Ahmadi Muslim VideoTube Friday Sermon Khalifa V Friday Sermon English – 6th October 2017

Friday Sermon English – 6th October 2017

Friday Sermon English – 6th October 2017

Friday Sermon English – 6th October 2017

Friday Sermon – Khalifatul Masih V – Mirza Masroor Ahmad – Year 2017

La la I’d better Eggbert [Laughter] hi I love hello Ash hadu Ana Muhammadan Rasulullah Ash hadu anna Hee-yaw [Laughter] [Laughter] Hey Hey [Laughter] Better [Laughter] hi love Oh We can them after siting at the shuttle those and sort of Fatiha how’s it miramanee later at 11s elegy says from time to time why in the rate faith inspiring incidents which contained accounts of people’s own versions to immediate or they consist of extraordinary spiritual experiences are looking for after their having accepted

An ideal Jimmy well they consist of the accounts of the blessings of allah the almighty upon the community and of the progress and strengthening of the faith of the members of the Jamaat they as well as the results of those blessings many people write to me expressed that I

Should continue narrating such incidents they also attract the attention of our children as they are the result in the betterment of the religious and spiritual state of the universe and also serves as a means of refining our own spiritual state and causes our attention to be drawn towards improving our own

Conditions both possession the kidney on evil ok yeah some people who are empty by birth say that the state of the faith of the new Congress and their relationship with Allah Almighty puts them to shame and reminds them that they must also make progress in terms of faith

In La Casa Maria monomi likewise some new converts also Express that these incidents increase our faith yeah hello bubeleh Radhika so much name however alongside all this you know there are also people living in the Western countries because all other such people who consider themselves to be very educated and develop who although

Have originally come from Pakistan but the world has absorbed them to such an extent or perhaps they have indulged themselves in the world to such a degree that they are now fully engrossed they do not pay attention to Allah the Almighty or at least not as much

Attention and do not uphold the rights of Allah the Almighty which is compulsory upon anyone who has accepted the promised Messiah a Salam has entered into the bed Allah Ta’ala or Huskie Jamaat how could i can- know you need it over a couch towards your happy to begin with

They do not even pay attention to fulfilling the rights of Allah the Almighty and of the community established and if there is some attention I looked at only a little that it equates to nothing so these people are the negligent in fulfilling their religious duties but then they do not

Ponder over the betterment of the state of their face or at best they ponder very little backyard you see young man when the new converts narrate their incidents or any incidents will result in spiritual progress in some way such people upon hearing these incidents say

As a way of an allegation but the good thing you work that why do such incidence of conversions or kind of increasing of faith only occurs to Africans or Arabs low Asians you okay why are there no such incidents among Europeans in Bulgaria why are they not guided through dreams

Why are they not guided upon reading religious books why do they not pay any heed and why do they not have any spiritual experience firstly those Europeans who pay heed to religion are also about safety science from Allah Almighty Allah the Almighty Himself creates the means of the progress of

Their faith here in the United Kingdom there are many new converts or they are native people who have performed the bed many years ago or so vulgar yet their faith continues to increase every day who have recently joined Ahmed go through such experiences which are truly remarkable and which also becomes a

Means of increasing their certainty and faith in the being of allah the almighty’s the truthfulness of the community continues to be revealed these people are progressing and their sincerity and loyalty for the institution of khilafat there are men as well as women during the legend of Kadam and inside each tomorrow

Ye the woman’s youth men auxilary or convention they narrate their own incidents and some have even narrated them on every which have been very face inspiring cool nevertheless although the almighty displays signs to those in the Western world who are interested in religion and any manifest the truth

About my dear to them very you go and get go Google Tony Carter lake in Islam key but I Albert three then there are a denomination of people who although do not accept a MIDI or as you are impressed with the preeminence and excellence of Islam which they learned

Through numerous of such accounts exist which I relate after my talk after Joseph the key point to bear in mind here is that Allah the Almighty writes those who try to find him for his saves on God does not care for people who are steeped entirely in materialism when

Have absolutely no inclination towards God no connection with him or religion and no concern for the Hereafter such persons are left deprived of my ideas I see my room ready here furthermore the history of prophets tells us generally it is the poor and weak who are interested in religion and accept the prophets Let the luck either of learning eternal normally we find greater passion to find allah almighty and fear of him in the meek humble and destitute the worldly and powerful say as allah the almighty has said in the holy quran you have no value and your followers are a rather

