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Mm-hmm Ons Foreign Age of Islam a program where we discuss the life and history of our beloved Master the holy prophet Muhammad may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him now up until the previous episode we discussed a key Moment In The Life and the history of Islam and that was the

Acceptance of two prominent individuals and that was both of whom played a key role in the establishment of Islam now in this episode we will take a look at what happens in the Islamic history after this point and joining me for today’s episode in the studios as ever is ayas

Who is a missionary serving in the addition of God the Disney Department here in the UK and joining me on Skype will be Adam Walker who is serving as director of MTA online one a very warm welcome to both of you gentlemen I as I mentioned in the introduction that

The two prominent people accepted Islam at this point and that wasn’t to say God forbid that anyone who had accepted Islam prior to that were not prominent because Islam does not differentiate except piety and righteous Deeds but it it really gave Muslims strength because Umar was the last person to accept Islam

Income which was the first preaching house um of Islam where they would Gather in seclusion away from the quresh but after that point they had the courage or they were unable to go outside and preach openly the thing is when the the meccan saw that hazrat

Uma have also accepted in their own mind they had this idea that only slaves and people who have no standing in society are accepting Muhammad but when they saw these two people who had very high position even in their society before Islam and then it hit them that this isn’t just something

That’s going to disappear in a few days it’s something which is growing and and these people are multiplying and that’s how it was going to be because Allah the almighty had destined that the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam was going to succeed and his message began to spread

And it was at that time that the meccans realized that now we have to do something and so when they were unable to um secure their interests through Talib then they thought that okay let us speak to Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam directly so they sent to meet the holy prophet sallallahu

Alaihi wasallam to convince him somehow that um he should give up this entire endeavor and they notice that instead of convincing the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam he came back rather impressed by the holy prophet and he was quite awe-inspired by the majesty and the Grandeur that Allah the almighty had

Given him and it it’s it was the power of the message you see people say that Islam was spread by the sword but nothing could be further from the truth the power of Islam was in its message and that message touched the hearts of the people so then eventually all of The

Chieftains they came together for example there was um Abu sufyan abujah um these were all people who were considered Chieftains among the quraish at that time among the meccins so they sent somebody uh they were in the Kaaba and they sent somebody and said go and invite Muhammad sallallahu

Alaihi wasallam we would like to meet him this is always look for to deliver the message of Islam absolutely for him what could be this this filled him with pleasure and happiness and joy and he said now I will have an opportunity to explain to them and give them my message

And when the holy prophet went there uh The Chieftains they addressed him and they said that o Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam look at this disorder that you have created you have created disagreement and Chaos in our society you have betrayed the religion of your forefathers you are dividing people what

Is the need for this if you have you have cursed our gods and you say that we should not worship these Idols tell us what do you want if it is riches that you’re after we will make you the most wealthiest man in all of Makkah if it is power that you want

Will make you a Chieftain if you want Authority will make you our King if you have an illness tell us we will have a cure we will arrange for your cure if you want a a woman if you are infatuated with a woman God forbid we

Will marry you to anybody that you want the most beautiful woman in all of Makkah tell us what you want and the prophet of Islam listened and very beautifully responded by saying that I do not want any of these things I am a messenger of Allah the almighty and I have been given

This task to convey that message of God to you so that you believe in the unity of God and so that you fulfill the rights of one another and if you accept then it is in your benefit you will benefit I I’m filled with sympathy for

You people I love you because you are my people and then the meccan said that but we don’t see anything what on What basis should we believe in you What miracles have you shown if if it is your prophethood that you want us to believe in then this is a

Barren land there’s desert sand all over the place there’s mountains show a miracle and make streams start flowing here or if you feel that uh you cannot do this then show us some other Miracle which is something they wanted to see something spectacular but the prophet of Islam explained to them that

This is not how prophets work this is not how Allah the almighty shows Miracles because if Allah the almighty would show Miracles in this way then there would be no uh reward in believing there would be no meaning of Faith so the prophet of Islam said this is not

How I show Miracles this is Allah’s will but if you accept then you will benefit but they continued pressing the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam and they said that well there’s nothing out of the ordinary about you either God forbid they they couldn’t see that and

They said that you don’t live in castles you don’t have any you know anything about you that differentiates you from us we see you’re wandering the marketplace and you purchase your Provisions just like normal people it’s interesting every single Prophet it faces the same issue because they

Everyone says that you just look like an ordinary man there’s nothing special about you but in there in according to their Viewpoint he should be you know the most wealthiest person or you know living castles Etc but that’s not how Divine communities work um exactly yeah that’s a very good point

