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Foreign Foreign Age of Islam where we discuss about the life and character of our Noble Prophet the holy prophet Muhammad may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him now before we begin you may be wondering that the Golden Age of Islam usually refers to that era in history where the

Muslims Advance greatly in terms of science and technology Etc however according to the ahmadiya Muslim Community the Golden Age of Islam was truly the era of our Noble Prophet Muhammad May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him and after him the era of the rightly guided caliphs

In the previous episode in episode 1 we looked at the time of or the conditions of Arabia prior to the Advent of Islam we looked at the birth of the holy prophet peace be upon him and also the famous incident of the assable field or the people of the elephant in today’s

Episode we will look at the early years of the Holy prophet’s life and joining me for today’s episode is in the studios Khan’s who is a missionary and serving in the additional regardless office here in the UK and joining me on Skype will be Adam walkerside who is serving as the

Director of MTA online a very warm welcome to both of you gentlemen assalamu alaikum just in the previous episode we stopped at the marriage of hazrat Abdullah to hazrat but there was another wedding right there was a the marriage of Abdul muttalib and um who is the cousin of hazrat Amna yes

Absolutely this uh this this took place at the at the same time not too long before the the birth of the Prophet saws and again the birth of Hazard Hamza is from that second marriage so effectively he has a tanza and the holy prophet even though their uncle and nephew they’re

They’re the same time they’re the same age yeah the same yeah they’re the same age and and what we find is that uh um the the holy prophet sallallahu was uh was suckled by you know two two different people to begin with herself was um was someone that as you

Mentioned um she had uh circled both hered Hamza who was the uncle of the Prophet saws and the holy prophet sallallahu so as well as being the uncle as you mentioned he was also the um uh the uh the milk brother of the Prophet saws and um uh and the role of

Her of the Weber is it doesn’t sort of end there we we have reports of the Prophet saws sort of um even though it was a brief time having this bond with her and always being um conscious of her of her well-being and concern for her even later on that’s

The same thing we find that himself with the hazard Halima as well right the that who soba being the first person who suckled the holy prophet the famous um person after that is Halima yeah absolutely so after as I say it was a short period of time and then after this um

She comes to to Mecca um by the accounts that we have it seems like um you know where she’d come from they were the the many Horizon which uh belonged to the um uh bennissad that there was um they were you know they were on sort of down on their luck so as

To speak um the times were quite difficult um she herself was a wet nurse so she had come to Mecca to to seek out somebody um a child to take back to look after um and to suckle and to to to raise in those very sort of early infant years

Usually sort of the first couple of years um and this was very it’s very interesting that the when talima came to Mecca she was a bit hesitant um at picking the holy prophet because he was an orphan and of course in those days you would take a child and through that

You’d get a remuneration and there will be a source of um living but there’s an interesting quote in fact I’ll just read it to you Halima itself says that prior to the arrival of Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam we suffered times of hardship and poverty but immediately after the arrival of the child this

Poverty was miraculously transformed into prosperity and we began to see blessings in all of our matters so it seems that the halimah also saw signs of the blessings attached to this child but there’s a very famous incident at himself it’s the incident that is often narrated that where two people took the

Holy prophet and decided to cut open his chest tell us about that incident yeah so as as you mentioned the you know you you have this first um this first irony that she she comes to Medina and she does her to Mecca sorry and she she’s looking for a uh for

Someone that has a father because of the remuneration uh aspect of it and she she doesn’t really want an orphan because um because you know they they have to make money and they have you know they’re sort of very down on their luck with their times and

Um and then she she decides she needs something special in the holy prophet saws that this that she’d like to do this and and she’s granted that and then you have the irony that whereas initially she thought that this wouldn’t be a good decision sort of um in terms

Of of income it ended up being a great blessing because because of the prosperity that they saw um but after she had um finished suckling the uh the prophet saws and this period had finished he’d had this initial upbringing um the environment was good you know the

The eloquence of the of the of the people of the tribe were was was was was was more esteemed um she brought the prophet saws back to to Mecca and but she she just grown so attached to him she’d realize what a special human being he was and she she

Really begged uh other talima to to allow him to come back and reluctantly she did and he remained there for another two years and this is when what happened you know the incident that you’re talking about the shuttle sudden takes place and the prophet saws at the age of four he’s playing outside