Than a body Allah meaning to all outwardly appearance they are the most demeaned worldly people are flicked it with arrogance and pride firstly due to this arrogance and secondly because they are fully entangled with their materialistic individually they completely lack the perception and insight to give heed to religion the

Majority of people in Europe or the developed Western country would have become 80s when they have completely turned away from Allah the Almighty will unload the Almighty turn to them and give them depicting the image of worldly people the forms of silence mom says allah tala me in surah allah allah the

Almighty has described the lives of the disbelievers and that of the believers the disbelievers lead a life like an animal you have no purpose in their lives except to eat or drink and fulfill their carnal desires Kunlun on camera : and i just like the animals all they do

Is eat and drink there Jarra to cali they can hold you on a chair take a bull in it that can eat grain but when needing to pull the plow it just sits idle the tradition amongst farmers in the past two years both to pull the plow and

Cultivate the land here as well as horses that were used to pull ours all that sits down we’re needing to work and simply only eat the promise of Silas will be the outcome of this the farmer would sell such a fool to the butchers to be the promise for Silas longer by

Saying and regarding those and neither follow nor have any concern for the commands of Allah the Almighty and live a life of sin for more transgression and immorality Allah the Almighty says cool my bow become Rabi low lad welcome in other words I will my lord have any

Concerns thus Allah the Almighty cares for those who bow towards and seek sky to see anybody Jesus the promised Messiah a psalm says further in disregard styling truthfulness is a huge without family alia ye righteous deeds cannot be the portal Allah Almighty does not avert from his tractor and man also

Does not change his actions and called mighty states who ever struggled in the way of Allah Almighty he opens his mouth in such a person those who constantly make efforts and remain ever concerned in their search for the true religion of God are granted guidance their faith is strengthened and they continuously

Progress all of the Almighty blesses some people for some act of piety was or the other and displays to them his ha they’re sitting on the falls walk out there you’re squishy me look they’re there for the faith inspiring accounts that are related there are people who

Are constantly engaged in the effort to find the right song there are others upon whom this ends the special grace of allah the almighty you do some actual virtue and then are shown the right by him this last minute missile kiba’s today I have also related some accounts of

People who strengthened in their devotion and sincerity a missive over fossil writes our local missionaries went to a village lateen for the bleep after he completed his preaching only an elderly lady took the bank side the other local missionary inform the people of the village our mosque is 15

Kilometers to here if any of you wish to learn about the Ahmadiyya community you may come there where we have made arrangements for the Friday prayers in any case that lady had taken the oath of allegiance the local missionary says as a result of the monsoon a waterway

Between the village now mosque filled with water only Bethke elderly lady from the oath of allegiance trying to reach the moss with her primary wheel of the friday prayers seeing the area filled with water she would open up her prayer right there and say i have done with the

Friday prayer with the equity that was my intention personally pony come after a month when the water in that place has subsided this lady came to our mission house and related this whole incident or this was my devotion of the local missionary set off once again to that village for

Preaching the coup when he said to them and this elderly woman who was in search of the truth and she found and accepted it Allah the Almighty blessed her and this is why she made so she would head out every Friday but because of the impasses of water she

Would sit down there and then returned but this was a devotion she displayed in any case don’t get lost go there good local missionary related this incident to the village Eve the others seeing the devotion of the lady including her very close relatives and 30 in total all took

The oath of allegiance thus this is how Allah the Almighty provided them with the means for guidance then there are people who became an ADIZ throat dreams from France a lady by the name ICSI about that who took the bed says look at the agreement of me bed keep the

Feeling so let us see ask an adjusting shall we say Musa push on the reason why I wish to relate the account perhaps you will be pleased with me and accept me in your blessed community my routine one day I was on the internet searching for new challenges and I found the leap

Arabic discussion program when I was the subject of the death on the soil was being discussed at the time astonished by the thakura’s gogledd it was devoid entirely of any topic of conjecture unassailable arguments presented a few days before I had seen in a dream that

I’m about to fall in a dark well very firmly hold on to the ridge of the world with both of my hands whilst my legs tangled below I suddenly looked up and saw three or more white birds that were very white but I was not aware of any

What they were birds were trying to save me I say that at first I did not at all understand this between however later on I understood that these birds were the panelists who appeared to me in the form of birds though at first I was not aware

Of the fact to the founder of this Jamaat and claimed to be the Messiah and however we developed some doubt the regards to this following this I decided to study the books of the gym especially those of the promise of Shia Islam Muslim or in which I found nothing the

