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Beacon Of Guidance | Episode 2

Beacon Of Guidance

My question is that if a person is born as a Christian and spent their entire life as a Christian, how can they then accept Islam to be the true religion? Do you want to force them to accept? When did we say that we should force Christians to become Muslims?

What we must do is present before them the beauty of Islam and the teachings of Islam. We are to explain that Christianity states this while Islam states that. What are the prophecies of Jesus (as)? What are the prophecies within Christianity? What are the prophecies of Moses (as) that they believe in.

They believe in the Torah, the Gospels and the Bible. So there are many practising Christians, who having seen and pondered over all the prophecies in the Bible that have been fulfilled and when they see the prophecy pertaining to the Holy Prophet (sa) being fulfilled that he shall appear from Mount Paran,

They agree that it is true. Alright? So there are also prophecies within the Bible which prove that the Holy Prophet (sa) was to appear and that a prophet was to appear in the latter days. This has been prophesied by all the previous prophets.

Hence, if they understand this, listen and accept, then that is fine, but the Holy Qur’an has stated that there is no compulsion in religion. We cannot force anyone to become a Muslim. Allah the Almighty neither commanded us to force others to become Muslims, nor has Islam ever used compulsion in this matter.

In fact, the allegation is raised against Islam that the Islamic wars were fought to spread the religion of Islam. Whereas, wars were not fought by Muslims to spread Islam. Religion is a matter of the heart. We cannot change anyone’s heart. Of course if someone gains an understanding, they can change their heart.

Africans are generally very practising Christians, whereas Europeans are not very practising Christians. There are many there who are accepting Ahmadiyyat and Islam. There are people in Europe who accept Christianity, but in Africa they are practising Christians, yet they accept Islam. For example, those very first people to become Ahmadis,

Such as in West Africa, were all Christians before accepting Islam and becoming Ahmadis. The fact is that it is a matter of the heart, and we do not force anyone to accept (Islam). Allah the Almighty has stated it to the extent where we must safeguard even the churches of the Christians,

The synagogues of the Jews, the temples, and the mosques. Allah the Almighty has never said to fight against people of other faiths. Alright? So we grant protection to everyone, so of course we cannot force anyone to accept Islam. Of course if someone has an understanding,

And they accept Islam to be true, accept its proofs to be true, and that the prophecies in the Bible to have been fulfilled in Islam – there are many prophecies which I cannot mention in detail right now, but one prophecy which is in the Bible

Is regarding the Holy Prophet (sa) appearing from Mount Paran – so when they see these being fulfilled they accept Islam. Thus, these are the proofs we will present and try to make them understand using these arguments. If someone accepts these arguments, very well, they will accept Islam.

But if they do not understand the argument, then they can remain on their faith, Allah says [in such a case] they can remain on their faith. But in the Holy Qur’an Allah the Almighty states to go and say to the People of the Book to come and unite over something mutual,

And that is Allah the Almighty; i.e. to unite about the existence of God and not to associate partners with Him. Okay? These are the things we should say to them. Aside from this, everyone has their own beliefs and religion. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that Islam is a truthful religion,

Because every prophet mentioned about Islam and the prophecies are being fulfilled. The Holy Prophet (sa) is the final law bearing prophet and the Holy Qur’an is the last book of divine law. This is an established fact, and has been mentioned in the Holy Qur’an. But at the same time, the Holy Qur’an states

That one cannot convert someone to Islam by force; indeed, one can present proofs and arguments in order to convert them.


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