Ahmadi Muslim VideoTube MTA Programm Beacon Of Guidance | Episode 9

Beacon Of Guidance | Episode 9

Beacon Of Guidance

Allah the Almighty has stated in the Holy Qur’an that there is paradise in this world and in the Hereafter. What is paradise? When you perform good deeds and please Allah, then Allah the Almighty rewards you for it and so when you do a good deed, it becomes a paradise for you.

Allah the Almighty states in the Holy Qur’an that paradise spans the earth and the skies. When the companions [of the Holy Prophet (sa)] asked that “if paradise is spanning across the skies and the earth, then where is hell?” Upon this the Holy Prophet (sa) said

“that just as there is day and night, so too is there paradise and hell.” Alright? Yes After having performed virtuous deeds, when the pious souls are called back by Allah the Almighty, then He rewards them by granting them paradise. Beloved Huzoor, my question is that on a daily basis, Huzoor receives

Thousands of letters requesting for prayers and also administrative letters, how are all these letters presented and despite your busy schedule, how do you make time to read all these letters? Can you see my table? Can you see the files on the table? Yes

Can you see there are one, two, three, four files here and the fifth is in front of me here? These are all letters. What happens is that out of the thousands of letters received, some letters are presented as they are received, and some are summarised and that list is presented to me,

I then go through them and also due to experience, I am able to go through a letter swiftly and understand the main context of what the person is saying. So Allah the Almighty helps me and by the grace of Allah this work gets done.

The letters that are sent out with my signatures on a daily basis are approximately 300 — 400 and there are countless more letters received. Some [letters] are presented as summaries and some are presented as they are received. Overtime with experience one learns how to read it and go through them,

But the most important thing is that one ought to pray to Allah the Almighty to create ease and then Allah the Almighty helps accordingly. Okay?


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