Um there are two other children that are being suckled by um by uh Shima and Abdullah and um Abdullah is there with other children they’re playing with the prophet saws they’re alone there are no adults there um they’re enjoying the the contrier and whatnot and then suddenly

Um two men in in white cloaks appear and they take the prophet saws his blessed body and they Place him on the ground and then Abdullah sees that the prophet saws they make an incision in his chest and when they make the incision you know naturally he became very very

Worried so he ran um to uh to Halima and his father um and Um and he said this is what’s happening so they rushed across they went to have a look and see what was happening they found the prophet saws aged four um shocked um uh scared by the situation naturally and um the the the color of his face had

Changed and um they asked him you know what had happened because they couldn’t see any event there there was no visible incision on the prophet saws and he explained that it was the same as what they’d been told before that uh you know this is what happened and whatnot

But there was no visible um sign of that so it must be a terrifying experience for a child of that age but again that’s a very uh famous incident in the life of the holy prophet and actually else there’s a there’s an allegation on this as well some uh God forbid try to

Attempt that this was um an epileptic fit that the holy prophet experienced what do we respond to this yes for example Zafir Sir Sir William Muir writes that this was an epileptic fit God forbid which the prophet of Islam suffered when he was a child um and this view

Um can only be out of prejudice quite frankly because William Mir has written in his book life of Muhammad himself very clearly that he uh he admits that the holy prophet of Islam was a man who possessed great physical and mental capabilities and abilities and epilepsy is generally a thing which

Someone suffers who is weak mentally and physically speaking so when William Mir himself admits that the prophet of Islam was a man who was gifted with wonderful qualities as far as his mental abilities and physical abilities was concerned how can we say that this was an epileptic fit and again just thinking

About this from a logical perspective what kind of an epileptic fit is it that other people also witness that a a two people have come over there wearing white cloaks they’ve laid the prophet down they have made an incision into his chest they’ve taken his heart out so

Only the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam was not the only one who experienced this it is narrated in that narration which William Muir is well aware of in which they quote as well in all of their books these orientalists that the the Foster Brother The Stepbrother of the holy prophet

Sallallahu alaihi waslam the son of ran to his mother to tell the the mother and father what is happening to his brother Muhammad so if it was an epileptic fit he would not have told this story that somebody is cutting open the chest of Muhammad and then if that was an epileptic fit

God forbid how is it possible that the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam himself recalled all of those events because when hazrat Halima came she asked him she took him and and gave him a hug and said oh my dear son what has happened and he narrated the whole

Incident the whole event all of the events don’t really say that the any other place in in his life that he experienced such fits at this point yes and just this single incident so there should be other examples in his life as well which there aren’t quite he also

We’re moving on to the life of those who were discussed in the early years um after hazrat Halima brings him back to her to Azad Amina was naturally this scared her quite a lot that maybe the child is possessed by a demon or something it comes back into the

Guardianship of his mother again quite earlier than expected so so what happens after this thing at that time expressed her worry to Hazard Amina and told her that this whole experience and I wasn’t worried at all she said nothing can happen to my son I I saw a dream

When he was born and Allah will protect him and he is destined for great things but anyway after that in any case handed the child over to his mother and after that Amina took the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam who was four years of age at that time approximately and

Traveled to her Homeland to yesterday the banunajad was the tribe that she belonged to and she went there and traveled with her young son her child and the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam remembered this time for the rest of his life these were really cherished memories because almost 50

Years after and she stayed there for for almost a month with the holy prophet salallahu the young Muhammad after 50 years the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam when he migrated to Medina when the meccins made it difficult for him to stay in Makkah he migrated to Medina and at that time

He told his he he remembered all of these places and he narrated to his companions that this is the house in which I stayed when I was here with my mother this is where I used to play with the children of the balloon ajad he pointed out that this is where I learned

How to swim as a child so he really cherished these memories as a young child and after that about a month or so returned home and it was on the way back that she also passed away at a place named abwa and um who was the slave girl

Who abulab freed on the birth of the holy prophet she brought him back to Makkah is that right yes yes that’s correct and then the holy prophet salallahu alaihi wasallam was taken care by his grandfather all of these events of course Allah the almighty knows what he is going to do with his

