Ahmadi Muslim VideoTube Friday Sermon Khalifa V Friday Sermon English – 3rd November 2017

Friday Sermon English – 3rd November 2017

Friday Sermon English – 3rd November 2017

Friday Sermon English – 3rd November 2017

Friday Sermon – Khalifatul Masih V – Mirza Masroor Ahmad – Year 2017

Allah I came out Allahu Akbar Allah Allah walkabout I said uh in a in low all in Lala ash hadu Ana Muhammadan Rasulullah all ash hadu ana muhammadan rasul along oh hi Allison hi Alice Hi-yah Island feller hi-yah ll fella a long wink but Allah all about La Nina Lala When I say call me buddy bismillah So a Japanese Nagiko Polyakov a lantern elaborate on a woman motto Hakuna Matata mention him in Aloha be Halim the translation of this verse is as follows never shall you attain to righteousness unless you spend out of that which you love and whatever you spend Allah knows

It well in this verse Allah the exalted has spoken on a subject that has always been understood in a better manner by those believers who sacrifice in the way of Allah its greatest manifestation occurred through the companions of the holy prophet salallahu alaihe wasalam who sacrificed their lives

Wealth and time for their faith they were the ones who understood the essence of Allah ie righteousness in other words they understood and endeavoured to achieve the highest standards of piety righteousness morals financial sacrifice and attaining the pleasure of Allah the exalted accordingly it is narrated that when the

Aforementioned verse was revealed at abu talha radiyaallahu anhu said to the holy prophet sallallaahu assalam o messenger of allah i own an orchard which is known as berry Roja that orchard was located in the close proximity to the prophet’s mosque he further said among my properties this particular orchard is

The dearest one to me today I wish to donate it in the way of Allah the exalted such were the standards of the Companions of the holy prophet salallahu alaihe salam today by the grace of allah the exalted it is the followers of the most ardent devotee of the holy prophet

Salallahu alaihe salam who have the most understanding of all kinds of sacrifices and it is a madhi’s who predominantly show practical examples of this today the world is engulfed in a race for the acquisition of wealth there is a very large number of Emmys who when they earn money and when they

Procure wealth and they are reminded about financial sacrifices they offer their wealth all this is the result of our ongoing moral education and training which the promised messiah’s an arm undertook he admonished us regarding financial sacrifices in various ways at different occasions and with a variety of admonitions thus at one such occasion

While speaking on financial sacrifices he stated in the world man has great love for wealth this is why it is written in interpretations of dreams that if one sees that he has extracted his liver and handed it over to someone it signifies giving over wealth this is why for the attainment of true

Righteousness and faith it has been stated London Oliveira had done takumin motto a boon that is never shall you attain true righteousness unless you spend your most prized possessions this is because a large part of sympathy and compassion for the creation of God requires the spending of wealth

He stated that in order to fulfill the rights of mankind a very large part of that requires the spending of wealth he further states compassion for mankind and God’s creation is the second part or half of faith without which faith cannot be complete and firmly grounded the

Rights of mankind are also part of faith without the observance of which one’s face cannot be complete firm and strong the promised messiah’s nam said how can a person benefit others until he offers sacrifices in order to benefit others and show sympathy towards them sacrifices are essential and this verse

London Alberta had died on takumin mother he boone there is a teaching and guidance regarding this very sacrifice thus spending wealth in the cause of allah the exalted is a means of measuring and gauging the standard of a person’s fortune and righteousness in other words it is a scale which measures

One’s righteousness the promised Messiah Aslam said the devotion of abu bakr radiyaallahu anhu to god almighty during his lifetime was of such a standard and merit that when the holy prophet sallallahu salam made a request for religious cause he presented himself to the holy prophet sallahu sallam with all

Of his belongings thus this is the high standard which has at abu bakr radiallahu anhu established following which has a tome already loved one who imparted according to his capacity the promised messiah islam said that on this occasion has a abu bakr radiallahu anhu came with all of his belongings has an

Hombre de la mano brought half of his belongings and similarly the other companions also continue to offer sacrifices according to their Bassitt ‘yes furthermore this is the very spirit and standard which the promised messiah’s long wishes to develop within us by stating these examples as I mentioned before there are

Many enmities who endeavor to attain the highest standards of offering sacrifices when they read the Quran hadith as well as the writings of the promised Messiah Islam they have firm faith that Allah the exalted made a mention of a blessing the wealth and souls of those who spend in his

