic life how to live a married life but also because there are various teachings of Allah Almighty which are specific to the women of the community and so the manner in which wives of the Prophet facilitate the uh

The distribution and the teaching of that knowledge um is is important the wives play a very active role in that so after the demise of hazrat Khadijah whom the holy prophet sallallahu loved and respected it was natural for him to think about his mission and the responsibilities

That he had to fulfill to the women and so he thought about marriage and he prayed to Allah the almighty and it is narrated that um he saw a vision or a dream in which Angel Gabriel alaihissalam came to the prophet of Islam and showed him a

Picture of a green a picture on a green silk handkerchief and he said that this is your wife in this world and in the next and the picture on that silk green handkerchief was the picture of hazrat Aisha radial who was the daughter of and so during that time also

Um the wife of Usman also came and she also proposed that oh messenger of Allah you should think about marriage and he said well who should I marry and she said if there is if you’re looking for an unmarried girl then that is Aisha and if you are looking for a widow then

It there is soda who was the wife of one of the Servants of the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam so the prophet of Islam said that all rights send a proposal to both of them and at that time the prophet of Islam when that proposal was sent Abu Bakr and the mother of

Hazard they were surprised and they said that well the prophet of Islam is like our brother how can this happen and so the prophet of Islam then explained that spiritual relations do not affect these physical relations and this is permissible and so then what more could

That mother and father ask for and then for their daughter to be wed to the greatest man on Earth the prophet of Islam who was at the highest level of morality and who had such a beautiful character and then we see how this these both of these marriages were a source of

Blessing because we see on one side how the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam demonstrated in nature of how he was a caring Guardian for a widow who needed support and in that way he he showed an example and he also showed his example in the case of

Also and how to treat her and then her went on to play a major role in Islam it is narrated that the greatest companions after the demise of the holy prophet sallallahu the real elite the top Elite in the sense of the who were at the highest spiritual level and the

Most knowledgeable even those companions would come to Azad Aisha and ask for religious verdicts on various matters because she was so knowledgeable because she had spent almost all of her time in the presence of the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam and this was the purpose and she was born into Islam

And she was very intelligent very sharp and she had a very good memory and and she could understand things and so we see how this benefit was reaped by the Muslims as a result of these two marriages and also Azad is in specific and both of these marriages took place

Roughly about the same time they were settled for 400 Dirhams each and we were come back to this is we’ll continue the discussion from here but at this point we would like to go to one of our viewers and see what they would like to ask us for today’s question my name is

Germany and my question is can you please explain the concept of polygamy in Islam to that question and Adam said please could you shed some light on why Islam allows polygamy um yeah I mean sure I mean I think I think the first thing to say is that um

That it’s not compulsory in Islam so you know a person doesn’t have to marry multiple wives um uh you know marrying one wife is uh is what Islam uh is an obligation upon upon Muslims in terms of marrying more than one wife there are a

Whole range of reasons as to why that um can be necessary and is something which is possible you know first and foremost um polygamies uh is made legal in Islam because of because God has said so in the Holy Quran so that’s that’s that’s the first thing beyond that

Um it’s it’s it’s really ins in those circumstances in which uh there’s some kind of uh necessity there um and uh and that’s why you know Islam is a practical religion in the sense that it recognizes the witness the social constructs of any society there are lots of different reasons as to why

Um people might um want to uh to marry more than one wife so the basis of marriage is procreation of course and that’s the the reason that’s often put forward first in terms of why um polygamy is something that’s practiced that um for the purpose of procreation if that’s not possible with

Um you know with with the first wife that someone married you know Islam doesn’t believe that procreation should stop but at the same time it doesn’t believe in divorce in this situation so the the option that’s open is is to consider a second uh um marrying a second wife

Um another reason could be for example uh to the avoidance of sin um it could be for some kind of um domestic or or national benefit um within within a nation there are lots of different reasons in this regard um and I know that it’s it’s quite a

