Ahmadi Muslim VideoTube MTA Programm Beacon Of Guidance | Episode 13

Beacon Of Guidance | Episode 13

Beacon Of Guidance

An Ahmadi Muslim is also a citizen of his country, as such, he can be a member of the political parties of that country. Indeed, when he becomes involved in a political party, his voice will reach a section of society and people, whom it could not otherwise have reached.

Moreover, if he has a role in policy making he will be able to form policies that will prove beneficial for the country, as he will be in a position to present his sincere counsel and to act according to the command of Allah the Almighty that whenever one is asked for their opinion

They should give it with honesty and integrity. So there is no harm in joining political parties, many [Ahmadis] around the world do join. Before the Partition of India and Pakistan when the sub-continent was one, some of our members living there were members of political parties and would represent their parties in the parliament.

Then, after Partition, until the time that Ahmadi Muslims were declared non-Muslims [by the National Assembly], Ahmadi Muslims were elected as members of the National and Provincial Parliaments. Similarly, in various other parts of the world, for example in Africa, we have many members who are well-educated and are involved in politics

And some have been elected to the National Parliaments and have been appointed as Ministers of State. And in this way they all strive to work for the betterment of their nation. Similarly in Europe and elsewhere we have members who seek political office wherever they have the opportunity.

Therefore, there is no harm to join a political party of the country. There is no reason for us to abstain from it. When we are citizens of a country then we should play a part in that country’s form of government and administration. Indeed, we should play a most excellent part

So that others can witness just how well we can serve the country and nation in a trustworthy and loyal manner. They should see that, in their capacity as citizens, Ahmadi Muslims are loyal to their country and endeavour to make every effort for its progress. As far as resistance movements are concerned,

Firstly one ought to remember that Ahmadis must avoid any organisation that causes destruction, disorder and violence. If there is an established government and it organises a protest [against injustice] then Ahmadi Muslims should certainly take part in it because that is a governmental action and they are doing it according their policies.

This includes military action as well and if the government require its citizens to take part in a military action by entering the police force or the army, then the Ahmadis should do so. In many countries, some Ahmadis have joined their country’s armed forces

And fulfil their role as soldiers on behalf of their country. However, those organisations which are not mandated by the government and whose policies are at odds with their government and merely in the name of “freedom” they wish to fulfil their own agendas, then Ahmadis should not join such movements or groups.

On the other hand, if the government decides that now is the time for its citizens to offer sacrifice for the cause of the nation and country and join the army and support the policies of the government, then under such circumstances, an Ahmadi should certainly take part in that.

However, joining non-State actors and groups will only serve to increase the disorder and heighten the conflict. Therefore, you will have to assess that how does the government view the particular party or group you wish to join. At times, there are certain movements which have the full support and approval of the government,

In that case one can join them, but even then one has to assess as to how much discord is being created as a result of that movement. If you have a choice whereby you can refrain from such disorder, then an Ahmadi should avoid all such instances of creating disorder.

And even if you don’t have a choice, even then try to abstain from any kind of disorder in a wise manner.


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