Cause Allah the exalted has also said that when a person spends something that is very dear to him in his cause he will give him more in return as a matter of fact he can multiply this seven hundred times and even more hence when a hadees offers such sacrifices they are also

Most certain that allah the exalted will return this to them many fold and that he will also treat them in the same manner whenever they spend their wealth in accordance with this guidance of the holy prophet sallallaahu assalam in which he said that whoever offered a

Sacrifice of even one date in the way of allah out of his lawful earnings it is very important to note that allah the exalted does not accept unlawful earnings which are earned through deception he only accepts pure earnings he will accept the date with his right

Hand even if it is wealth that equates to a mere date and he will continue to increase and enlarge it until it becomes the size of a mountain the promise of sila Aslam said that this is similar to anyone from among you who nourishes a small calf into a larger animals

Basically of your disability Mariska now when we read and listen to these accounts and the guidance of the holy prophet salallahu alaihe salam we should remember that these are not stories from the past rather personal experiences of people making sacrifices exist even today furthermore their sacrifices enhance and expand their resources and

Also increase their faith hence I will present some of these accounts Cameroon which is an African country the missionary in charge says that there is a Muslim a local religious teacher by the name abu bakr sahib who said that an ahmadi abdullah sahib who was unemployed

Last year and he was facing such grim circumstances that it was even difficult to support and take care of his family in that condition he attended the friday prayers one day following the friday prayer when the secretary made an announcement with regards to 30 kg d de

La sahib had ten thousand francs in his pocket as soon as he heard the announcement he contributed the entire amount towards 30 kg d a few days later he returned to the centre and said that allah the exalted has accepted my gender ie monetary contribution within a week a

Private company gave me a job and have approved my income as one hundred thousand francs which is ten times the amount of my agenda furthermore I will receive this every month this is a very special blessing of Allah the exalted he say that due to this I will give the

Salary of the first month to the Jamaat by contributing to agenda these are the accounts of impoverished people there is another example of how allah the exalted makes them pass through these experiences and subsequently showers his blessings upon them there is a new convert amedy doubt sahib in congo-brazzaville

Which is also an african country considering his difficult financial circumstances he was asked to at least offer every friday prayer in the ahmadiyya mosque when he started to attend the friday prayers regularly one day in a private meeting following the friday prayers he was told of the importance of making financial

Sacrifices and was also told that he should most certainly spend a little out of whatever God Almighty has given you in his cause whatever you will give in the cause of God he will return it to you many fold it is the promise of allah

The exalted that if you spend in his way out of your lawful earnings he will return it to you he was told that if he acted in accordance with this his difficult financial circumstances would improve greatly the missionary sahib says after saying is i also gave him a

Sum of money for his journey back home a week later he came for the friday prayers and he appeared to be very happy following the friday prayers I asked him why this was the case upon which he said that following the emphases you laid on paying Chanda the previous Friday I

Contributed 100 francs towards gender prior to leaving the mosque after thank gender as soon as I reached home a neighboring friend who had stored some firewood in our garden for several months suddenly came to collect the wood and handed me four thousand strengths while leaving I was extremely happy that

I had just reached home after giving the gender and god the exalted had simultaneously increased it 40 times and returned it to me similarly the MU Sahib ie national president of Tanzania wrote that a new convert obeyed cui sahib narrates I am a Mason by profession however for the past

Five months I was unable to find any work our circumstances were rather bleak my wife and children were living with difficulty and it was very tough to make ends meet one day the Muslim emphasized giving gender he said that at that time I became even more distressed as the some

I had on me was merely enough to support my wife and children for that day hence when the more limbs I have said that by offering sacrifices in the cause of Allah he showers his blessings upon that individual I decided to contribute this sum towards gender hence I acted

Accordingly following this the thought crossed my mind about what my children would eat today a few moments had passed as I will engage in these thoughts when I received a message that construction work was being carried out in a certain area and that I should go there immediately and take the measurements

Etc along with this I was given a sum as an advance salary I was astonished that I was greatly engulfed in difficulties for five months however as soon as I spent in the way of Allah the exalted he opened the doors of his blessings hence since the day I spent in the way

Of Allah my circumstances have now changed now I will never be neglectful in paying Chanda although the exalted even makes new converse pass through these experiences Molly is another African country one person there was blessed who have been taking the oath of allegiance three or four years ago

Lishchyna sahib gave 500 francs in Chanda out of his basic salary Leon will say he said that before joining the Ahmadiyya community and giving gender his business was not running well through the blessings of gender god almighty blessed his business in an extraordinary manner and now by