Contrary to the teachings of quite in contrast to this I saw in the Blessed character of the process of Silas last long a glorious champion defending Islam Muslims are the loveliest Salaam with all his might it through establishing the order of Islam she says that following this I offer

DeStefano prayer my prayer to seek divine guidance regarding a certain matter for two days a friend of mine told me that she saw in a dream that my and that friend of mine mine the house of my mother-in-law out of all the rooms I am in search of a particular room upon

This I see a bright illuminated and comfortable room upon which I said to her and I like this and I will stay here say that I interpreted this dream in a positive manner in that I should enter the Jamaat metres i bogut hence I performed the baby birth key to see

Let’s go Majesty there is another lady from Turkey of the senators I love who was introduced to Jamal through MTA say that I wish to narrate the details of my fate I was introduced to the new model in 2010 or so and I was fortunate to join

Used to watch MTA a lot of year with great passion Elizabeth go hence I started to watch you as well in times I will watch MTA even in his absence husband used to say to me once you have gained satisfaction on this I would say that I cannot take this really

I have a large families either responsibilities of the house are men who are following this I watched a program prepared by the Jamaat were regards to the job ID Antichrist I found the interpretation to be very logical and rational following this I started to watch MTA even more i watch

The programs of the hill on and started to offer the prayer regularly Islam after this Abdullah the oldest I had once visited upon which I perform the following this my daughter-in-law and daughters also we will discuss topics related as you mom say that this is the

True says that the day I performed the bed I saw in a dream that I am reciting the verses of Allah on this I was certain that God Almighty would safeguard us from the evil of the Dajjal the Antichrist that I will become one of the helpers and assistance of the Imam I

Am grateful to God that he endowed me with faith may allah enable me to fulfill this responsibility this is the manner in which they personally write these accounts and also desire then there are some accounts relating to newly established jamaat’s as to how allah the exalted establishes a

Missionary of benny enjoy that volumes are korea saw him friend said that people are presently out of the village due to their works and you should return on friday when people will be present when the Mahlum returned on friday he offered to know of ie voluntary prayers

After entering the mosque and with the permission of the imam and the committee of the village we started to the malam delivered his speech on the commentary of the surah al-fatah and the people continuously raised I Allah is the greatest during this speech when he finished conveying the message

The president of the committee of the mosque said that I was a Muslim by birth however until today I have never heard a similar commentary of Cyril if this is the teachings of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat I congratulate everyone okay we accept this Jamal hence alongside the Imam every member of

The Muslim community of the village accepted a committee this manner a new jamaat was established by either religious cleric this village and fiercely opposed when I returned home the Moldy would never return to this village after some time now Mullen went there again in relation to the National

Ishtam of the phenomenon dear Benin and requested the Saddam to participate the Moldy once again stopped him oh and did not allow him to take the photon with him however the newly converted Kadam rejected the movie and all of them participated indeed this is how Allah the exalted in the minutes those movies

Who oppose us and this is also how he is establishing new Jamaat’s there is another account with regard to the establishment of a new Jamaat which is that of the Ashura region writes that by the grace of Allah the exalted a new jamaat was established by liquid another there was previously know

Everything in the village of course money in the district of some I had the opportunity to visit this village many times and many leaflets for distributing newspapers and books of the Jamaat in this village as a result of which not only our people beginning to do bed but

The Jamaat has also formally been established by the grace of Allah the exalted a bomb for the mosque is chased here and the local members of the Jamaat person he prepared the tricks for the construction of the mosque so for the financial market along with this position has also commenced the opponents have

Started to spread disorder against and I’ve started to display immoral behavior against aankia he says that we sought permission from the authorities and arranged for a debate we made an announcement in the entire village and invited a sunni Mulvey’s that if they believe that they are the true they

Should come and we will display this in front of everyone and a debate was held in accordance with the agreed-upon program and many non-equity is participate in it a single madhuri from the sunni as a result the people of the village understood that the mould is can

Do nothing but spread disorder a lot the exalted advised the means for the guidance of people in various manners those people who are truly in flying towards religion that we preached in a village holding a beard by the grace of allah the exalted many people did william was posted and a science which

Was made out of mud bricks the friday prayers started to be started to create this order he entered the mosque exactly at the time for the friday prayers and started incite people in order to try and sway them away from that material however the jamaat in the end the molly

