Ahmadi Muslim VideoTube Friday Sermon Khalifa V Friday Sermon: Equity, Justice and Good Conscience: 25th November 2016 (Urdu)

Friday Sermon: Equity, Justice and Good Conscience: 25th November 2016 (Urdu)

Friday Sermon: Equity, Justice and Good Conscience: 25th November 2016 (Urdu)

Friday Sermon: Equity, Justice and Good Conscience: 25th November 2016 (Urdu)

Friday Sermon – Khalifatul Masih V – Mirza Masroor Ahmad – Year 2016

I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad (saw) is His Servant and Messenger After this I seek refuge with Allah from Satan the accursed. In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful.

All praise belongs to Allah, Lord of all the worlds. The Gracious, the Merciful. Master of the Day of Judgment. Thee alone do we worship and Thee alone do we implore for help. Guide us in the right path – The path of those on whom Thou hast bestowed Thy blessings,

Those who have not incurred Thy displeasure, and those who have not gone astray. [Arabic, Holy Qur’an 4:136] The translation of this verse is: “O ye who believe! Be strict in observing justice, and be witnesses for Allah,

“even though it be against yourselves or against your parents or kindred. “Whether he, against whom witness is borne, be rich or poor, “Allah is more regardful of them both than you are. “Therefore follow not your low desires that you may be able to act equitably.

“And if you hide the truth or evade it, then know that Allah is Well-Aware of what you do.” We claim to the world that the Islamic teachings can provide the solution to all its problems and for this we present the teachings of the Holy Quran.

During my tour of Canada, I was asked by a journalist that “what is solution you present for the current issues of the world?” I told the journalist that people of the world and also the leading powers of the world,

In their estimation, in order to resolve these issues, establish peace in the world and end extremism, they have exhausted all their efforts However, these issues continue to exist and even if they are controlled

To some extent in one particular area but they become rampant in another area and when efforts are made to quell those, the chaos and disorder re- emerges in the previous place. Every kind of method has been employed in order to bring this disorder to an end

Barring one, and that is, to resolve these issues in light of the teachings of Islam. Although they fall silent [upon hearing this] however the Muslim countries who raise the slogan of Islam unfortunately do not adhere

And neither make the effort to adhere to the teachings revealed by Allah Almighty and the requirements of Islam and the example which has been set by the Holy Prophet (saw). Consequently, more than anyone else,

It is the Muslim countries who have been engulfed by the chaos and disorder and so what greater tragedy could there be? So far, no journalist has directly said to me that if there is any practical truth in such commandments

Then let the Muslim countries bring about a reformation in themselves first. These questions can, and most likely do, arise in their minds. Hence, when I address the non-Ahmadi’s I usually mention about the current state of the Muslims first

And then go on to speak about these powers and reveal the truth of their own conduct and practises. I tell the journalists and also mention this in the various interviews that by not following these commandments,

The Muslims are testifying to the truth of Islam and the Holy Prophet (saw) because the Holy Prophet (saw) had clearly prophesied that the state of the Muslims would eventually become like this whereby they will neglect the true teachings of Islam

And will give precedence to their own personal desires and interests. When that time comes, it will in fact also signify the advent of the ardent devotee of the Holy Prophet (saw) who has been mentioned in the Holy Quran

And the signs of the time of his advent have been mentioned in the Holy Quran and also by the Holy Prophet (saw). Thus, in the face of such circumstances, an Ahmadi Muslim need not to worry, rather in a way it can become a source of happiness and comfort

Because this prophecy of the Holy Prophet (saw) regarding the Muslims and particularly about the scholars has been fulfilled and we have witnessed its fulfilment. This is something, be it discreetly, that even the non-Ahmadi Muslims have begun to say, particularly about their scholars.

However, we Ahmadis are happy in this respect also because we are among those who fulfil the second part of the Holy Prophet’s (saw) prophecy and that is by believing in the prophet sent by Allah Almighty, who is the ardent devotee of the Holy Prophet (saw)

And who is also the Promised Messiah and the Mahdi, through whom the revival of Islam was going to take place. However, will this alone be enough to enable us to achieve our objectives? This is a question that requires all of us to ponder over it?

The verse of the Holy Quran which I recited, I have recited this in numerous addresses of mine to non-Ahamdi’s. And I tell them that the standard for equality and justice which Islam enjoins us to establish has been mentioned in this verse and many people are greatly impressed by this

And mention this afterwards in their comments and impressions. However, our job is not to merely impress others through intellectual discourse, rather, in order to further the mission of the Promised Messiah (as), we must present our own practical examples of the Quranic teachings.