The grace of Allah he is a moosie a part of the institution of always here and instead of 500 which he used to give in gender he now donates thirty five thousand francs towards tehrik-e-jadid every month seeing him and the progress of his business his non-id friends perhaps think that the community grants

Him financial help new convert from France Hamza SIA brights that offer taking the oath of allegiance when I came to know of the gender system my financial situation was not stable and I had little money some of my amedy friends told me that there are great blessings

In gender where god almighty gives back many fold he says that I had 60 euros and thought to myself that I shall give it in Chanda in the way of Allah and we will see what happens afterwards he says only a few days had passed since I gave

The gender when my bank statement arrived at my house I saw that 600 euros had come into my account from somewhere having made inquiries I came to know that the government owed me 600 euros which were previously not in their records in this way God Almighty

Returned the amount I gave it under many fold in a way which I could never have imagined the emissive of Tanzania writes that Amit Sahni Sahib who is a moosie made a promise of fifty thousand shillings which he had paid earlier in advance last month he saw me ie his rule in a

Dream that I have come to his house and that I have asked him if he extracts gold from the ground in a dream he replied yes Azul but this work is not going well he further says that I looked in his direction when all of a sudden a voice resonates from somewhere to

Increase the gender of Terra Kelly did Sonny type say that he also practices as a physician and is an expert in homemade remedies after this dream God Almighty blessed him extraordinarily that within a month after the dream he donated an extra four hundred and twenty seven thousand shillings towards Terrica deed

And is the highest contributor in his region about young man of Bangalore India used to be unemployed and as a result of having no work was unable to pay the monthly installments for his house the dedicated lead inspectors say that I went to his house but when the

Secretary informed me of the situation I remained silent I did not say anything but the man himself asked me if I wanted to say anything to him I replied that I was not fully aware of your situation I previously intended to take your promise of 100,000 rupees to tell you indeed but

Only now have I come to know your situation that is why I remain silent you may give whatever you are able to according to your capacity the man said to write down the promise of 100 thousand rupees and my trust is in Allah God willing I will pay this God Almighty

Showered his blessings upon him and he found an excellent job he paid off his promise for two years ie last year’s and this years to the missionary from the island of my old rights that my owed is a very poor country where people make a living with great difficulty through

Selling vegetables etc in their homes an MD friend Rob Yoon Sahib works in a motorcycle carriage and gives the most gender he says that it is strange that however much I give in gender I received double that amount at the end of the month one day his wife asked him why do

You give so much gender he replied God Almighty gives me double in return so that is why I give it he then gave an amount in front of his wife and said observe how god almighty will most certainly return this amount to me hence this was fulfilled when at the end of

The month the owner of the shop gave all the work as a bonus and the amount received as a bonus was greater than the amount he gave in gender by the grace of Allah this man continues to excel in financial sacrifice day by day and we cyber of Canada writes that the

Legend our secretary Kerry did stated when hazrat musleh maud dirty LaJuan who launched his scheme he advised to give half or full one month’s pay for tehrik-e-jadid she stays when I informed my sister about this at that time she was only working part-time yet it was an

Ardent desire to obtain a full-time job and that way she would give her full one month’s income thus when she obtained a full-time job her salary was five thousand dollars per month which he presented for tehrik-e-jadid there are countless examples similar to this one by the grace of Allah from the inception

Of the community to this day the faithful have experienced the treatment and promises of God Almighty’s I have narrated incidents of ahadees of the past the present and many new converts sacrifices made in this era especially financial sacrifices is a distinguished hallmark of this community the majority

Of a madhi’s realized that this era which is the era for the completion of the propagation of islam for which god almighty has sent the promised messiah islam and which is happening through the dissemination and translation of the holy quran in different languages through the propagation of the books of

The promised messiah through the literature of the community and through the building of mosques establishment of mission houses establishment of Jami arts where today we have Jamaat established in Asia Africa Europe North America and Indonesia from which missionaries graduate to spread the message of Islam when appellees come to know of all these

Things they know that there is a need for financial sacrifice and indeed make financial sacrifices similarly just as the promised messiah’s LOM has stated that compassion to the creation is a part of faith as a result of this compassion hospitals and schools are established apart from them a system of

Assistance is present in the community all of this is happening through the sacrifices of the devoted ones who have firm faith that God Almighty blesses them for their sacrifices in this world and will bless them in the hereafter as well God willing if there ever is a