Was unable to achieve anything upon which he built a mosque of his own opposite of the jamaat and announced the mosque of the jamaat well from now on remained early as a store for the premise no one would go there for prayers the exact opposite took place only his relatives

Offer prayers in his where as the number of worshippers are now has started to increase he further writes to add in this small place the attendance for friday prayers is approximately 200 to 250 people regards to how allah the exalted manifests and the acceptance of prayers those missionary of benin concerns I

Have rights I was going man we achieved 200 beds in the village of SEO now in that village a class for moral training is organized every Friday and the daughter of the southern Sahib in that area who lived in another village became severely ill due to this ailment her body has become

Completely lifeless say that when I went to his village so the Sahib said but please pray and also write to the Khalifa of the time requesting for prayer he says that upon this I wrote a letter there and then he says that when I returned the following

Day the people told me the girl had ceased to speak they took the girl to the however no treatment was proving to me benefit subsequently they brought her back home in a state to do services our Frank a molly was all here who recited very in verse in the Quran and he

Charged forty thousand francs or even a goat for this however the girl did not find any comfort following this another Moldy was called Jogi through charged a similar huge amount it did not make any difference disheartened with the Mulvey’s – we thought that the girls were going to pass away sooner or later

He wrote her to the house of her father when we brought the girl here the father had requested the Gemara branch and also written a letter to me requesting the prayers say that after only one day the girls began to move by the next no one could perceive for her you survived

However seeing her now it is impossible to say that she had ever fallen the same one limb of Burkina Faso Jay by the name fancy creams I have rights that we went to a village in order to do the bleak when we arrived we saw permission to

Preach upon which the Imam of the village said that your machinery had already visited and many of us had also pledged their own not everyone in the village did the bed therefore should preach your message not those who were previously left out a fighter so enjoying you conveyed the

Message to them there was a lengthy sitting of questions and in the end the elder said that we have accepted an idiot however there was to certain matters which had not been clarified today I have personally seen that if anyone is truly rendering a service to Islam today that is you continuously

With steadfastness and do not show any 15 we are with you hence the Imam said to the people of the village that those who do bad should do so now in this manner so another 73 people of the village did the bet if allah almighty has opened

Their hearts in abel them to accept the true islam why are they this is because they are concerned about faith and worried about their own conditions they partake in religious gathering son lost the entire night over here to sit down for that long and give time to faith and

Attend religious gatherings in Austria right then we were able to reconnect with a couple of stars I have a friend intensity of luck income low he started crying uncontrollably we were originally from the village of kin we had a plot of land of 50 biggie 25 acres and running a good business

We took the oath of allegiance 12 years ago and enter the Chamorro however after that were persecuted or media out of our home indeed my son severely and also severely persecuted car where we had no option but to sell our property and a very low price and leave immediate

My business will destroy me and we move to a small house looking food the opponents did not stop following they reached here incited the local Muslims to shun us the single Muslim of the city was peace to us every single time we would go out contact with the Almighty

Showed us one day the majority of our most prominent opponents were travelling together on a bus awaiting their bus became stuck and was struck by an oncoming train this accident resulted in the deaths of 28 people who died on the scene those who survived was the dead

Bodies were in such a bad condition difficult to identify any of the know and pieces of body parts were spread far into this accident caused deaths of nine members in to meet with those who were injured after hearing about what happened but the relatives of our opponents lowered their heads in shame

After this incident I’m always high above the Grand Mosque in the city of Lanka in Mali safe addressing of those opponents and said you all should apologize to these entities and stop oppressing the regime and terminate the boycott that you had organized against the opposition subsided after this accident

Even though our connection with the Jamaat had been cut off but we considered ourselves at this he was very happy when his contact with the Jamaat will be established and they all renewed their oath of allegiance love the almighty strengthens our faith of those with the utmost sincerity possible

Scholar was the Imam of the Grand Mosque located near the government house he also taught as a professor of Islamic studies in the University and was very well known of nationwide garfish the island is about thank you several years ago said some provocative things about the German radio programs

The Internet against the Almighty so revenge from this and the following manner firstly he was suspended from the university because of some allegations about his and the police arrested him based on the accusations of providing shelter to terrorists he was arrested for several days he was relieved all of

It there were a few other Imams in the country it was in sight of the common people against the emotion the course of that year these Imams are also arrested on the basis of spreading religious hatred because then causing unrest in society he says it has never happened before

