Ahmadi Muslim VideoTube Friday Sermon Khalifa V Friday Sermon: Review of Jalsa Salana Germany 2016: 9th September 2016 (Urdu)

Friday Sermon: Review of Jalsa Salana Germany 2016: 9th September 2016 (Urdu)

Friday Sermon – Khalifatul Masih V – Mirza Masroor Ahmad – Year 2016

Peace be upon you. I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except God. and I bear witness that Muhammad (saw) is His Servant and Messenger After this I seek refuge with Allah, from Satan, the accursed.

In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful. All praise belongs to Allah, Lord of all the worlds. The Gracious, the Merciful. Master of the Day of Judgment. Thee alone do we worship and Thee alone do we implore for help.

Guide us in the right path; The path of those on whom Thou hast bestowed Thy blessings, those who have not incurred Thy displeasure, and those who have not gone astray. With the Grace of the Almighty Allah the Jalsa Salana Germany,

the annual convention of the Ahmadiyya Community Germany reached its conclusion after three days last Sunday with a full list of programmes. There were preparations and arrangements made for the whole year to organise the Jalsa.

Hundreds of volunteers begin preparations just a few days before and once the Jalsa starts, it appears that it comes to an end all of a sudden. It seems that in no time at all have three days come to an end.

Perhaps those living abroad or in other countries may think that the Jalsa Salana Germany, because it is held in large conference halls where everything is already installed and prepared from beforehand,

so what would the volunteers and duty holders have to do on duty in this place? However despite the fact that there are very large halls there are certain tasks which must be done and require a great deal of effort.

Despite such a large hall, arrangements have to be made for accommodation , for food, for food serving and also for various other tasks as well. All of this requires temporary arrangements, and all of these have to be established outside of these conference halls.

Marquees have to be obtained for these purposes as well. Then within the hall itself, there have to be arrangements for people to sit down. There is a proper audio facility that must be installed for

people to listen to the speeches, and similarly there are many other duties. Through waqar-e amal, the Khudham, the youth, as well as the Lajna, the women and the Ansar, have to spend a lot of time to prepare everything.

During the days of the Jalsa, cooking, food serving, cleanliness, parking , security arrangements , checking and scanning, the sound system as I have already mentioned, then MTA in addition to broadcasting from the Jalsa Gah,

there are also programmes within the studio that MTA have to organise. So these are all duty workers, which include men, women and also young girls, as well as young boys and even children . All of these people partake in the arrangements of the Jalsa.

So all of these people are deserving to be thanked by everyone who participated in the Jalsa This mostly includes those who are from here, but also Ahmadis from all over the World that through His servants, Allah the Almighty enabled for the proceedings of the Jalsa

to pass through successfully both in terms of listening to the Jalsa and watching it. So all of these duty workers are deserving of our thanks. May Allah The Almighty reward them all! I also would like to thank all of these duty workers,

who in every respect made the Jalsa, a successful one. They took care of the guests of the Promised Messiah (as) with all of their capabilities and strength and were enabled to fully serve them.

May Allah The Almighty enable all of these duty workers to serve in the future with even greater vigour and zeal. Where this Jalsa facilitates our Tarbiyyat, our moral training and spiritual uplift in this special atmosphere,

physically at the Jalsa but also through MTA, where people are watching. There as well, non Ahmadis and non Muslims participate and attend the Jalsa Salana, the annual convention or many Ahmadis have contacts with many non Ahmadis

and non Muslims, and they bring them to the Jalsa Salana, or they watch MTA as a result. This includes opponents who also sometimes watch our programmes on MTA. Often such Jalsas become a means of Tableegh for these people,

both for the non Ahmadis who attend physically, and also the non Ahmadis who watch on MTA. This is something that many Ahmadis have expressed, that our acquaintances and contacts as a result of the Jalsa Salana

have strengthened their bond with the Jamaat, with the Ahmadiyya Community and they have inclined to an even greater degree to learn more about Ahmadiyyat. There are many non Ahmadis and non Muslims who come to the Jalsa Salana .

They experience and witness the atmosphere. They take the Ba’ait as well, the Initiation, and they enter into the Ahmadiyya Community. There are innumerable blessings of the Jalsa Salana and this is something that is mentioned with relation to the proceedings.

The Jalsa Salana Germany also has an impact upon non Ahmadis and I will present some accounts in this regard. For the last few years there has been a Ba’iat ceremony at the Jalsa Salana Germany.

This year from 14 different nations, 83 people took part in becoming new Ahmadis in the Ba’ait ceremony . Some people saw the good treatment by the Ahmadis and they saw the spirituality and their hearts were transformed as a result.

Thus they did the Ba’ait, the Pledge of Allegiance. Ibraheemu sahib, a guest from Bosnia said “Ahmadiyyat alone is the truth which is based on the teachings of Islam”. He mentioned my sermon and he said,

“This had the biggest impact upon me and it answered the questions I had in my mind. “My heart is now satisfied.” So this person took the Ba’ait and entered Ahmadiyyat. He said , “Now I only want to submit to Khalifatul Masih.