Shocking thing to people that that come from different cultures where especially the sort of Christian tradition where polygamy is a big No-No and and you have to be uh monogamous but um but we see within Society the the difficulties that are caused in this in in the sense that

Um that with marriage come come rights and become obligations and um and without marriage um which is the same thing that happens in in many other countries and and different types of um cultures and Adam even within the Bible itself there’s so many um there’s mentions of prophets who

Have married more than once so it’s just in fact Islam has put a limit that you can’t marry more than for exactly there’s the argument that the law was it was was uh was adapted um despite of what’s found in the Bible as opposed to uh in line with in line

With it so that’s absolutely right and there is there is a limit there and and with each marriage there are clear obligations and there are clearly legal rights that are there so it’s not a case that someone can just misuse um a partner but I think the one thing

Which is a misconception is that um you know just for lustful purposes of the pure enjoyment and pleasure someone can just marry for women I mean it’s it’s just not it’s not a reason for um uh for polygament Islam there are there are proper reasons um that exist and they’re practical reasons and

They’re in in accordance with the the laws of nature as well when we look at societies and and how um societies are are formed and affected by what happens across the uh um across the world whether it’s war or other types of uh socioeconomic factors that come into play

Um and these are real realistic situations and in the absence of polygamy what we do find is is very difficult circumstances where there are many women that remain unmarried um in in many circumstances and it’s a very difficult situation um and it’s not it’s not an ideal

Situation any in any shape or form so I think that there is a I’ve seen within that but returning to the original Point there’s no obligation in Islam to marry um uh uh four wives it’s a question that will be in the mind of a lot of non-muslims that why does

Islam allow the marriage of more than one wife but again as Adam said mentioned it’s it’s not an obligation it’s actually a responsibility a very heavy responsibility and it is because Islam is a practical religion it is for you know when the time is needed or according to certain times where

Um it is necessary as well for that as we were discussing um up to the life or the 10th year of the Holy prophet’s life of his mission um they have just come out of uh the boycott and um both have passed away and the holy

Prophet was um about to marry Aisha and has it solder so what happens next the one thing which is really important to mention also it with reference to the time in the Shabbat in the valley of Abu Talib when they were besieged was that this time specifically

Um Turned the attention of the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam for the future to uh to uh visit other tribes as well and to spread the message of Islam until that time the main focus of the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam according to the instructions of Allah Almighty was to convey the

Message to his near Kinsmen and so he was conveying the message to the people in Mecca at the time but when this took place when he was when the siege took place at that time he realized through Allah the almighty’s direction that it’s time to now explore other avenues and so

During the pilgrimage many tribes from different places throughout Arabia would come and congregate they would come to see the the Kaaba and they were there were certain places that were known for having large Gatherings and Assemblies of tribes for example there was the rokas there were Carnivals that used to

Take place there zulmajas other places and the prophet of Islam would go there and talk to the people of these tribes and he would convey The Message of Islam and hazrat Mia sahib has explained this in such a beautiful and a vivid way he says that when you think about that time

You have the master of the whole world who for whom this universe was created and so humbly and with such humility he goes one by one to all of these different encampments any as if knocks their door and he says that I have a message for you will you listen to me

Please and all that demonstrates how his heart was burning for people for one thing and that one thing was so that people would accept and recognize Allah the almighty it shows the greatness of the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam the lengths that he went to single-handedly to convey The Message of

Islam and then we see that how Islam grew as a result of that and spread to other places but the meccans continued creating hindrances there as well because they knew that if people outside of Mecca accept the prophet of Islam it is as dangerous for our vested interests

As it is if the meccans except but despite this the prophet of Islam persevered and he was resilient and determined and as resolved only grew day by day absolutely look at actually Journey outside of Makkah was Taif as well in the next episode at that very famous incident

Ayaz dear viewers that’s all we have time for for this episode join us again same time next week for the Golden Age of Islam until then foreign


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