That you brought us to there’s a very interesting um another very very interesting incident that happens with the holy prophet and with these same achievements that um try and play a a practice as you know so to speak on the holy property and it backfires Adam this is um the incident

Of the the Ferocious camel that it appeared to abujah as if it was about to um to attack it what was the incident about this camel yeah as you mentioned it’s quite it’s quite a it’s a very interesting story and it certainly captures the imagination but children

And adults alike I think so you have this incident with uh with this uh this man called the holy prophet saws in this camel so the Prophet this person he purchased um three camels from abujahan um and uh a few days had passed and payment wasn’t made so he was you know

He was anxious and you know he wanted his money at the end of the day um he sold some camels and fair was fair so he went to The Chieftains of Mecca uh as as you did in those days and he complained to them and asked for them to uh to

Resolve the situation but they they were completely disinterested in trying to help him resolve the situation and then they suggested to him I mean he didn’t realize it but it was a it was a complete joke uh that you should go and speak to uh this person Muhammad and he

Can sort you out um they they took it as a joke but uh but it was actually a great Fortune for him so he went to visit the holy prophet sallallahu and uh he explained what had happened and the holy prophet saws was quite um unhappy and dissatisfied with the

Fact that you know that that um Justice hadn’t been done there and that he hadn’t been paid so he went to visit abujah and um and uh and he demanded of him that he should fulfill his obligation um and one might expect in this situation Abu jahl would be

Arrogant as he usually was and and and and very angry um and and spiteful but um but instead he um he became very uh scared um and he was really really scared um and then he paid the money immediately so the person returned to The Chieftains and he said thank you for

Telling me to go to Muhammad um and uh I was paid and um and then sometime later they found out when they asked Abu jahl about it and it was found out that um the reason um uh that he had paid so quickly is when he saw the prophet saws request the

Money he said it was as if there was this ferocious camel that was sort of at the shoulder of the Prophet first someone behind him and he was afraid that the camel would devour him so he paid the money quickly um so that he could uh he could uh get

Away from this camel and despite the fact that abujahan raised his himself to The Chieftains yet they still choose to oppress Islam and disobey the message I guess it only the grace of God um if whoever is benefited with the uh with the with faith um gentlemen we will continue on from

This point um I want to bring in our external panelists as well um as viewers would know that we have an external panelist who joins us for each program today it will be Musa who from who is from Finland and we would like to ask you about this common allegation

Which is often leveled by non-muslims that the holy prophet learned about Islam and the Holy Quran from a Christian slave tell us about this allegation so this is another allegation which is uh pretty much baseless but however if you look into it we see that a name of

Java or Jabar who actually was a Christian is mentioned in narrations or in the history books he was a Christian indeed and he was the slave of ibnrami now due to him being a Christian and his religion being more closer to Islam on the basis of doctrines on the basis of

Teachings uh because the quresh was idolatrous they would worship uh idols and Christianity you know has the concept of God and worshiping God so due to that closeness or nearness in the doctrines he would actually go and meet tholi prophet of Islam and the holy prophet of Islam would also meet him but

There is no chance that he could be the one teaching the holy prophet sir some of these doctrines of the or or the Holy Quran or the eloquency of the Holy Quran which we see uh which we read in the Holy Quran itself as a matter of fact

The Holy Quran itself has also answered this allegation in chapter 16 verse 104 it has stated that these the qurash they say that a human being is teaching the holy prophet of Islam these doctrines or these teachings however the Holy Quran itself states that the person whom they

Think that he is teaching the holy prophet Islam he is not very eloquent he’s not very eloquent in his speech or in even in the language however the Holy Quran is is in is in a very eloquent language it’s in a very eloquent and beautiful and simple Arabic so

It explains to us that the way the Holy Quran has been written down or the way we see the Holy Quran is it is impossible that a person uh could have thought the holy prophet of Islam this another point that that is very important is that at the time of the

Holy prophet of Islam the gospels they weren’t translated into Arabic so if for example he was this guy a jabber he was reading the gospels to the holy prophet Islam he must he would have done it in the original language of Greek or Hebrew and as we all know and the history shows

Us that the holy prophet of Islam did not speak any of those languages so to say that whenever he would read for example the gospels to the holy prophet holy prophet of Islam would not understand it um so in itself this allegation does not make sense

Um in the history not only the name of jabber is mentioned the name of other people is also mentioned that they could have thought tholi prophet of Islam or someone else would have thought totally Prophet Islam but however the uh humorous Point uh to note is that all of