Chosen ones but these events also have their wisdoms and they play they have an influence the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam was a beautiful man because of the heart that Allah the almighty had given him and the is a is is a vision which alludes to that same

Fact but these external factors of him becoming an orphan when he was very young losing his mother and his father at a very young age this had a very endearing effect on him as a human being and so we see throughout his life that this also made it easier for him as a

Human being to understand the pain of other people and he was very sympathetic towards the poor and those who who needed assistance and help and that’s is why we see that the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam not only because Allah had chosen him but also because of some of the incidents which

Took place in his life he was the best suited individual to be rahmatullah a mercy for Allah dear viewers we are coming to that part of the program where we will go to an external panelist who will join us for this conversation today we will go to

Hafiz Ismail sahib from MTA Ghana and ask him about the guardianship of the holy prophet after his mother’s demise the life of the holy prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam is filled with a lot of Victories and successes but let us not forget that he also went through a lot of trials and tribulations

At a very young age when he had already lost his father Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam was on a journey with his mother at a place called abwa lost his mother as well and about the orphanage of the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi was Salam it comes in the Quran that alarm

That did he not find thee and orphan and gave thee shelter and at that age he was brought back to Makkah by a female slave that he had through the inheritance after the demise of his father by the name uman this is the same slave that he later freed and

Got the slave got married to another free slave of the Hill Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam by name and the prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam will treat her who treat her with so much love and dignity anyway so once they got to Makkah the paternal grandfather of the holy prophet

Sallallahu alaihi wasallam by name Abdul muttalib took him into his Direct custodianship so much love on young Muhammad and he held him very dear to himself so much so that even his own children would sometimes be surprised at the amount of Love he’s showing to Young

Muhammad it comes in the annals that um it was the habits of Abdul muttalib to sit in the courtyard of uh of Kaaba upon a mat a carpet and nobody had the courage to even sit beside him but out of love and affection young Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam would go and

Sit beside him and this was a spectacle that sometimes displeased his paternal ankles and they would even want to stop him from from going to sit there but out of love the grandfather Abdullah will tell them to refrain from such acts and tell them reproach him not also it comes

That you know whilst Abdul muttalib he used to perform tawaf around the Kaaba and he would take Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam on his shoulders whilst performing the tawaf so it was in this very loving environment very loving relationship between a grandfather and a grandson that the days and nights of

Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam were passing by but soon soon after this relationship was pondered Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam had to go through another shock of his life thus the demise of his grandfather Abdullah whilst following the funeral with lies of Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam were flowing with tears

But before the demise of Abdullah he had put the care and custodianship of Muhammad into the hands of Abu Talib who was an uncle of the prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam and among the sons of Abdullah he was the one who shared the same mother with the father of the whole

Professor Islam Abdullah and Abu Talib also took very good care of Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam and showed him so much love even sometimes more than his own children and it comes in the history just as a glimpse for us to see how much of love he used to show

Muhammad and how much Muhammad Islam loved him it came that once he had to travel to Syria and young Muhammad couldn’t even bear the thoughts of his separation from his uncle Abu Talib so whilst the anchor was about to depart from he clung to the ankle weeping and

Seeing the spectacle of the ankle decided to take him along on the journey so this was how Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam was taken care of by the yankel he would keep him under his eyes during the day and at night he would keep him in his company and even when he

Grew up he still took care of him and try as much as possible to protect him from the Americans when he proclaimed to be a prophet and they began to antagonize him so that was the guardianship of the grandfather Abdul muttalib of the grandfather of prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam Abdullah and

The uncle of the Holy Professor Islam Abu Talib not to have his Ismail from MTA Ghana that we were discussing about the life of the holy prophet sallallahu in this series The Golden Age of Islam we have covered up to where the holy prophet’s mother has passed away and also after

That he was entrusted to the guardianship of his uncle firstly to his grandfather Abdul Muslim and then to his uncle um So Adam said we were now getting onto that part of the program where we are discussing um a very famous incident in terms of the life before prophethood in in the

Early years of the holy prophet um where he traveled to Syria and a special incident happened with a monk named bahiro over there tell us about that incident so the the holy prophets at the age of 12. um he uh he accompanied uh his uncle