We do not have any governance whereby we can set models on a governmental level of these commandments [of the Quran]. InshAllah when that time comes then we shall need to set these examples at the highest level

But at this present time we need to set these examples on a Jama’at level and societal level. People can ask us that though you don’t have any governmental control but you still have an administrative structure in your Jama’at;

You are a Jama’at which claims to show obedience in a unified manner; you have interaction with one another, financially as well as communally, therefore do you uphold these standards of justic and honesty in your dealings with one another?

Allah the Almighty has used the word Qist in th earlier part of the verse and also the word Adl which means equality; justice; high standard of morals; free from any kind bias and to work without being influenced or affected by anyone.

Thus, each and every one of us needs to assess whether we deal with one another in light of these [definitions]? Are we ready to uphold these standards by giving testimony even though it be against ourselves?

Are we ready to give a testimony against our own parents in order to uphold these standards? Are we ready to give a testimony against our close relatives in order to uphold these standards? First and foremost, one’s own children will come under close relatives.

In order to uphold these standards, do we have the strength to supress our personal desires and practically prove this? These matters are not minor. In this day and age, the ardent devotee of the Holy Prophet (saw)

Has established these standards by showing them to us through his own practical example. For example, there is an incident when the Promised Messiah’s (as) father used to be the land-owner of Qadian and a dispute was brought to the court for adjudication by the farmers.

The Promised Messiah (as) gave no consideration to the loss of the family wealth and spoke the truth and testified in favour of the farmers during the case. In fact, the farmers who were very poor knew that the Promised Messiah (as)

Was among its owners and had a share in the land but wanted the lawsuit to be decided on the Promised Messiah’s (as) testimony because they knew that the Promised Messiah (as)would give the testimony

While remaining firm on the truth and justice, and thus he testified in their favour. Thus, these are the standards which the Promised Messiah (as) desired to instil within the members of his community because he wanted to produce a community which adheres to the Quranic injunctions

And whose level of piety is extremely high. It is for this reason that the Promised Messiah (as) took the took the oath of allegiance from us on the condition that we shall completely submit to the authority of the Holy Quran.

In another place in the Holy Quran, Allah the Almighty states: [Arabic Text] Regarding this, the Promised Messiah (as) states: “And let not a people’s enmity incite you to act otherwise than with justice. “Be always just, that is nearer to righteousness.” The Promised Messiah (as) further states:

“I tell you truly that to treat one’s enemy with courtesy is easy “but to safeguard an enemy’s rights and not to let go off justice and equality during a trial “is extremely difficult and demands great courage.

“Often is the case that though people show love to their enemy and speak very sweetly to them “but they usurp their rights. A person shows love to his fellow brother “and in the guise of this love he usurps his rights.”

The Promised Messiah (as) expects from the member of his community that their standards should be very high and their practical conduct should be in accordance to the teachings of the Holy Quran. Do not be among those who usurp the rights of others and act unjustly.

If you are placed in a position to hand out verdicts or rulings, then you must do so by setting aside all your relations, even if the decision you make causes you loss or to your parents, close relatives or your children

But nonetheless the highest standard of justice should be maintained. Once we have established these examples in our dealings with one another then we can say to the world that today it is onl we, by bringing about a change within ourselves

And following the Islamic teachings, who have the strength to show justice to even the enemy. We give true testimonies, be it against ourselves, our parents or against our own children and close relatives. We are establishing these examples because

We are the ones who are going to guide the world in the future. If this is not reflected in our practices then we shall be drifting away from the commandments of the Allah the Almighty and will stand guilty of betraying the covenant we have made.

Thus, I would say to every Ahmadi, particularly to the office-holders that they need to assess as to what extent are they adhering to justice and equality while fulfilling the rights of the trusts placed on them

And are the decisions they make fulfilling the highest standards of justice? I was recently in Canada and received complaints from people regarding some office-holders or those who may not necessarily hold an office but have been given certain responsibilities that they do not deal with justice.

Some have the tendency to give decisions in favour of their relatives. Indeed, a decision has to be given in favour of one party and against the other but both parties should have surety that their side of the story has been properly heard

And only after that a decision was made based on the person’s own intellect. This includes those departments which deal with the public such as Qazaa [Department for Jurisprudence] which deals with the resolving the disputes between people.