These were actually uh they were slaves um none they were not very literate they were not very illiterate in the spiritual aspects of things they might have been Christian but they couldn’t have taught the holy prophet of Islam the eloquency and the doctrines that that we see in the Holy Quran however

The makkans or or the quresh of Makkah they did publicize this allegation for some times and it was only in an attempt to actually cool their hearts um that you know um there’s actually no no God speaking to Muhammad sallam however this allegation would itself uh you know go

Away because it did not make any sense or it did not have any grounds to stand upon and we see that the the Holy Quran was indeed revealed by Allah the almighty upon the holy prophet of Islam and actually no human being would have been able to teach the holy prophet of

Islam uh this beautiful teachings of the Holy Quran from Finland I asked what’s we are staying on the topic of allegations there’s another famous allegation level by the qurash at this time remember that they’re trying their level best to pick any holes any flaws within Islam um they they level a strange allegation

That the holy prophet has no male offspring so he doesn’t have any heir to his ministry or anything yes in that Society at the time a society that was primarily run by men um if you didn’t have a son it was considered that after you there would be

No one to continue your legacy so at that time one of the allegations which the people the meccans raised against the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam to in a way discourage him to hurt him to grieve him and to sort of console their own Hearts um which was a rather terrible thing to

Do but that’s what the meccans did to the prophet of Islam they said that Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam doesn’t have any male children so he will when he is gone then everything will be finished this was an objection which they raised against him and it was on that occasion that Allah the almighty

Responded through a very brief but beautiful chapter of the Holy Quran and that chapter is Bismillah the translation of this Surah which hazrat Mia sahib has done is so beautiful I want to read it in his words says that this means that o Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam we have made

Thy progeny and thy blessings and thy magnificence long lasting therefore spend freely the powers of thy being and thy progeny and thy wealth for these Treasures shall not come to an end however the progenies of thy ill-wishing enemies shall be erased so beautiful and we see history is a testament to the

Fact that how beautifully this prophecy was fulfilled in favor of the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam that the very same people who used to raise this allegation against the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam their children later accepted Islam one classic example and they didn’t just accept Islam they

Considered it a source of Honor for themselves to become the obedient Servants of the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam and then they were blessed with Islam and the blessings of Islam yes for that Adam we were discussing earlier about all the deploys and mischievous schemes of the quration how they were

Trying their level best to to come up with a solution to this growing problem of Islam God forbid what was the next proposal what was the next move of the qurash after this yeah I mean we keep coming to these Chieftains that ayaz was talking about earlier

Um you know and and the other Chieftains of Mac unusual suspects and um and it it was becoming more and more intense so they they they basically said to the holy prophet saws look this the situation is becoming uh too intense now it’s it’s really affecting uh the unity among

Um uh the the people of Mecca um and you know I was in you know as one as us as one kind of nation um in that kind of sense and they said let’s let’s come up with the you know would you be open to a compromise so

That the prophet saws as always you know as as we’ll see later on in his life as well and and before he was always open to to ideas into suggestions he said okay um what do you have in mind so they said well look you know why don’t we just um

You know why don’t we have a bit of both you know pick and mix uh so as to speak so we can um uh you know you can worship your God and you can also worship our Idols we can worship your God amongst our idols and and you know they can all

Be together um and they also had a very a very peculiar thing they said and and in that way whomever of us is the more virtuous that that person would um uh would affect the other in a positive so you know the holy prophet saws

Um was was taken aback by this and he began to uh to smile and he you know he he sort of um politely admonished them Anita told them you know you need to think very carefully about this how could it be that that um that you being

Polytheists could believe in in the the one true God that I believe in or me being a monotheist and a believer in uh champion of toraheed that I could believe in uh accept um uh Gods you know with it with a small G amongst uh uh with uh with Allah the

One true God so uh so the prophet saw some obviously you know he was open to a a compromise but not that kind of compromise um and then then we have not too long after that we have the verse um that uh that is uh that is revealed you know police

And and you know as everyone knows it finishes said before that um you know the translation of uh of uh mere sub is quite um quite unique in the sense that it’s quite descriptive so just this very last verse um he says my religion is one thing

While your religion is quite the other and both of these cannot be merged together so yeah so the the bottom line was that that really wasn’t going to fly so it it um it was a it didn’t work out at all absolutely no compromise on cases of tawheed and the Oneness of God

Almighty brilliantly put the and the books that ayaz and Adam was mentioning is the life and character of the Seal of the prophets by Hazard Ahmed sahib which is available at uh the information will be on the screen as well this is the part of the program viewers