Shortcoming then often it is seen that the organisation has failed to remind people if reminders are made for this regularly then people will also pay heed to it regarding this ie giving reminders the promised messiah Aslam once said it may be possible that most people have

Not yet been told that our community is in need of some funds there are many who have come crying to take the oath of allegiance if they were told to do so they will most definitely give gender but even then it is important to urge them let all financially weak brothers

Participate in giving gender and instigate one another to do so this is absolutely the case even in this day and age as well when attention is drawn then attention of the people is given this is why when I said to increase the numbers of up frigid heed

And directed heed the numbers are now increasing offer drawing attention to this an interest in making sacrifices has been seen even in the Atma D children hence the missionary of Nakuru in Kenya writes that the current president of the community Abu Bakr Kiba Sahib who is a very

Sincere ahmadi and serves as a sergeant in the Kenya Defense Forces despite living far from the mosque in the containment area he always travels a long journey to attend the Friday prayers and brings his three daughters with him and he always tries to bring them with her he has especially set up a

Dish for MTA in his house in the Kent area and shows most of the program’s of MTA to the soldiers working with him he says that a while back I was highlighting the importance of dedicated Eid in all the Friday sermons a few days ago after the Friday prayers he told the

Missionary that my daughter’s also listened to this sermon and during the month a guest visited his house when leaving they gave 25 shillings in the hand of my youngest daughter who was 5 years old at the time when the guests had gone this girl approached her father and whilst handing over 20 shillings

Said give this fort Erika’s deed for myself and the remaining 5 shillings I shall spend on something to eat the missionary in Liberia writes during the collection of dedicated Eid we visited a house in nojima we informed the members of the household about what the rickety deed is and that everyone

Can take part in it children and elders alike according to their capacity among the family members in this house was a young girl who was 6 or 7 years of age her name was bin – sama Veera and was selling various small items in her basket whilst listening to our

Conversation she asked can children also partake in this even if they contribute a very small amount we replied that yes children can also participate hearing this she ran inside and returned with 20 Liberian dollars and said this is all I have but please also include me in the

Tahir deed and so observing this innocent act of the child the parents also made a contribution of their own thus such examples of sacrifices can only be the hallmark of an ahmadi both young and old and living anywhere in the world the sacrifices offered by children is in

Fact a resonance of their pious nature may God Almighty enable the Jamaat to continue to produce such children and elders who are instilled with the passion and zeal to offer sacrifices for the sake of God Almighty and they continue to fulfil their pledges that they are made

As per tradition the new year for the illegal deed is announced in November and today I shall announce the 84th year of dedicated Eid and will also present some facts and figures of the previous year the 83rd year of dedicated Eid has come to an end and as I mentioned the

84th has started from first remember according to the reports that have been submitted up until now the Jamaat has been able to present a total sacrifice of 12.5 eight million pounds hamdulillah full praise belongs to Allah by the grace of God Almighty this is an increase of 1.5 3 million pounds from

Last year’s total collection in terms of total collection if we take out Pakistan Germany is number one members of the Jamaat in Germany also make great sacrifices towards their one hundred mosque project and the auxiliary organization of one solid arm and lagina have pledged huge sums towards this they are collecting approximately three

Million euros towards this and many of them are not affluent however by the grace of God Almighty they have a lot of passion for sacrifice may God Almighty increase their wealth and accept their sacrifices number two is Great Britain number three USA number four Canada number five India

Number six Australia number seven is Indonesia number eight is a Jamaat from the Middle East number 9 is also Jamaat from the Middle East and Ghana is tenth in terms of per capita the jamaat’s from the Middle East occupied the first and second position number three is Switzerland then followed by the UK

However the total number of people who have participated in the UK is far less than the number of those who attend edge elses ie annual conventions and even then not all attend this therefore means that enough attention is not being drawn towards this number five is USA number

Six is Australia number seven is Germany the number of participants in Germany is almost close to the total number of the attendees at jalsa this means that the secretary of tariqa deed has made a very good effort and their respective secretaries number eight is Sweden then Norway and Canada

In terms of total contribution from the African countries the most notable achievements were in the following order Ghana Nigeria Mali Cameroon Liberia and then Benin in any case the total amount is achieve regardless however for the past few years I’ve emphasized on including as many people in total contributors the promised messiah’s LOM

States that the gender ie monetary contribution should be taken from everyone even if it is just one penny just as individual drops formed together to make a river in the same way just a single penny can lead to a huge total nonetheless I had said to increase the

