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Beacon Of Guidance | Episode 10

Beacon Of Guidance

Just now, Amir Sahib, Shareef Odeh Sahib, presented an address in which it was described as the land of the past prophets and the Holy Land, so from this it is apparent how we feel about it. If it did not have any significance,

Then Amir Sahib would not have needed to mention about this land. Tell me, how do the non-Ahmadi Muslims consider this land or Masjid Aqsa? They believe that the Holy Prophet (sa) descended there physically, but we say that it was a vision. He never descended there physically, this is incorrect.

What do we believe as Ahmadis? We believe that it was a vision, and that it was the first Qibla [direction of prayer] and for that reason it is sacred as well. That is right, it was the Qibla before and then the Qibla changed, in fact, even after migrating to Madinah,

The Qibla changed after almost 16 or 17 months. Hazrat Musleh Maud (ra) has commented on this in detail, I will mention certain points that are close to heart. Among them, one is that this was a vision, it was not only about Bait-ul-Maqdas,

But that the Holy Prophet (sa) would migrate and go to Madinah and Madinah would be granted a special status in the eyes of the people and its rank will be greater. The second aspect was that Islam would spread in and around Jerusalem and will be under the occupation of the Muslims,

And for many centuries it was under the occupation of the Muslims. Then owing to their own weaknesses, mistakes and shortcomings, it slipped out of their hands. When we say that it has a special status, undoubtedly it has a special status. One explanation is that the Isra [night journey] was a vision

And did not take place physically, it was spiritual; a vision in that the Holy Prophet (sa) went to Jerusalem and saw various things and then came back in the same night and there is a lengthy explanation for this. Right? But owing to this Madinah received a special status.

And now we can see that despite the fact that at one point Bait-ul-Maqdas was the Qibla for the Muslims, but when Allah the Almighty changed the Qibla, what happened after that? Madinah was granted a status greater than Bait-ul-Maqdas. Despite being the land of the prophets and being sacred,

The rank of Madinah is greater. Okay? To say that it used to be the Qibla of the Muslims and therefore has a higher status, in fact its status is less than Madinah’s and all Muslims accept this. First it is Makkah, then Madinah and yes this also is a sacred place

And we accept that it is sacred. But as for the Isra; to say that Bait-ul-Maqdas has an elevated status because the Holy Prophet (sa) physically descended here, we do not accept this, the Isra [night journey] was a vision, as well as the journey and the incidents that took place.

We believe that Bait-ul-Maqdas has a special status owing to its link with the past prophets, but we do not hold it dearer than Madinah. Makkah and Madinah have their own special status. Secondly, the people living there have a responsibility to safeguard it. Right? All these things tell us

That although it used to be the Qibla, but when Allah the Almighty commanded to change the Qibla, not only did its direction change, but the status of Madinah surpassed it also. When Allah the Almighty Himself elevated the status of Madinah, as did the Holy Prophet (sa),

Then what use is there to argue what we believe regarding it. It is the third holy site and we accept that it is a sacred place, it was the land of the prophets and we accept this, and that Muslims dwelled in that land and Allah the Almighty had foretold this.

And it is also mentioned that if the Jews do not conduct themselves in the correct manner, the Muslims will occupy it again, but this will not be through guns and weapons, rather it will be through prayer, and these will be the prayers of the believers.

Therefore, the more believers there are, the more prayers that are offered, the more they fulfil the rights of God and His creation, the quicker they will be granted governance of this land. Nonetheless, this place has a special status and it is the responsibility of the Muslims to safeguard it.

But to say that it has significance because the Holy Prophet (sa) physically came there in the night of Isra, then that it is wrong. We do not believe in this.


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