Then there is the department of Amoor-e-A’ama [Department for General Affairs], they also have some connection with this. Similarly the department for Tarbiyyat [moral training] as well as the responsibility of the Islaahi Committee [Committee for reconciliation and reformation].

Furthermore, for certain matters a commission is set up in which they are supposed to listen to both parties. Thus, it is vital for every department to make decisions using all of their abilities, having pondered deeply over the matter

And only after they have analysed all the subtle aspects of the case. Also they should pray for Allah Almighty to enabl them to be able to make the correct decision. Before making any decisions one should ensure that they have prayed regarding the matter.

There are some people who do not make any decision until they have offered two Raka’at of Nawaafil [Voluntary prayers], then there are some who make careless decisions or make decisions based on certain personal reasons.

In addition, there is the department of the General Secretary which deals with issues and dealings of the general public. It is the responsibility of the General Secretary and all members of his office to treat every person with respect and show them courtesy.

It should not be the case that with friends and close associates there is a certain type of dealing and with those whom they are not acquainted with or who they are not comfortable with are ill-treated.

The head of every department who are involved in public dealings should be watchful whether each of their workers are fulfilling their responsibilities with justice or not. This is a trust which is handed to every office bearer.

Each person who takes office, irrespective of the fact that this pledge has been taken from them or not that: ‘I will try my utmost to ensure I carry out my work with the highest standards of justice’ –

The fact that they have accepted the role becomes their solemn pledge that they will carry out their responsibilities maintaining the highest standards of justice. This is a trust which should be accepted solely for the sake of Allah.

Furthermore, every believer is bound to fulfil the covenant handed to them and to ensure they fulfil their responsibilities associated with it. Allah Almighty states in the Holy Quran: [Arabic] “Believers are those who are watchful of their trusts and their covenants”,

But those who work solely for the sake of Allah Almighty, or who claim that they are working for Allah Almighty must remain ever mindful of this fact. The responsibilities of those who hold an office are far greater than that of a normal believer.

At this point I would like to make it clear that this instruction is not only aimed at the office bearers of the Markaz [Central Organisational Body], in fact all presidents [heads of local constituencies]

And their Amla [organising cabinet] are all included and should analyse themselves whether or not they are working to maintain the highest standards of justice or not. I am not only mentioning this in connection with Canada [Jamaat],

In fact I have received the same complaints from Germany, as well as here and some certain other countries. Thus, in all places there is a great need to rectify our practices. Otherwise if we do not maintain the highest standards of justice,

Then not only are we disregarding our covenant and trust, but we will be guilty of betrayal [of a trust] and Allah Almighty has declared that He despises those you are treacherous. [In such a case] Those who offer their services instead of gaining a blessed reward,

They incur the displeasure of Allah owing to their injustices and arrogant ways. Thus wherever mistakes have been made, one should rectify their actions through Istighfar [Repentance of sins] Thus, our office bearers should analyse themselves whether they are maintaining

The high standards of justice in accordance with the principles explained by Allah Almighty; also whether they are doing justice to the work entrusted to them and to those who they are dealing with. To be a Sadr [Head of a local constituency], a secretary

Or an Ameer [National President] holds no value. Neither are they a guarantee of anyone’s salvation nor is the Jama’at or Allah Almighty indebted to them due to their services in any way.

If they do not sincerely uphold the trust and office that has been entrusted to them in a manner that Allah Almighty has desired of them, then everything else is futile. Thus, every office bearer should fulfil their responsibility for the sake of Allah Almighty.

Every decision should be made in light of the highest standards of justice. If a situation arises where a decision that was taken in the past proves to be incorrect, then as I mentioned before, one should resolve the issue by accepting their mistake.

We must ensure that the standard of our morals and habits are suitable. Always keep the commandment of Allah Almighty in mind where He states: [Arabic] “Speak to people kindly showing compassion, and in the best manner possible.”

As I mentioned earlier, office bearers in every country should analyse themselves. If I have given the example of Canada or used them as an example, the reason for doing so is that the Jama’at there is more known amongst external people,

And now after my tour the Jama’at has been highlighted even more and we are in the plain view of the people even more now. Therefore, we must improve ourselves in every aspect. Ahmadis in general, but in particular office bearers, should be a role model for the world.

Where there are scenes of chaos, disorder, unrest and usurping the rights of others in the world, there the Jama’at should present a model of justice and restoring people’s rights. Due to this publicity the world will see what kind of Jama’at we are, therefore every single person is a model.