Total number of contributors and by the grace of allah the almighty the total number of contributors this year is over 1.6 million and by the grace of god almighty this year there is an increase of two hundred thousand among the african countries in terms of increasing the number of total contributors nigeria

Is first in which there is an increase of 57,000 people in monetary contribution after this it was cameroon in which there was an increase of 23,000 people then it was Benin Ivory Coast Nigeria Guinea Conakry Mali Guinea Bissau Gambia Senegal and Burkina Faso who have also made notable efforts the

Country is outside of Africa in terms of increasing the total number of contributors is in Asia as number one then Germany Great Britain India USA and Canada caliber there is still more room for improvement in increasing the total number of contributors and the Jamaat should pay attention towards this the

Administrative structure in regards to their regions has changed slightly in Pakistan therefore instead of their districts the list presented in relation to the local jamaat’s is as follows revoir Islamabad the whole Township Aziz about Karachi delegate Lahore Rawalpindi Multan Peshawar Quetta and Goergen wallah a district level in Pakistan is as

Follows Sargodha vessel about homer code Gujarat Narwhal Hyderabad meal pool costs Powell pool Okara our level and then Toba Tek sing and courtly Azad Kashmir the first 10 G mas in Germany are as follows noise Linda mark Mon Gorton needand Orenburg media bath Heidelberg Limburg kill and

Floors I’m in terms of their regions the position of the first ten is as follows hamburg frankfurt more children gross gareth Wiesbaden to east but Mannheim right start John Studd and often bothers the first ten larger mods in Great Britain in terms of contribution is as

Follows number one most is puzzle was to park number three burning himself hence Bradford South Putney Glasgow Islamabad New Malden Gillingham and Scunthorpe in terms of position of the regions of per capita is as follows Southwest northeast Islamabad Midlands and Scotland the position of the jamaat’s in USA is as follows Silicon

Valley is number one Oshkosh Seattle Detroit York Los Angeles Silver Spring Central Jersey Chicago South West Atlantis Los Angeles inland the position of the local regions in Canada in terms of the collection is as follows born peace village Brampton Vancouver and Mississauga the positional jamaat’s in India is as follows Kerala

Karnataka Jammu Kashmir de’longhi Tamil Nadu Orissa Punjab Mangal Delhi Maharashtra the position of the large Mart’s in India is as follows Calicut Kerala Caterham Kerala number 3 Guardian number 4 Hyderabad number 5 Kolkata number 6 Bangalore then kennel town and gaudy matter tune and carry the positions of the Jamaat in Australia is

As follows Castle Hill Melbourne Berwick Canberra mazdan part Brisbane Logan Adelaide South the Compton Melbourne Longbourn has it Melbourne East may Allah the Almighty bestow abundant blessings upon their earnings and their offsprings after this I would like to launch a new appeal which is primarily for those residing in

The UK and also open for all affluent people around the world and this appeal is for the restoration of the part of Bethel for two mosques complex that was burnt down approximately two years ago since 1984 especially in the present climate due to the migration of khilafat

Members from all over the world have been coming here and they are provided with accommodation furthermore there are various events that are held here all year round the auxilary organizations of the community from all over the world visit in large numbers and there is a difficulty in accommodating all of them previously

There was a hole and several rooms attached to the mosque where they could be accommodated after the fire it is becoming more difficult to make arrangements the plans for the new construction are complete and the proposal is substantially larger than before although the area is only slightly larger the overall plan is

Rather significant when hazard khalifatul masih the 4th initially launched the appeal for the construction of this mosque the amount proposed was 5 million pounds however instead of the main structure of the mosque more money was spent on other parts of the project therefore has it helped them to see the

4th rahimullah made an appeal for another 5 million pounds even after this project continued at a slow pace and the UK jamaat had to spend out of their own budget the project was complete to a large extent nevertheless this tragic incident that took place was part of God Almighty’s decree the building caught

Fire and a large part of it was destroyed the new proposed plan will also cost a similar amount which is close to 11 million pounds out of this approximately half of the amount has been obtained through the insurance and also some people have contributed nonetheless just over half of the amount

Is still required and for this people will have to sacrifice as they have always done so in terms of its construction size and beauty the better photo mosque is included on the list for Europe’s largest buildings that was when the project was complete at that time

Has it helped them see the fourth raha Mahalo expressed his sentiments by saying this is Europe’s largest mosque and in fact there will not be a larger mosque than this in Europe in which seven or eight thousand people can worship at the time he said that this will cater for our requirements