That prominent scholars have faced such disgrace and disorder than Allah the Almighty granted the local remedies steadfastness in faith because of this an example from India regarding oppression of new converts and the steadfastness of faith has already been shared before there is another similar example there is a village in UT where

Everyone accepted a nun but turned away from it due to severe opposition others remained steadfast on Ahmadiyya persecuting him severely but he remains steadfast Buddhist faith during this time opposition and Eve sighs son passed away from then the opponents forbade him from burying his son in the grave and

From offering his funeral and East I was told become what it will only lead your son’s funeral prayer and let you bury him in the graveyard the eastern away from that my dear however a new Saab remains step lost and offered his son’s funeral prayers with his children his

Contact with the Jamaat was re-established and he renewed the oath of allegiance along with his family it became quite emotional when someone asked why did you not contact the headquarters they responded by saying people informed me that the headquarters of God the unease which is painted in lucknow deserted and the school was

Closed and no one had remained on top of that I did not have the contact information for the Jamaat headquarters in Kabul but despite all of this they’ve remained resolute in its place Allah the Almighty to guide him so he came on the right with a lot of thinking and those

Who accepted for another purpose turned away and left because there is another example from Ivory Coast sickos I was a new convert they responded by saying body is not material if you do not spend away because in three days similarly the Hobby SEC terminated their business partnership with him seconds I

Did not worry about any loss or remain steadfast when I am idiot with the utmost determination Allah the Almighty has provided us out of a shame grace the facility to connect with the world through MTA is incident on the effects of my televised sermons amasai France writes friend named Daniels I have the

Oath of allegiance and in my island and he told us in researching about I was able to find the French translation of the actual Sam and delivered by Herzl about prophet Jesus after this I took the oath of rights I established contact between our missionary in charge and that amount

Along with 70 people stole upon us through MTA what sort of anonymously a missionary from Brazil and so a book they’re entitled story of Jesus same here to read one should not read such random books without contemplating about me because such things can you hold one to lose

Faith open my eyes for a second time I got in touch with my brother because I already joined the jamol a little quiet where did you find this and who are these people this book is written by the ahmadiyya muslim community and in a few days traveling to the headquarters when you

Should join me we can listen to the joseph proceedings together then you can ask questions hence we went to the Mission House then witness the environment took the oath of allegiance to Germany by the grace of Allah he says that I am very happy now

And I feel that the purpose of my life has been people also experience significance he a new convert from Uzbekistan today’s monkey the way of offering prayers changed of your distension of desire Islam’s commander officer al fatiha I was never able to achieve what I’m able to attain the

Commentary of the hadith elaborates on the meaning of the words and son has wanted me particularly I was not able to comprehend this meaning before so their missionary from Kosovo writes you converse veneer on sincerity and sacrifice on a daily basis a friend by the name was you Elizabeth get overseas an important

Department in the city and after accepting Nvidia dispenses night and day serving the jama’at despite his other commitments never ready any program pertaining to propagating the message of something to do with moral trainer than where he’s always ready to do visit his neighboring country many new ee contacts

Have been established once he took swiping severely ill when he experiences weakness during the program boy he went home to his wife muscles who was a nurse and asked her to set up an intravenous drip for him she could keep an upon feeling better is doubly returned to the

Program saying it is at the be programmable and i must be returned and stayed busy with this program until late this is the passion these new converts a village chief said was on a sharp my son-in-law behavior told me it was not appropriate for me result was one every

Evening he will be drunk mr. accepting islam and immediate drinking and using foul language this is very astonishing from there these are the transformations that I love you much more thing is about Americans Athena Faso right when I was an honest many difficulties visit the elder leaders and tell me others and

This was further rights the message of the community and as a result I joined the community money I once would not go to the movies which I either religious clerics I will now give us gender I believe it I witnessed all my hardships and also taunted me with healthy children after

The what when the movies noticed that he had stopped visiting him and accepted apathy again why why have you abandoned the religion of your forefathers father he says that I am very content to subdue modencode Almighty has wanted me children in the supply I pay my gender

I’m good God Almighty gives me double the blessings of whatever work I wish fulfilled it is for this reason that God Almighty has shown me this path and the path of my father and forefathers gone was one of misguidance say because I dozed so radio has been a useful tool in

Achieving beds from the second coming of prophet Jesus o Allah he also extended an invitation when we met him at a later day we answered his questions through logic and also from the by step by the grace of Allah he was convinced and stated does the enemy a viewpoint on