To uh to Syria or just just outside of Syria Southern Syria and his uncle actually didn’t want to take him but the prophet saws was so was so attached to him and wanted to be with him but he he pleaded and so he went along and as he

Was um as he reached a point in uh in southern Syria which is called the busra it’s a place where this Monk bahira and um as the the Caravan passed um where he was he um he had the intuition that um that that a profit would be

Raised and the reason was that the um the the rocks and the plants um that were in the area began to prostrate um and this was a sign for him so he went to the uncle of the Prophet saws and he explained to him that this is

This is my intuition and this is what I feel and you should protect um the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam um and uh it was a marvelous incident and it was just one of these um he said he should he was one of these incidents that really

Um uh shows the the Insight in this regard and also that bahira had given this warning to he said that you should protect um the prophet saws in particular from the um the evil designs of their he recognized the holy prophet also from a mark on his shoulder the Seal of the

Prophets is that right exactly when he’d seen Mark he recognized the uh the holy prophet saws and the the uh the status or the almost the holy prophets first for them and his truth and um and this was one of the additional pieces of evidence that that

Had struck him in relation to the truth of the holy prophet that’s um dear viewers we are going to that part of the program where we will take a question um about the life of the holy prophet if you would like to get involved um do send us your email send us your

Questions send us your video messages and the information will be shown throughout this program let’s look at today’s question could you please share some like of appearance on of the holy prophet Muhammad that’s a very important question actually yes I always wonder um you you discuss and speak about the

Holy prophet so much in your life but how did the holy prophet look like what was his appearance up the Arabs at the time of the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam were gifted with equality and that was their their retentative faculties their ability to remember things and transfer

Knowledge through oral Traditions so we find they’re very detailed and very descriptive and there are narrations in which the physical attributes of the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam have been mentioned in great detail there’s a companion of the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam who mentions that on one night as the moon adorned

The night sky I saw the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam and he was wearing a red colored garment a shirt and I would look at the face of the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam and then I would look at the Moon and then I would look at his face and then I would

Look at the Moon and I would go back and forth back and forth and in my eyes the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam was more radiant and more beautiful than the moon than the full moon and the as far as the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam’s physical features are

Concerned it is narrated that he was a man of um he he was taller than average height but he you couldn’t say that he was a very tall person he also wasn’t a very short person so a little more than average height his face was not a a rectangular face it

Was a round face and the companions compare it to the full moon it was circular more than uh what you would call a long oval face he had black hair and his hair wasn’t curly it also wasn’t perfectly straight but it was what you could refer to as wavy hair or hair that

Turned at the bottom when it was long it would reach his earlobes longer than his earlobes in some narrations it would reach his shoulders but in between that it is narrated that the prophet of Islam he had what appeared to be very dark black eyes and he had his his forehead was white

And noticeable he his eyelashes were long and slender and thin long but thick eyebrows uh sorry his eyebrows his eyelashes were long and thin his eyebrows were also thin and long thick eyebrows but they weren’t joined what is referred to as a unibrow that wasn’t the case he had space in between

His nose was long and looked somewhat elevated uh lifted a bit raised he his skin color wasn’t dark brown but it also wasn’t white so it was in between but towards whitish then it is narrated the prophet of Islam was broad-chested uh he he wasn’t a hairy man he had a

Little amount of hair which in a line which went from his chest to his um to the to his belly button uh he was a man who was a firm build and uh he was strong uh he he had uh broad palms and his fingers were long

His neck was also long it wasn’t a short neck as you could say um also the prophet of Islam uh he was a man who when he walked he walked very um in a graceful Manner and it seemed as if he was sort of walking down from a

Height he walked very swiftly but he was very humble in his walk nobody could say that he walked in an arrogant Manner and then the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam his beard was also very thick and towards the end of his life even when he was in his old age he didn’t

Have a lot of white hairs there is narrations in which he had some red hair which naturally reddish or brown color a few white hairs as well but a very thick beard and a beautiful beard and then it is narrated that the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam wasn’t

Flat-footed he had a bit of an arc in his foot so all of these things suggest and then Sir William Muir has narrated and the companions also mentioned this as well that he was a man who had a certain awe and Grandeur in his in his person so

