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Beacon Of Guidance | Episode 11

Beacon Of Guidance

My question is, is there a link between the demise of Jesus (as) in India and the birth of the Promised Messiah (as) in India? Allah knows best as to whether there is such a link, but in any case, it is clearly evident that the place where Allah the Almighty

Sent the Messiah of the Mosaic dispensation; where the tribes of the Jews accepted him and where Jesus (as) passed away, it is the same place or country in which Allah the Almighty sent the Masih-e-Muhammadi. The fact of the matter is that a majority of the Muslims resided in that area

And people from different religions also resided there as well. Nations that had deviated from the right path also resided here. So, Allah the Almighty owing to His wisdom, sends prophets in places where people have gone astray the most. So, this means that the Muslims of that era

Were such people who had gone astray the most. Their state was that they were forgetting the teachings of Islam and the propagation of Christianity was on the rise. There were more people who followed the teaching of Jesus (as), many hundreds of thousands of people were converting to Christianity

And the Muslims were forgetting their own faith. That is why Allah the Almighty sent the Promised Messiah (as) in India. If you wish, you may say that there seems to be an apparent link in this. However, Allah the Almighty knew that the Muslims in this region would fall astray the most,

He knew that the followers of other religions would also reside in this region, He knew that Christianity would be more prevalent in this region and that they could rapidly spread and prevail over the world. This is why Allah the Almighty sent the Promised Messiah (as) to India, alright?

Aside from that, Allah knows best, whether or not there is any other wisdom behind the demise of Jesus (as) and the advent of the Promised Messiah (as) taking place in India, alright? My question is that the Promised Messiah (as) received a revelation that “kings will seek blessings from thy garments”, Yes

I wish to hear Huzoor’s blessed words regarding this. What do you wish to hear? The Promised Messiah (as) received a revelation that “kings will seek blessings from thy garments”, it means that in every action of the Promised Messiah (as) and in every saying of his and in his clothes, there are blessings,

Everything associated with the Promised Messiah (as) is blessed. Therefore, even the great kings, will one day consider it an immense honour to be gifted with some cloth of the Promised Messiah (as) and to partake of its blessings. In this day and age,

It is not possible for every Ahmadi to attain these blessings through actual physical garments and nor can it reach every king in the form of garments. However, we can all become recipients of his blessings by implementing the teachings of the Promised Messiah (as) and striving to fulfil his mission.

We should be seeking all of the blessings associated with the advent of the Promised Messiah (as); the blessings of the revival of Islam that has taken place through the Promised Messiah (as); the blessings of the renaissance of Islam through the Promised Messiah (as), the blessings of the flag of Islam

Being raised aloft in the world through the Promised Messiah (as); the blessings of establishing the kingdom of God’s Unity in the world; the blessings of uniting mankind under the banner of the Holy Prophet (sa). These are the blessings the Promised Messiah (as) has bequeathed to us

And it is now our responsibility to attain them and to take benefit from them and to then spread them to the corners of the world. The blessing from the actual garments has its own significance. Similarly, various other things carry blessings. For example, I am wearing a ring

With the inscription of “Is Allah not sufficient for His servant?” This is the ring of the Promised Messiah (as); the first ring which he had made after the revelation and he also wore it. I have worn it to derive blessings from it. So, whoever has the opportunity to gain blessings

From the garments or any other physical thing, they should benefit from those blessings. However, apart from this, as I have said, to further spread these blessings; to spread the teachings of the Promised Messiah (as) and to fulfil his mission are also part of those spiritual blessings.

And it is the duty of every Jamia student to first attain these spiritual blessings and then spread them. Alright? Huzoor can this [revelation] be applied to the Canadian prime minister? In what way do you want to apply it to him? What is in your heart, tell me openly?

I have heard that he comes to our events and meets you He comes to our events, and many other Prime Ministers also come to our events. The previous Prime Minister of Canada also attended the event where I was inaugurating the Calgary mosque. He was travelling to Japan for the G7 conference,

But travelled for 3-4 hours by air and came to meet me, and attended the inauguration and then went. He was the leader of a different party, but nevertheless he met me and attended the inauguration and showed great respect. Similarly, the current Prime Minister is also very respectful.

The Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom also met me, the current Prime Minister has also met me before. Many dignitaries meet me, and prime ministers and presidents of other countries also come and meet me and are very respectful. However, the blessings [of this revelation] will only be applicable to them

If they become Ahmadis. It does not become applicable by simply meeting someone. Of course, it shows their high level of dignity when they come and meet and express their love and their appreciation of Jama’at’s activities. Some, however, have their own political interests while others do it out of genuine heartfelt passion

And do true justice to their bond of friendship. Similarly, there are many other countries, for example there are many leaders of the African countries who meet with great sincerity. In fact, some even speak to me via telephone. So in that case why wouldn’t they receive the blessings

Which you are only applying to the Canadian Prime Minister? Alright, sit down. Don’t become overawed by prominent people, but also consider to give importance to those who are less prominent as well.


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