Where we will take a question from the audience let us look at what is today’s question my name is Martin the UK can you tell me about the alliance with decoration for that very important question I asked it’s about the the alliance of the quresh and the famous boycott now

They’re they’re trying all strategies to somehow contend and com you know contain Islam um absolutely the the whole account of the boycott which spanned a few years is one which really uh it’s very hard it’s hurtful it’s very uh it demonstrates how a uncompassionate the these opponents were

Becoming as far as their treatment towards the Muslims is because you have they they started their opposition by trying to dissuade the prophet of Islam and then there was persecution to an extent as well um people who were weaker were punished in a way by their masters and such but

Now you had an incident where in Muharram in seven nabawi Muslim men women and children were besieged in what is known as the Shabba Talib the valley of Abu Talib and what was decided with the agreement of all of these opponents of the meccins was that nobody would purchase anything from the

Banu Hashim and from the banum nobody would sell anything to them nobody would marry into these two tribes and so they were basically cut off from society and and literally put under arrest in that limited area and the incidence of that time they really make a person feel pain

For the state that the Muslims went through because obviously when you’re not allowed to purchase anything you can’t sell anything you have nothing you can’t even fulfill your basic requirements and children and women were also with the Muslims as well Administration say that the the cries of the children from Hunger could be

Happened throughout the valley and these uncompassionate people the meccans day it is narrated that they used to be happy upon hearing the cries of the children everyone will not all of The Chieftains were were happy about this some did try and help genuinely no no absolutely Hakeem even his arm

Um who was um a relative of hazrat khatija and he would secretly bring food to her um but eventually it came to a point where Abu jahal once spotted him and then forcefully stopped him from taking food to the Muslim Camp the state of the of you know just by having basic

Necessities was such that um mentions that on one on one occasion it was dark and I I felt my foot uh touched something which was somewhat moist I didn’t even see what it was I just literally picked it up and put it in my mouth and he’s like to this day I

Do not know what that was maybe it was a piece of a date or something but he says as to this day I do not know what that was and that was the state of most of all of the Muslims who were there at that time it was very difficult time for

The Muslims indeed indeed that is a very harrowing part of the of Islamic history um Adam this boycott that Al just mentioned uh lost to some two and a half to approximately three years so from the time about the seventh year to the 10th year of the Holy prophets Ministry how

Did this boycott end yeah so I mean moving towards the the tendency at the very end of the boycott um you know this in these very difficult circumstances as you’ve discussed um you know we we have to remember that there wasn’t this complete polarization between the the Muslims of benoh Hashem

On one side and and The Chieftains of the population on the other side but there were people Among The Chieftains and amongst um and within Mecca more generally who were very sympathetic um you know the the the beginnings of sort of Iman were in their heart and

They they just didn’t have that courage yet to be able to speak out um and and in in in the third year or towards the end of the third year of the boycott we see an incident where um that courage is sparked in their hearts and they do speak up and it

Begins with the prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam telling um that the um the parchment so at the beginning of the boycott the document um that was written on parchment and hung up on it on the wall of the Kaaba um that that parchment had inside the caraba that that parchment had been

Devoured so the prophet said this to her to Abu Talib and went immediately to uh to to Mecca and he visited The Chieftains and he he conveyed this to them to look this parchment has been has been devoured so I mean naturally I don’t think they wanted to believe

Except for the name of God um and you know naturally yeah and naturally they they wouldn’t have believed that at all they went and checked um and when they looked they saw that this is what what had happened perhaps ants maybe had had eaten it and everything was there except at the top

Of the document uh Allah’s name was um was was left and uh The Chieftains who had always had this sympathy towards the Muslims in their hearts upon seeing this they they spoke out and there were there were four in particular and amongst them was um and he um he really

Um uh you know then spoke out and said that we need to you know we need to to to to to to get rid of this and all of them had said that and Abu jahl was still defiant defiant to you know till his last breath as we’ll see later on

And and he said no no we can’t do this um and then they said um you know there was never consent in the first place as in this wasn’t a unanimous thing there was there was some disagreement from the beginning and he immediately grabbed what was left and he tore the document up

Um and then what happened is that some of the um uh some some people then went to uh to where the holy prophet saws was and all of the uh the Muslims and and everyone who had um been made to uh be part of this um siege that he he they

Went and they freed them um and then this marked the end of such a difficult um and horrendous period of time um in terms of hardship Adam and also just augmented ARS that’s all we have time for for this episode lots more to come join us again at the

Same time next week for the Golden Age of Islam until then Um foreign


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