Including the halls the mosque complex can accommodate ten thousand worshipers however after two or three years of the opening it became inadequate as a result of which the administration had to make an announcement for people of other Jamaat’s ie localities not to come here for the Eid prayers and instead for them

To read it in their own localities as everyone will be aware despite all of this we would have to erect marquees in the park for the Eid arrangements nevertheless there is a need for this reconstruction and we should endeavor to make it to the best of our abilities and

As big as possible those people who did not have the opportunity to partake in the construction of the better flow mosque previously should endeavor to take part in this scheme since this is a UK Jamaat project as I’ve already mentioned it is primarily the duty of ahadees residing in the UK therefore

They should contribute towards this project the affluent members living outside of the UK should also partake in the scheme the auxilary organizations should contribute in their capacity as an auxiliary organisation similarly the jamaat should contribute in their capacity as the jamaat and large jamaat’s should also partake according to their own capacities

Because guests visit the UK all year round and the UK jamaat provide for their accommodation in fact the number has reached thousands on one occasion the promised messiah’s LOM stated during the reign of Alamgir the imperial mosque caught fire people came hardly and informed the king about the fire

Upon hearing this the King fell in prostration expressing his gratitude the Vizier were perplexed by this and asked your highness how can you express gratitude when the house of God is on fire which has caused the hearts of the Muslims to bleed to this the king

Replied an age has passed during which I would ponder over this glorious mosque and how this building has benefited thousands of people I would say if only there were an opportunity for me to partake in this valuable and noble scheme however I observed the building from all angles and found it to be

Complete and flawless in every aspect I was at a loss of how I could gain a reward from it thus today God Almighty has opened for me an Avenue through which I can receive blessings and God Almighty is all-hearing all-knowing thus as I’ve mentioned earlier those people

Who were unable to offer sacrifices for this fall’s previously must make an effort to partake in it this time they should endeavour to pay their pledge to sums within three years and should try to pay one-third of the promise within the first year the details of this project are as follows previously the

Covered area was 4,700 square meters but according to the new plan the area will be 5,800 square metres the ceiling of the Nasser Hall has been raised slightly aside from this the ceiling of the first floor which will be the null hole has also been raised the offices will be

Located on the second floor then on the third floor and fourth floors there will be some offices as well as exhibition halls and rooms for accommodating guests according to the plan the building is to be constructed slightly away from the main gate to allow some space for parking

This will create ease for the incoming and outgoing traffic as well as for pedestrians and will create a separate path for men and women may Allah the Almighty bless this project and enable the UK Jamaat to complete this project after the prayers I will lead a funeral

Prayer in absentia of mr. Adil a mezuzah Sahib from Yemen he passed away in 14th of October due to heart failure at the age of 40 to Allah we belong and to him shall we return’ his son tarik SIA Bright’s prior to performing the bait I do two villages my father was not

Regular in offering his obligatory prayers however after performing the bed he not only offered his prayers regularly in fact he would always explain to us about the importance of religion and the need for establishing a strong connection with the Jamaat he would ensure that we offered the present congregation at home

On a regular basis he would read the books of the promised messiah’s nam to us he would always carry cards that had the frequency of the MTA and would distribute them as a means of doubly are you preaching the message after accepting immediate his life changed completely and signs of prosperity and

Contentment will resonate from his face anomaly gentleman by the name Ali origami sahib states the deceased would invite some friends to his place including myself and would ask about immediate we would explain to him about various issues of contention such as the appearance of the Antichrist the life and death of the Messiah

Ie Jesus as well as the appearance of the Maddie the disease was taken to our arguments whatever he would hear contrary to the Jamaat he was research about those matters himself a short while before performing the bed we were thrown in jail due to certain false allegations however despite being anonymity at the

Time the disease defended us bravely and stood by us his other relatives have all written the same about him that after the bed his life changed completely whenever he would speak about religious matters he would use the verses from the Holy Quran or would present his arguments based on a hadith it would

Amaze us all as to how he managed to gain so much religious knowledge in such a short period of time when we would ask the received would reply that he has gained all that knowledge from the promised messiah islam since he himself had gained his radiance from the holy

Prophet salallahu alaihe salam aside from his wife the deceased leaves behind one son and a daughter by the grace of Allah the Almighty the majority of his family members are at MIDI may allah the almighty elevate the status of the deceased grant him forgiveness and shall mercy upon by granting him station in

The company of god’s loved ones may you protect and help his wife and children and also provide for their every need may he enable them to become pious and righteous and enable them to follow in the footsteps of their father No

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