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Beacon Of Guidance | Episode 8

Beacon Of Guidance

Huzoor, by the grace of Allah the Almighty, majority of the Ahmadis are in regular habit of reciting the Holy Qur’an daily. However, there are certain members who show weakness in this regard. How can we further instil the love and passion for the Holy Qur’an in their hearts,

So that a 100% of the Ahmadis read the Holy Qur’an regularly and also teach their children to adopt this habit as well? Your Secretary for Tarbiyyat says that 62% of your membership observe Salat. Salat is one of the fundamental pillars, therefore if people are not properly fulfilling this obligation

Then that means their children are also most likely not observing Salat due to the example set by their parents. Or, sometimes people only offer two or three prayers [out of the five]. Such people will have a similar influence on their children as well.

A Tifl was once asked that in Islam how many formal prayers are there in the day and he replied that there were three prayers. When he was asked who taught him this, he replied that he had seen his father only read that many.

Or, at times, if the prayers are being combined in a mosque, then the child thinks that since the prayers are being combined due to the particular time of the year, therefore perhaps there are only three prayers in total. However, the permission to combine the prayers is only permitted in certain extenuating conditions

Owing to the time of the year or in particular situations. However, when the days are longer, the five prayers should be offered at their respective times, so that the children are given proper religious training. Therefore, proper attention is not even being paid towards the most fundamental aspect which is the observance of Salat,

And reciting the Holy Qur’an comes after that. Therefore, you have to continuously draw their attention towards this. Your duty is to constantly remind them. You should tell them that it is only by reading the Holy Qur’an that they will learn about the commandments contained therein.

I have been repeatedly mentioning this in my sermons and addresses that one should read the Holy Qur’an and thereby learn about the Qura’nic commandments. I also mention this in my various meetings as well, if they are listening to them. It is through reading the Holy Qur’an that they will learn

About the commandments Allah the Almighty has revealed. If one does not even read the Holy Qur’an then how will they learn about their objectives, obligations and duties? Therefore, our duty is to constantly remind people, hence we have appointed secretaries for Talim-ul-Qur’an. You should continuously remind people in a loving manner

And draw their attention towards this. This indeed is a Qur’anic commandment that one should keep on admonishing. We have not been appointed as keepers over them. Allah the Almighty has stated that one should continue exhorting and to exhort others is our responsibility and duty. Alight?

You are not to become tired in this effort. You should make a solemn resolve that you are not to tire in this effort and nor lose heart. Our duty is to simply remind, remind, remind and to continue go on reminding. Alright? You should also draw the attention of the auxiliary organisations of Khuddam,

Ansar and Lajna towards this, so that they also remind their respective members. When everyone makes a combined effort, then it will be a consolidated effort and will produce better results. My question is that some scientists say that the Covid-19 pandemic is psychologically having a negative impact on people. Beloved Huzoor, my question is

That what is your view on this and what changes have you felt in you by this? I have not experienced any change in me. The scientists say this for those worldly people who have a materialistic mind-set and cannot survive if they do not go to night clubs

Or if they do not socialise together by drinking alcohol or by partying. Therefore, when the restrictions were imposed upon them, they became distressed. Generally, whenever there is an outbreak of a disease and it becomes a pandemic that affects the entire world, then one psychological impact it has

Is that people begin to fear whether or not they will survive it. However, a person should understand the fact that one’s life and death in is in the hands of Allah the Almighty and one should also adhere to the precautionary measures which Allah the Almighty has prescribed

And also take benefit from the available methods of treatment. Indeed, due to not having access to certain worldly provisions, lack of activities or due to the change in routine, this can cause some temporary anxiousness but one should not be greatly distressed by it.

One ought to pray to Allah the Almighty that He quickly improves the conditions. Moreover, if people turn towards God Almighty, then those who are suffering from depression due to this pandemic, their condition will improve. Allah the Almighty states: “Hearts find comfort in the remembrance of Allah.”

Hence, one must turn to Allah as much as possible, but worldly people do not turn to Him in this way, which is why they continue to be affected. As for my routine, aside from the mulaqats [private audiences] no longer being held in person, there is no change in the routine.

Whilst working from morning to evening, my work is such that I would not even know if there was a pandemic spreading around the world or not. And the gap which was created with the absence of the mulaqats in person has been filled with virtual mulaqats.

At least two days in the week are spent in this way. There are other engagements, official office meetings continue to take place, correspondence continues, the mail continues to come in, and the system continues to run by the grace of Allah Almighty. Overlooking and dealing with the vast work

Related to the Ahmadiyya Muslims Community all around the world, is such that it leaves one unaware of how quickly the time has even passed. In fact, it seems as though there is little time but a lot of work. My question is, does your work seem difficult for you?

Of course if one wishes to carry out any work correctly then it is difficult, but Allah Almighty makes it easy and the work gets completed. I more or less manage to complete my daily tasks. But there is always a concern whether one has done justice to the task,

Lest any shortcoming in discharging one’s duty displeases God. So in this regard it is difficult. Alright? If you wish to carry out any task properly it is difficult and requires effort.


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