“I wish to be near to Hazoor and your love and affection had made me greatly devoted to you.” Then an acquaintance Riaz Sahib who is from Iraq originally said that, “I was introduced to the Ahmadiyya Community by an Ahmadi.

“Then I took part in two Arab meetings in Jamia Ahmadiyya. “Through the local Imam, I came to learn of the Jamaat‘s doctrines, “the Community’s doctrines, which were entirely new for me and were based on truth. “They really touched my heart.

“I then had the opportunity to go to the Jalsa Salana. “It was an astonishing scene to me greatly disciplined, passion to serve, “human values, people of different nations and countries, “yet there was brotherhood and harmony in the air

“I do not believe that this is found anywhere else except in Ahmadiyyat. “All I saw was love abounding in all directions.” He said relating to the speech of Hazoor, “this is an extremely beautiful picture of Islam, not found in any other sect.

So witnessing all of this with my own eyes, neither myself nor my family have any hesitation to accept Ahmadiyyat. “When we returned and informed our family that we have accepted Ahmadiyyat, they replied,

‘Why did you not tell us about this? Why did you not bring us along with you? ‘We also, listening to all of what you heard, ‘would also like to enter into the Ahmadiyya Community’ ”

Another friend, Salman sahib said “I was introduced to the Community through an Ahmadi. “I was extremely impressed seeing his morals. “I tried to learn more about the Ahmadiyya Community, “and in this connection I attended the Jalsa Salana.

“Experiencing everything, it transformed my life completely. “The atmosphere of the Jalsa moved me. “Such an organised and disciplined gathering, “I have never seen in my life or anywhere in the world. The morals members, the good treatment

“the love and affection in the atmosphere which I saw at the Jalsa “is not seen anywhere else in the world except for in Ahmadiyyat ! “And based on all of this I announce today that I enter into the Ahmadiyya Community”.

And he took the Ba’ait. So this good and kind treatment should be the hallmark of every Ahmadi because that is a means of Tableegh. Then another person from Bosnia Bairam Sahib also took the Ba’ait at the Jalsa.

He said, “This is the first time I have attended the Jalsa Salana. “At the Jalsa Salana I had an opportunity to see “Ahmadiyyat in practice at close hand and I gained greater knowledge about the Community. “This is a true community which is established

“on the ‘siratul mustaqeem’ – ‘the straight path’ “When I heard what the Khalifa said at the Jalsa Salana, I decided I will take the Ba’ait, “the Pledge of Allegiance at his hand. “Thus I did and I joined the Ahmadiyya Community.

“I consider myself very blessed and fortunate that “the Khalifa of the time called me close to him with his words . “I now consider myself so fortunate that I am a member of this Community

“and I promise that I will spread this message everywhere”. Then a guest from Belgium Gario Sahib said, “Such a spectacular gathering is a spiritual gathering and it feels “as if we all know each other since a long time ago.

“I first did the Ba’ait, the Pledge of Allegiance in a letter. “Both out of fear and out of enthusiasm, my heart is beating rapidly. “I will say to all the Muslims that this is a true religion of Islam,

“and enter Ahmadiyyat to enter that true religion “It is unbelievable for me, that today I am present to do the Ba’ait, “the Pledge of Allegiance before the Khalifa. “I remember that from an age of 14, I used to hear the Hadith

“from the Muslim scholars that the Mahdi is awaited. “Today that desire is fulfilled. I have witnessed everything with my own eyes”. Thus the Jalsa is a form of silent Tableegh or preaching,

or the atmosphere, the surrounding environment become a means of Tableegh as do the speeches and all of this touches the hearts of the people. Therefore our every action not just relying on the speeches, but every action of every single Ahmadi

should be such that it has an excellent effect on the non Ahmadis and this should not just be for show or pretence. Rather in reality and in essence our every action should

be a complete reflection of what is in our heart and what we really believe. At the Jalsa Salana,non Ahmadis from different European countries also leave the Jalsa being greatly impressed. Even if they are not Ahmadis, they leave with a positive impression.

In fact some become ambassadors for the Ahmadiyya Community and do their own Tableegh. This year at the Germany Jalsa there were delegations that came from different countries. This included delegations from Lithuania, Latvia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Albania,

Rumania and Kosovo, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Malta, Belgium, Croatia and Hungary. A female guest form Lithuania, Maria Sahiba who is a project manager in a legal accountancy firm and said that “Participating in the Jalsa Salana is a great experience in my life.

“Often I meet people from Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and Dubai. “with relation to my work and who believe in Islam. “Often my friends and acquaintances say to me that “these people believe in Islam, and Islam is a religion of terror.

“However after attending the Jalsa Salana I have been compelled to acknowledge and accept “that Muslim people are very good and they are those who help others. “During these days of the Jalsa Salana I felt as if I am in my own home.

“Thus I will return and transform the opinion of my friends with regards to Muslims.” Then a guest from Lithuania, Mr Chapias said the following. He is the foreign minister of an area called Uzupis.

He said “This is a great Jalsa and this gathering has transformed my opinions forever about Islam. “I was not previously very familiar with this community “but the members of the Community are extremely hospitable and affectionate.