Thus, every Ahmadi should remember that this responsibility lies not only with the office bearers alone, but it is the duty of every Ahmadi. Their duty is to ensure their mutual dealings with fellow Ahmadis is of an exemplary standard. Always ensure you maintain the highest levels of justice

And endeavour to improve your morals to the greatest of standards. When dealing with matters abstain from any type of favouritism towards one party. You should not be inclined towards one group. The statement of every Ahmadi should be an exampl in terms of justice and truthfulness to the exten

That the world should say that if this statement is that of an Ahmadi, then it cannot be challenged, because the statement is the pinnacle of the highest levels of justice. If we do this, only then will we be truthful in all our speeches,

Preaching and our statements, otherwise we will be just like the rest. Every Ahmadi should remember that on taking the pledge of initiation they have vowed to abstain from all forms of vices and sin.

Neglecting that pledge or purposely ignoring to act on it is a grave breach of a trust. Whilst highlighting the signs of a true believer the Holy Prophet (saw) once said that “A person cannot harbour both belief and disbelief in their hearts.

“In a similar manner truthfulness and falsehood cannot coexist, “neither can trust and breaching a trust be the same thing. ” Then there is another hadith which every office bearer as well as every Ahmadi should be mindful of;

And that is the Holy Prophet (saw) once said, “the heart of a Muslim does not breach a trust in three matters. Those three things are: “working sincerely for the sake of Allah Almighty, “secondly; to wish good for one another

“and thirdly; to work with the Muslim community.” Thus, as I have mentioned earlier, to carry out the duties pertaining to Allah Almighty’s faith and doing so in a just manner, with full sincerity, is to fulfil the responsibility entrusted by Allah Almighty.

Similarly, it is vital that we fulfil the due rights of one another. When every single one of us fulfils the rights of each other with the utmost justice, then the struggle to gain ones rights will automatically terminate.

It will not be the case that people will need to demand their rights, rather they will be worried about giving the rights of others, and this is in fact what the Holy Prophet (saw) mentioned in regards to a true believer.

Similarly, every Ahmadi should remember that only by staying attached to the Muslim community can one become a true Muslim. In the world today, there is only one Jama’at; namely the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at. This is the only Jama’at which is recognised by one single name,

There is no other worldwide Jama’at that is recognised by a single name. Thus, sticking to this [Jama’at] and staying with the administration is what the Holy Prophet (saw) stated that makes one into a true Muslim.

No matter how much an Ahmadi expresses his gratitude to Allah Almighty for this, it will not be enough. One can become truly thankful by obeying the administration and the institution of Khilafat. May Allah enable every Ahmadi to be thankful to Allah Almighty for this.

May Allah enable every Ahmadi to become those who uphold the highest standards of justice. Whenever there is a need of any sort of testimony, may they never become those who breach that trust. Every office bearer of the Jama’at should understand their responsibility

And should fulfil their covenants and trusts that they have been made responsible for. May they discharge their duties with the highest levels of justice. May this beautiful teaching be ingrained in our future generations.

For this we must make every effort so that when the time comes we show absolute justice, that justice which was established by the Holy Prophet (saw). That level of justice which was exhibited by the ardent devotee of the Holy Prophet (saw)

In his time and what he expected of his followers. May Allah enable us to do so. After the prayer I will lead some funeral prayers in absentia. The first funeral is of Mr Adnan Muhammad Kurdia Sahib, who lived in Halab, Syria.

In 2013 a terrorist organisation kidnapped him and as a result he was martyred. Adnan sahib was born in Halab, Syria in 1971. In 2003 he married a lady by the name of Tamazar Sahiba. Adnan Sahibs father in law, Mr Yasin Sharif Sahib accepted Ahmadiyyat in 2007.

Through his preaching his children also accepted Ahmadiyyat including his daughter Tamazar Sahiba. As a result Ahmadiyyat entered Adnan Sahibs household. However Adnan Shaheed sahib was not educated. He was heavily influenced by the Muslim clerics. When his wife performed Bai’at in 2010,

Under influence of the clerics he ordered his wife to stop watching MTA and if she did so or even mentioned Ahmadiyyat he would give her a divorce. When his father in law would speak to him

Using references of the Quran and Ahadith he would remain quiet. But when he would visit the clerics he would forget all those discussions. The father in law of the martyr writes: “On one occasion in 2011, “I was reciting the Quran along with his wife (i.e. his own daughter).