This matter is correct he also agreed that proper Jesus was merely a profit of golly what should be and his second coming he understood the matter and he explained that he listened to our radio show regularly in world another on Mondays and Thursdays you’d leave work and come especially for the program

Broadcast time just to you one is curious about finding the truth that God Almighty guides that individual William Schine wallops I the missionary from Bolivia writes William Shaheen priest belonging to the Jehovah’s with denomination had been a resident of Bolivia for the past three years I wish to increase my knowledge about this

Christian secondly we set up a meeting we met for the first time informing me about it began question when I invited him to attend the party prayer services after which he began to attend the Friday prayer services regularly so I thought I should move it every Friday prayers we would have a detailed

Discussion William was worried that well he took parents as well as the church for the fun in the consequently he would have to find a new job however at the same time for human lives a great importance defining the mentioned gentleman was fluent in Arabic and as a result he

Began studying the Jamaat in Arabic the lodgement after studying these books he said I’ve been searching for the truth for a long time without worrying about any opposition or his employment he joined the community after one of the whether a person performs the message certainly influences other people most raelia

Writes we will spread the message of apathy we rushed out and in such a ferocious manner machinery continues by saying they will comment in this fit of rage he said ever since use limbs have entered into our country or you have destroyed them all should leave our

Countries of them you neither wish to integrate with nothing no will you ever tried was when he finished speaking I said to him that he is correct long in that certain human terrorists but tarnishing the image of Islam also is love for all sin hatred for none’ wherever the Jamaat

Is established in the world the members of the community integrate our children do also play in local football clubs by myself I’ve already become one of the localized regions who was enraged and seems likely the strongest Akane’s happy and said I would like to take a picture

With you at the end the missionary states I invited him to the mission house which he accepted due to the grace of Allah that he himself opens the hearts of the people towards the message of Islam in one of my previous owners and seekers I mentioned that asylum seekers one such individual Solomon

Family mentioned about this case he writes the judge received my file protocol useful in ecology he asked me whether I partake in a teasing which I replied in the anomaly the judge asked in which area I distribute leaflets for logical I named a few of the places that I the judge

Said that is fine I also received a fly in such and such place you can go no case has been accepted in this manner performing tably became the means of him winning the case then come on Russia’s Island missionary in Australia has mentioned another incident he writes

Some of our members of Kodama India hesitant in certain activities over here in the UK the public have become aware of community to such an extent that this hesitation however in some places in Australia in which the youth members were told to wear t-shirts and then to preach the message to the

Public with the coach more than via one column by youth members approached me and said you embarrassed by wearing a t-shirt with the name of the Jamaat I explained to him that this was the very reason why the people will come up to us worried let’s see the outcome due to the

Grace of Allah the Almighty this came true and as soon as people began various interviews the chance to spread the message I was embarrassed however I now know that’s all the blessings are what staying attached to the Jamaat mighty provides the means of reforming our youth mighty review the

Following words to the Messiah a solana vahana an Tirana Beynon us ie the time is near when you will be held on your name will be exalted among people was elaborating upon this the promised Messiah is now says you did the time is nigh when you will be helped and your

Name will be exalted among people Allah the Almighty revealed these words scientist LAN for the very first time in the 1880 region and this revelation was repeated twice but no one knew the promise from Silas and I’m saying that the leather Gong can this work be carried

Out in acted by a mere human or we absolutely not only Allah the Almighty will do such a thing that we first ease the forms about an event only he has and only he can reveal any new out without of Silas lamps a robe and sign is fulfilled every single day that people

Are being introduced to the poems of saya and people are taking the oath of allegiance get a really examine as I got promised messiah’s no sir said the almighty gives you the life tidings at a time will come for you come well this is taking place at this time we are with

The single eyes today was by the grace of allah the almighty the name of the the name of the jamaat so those who were named of just almost spreading the world that was raised from a far-off land what has reached countless countries of the world i would like to say that some

People think that the jamaat exaggerates these numbers un membership number of countries in the world there are only about 190 to 195 countries there is no doubt that the number of countries in the UN membership match but the number of countries around the world 120 this was mentioned in reference to a game

That was being they said that this 220 of the world so to give reference of the united nations membership you say exaggerated new numbers of countries is incorrect our youth should rid themselves may Allah the Almighty enable us to spread this message which are the message that colossi almighty has

Instructed us to spread around I mean say you know when you’re been low for long One morning for sure

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