“The idea to write the Holy Qur’an by different people is very good and seeing different people “of different countries united is also something that I feel is very good. “Then a youngster from Morocco who lives in Belgium, Jaleel said the following.

“My father Abdul Qadir did the Ba’ait at the occasion of Jalsa Salana UK and he brought me to the Germany Jalsa”. He said “For the first time I have participated in any Jalsa.

“As a youngster I would like to say to my other young brothers, “that they should certainly participate in such events “because this has increased my spirituality and I feel elated. “When us youth walk along the street in public

“then seldom does anyone say ‘Salaam’ to you out in public. “But at the Jalsa, every single person can be seen saying ‘Salam’ to other people! “This is something which is very touching.

I am extremely grateful to Allah The Almighty for enabling me such opportunity and for giving me “the opportunity to participate in this annual convention, the Jalsa Salana. He says “when I first came here I thought ‘what will I do here for these three days.

“However when I took part in the proceedings of the Jalsa, “when I experienced the Brotherhood, compassion and love “I did not even realise how quickly these three days passed.

“On the third day of the Jalsa, I took part in the Ba’ait, the Pledge of Allegiance ceremony.” Then from Macedonia, and other places, people also came and a Christian acquaintance, Tony says, that “I have a journalism background.

“I previously have partook in the Jalsa Salana Germany and UK. “Last year was my first Jalsa Salana I took part in here and I was very impressed “how many people were in attendance in this last gathering and that

“all the arrangements were excellently managed and organised. “Everyone was disciplined, respecting one another “and first I thought that all of this is by chance”.

He could not understand if all of this was a reality, or it was all like a dream to him. He said “this Jalsa is a great gathering of human kind. In August I attended the UK Jalsa Salana.

“Now I’m in Germany , Jalsa again, and I have understood “with certainly that the arrangements of the Jalsa Salana are very perfect . “I am 52 years old. I have never seen such a gathering in my life before.

“I saw no shortcomings in the arrangements of the Jalsa, neither in the UK nor in Germany. Journalists see thing very critically, yet this is the beauty of Ahmadiyyat that they see the same thing in all countries.

Then there is a non-Ahmadi journalist who is a Muslim who said that “The organisation of the Jalsa greatly impressed me. “When I made the decision to attend the Jalsa Salana I did not realize

“what the Jalsa would entail and how successful it would be. “There are many things during the Jalsa, which left a very positive affect upon me. “I saw for the first time that so many people are gathered in one place,

“all are disciplined and civilized and none of them had expressions of anger “or looking at others with disdain and contempt. Everyone treated me excellently.” He said that he was very impressed by the speeches of The Khalifa

which he found very powerful and which touched everyone’s hearts. “The address and speech of The Khalifa pierced our hearts.” He was surprised by the cleanliness in the toilets and how clean they were

despite being used in such large numbers and said that it left a great impression upon him “There was a friend with me who is Christian. “From the outset of The Jalsa Salana he was so moved, that he did not have the words to express.

He says that “At this moment as I am writing down my comments and sentiments, “my acquaintance is demanding to have books on Islam. “So he is also reading the history of The Ahmadiyya Muslim community

“and he said that this time, listening to the poe that the Macedonian Ahmadiyya Muslim Community “read out at the occasion of the Jalsa.” So the atmosphere of the Jalsa Salana acts as silent Tableegh or silent preaching.

Dr. Adil is a person who came in the delegation from Bosnia and he said that all the programme and the arrangements of the Jalsa Salana were very distinct. As a doctor for the last 25 years I have attended various functions and events,

however I have never seen such discipline and organisation anywhere else. The foundation of Islam is upon obedience and discipline, and this is exactly what I saw here at this Jalsa Salana.

Another guest Mr. Daniyal said “This Jalsa is giving life to thousands of those “who are spiritually dead, but I am also one of those who have attended the Jalsa Salana “and who has been infused with a new spiritual life.

“Although I am a member of the community for many years I did not ever feel “that spiritual flame within which I have obtained from this Jalsa. “Now I have attained a new spiritual life.” Then a non-Ahmadi Muslim guest from Bosnia Mr. Nooria said,

“I used to hear mention of the Jalsa from people but never had the opportunity to attend myself. “This year after participating there was a strange “and astonishing feeling within my heart I am transformed “from within and it is difficult to explain this.”

Then how do people test and scrutinize things? People do not just simply come to attend, rather people also come to see to test and scrutinize how Ahmadis actually are. They try to see where the flaws and shortcomings are.

Mr Ammar who is Syrian but lives in Germany says that “In reality I am an opponent of the community. “I came here to the Jalsa Salana to see the shortcomings and then promote

“and tell people about them. For three days I left my mobile on the table but nobody stole it. “I saw the organizers and arrangements very closely and in close minor detail “but I did not see any shortcoming, but now I am

“compelled to change my viewpoint about the community.” For people to test us in this manner is completely inappropriate. There are some people who succumb to temptation, however now we know that some people come with this intention.