When when people narrate then when you saw the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam and before you knew him you would be awe-inspired by him and somewhat fearful because of his grace and his Grandeur but the moment you came to know him and he spoke to you he was

The most gentle person you had ever seen and so these are some of the details which we find about the physical characteristics of the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam and it’s it’s very it’s a it’s a wonderful experience to learn about these things and and and we should be very grateful to the

Companions of the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi recorded all of these details for us absolutely I hope that answers your question as well Adam Saleh we’re coming towards the end of the program but just before we wrap up we’d like to go towards the commercial engagement of the holy prophet prior to

His marriage and touched upon his marriage as well but um he was a Trader by profession and um just before um after he would help out his uncle as well um Abu dalib and then also Khadija we learned from history as well she employed the holy prophet for a while

Yes absolutely absolutely it was in during this period that the prophet saws um became more and more known for his um his integrity and his honesty um for his trustworthiness and also for his skill um as a as a businessman as a Trader um he used to travel to different places

We know that he went to Bahrain to Yemen to Syria or Shem um so greater Syria um and uh and he had been sent um as well to Syria um and one of her slaves was sent was sent with uh with uh to accompany him and to assist him

Um and when he returned um he was um recognized for again for exactly the same qualities we have we have two statements in fact from um companions that had worked with the prophet saws that had been business partners and prior to his um uh to to

The Advent of Islam and um you know one of them had had witnessed and had said that the prophet saws was incredibly trustworthy and that he was an exemplary um role model in that regard um so we we have these these accounts that really speak towards this Integrity

Of the Prophet saws is very very unique character and of course that perhaps it was that um his piety and his um good virtuous nature that probably attracted her um Khadijah because Khadijah was also known as Tahira as in she was also a virtuous lady herself and that marriage

Took place when the holy prophet was 25 years old exactly we have this situation um as you mentioned she was known as a noble pure lady she had been married twice and then both husbands sadly passed away she had children um and and was now a widow raising them a very successful business

Um woman and and known for her Integrity as you’d mentioned and she had sent um you know the the her slave Mesa across with the prophet saws had told her you know the prophet saws was this incredible individual in terms of his integrity and honesty and she

Herself clearly was someone I mean lots of people had asked for her hand in marriage there were lots of suitors um but she had said no to all of them um clearly because of her moral character she was she only wanted to marry that that individual that that had a very

High moral character she does she’d observed this in um in the holy prophet saws and she um requested um that the marriage should take place and when that happened the prophet sawsalted his uncle and his uncle was happy with the proposal and uh and therefore he was happy to accept it

Um and and this is how this um this wonderful wonderful marriage uh took place exactly and at the time as the holy prophet sallallahu was 25 years old and hazak Khadijah was um 40 years old and the holy prophet’s children all of them except for um Hazard Ibrahim was from this marriage absolutely

Um the child of um Ibrahim was the from other than that all of the children of the holy prophet sallallahu sallam were from the holy prophet was blessed with three sons May peace be upon all of them um in certain narrations there is mention of a fourth son Abdullah but most people are in agreement that that was another name for the holy prophet’s youngest son who was other than that the holy prophet sallallahu had four daughters and his

Eldest daughter was hazrat zainab who was married to who did not accept Islam immediately but he did and they had two children Ali and Umama and Umama then became a wife of hazrat Ali radial the fourth Khalifa after the demise of hazrat Fatima and then were two daughters who were married to

Hazrat Usman who of course first the one daughter was married to him and when she passed away the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam had such love for hazrat Usman that he gave him his second daughter as well Said if I had a thousand daughters I would give them all one after the other two years of course when when his second daughter also passed away this is why he is referred to as zun nurain a possessor of two lights two daughters of the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi were married

To him and then who is married to hazrat Ali and from them they had the holy prophet was blessed with the two grandsons Imam Hassan and Hazard Imam Hussain so this is a brief outline of the children of the holy prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam and some details it’s

Interesting and I guess it’s Allah’s world but the only progeny of the holy prophet that continued on was from Imam hazardous that is all we have time for for this episode but stay tuned um for this time next week where we will bring you the next episode of this brand new series

The Golden Age of Islam until then foreign Demanding


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