“Whilst this was taking place, Adnan Sahib came home from work “and upon seeing us he said to continue reciting as I would like to hear your exegesis. “At that time we were reciting the following verse of Surah Bani Isra’il: [Arabic]

“When the wrongdoers say, ‘You follow none but a man who is a victim of deception’.” [17.48] His father in law says that “I said to Adnan that the Holy Quran says that “people who make accusation against the Holy Prophet (saw)that

“the Holy Prophet (saw) succumb to the effects of magic are callous. “However, some Muslims believe that the Holy Prophet (saw) came under the spell of magic “while Ahmadiyya Muslim Community believes that this is an absolutely false belief.

“This is utterly unacceptable to take any such beliefs as true. On hearing this, “Adnan as was his practice, straightaway picked up the phone and called the cleric. “He asked his cleric, “is this true that the Holy Prophet (saw) was influenced by the spell of magic?

“cleric replied that indeed this is true and this is mentioned in Bukhari. “At this, Adnan Sahib said that I am an ordinary and sinful person. “He replied to the cleric by saying that I know that some close associates of mine

“have tried to do magic on me, but they were unable to bring me under the spell of magic. “Given that the Holy Prophet (saw) was the closes and the most beloved Prophet of Allah, “then how could I possibly accept that some peopl were able to bring the Holy Prophet (saw)

“under the spell of their magic? After saying that he got off the phone.” His wife says that “after this incident he remained deep in thought for many days. “Then one day he said to me that my desire was that “my wife should have great conduct and character.

“I can see that accepting Ahmadiyyat has brought about a pious change in you. “Also your dealings with the children and your relatives have become very courteous. “This is an influence that has come from Allah Almighty.

“Therefore, I would wish to join this blessed community.” Then he took the oath of allegiance. The widow of the martyr says that “the members of one organisation, an extremist organisation, “used to say exceedingly insulting things about our community.

“Listening to those used to hurt us immensely. Whenever I would let Adnan know about it, “he would always say that leave them to their own devices, never get into an argument with them, “our responsibility is just to pray for them.”

On 20th of June 2013, some members of that organisation abducted Adnan and martyred him with a gun shot after almost 2 months. To Allah we Belong and to Him shall we Return. At the time of martyrdom his age was 42 to 43 years.

The wife of the Martyr says that, “though I had dreams that pointed towards his martyrdom, “I did not received any information about this. “One day a member of the opposition from our region told me that “you are still waiting for your husband,

“he will never come back because he has been murdered. “We tried our best to make him understand and renounce Ahmadiyyat, “but he insisted that he will not forsake Ahmadiyyat even if he had to die for it.”

So his martyrdom happened some time ago, but because we have found out about it recently, therefore we are offering the funeral prayers now. The wife of the martyr said that “he was a pious and righteous person,

“he always tried to be in a state of Wudhu [ablution]. He was a kind and loving husband “and a caring father. He was always focused on the religious moral training of the children.

“He was always ready to help everyone and had strong commitment to look after his relatives. “He was regular in the payment of Chanda [monetary sacrifices] “and always strove to excel than others.” His father in law says that “after accepting Ahmadiyyat,

“Adnan’s level of dedication increased to an astonishing level. “He has devoted is wagon for Ahmadis. On Fridays, he used to collect Ahmadis from various stops, “bring them to Salat centre and then drop them back after the Jumu’ah prayers.

“In the same way, he used to offer his services to take ladies for the Lajna meetings “to the house of the Lajna president and drop them back to their homes afterwards. “If other Ahmadi friends tried to give him the fare he would refuse to take it.

“If someone really insisted then he will share the fuel cost with them. “He really used to excel in contribution of Chanda. “He used to say that because of this Chanda, Alla the Exalted has blessed many of my tasks.

“He used to give the example that the wagon he used to drive “was bought in partnership with someone else. “Then Allah the Exalted enabled him that did not need the partnership anymore “and bought the wagon for himself.”

One of his relatives says that “he was extremely good to his relatives. “When the conflict in Syria was escalated and a state of war was created, “our region was really badly affected. “It became extremely difficult to get bread, “and even if bread was available it was really expensive.

“Under these circumstances, Adnan used to travel long distances to get bread for us.” The martyr has left behind a wife and five children. His two daughters are from his first wife who has passed away, whereas two sons and one daughter are from his second wife.