So every Ahmadi should be very careful and vigilant in this regard. There is another guest, who is also originally from Syria, whose name is Ali. He said that, “I was introduced to the community by an Arab Ahmadi and

“I had the opportunity to participate in a Tabligh meeting. “There was comprehensive detail discussed about the beliefs of the community and “I was satisfied to a great degree. “Then I heard the opportunity, to go with a family to the Jalsa.

“Then I saw the spiritual atmosphere the discipline and organisation, “and I was completely amazed. “This is an excellent opportunity for me to spend time with you, your excellent hospitality, “your brotherhood, your sacrificing of the nights for our sake,

“is all something for which I am grateful for. “Truly the Ahmadi community is a Muslim community which presents the true teachings of Islam “and establishes its glory upon others. “It is our obligation to research, to study and ponder,

“to uncover this hidden gem and present it to the world.” From Albania there is a new Ahmadi, Flooriane, who says the following, “I was extremely impressed by all the organisation at Jalsa, “all of it was brilliant and excellently organised.

“It is difficult for me to say, that any arrangements had any flaws or had any shortcomings in it. “For such a wide ranging arrangement, to be so excellently organised, “is only possible through years of assessment, evaluation, planning and experience.”

He said that, “Young children were smiling while giving water to the guests and were so happy, “as if they have found something which they lost. “In short, every duty holder is absolutely committed, devoted and focused on their duty, “and filled with love for their guests.

“This is my first Jalsa, which I learnt from the airport to the end of the Jalsa. “That practical service, love and cheerfulness, kindness and generosity “is what I must impart to other people.”

He also took part in the Ba’ait Ceremony and mentioning how it moved him. He said, “During the time of the Ba’ait, there was a wave of delight and joy. “Like a current which came through me, which I cannot explain in words properly.

“During the actual time of the Ba’ait, my hair stood on end. “It seemed as if the entire venue had become a magnetic field and “all are being attracted by this magnetic pull.”

He said “The Jalsa, was nothing short of like a dream for me.” There is a guest from Kosovo, Mr Biran, who says the following, “I had heard about the Jalsa from many people

“But I am so thankful to Allah the Almighty, that I have personally part took in this. “And I have witnessed everything with my very own eyes “I saw the discipline, the good morals and etiquettes and excellent discipline “and organisation of the community.”

Then he asked a question, “What is the secret?” Then he asked me the question directly, “What is the secret behind the strength of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community?”

I told him that this is not a community made by any person. It is not a man-made Jam’aat Rather there was a prophecy of the Holy Prophet (saw) and a promise Allah Almighty.

And in that it was said, that there will be a time when the Promised Messiah (as) will come to the world and he will form a community. So this is a community planted by the hands of God.

That is why you see all of these blessings. This community, which has been established by Allah Almighty, by virtue of the Promised Messiah (as). It has put khalafat-e-Ahmadiyya, and the members of the community, on the same string or cord.

They are connected together and it is under the shade of Allah the Almighty’s blessings that it is growing and flourishing. Then for the last 125 years the manner in which in different ways, obstacles have been tried to be placed in its way

the community should have been completely annihilated by now. Quiet a large number of people came from Bulgaria There was a delegation of 76 people, 25 of these members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, whilst the remainder were all non- Ahmadis.

This included doctors, businessmen, retired high ranking officials of the armed forces, teachers and other educated persons. A female guest whose name is Magda, said the following. “There are innumerable foreign refugees entering into Europe.

“The local people have an enmity towards them. A state of anxiety has developed.” And she said regarding me, “that your guidance is something which gives reassurance to the heart, “and is a solution to removes all anxieties.” She said “your speech about the rights

“and responsibilities of men and women has greatly moved me.” Thus, for the non-Ahmadi’s to be impressed, makes certain demands and requirements of us. Which is that we need to greatly understand our responsibilities and Our every actions needs to reflect those responsibilities.

A guest Stoyarnof said the following; “This is the first time I am attending the Jalsa Salana, “and I learned something or other new from every speech, “particularly the address of the Khalifa (aba) to the ladies greatly impressed me.

“He presented the beautiful teachings if Islam, something that we are in dire need of today.” There was also a delegation from Malta, which included a Doctor of Nigerian origin. He said that “I did a six month course a few years ago to understand Islam,

“after this course I felt that Islam alone is the place, that I must go towards. “However the wrongful acts of certain Muslims stained the reputation and image of Islam. “Then I had a period of investigation and study.

“The Ahmadiyya community is that single organization and sect of Islam that “really presents the beautiful teachings of Islam and acts upon it. “The definition and interpretation of Jihad, given by the Ahmadiyya community,

“If followed by the other Muslims, then the world would become an abode of peace, “and love and brotherhood would resonate in all directions.” He says that “The Ahmadiyya Community believes Allah Almighty is Lord of All the Worlds

“This does not say that only Muslims have the right to God. “This has drawn me nearer to the Ahmadiyya Community.” He says “Those people who say that Allah Almighty gave revelations, spoke and communicated before, “but does not do so today, are completely wrong.

“The Ahmadis are true when they say that even today God speaks to his servants.” Then he said “I attended the Jalsa Salana in search for answers to my questions about Islam. “Attending the Jalsa Salana and listening to the speech of Huzoor (aba), especially the speech

“on the second day, to the German guests, I can say has answered all of my questions.” He says that “the definition given of Jihad by the Ahmadiyya community, ‘should be published into a book and given to the Muslims, and also to the non-Muslims.”

He said “In terms of the people of Malta, I will greatly preach Ahmadiyyat to them. “I will inform them that the true Islam is that which is presented by the Ahmadiyya Community.

“This is a message of peace and love. Now we will jointly with the Ahmadiyya Community, “Will spread its message throughout the country.” There were also three Christian women, in a delegation from Malta.

One said to the missionary that she spent the second day in the ladies” marquee. She said to the missionary “today the opportunity we had to spend time with the ladies, “and this was more enjoyable for us, and we felt more relaxed and comfortable there.

‘staying amongst the ladies, we felt that we had more freedom, liberation and also self-confidence “It is our desire that we spend the entire remaining time of Jalsa in the Ladies side.”

So this is also a lesson for the Ahmadi girls who think, or become influenced by those who say That there should be no distinction or separation between men or women.

They should not be seated separately. Some mind of our youth have been corrupted by this. A lawyer from Latvia Arvid said the following. “I had the opportunity to attend the Jalsa Salana for the first time,

“Before attending the Jalsa, was not too familiar with Ahmadiyyat, however, “during these days I have been able to learn a great deal about Islam. “I have never in my entire life seen anyone more loving, serving and helpful than you.

“Attending the Jalsa Salana is a source of pride for me, I will return and reflect on my life.” A female guest Tina, said the following “At Jalsa Salana Germany, the Annual convention in Germany,

“In the speech of the Khalifa addressed to the ladies, about the rights of women and “the excellent example of the Holy Prophet (saw), “this had an extremely positive impression on me about the women in Islam.

“I can now say how much importance women hold in Islam. “The lady’s speech at the Jalsa Salana greatly delighted me, “and surprised me as to how brilliantly Islam has granted rights to women.

“And, has explained the differences in the rights between the genders. “After this speech, my knowledge has greatly increased “as a results of listening to what was entailed within them.”

Non Ahmadi Muslim guests from Belgium, who are originally from Senegal said the following, this person is a Muslim, and says, “I have attended many Muslim events and functions “but the organisation I have seen here, I have not seen anywhere.”

I have mentioned an incident, he says that, “In the Jalsa Gah – the main Jalsa Hall – “a person fell from his seat, and all the duty workers who were there, “they rushed to help that person, as if he was the most important person.

“Seeing this spectacle, I thought that everyone is given so much respect and regard here. “Everyone is treated equally. Thus, to experience this example of love and brotherhood, “In this current time, to witness this with my own eyes,

“gives evidence that this truly is a rejuvenation of the religion of Islam. “In today’s era, it is the Ahmadiyya Community alone, which is truly acting on the teachings of Islam.”

Then, he says that, “I will like to also testify to another thing, often in countries in Europe today, there is a heavy police presence, And, the police and security are quite prominent in other large events.

“However, during these three days, despite the fact that there were almost 40, 000 people present, “there were no disturbances or incidences to report, or problems or accidents, “for the countries police or any such incidence.

“In fact, do not even know what the uniform of the Police here – in Germany – looks like. “This proves that the Ahmadiyya Community have understood the country’s teachings and laws properly, “and this is why the atmosphere here is peaceful.”

A female guest from Lithuania said the following, “In my country, Lithuania, there is a saying that, ‘Always learn, and learn once again’. “Now, in these days, I have learnt so much about Islam, I have come to realise that,

“Islam gives special attention to the right to God’s creation. “I will return and convey this message of Islam to others, “I will like to thank you, that after this Jalsa Salana, most of all I have observed a great change within me.

“My pious thoughts and desires are with you, and I hope to come to the Jalsa Salana again.” Then, another guest, Mr Eraldo, who is an accountant said, “The Jalsa Salana has instilled love for Muslim in my heart, Muslims who desire peace and not war

“ISIS do not represent the true image of Islam, “whatever they are doing is for their own gains and interest.” A new Ahmadi, Mr Nadeem, said, “This is my third Jalsa” this is something that is in relation to good treatment, kindness and morals,

as I said, all Ahmadis should display the highest of morals. This should not just be with the new Ahmadis and the non-Ahmadis, but rather we must display compassion, sympathy and love between one another and

we must do so greatly, we must end all grudges and grievances, I said this at the Jalsa as well. He says, “This is my third Jalsa Salana. Two months ago, I was in search of work and came to Germany.

“One day, I wanted to come to Baitus Sabuh for prayers. “I had the opportunity to go there by taxi, by chance the taxi driver was an Ahmadi brother, “the love and compassion that this Ahmadi brother had, was completely unparalleled.

“I came to realise, that this was a glimpse of “the love that the Promised Messiah (as) wished to see amongst his followers.” As I have said before, with the grace of Allah Almighty, there are similarly many other comments and sentiments sent by people.