With the grace of Allah these people have arrived in Canada now. The other funeral is that of Bashir Begum Sahiba, who was the wife of Chaudhary Manzoor Ahmad Cheema Sahib, Darvesh Qadian.

She passed away on seventh of November 2016 at the age of 93 after a short illness. To Allah we Belong and to Him shall we Return. She was born in Pakistan in 1923, there was no Pakistan at the time,

So she was born in part of India that is in Pakistan now. In 1944 she was married to Chaudhary Manzoor Ahmad Cheema Sahib. In November 1947, Cheema Sahib dedicated his life for the defence of the centre in Qadian,

In 1952 to she emigrated to Qadian to join her husband in service. She had great love for Qadian and spent 36 years after the death of her husband with extreme patience and gratitude. With the Grace of Allah she was a very righteous lady

And she was extremely kind to the creation of Allah and a very pious woman. She would never turn away anybody from her home empty-handed. Up until the year before her demise she used to observe all the fasts

And read the Holy Quran more than once during the month of Ramadan. She used to advise her children regarding offering Salat in congregation, regular recitation of the holy Quran, absolute obedience and submission to the Khilafat and the system of the community.

She was an extremely prayerful woman, she used to be regular in worship. She was patient, grateful and was a perfect model of those who put their faith in Allah. She brought her children up in an excellent manner, she had self-respect,

A great sense of honour and was a very kind person. She was blessed with true dreams and visions. She married all her children in keeping the true objective of religion. She was a Mussiyya . She leaves behind three daughters and five sons.

Three of her sons are life devotees and serving as missionaries. One of her son Tahir Ahmad Cheema Sahib is a teacher in Missionary Training College, one son Mubarik Ahmad Cheema Sahib is in charge of Daftur Ullia and is also serving as secretary Shura India.

May Allah the Exalted increase the status of the deceased. The third funeral in absentia is that of Rana Mubarak Ahmad Sahib, who was originally from Lahore but had emigrated here. On fifth of November 2016, he passed away at the age of 78.

To Allah we Belong and to Him shall we Return. His father Rana Muhammad Yaqoub Ahmad accepted Ahmadiyyat as a result of a dream. As a result he faced extreme opposition from his family and had to leave his home. Afterwards his mother also accepted Ahmadiyyat.

Right from his childhood, Rana Sahib was amongst the first ones who served the community. From a young age he had extreme dedication and commitment to the Khilafat and the community. He started to serve the community in 1967 and that continued to his last breath.

He served in Lahore and Bahawalpur as Qaid Majlis, Secretary Finance and for about 30 years, he served as the president of Jama’at Allama Iqbal Town Lahore. He also served for a long time as Lahore regional finance secretary, Secretary Tehrike Jadid and Secretary Waqfe Jadid.

After his retirement he dedicated his life for the service of community. He served as the correspondent of the Alfazl newspaper. He was extremely softly spoken, prayerful, and regular in paying Chanda. He was a sincere person who had a deep love and commitment with Khilafat.

He used to write articles for the Alfazl; his articles were very good. While he was in Pakistan. If somebody was poorly, then he used to write to me straight away for prayers for them. He regularly used to write for prayers for others.

He leaves behind a wife and a daughter, three sons and many grandchildren. They are all in the UK. May Allah the Exalted increase the status of the deceased. Similarly may Allah the Exalted increase the status of the martyr. May Allah the Almighty keep his children in His protection.

They have moved to Canada now from Syria. May Allah keep them safe from the influences of the society there. May Allah the Exalted enable his progeny to adhere to and propagate the noble objectives for which the martyr accepted Ahmadiyyat. All praise is due to Allah.

We laud Him, we beseech help from Him and ask His protection; we confide in Him, we trust Him alone and we seek protection against the evils and mischief of our souls and from the bad results of our deeds. Whomsoever He guides on the right path, none can misguide him;

And whosoever He declares misled, none can guide him onto the right path. And we bear witness that none deserves to be worshipped except Allah. We bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and Messenger. O servants of Allah! May Allah be merciful to you.

Verily, Allah commands you to act with justice, to confer benefits upon each other and to do good to others as one does to one ‘s kindred and forbids evil which pertain to your own selves and evils which affect others and prohibits revolts against a lawful authority.

He warns you against being unmindful. You remember Allah; He too will remember you; call Him and He will make a response to your call. And verily divine remembrance is the highest virtue.

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