It is the grace of Allah Almighty that he overlooks many of our shortcomings, and covers our faults. Generally, most people who come to the Jalsa are left with a good impression. However, sometimes people indicate and highlight certain short comings and mistakes.

Some guests reported that the device for listening to the translations, was perhaps the first complaint that they can be better. Sometimes during the translation there was a lot of noise heard in it, and other language were mixed.

I have also experienced this myself. I was listening to the sessions with the German guests, and so on top of the urdu translation the other translations were mixed, and there was repeated interference. Organisers should pay attention to this, and do not save money,

but rather make good arrangements and get good devices. A non Ahmadi guest from Macedonia whilst mentioning some of her comments and sentiments, said, “What I want to say is not all that important, however I shall mention it none the less.

“We were given food that we are not used to eating, and as a result this, “it caused some people certain inconvenience.” Another lady said, “There were certain ingredients and spices in the food “that were extremely difficult for us to eat.”

Hence, the food for foreigners should be made properly by the organisers. These guests come in such small numbers that it is not difficult at all to make the arrangements for this.

Sometimes people believe that, “We have made pasta and that can be eaten by anyone.” However, not everyone eats pasta, there are people of different cultures and countries, some people like a certain type of food, a certai type of curry or broth, which is thinner.

So, the local missionaries from those countries, they can easily find out what they eat, and attention can be given to this. Then, I also came to know that in the ladies’ side, in the marquee for the guests

there was a lot of rush of the Ahmadi ladies. Ladies should give attention to this, particularly the Ladies’ organisers, that our girls and women, for the three day perio of Jalsa Salana, should not eat the special food,

but should eat the food from the general Langar (Canteen). This should make it easier for the guests to eat. Then, a lady asked me a question, and from the question it was obvious what she wanted to tell me or infer.

She said, “Sometimes, the appearance of ladies during the prayers was not right. “The hair could be see, some of the hair on the head was not covered.” Her objection was completely valid, the hair and head should be completely covered during this time.

Attention should be given to this and care should be given towards this. Some mothers of children wrote to me in letters of complaint that, or also they wrote to me whilst praying, that it can be better next year, they said that,

Very young children, and those that make a lot of noise as compared to the older children and their mothers, all should have separate places. There should be a separate place for mothers with very young children,

as the noise made by the children makes it difficult for others to listen to the speeches. Some people also drew my attention to the following, and several people have done so, that when the young girls were receiving their awards,

at the MTA was showing a very close up shot. Whereas it is my guidance from beforehand that they should show the shot from afar and that their face should not be visible. First of all, the Purdah (the covering) should be correct of every women,

but if not, then MTA should be more careful and mindful. If the new female workers are not experienced or briefed in this properly then in the future there should be restrictions and MTA should make necessary arrangements. With regards to feedback on the Purdah,

I will later send it to the Sadr Lajna [Ladies’ President]. There is no need to mention it now. During the days of the Jalsa Salana, people benefit from participating in it. They facilitate their Tarbiyat, their own moral and spiritual training,

and the Jalsa is also a means of Tabligh, the preaching to non Ahmadis. At the same time, we need to always look at our own errors, flaws and short comings.

I do not need to mention so many shortcomings every time or highlight all of them but it is definitely correct that there are shortcomings and errors. No arrangement or organisation can be absolutely perfect.

Where we are grateful to Allah Almighty that he covered and overlooked many of our short comings, there we should also asses the arrangements that the organisers should look at closely. We should look at all our shortcomings with a critical view.

We should search for those flaw and mistakes, we should look for whatever those are and we should pinpoint them. As I have said many times, a ‘Red Book’ should be made and it should be included within that,

and in the future you should to overcome all of the short comings. This is the way we can improve our system. It is the duty of Officer of Jalsa Salana, that he should have a meeting with all the departments afterwards,

and he should say to them to note down all of their short comings and bring it with them to the meeting. Wherever they see short comings they should insert that and then bring it to the meetings

so that through mutual consultation the best improvements can be made for the following year. If there are demands from the members from the public, or other points worthy of mention, then with an open heart then immediately strong planning should be placed,

to over come this for the next time. May Allah Almighty enable everyone to do so. During this tour, I also had the opportunity to place the foundation stones of certain mosques, these also proved to be a source of Tabligh.

Non Ahmadi guests attend these functions, and when they come to learn about Islam, they become astonished, that they had never ever heard or had be shown this aspect or perspective of Islam. I will also at this time present certain sentiments and viewpoints of guests,

there is a Christian who said, “A few years ago, my son became an Ahmadi, “this caused me great anxiety and worry because I am Catholic, and am very strict in my religion

“ And, I am a firm adherent. I was upset, that where has my son gone? “I saw Islam negatively, and thought it was something harmful, “however today, I saw your Khalifa and heard his speech, and I came to realise

“what true peace is, and now I am satisfied that my son is in the right place.” Then, a female guest said the following, “I thought it was bad and I was also regretful that your Khalifa had to keep on saying that,

‘Islam is a religion of peace’, however, I understand that in the world today, “the wrong propaganda which is being done against Islam and “so many incorrect things are being associated with Islam.

“Hence, it is also necessary to repeatedly mention the truth to them.” “The Khalifa very minutely and in great details spoke about how Islam promotes peace.” She said that: “The way in which it was presented cannot be presented by rebutted by anybody.”

She said that: “The message is very simple and straightforward, that we should embrace everyone, “that we should live in mutual love and affection.” Then she says “I do not have any issues with the Ahmadi mosque, however I have one regret.”

What does she regret? It is that the status of the mosque and church is one, the place of worship of Muslims, mosques, and the place of worship of Christians, churches, are equal.

She said that: “Yet, churches are allowed to be made in the centre of the city, and mosques on the outskirts. “And they have to come from far to attend. Why did the council not give permission within the city?

Amongst their own locals, who were previously opponents to the mosque, have now stood up to support the mosque as a result of attending such functions, and as a result of these inaugurations.

They say that our mosques should be allowed to be built within the heart of the city. The respected mayor said at one place that: “I was very proud that I knew your Community.

“But now, I have come to learn about the true teachings of Islam and the help and support that you are giving all around the world to people.” Because I had mentioned a few things in my speech. He said that:

“I was delighted that Islam even teaches to protect churches, as well as the places of worshi and sacred sites of all other religions.” Then a guest, Mr. Steven, said the following: “What I thought would happen is completely different.

“I do not know what I was expecting, but it was nothing what was according to my expectations. “Although it was a very peaceful environment, where the Khalifa spoke about fulfilling the rights “of other people, about showing love to one another, and safeguarding them.

“Today I learnt about the basic principles of Islam, and it was extremely pleasing to hear, “that the Khalifa said we should remain intact with our good qualities and characteristics, “and we should not loot to other people’s shortcomings,

“rather we should overlook them, and ignore them. He also mentioned the history of Islam. “He explained how the Holy Prophet (saw) had to migrate from his home, “yet persecution continued “I felt as if he had opened up a secret book of mysteries on Islam,

“which was unknown to anyone before.” Then a female guest said the following: “I heard the message of the Khalifa, I heard his speech, “and I have never heard such excellent teaching about neighbours, such as the one found in Islam.

“If everybody fulfils the right of their neighbours, as the Khalifa had elucidated, “then this world would become a haven for peace. “The Khalifa said, that rather than demanding for one’s rights,

you should focus more on giving rights to others. Certainly this is the true definition of peace.” At the inauguration of this mosque, the head of the district of this area said the following: “Ahmadis do not shake hands with women, and through this integration cannot occur.

“This means that you cannot be absorbed amongst us, until you women shake hands with our men, and your men shake hands with our men.” After he finished his address,

in my short speech I replied to him. Upon this, a lady analysing what I had said, said “I was delighted that the Khalifa spoke about shaking hands issue. “It is not necessary that every person in this room

would have agreed with everything that the Khalifa said. “I agree with what he said. We should praise the qualities of other people, and acknowledge them. “This is what I learned from your Khalifa today, that for integration it requires an effort from both sides.

“I know, for example, that Muslims don’t eat pork So I invite a Muslim to my home, “I will cook meat of another type. This is a basic and fundamental thing. “Similarly, if a Muslim man does not wish to shake hands with me,

why should I forcibly compel him to shake my hand?” Then a German guest said the following: “I was extremely happy to hear that your Khalifa “with great detail, spoke about the issue of shaking hands between men and women.

“His speech was something I really wanted to hear “The arguments he gave are not really something, which can be rebutted. “It is not a small thing in our society that men will not shake hands with women.

“But the Khalifa said something completely correct, that in a peaceful and tolerant society, “we have to take care of the beliefs and traditions of others, and be mindful of them. Then the lady, who had come with the district head,

who had said that men should shake hands with women, had also come the laying of the foundation stone ceremony of the mosque, and also at the inauguration. That is, she came last year.

She was previously very angry, that why do men not shake hands with women, because she was informed beforehand that I do not shake hands with women. Then she said that: “I am very happy, that the Khalifa replied to all the questions,

“that were made by Mr. Gemke the head of district Last year on the invitation it was written, “that Ahmadi men will not shake hands with women. I was extremely hurt by this. “Today, the way the Khalifa has elucidated the hand shaking issue,

“if this was said to me before the invitation was sent, I would have understood immediately. “Although I believe that men and women can shake hands, “but nevertheless the speech of your Khalifa has transformed my view points.

“We should not forcibly compel others to accept our traditions and rituals, “and we should be mindful of the traditions of others.” So one thing that we should remember is, that when you speak to other about your religion,

and your traditions, and your rituals, then you should do so with wisdom. This is so that the message can actually resonate with them, and you do not give them any emotional pain, or hurt their sentiments.

Now this lady, who was a representative of a church, who I just mentioned, what she said was completely correct. She said: “What was the need to write to me especially “in the invitation or letter that we do not shake hands, that:

‘when you come, do not try to shake hands with men’ So, in other words it was said, that: “We are calling you to this event, but remember do not shake hands. Do not dare to do so.” This is what basically it was saying.

There was no need to write this. If you have a doubt that she might not adhere to this, do not call her. Yet, you still called her to the event a year later. But it is good in one sense

that the district head picked up this issue again and I had the opportunity to give a detailed reply. I also was not afraid at all, when he addressed this issue. I spoke frankly and straightforwardly to them, but I spoke with wisdom.

Perhaps the district head was not expecting such a comprehensive reply, because he was happy that he had received a reply He also said: “You have rebutted what I had argued, in a very good way.”

So, remember that we must not convince anyone by force. Yet, at the same time we must not move away from our teachings. We do not need to be embarrassed, in any matters relating to the religion.

The teachings of Islam are so excellent, that no Ahmadi boy or girl, women or men, should ever have an inferiority complex. If we want to bring the world under the banner of Islam, then in every single matter,

we must demonstrate our example. We must show courage, and bravery, and resolve. This woman, who I mentioned, that on the invitation of the foundatio stone ceremony before, a message was especially written about shaking hands, apart from her comments I mentioned,

she also said: “For one year, I was in pain. “I thought that I had been insulted. “And after the foundation stone ceremony, I went home with very heavy heart. “Even before coming here today I felt very uneasy

But today, after listening to what the Khalifa said, I am leaving with a smile on my face, it is your right to decide whether you want to shake hands or not.” Many people also presented their views about this

That: “Now we have understood about real integration, and now we have understood about real Khilafat.” One person also remarked, and this is a major thing, which all of your men and women should listen to. It is very important.

He was a young man. He said: “Your Khalifah is of an elderly age, and he is a Khalif. “Perhaps he acts upon the teachings, “but in terms of acting upon the teachings of Islam, we will come to know if it is really true

“if young boys and girls and women and men act upon it or not. Do Ahmadi boys and girls shake hands with men and women or not. This will tell us if you are truly acting upon your teachings.”

He said: “If other Ahmadi youth act upon this, then I will believe that you are those, “who act upon your teachings.” Thus, this is a huge challenge for those living here, for every Ahmadi men and women.

This is a challenge that he has made to every Ahmadi, male or female. So now, it is your responsibility to never fall into any inferiority complex. And instead you must act upon even the smallest commandments of religion,

and demonstrate to this people, that even coming here to Europe, we do not even have the smallest doubt, misgiving or hesitation in belief of the superiority of Islam Every woman should take care of their clothing, and their covering.

They should maintain their modesty, and should not allow it to be harmed in any way. The Lajna should particularly give attention to this, and also the organisation of Khuddam should give special attention to the Tarbiyyat of the youth.

Ansarullah should also not be neglectful of their responsibilities. All the organisations, and the system of the Community and the Jama’at, should keep in view the practical weaknesses of the Community,

and should form Tarbiyyati programmes, and strive to bring about the best results. Other people are starting to look and test what our actions are. May Allah Almighty enable all of you to act upon this.

I shall also inform you that the through mosque and Jalsa functions, more than 80 news report were published. Approximately more than 74 million people were reached. Five TV channels in Germany broadcasted news. This included one radio channel, three news channels,

and also one newspaper: SWRTV, Baden TV, RTL, ZDF, and Albanian TV all broadcasted reports. There are also other reports published in the newspapers. Will the prayers be in the other hall? I gave the sermon here, but because of the limitation of space,

we will go to the other room to say the prayers in the reception. I will offer my prayers there. So you should wait here until I go to the other room, sit here calmly,

and then join once I go and lead the prayers there. Last time when I came here, the area purchased by Lajna and Ansarullah, which had been called Baitul Afiat, had a large hall and we had space.

But this time the council had certain objections, and these have still not been resolved. As a result we could not have a space there to say the prayers. Thus today, the Ladies have as well been stopped from coming to the Friday Sermon,

and only the men have come. Although such a long period of time has elapsed, it was the duty of Lajna and Anarullah, that once they purchased the property, they should have fulfilled the legal requirements

so that as quickly as possible they could have made that place usable. Perhaps Lajna and Ansar remained idle, that perhaps the council will come to us, that “We will do that job for you.” This will not happen.

You will have to take immediate steps and measures to make work happen. Similarly, if Ameer Sahib and also the departments of finance are involved, they should immediately help. It should not be that they should remain idle for so many years,

that the council will request us themselves, that we can use our place. Remove this slackness, and laziness and fulfil the requirements of carrying out your work. All praise is due to Allah. We laud Him, we beseech help from Him and ask His protection;

we confide in Him, we trust Him alone and we seek protection against the evils and mischief of our souls and from the bad results of our deeds. Whomsoever He guides on the right path, none can misguide him;

and whosoever He declares misled, none can guide him onto the right path. And we bear witness that none deserves to be worshipped except Allah. We bear witness that Muhammad (saw) is His servant and Messenger. O servants of Allah! May Allah be merciful to you.

Verily, Allah commands you to act with justice, to confer benefits upon each other and to do good to others as one does to one’s kindred and forbids evil which pertain to your own selves and evils which affect others and prohibits revolts against a lawful authority.

He warns you against being unmindful. You remember Allah; He too will remember you; call Him and He will make a response to your call. And verily divine remembrance is the highest virtue.


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