Ahmadi Muslim VideoTube Friday Sermon Khalifa V Friday Sermon English – 13th October 2017

Friday Sermon English – 13th October 2017

Friday Sermon – Khalifatul Masih V – Mirza Masroor Ahmad – Year 2017

Allah Allah better Eggbert As As had a more Hey RLS Hey honest Hey Hey Ha Better Hi The translation of this verse is as follows tomorrow you simmer to music peace be upon him it’s not the father of any of you but he’s The Messenger of Allah knowledge of all things focused on me worked and for them you seen a gazebo an essay in parts time time to time under

One pretext or the other or politicians as well as religious clerics continue to express the animosity of your enemies the subsea Sondra Kerr go on go particular name in their view this is the easiest way to gain a following and Confederates from among the nation and to gain popularity among

Subaru they are and the biggest weapon that can be used to stir up the emotions of Muslims is the weapon of husband Bowie this is Jesse party soft robbery whenever a political party is losing its credibility the graph of a politician’s popularity or his merit is falling and whenever so-called religious

Organizations has one to gain political prestige we do the OCC party yeah each other kana-chan and whenever they want to humiliate us a rival organization or a political party or a politician you they go they link them with us and they say what grave injustice is about to be

Committed and that these people want to include or in the process of including the enmity among the mainstream Muslims under the influence of foreign powers amb where are the Hadees in their view deny cut them in the boot ID finality of prophethood him be so called sympathizers of Islam saying that we

Will not allow the honour of the holy prophet peace be upon him to be in Brazil and we will never allow such injustice to take place and what grave injustice it is that Muslims furthermore they say they will even lay down their lives for this course which I

Was given one day and the representatives of the rival party which may well be governing immediately get up in Parliament and say that it is out of the question but I madhi’s be accorded any right well give you a Pakistani sherry you see you see they will raise

This slogan that the few rights will be it in the capacity of third class citizens if they’re enjoying at the moment due to being Pakistani citizens should also be everyone has his own political agenda lakyn and there are invested interests visible this tea however remedies are drawn into and

Willingly and without any connection because they are a soft target members of those from the governing party as well as those from other party speak wholeheartedly against these this is exactly what we witnessed recently in the National Assembly of Pakistan on a political party or the governing party

Was altering the words or the constitutional amendment due to his own vested interests there was a lot of commotion recently in Stockton and the world says the completeness to all this as a result of the media coverage therefore there is no need to elaborate upon this further Jamaat and you gotta

Look at however as far as the community is concerned neither have we ever asked a foreign power to grant us the status of Muslims before they lower the concentration while instigating an amendment is the Constitution of the Assembly of Pakistan and no have we ever begged any Pakistani

Government for this nor do we require a certificate from any assembly or government in order to be called Muslims we call ourselves Muslims because we are Muslims Allah belonging and a Lydia Michael Sue and his messenger peace be upon have declared us to be Muslims we pronounced by the Muslim creed so there

Is none worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger we will surely believe in every pillar of Islam an article of faith we have faith in the holy quran and believe in the holy prophet peace be upon him to be Futterman we’ll begin by the seal of the prophets

Just as Allah the Almighty has stated in the holy quran and as i have just recited we also have firm conviction that the holy prophet peace be upon him so Allah alone it’s hot the manna be by the seal of the Prophet SAW as a matter of fact the promised Messiah he salatu

Was-salam has very clearly and elaborately written on many occasions the person who denies the concept of available by the seal of I consider him to be irreligious and outside the fold he is neither animal nor Muslim this unrest which they create against us and this allegation which they level against

Us that we deny the concept that means and that we got forbid we don’t believe the Holy Prophet peace be upon him to be Hatem in the being he’s an extremely foul allegation azeema those longer grits allegation has been raised against the jamaat and against the promised messiah and he

Salatu was-salam since the time of the claim of the promised messiah elias body and from time to time as i mentioned whenever they need to acquire the objectives these people feel an urge to race in one of his sermons hazard relief until mercy the second to be allowed on

Who said that this allocation is raised again and when we form them of the error by saying said how can we reject the concept let me agree important thing even though we read that we have faith and believe in the Holy Quran declares the Holy Prophet peace be upon him to be

Hot woman in the begin to see love all the prophets upon this these queries raise this allegation which they have also told the general period and this allegation is raised even today as a matter of fact due to the mutual relationship and due to the media the scholars or other countries are being

Influenced by these so-called scholars from Pakistan without their they say but God forbid remedies do not believe in the Holy Quran and that they consider the revelations of Messiah so it will be superior to the Holy Quran when many Arabs become aware of the reality and

The truth and enter the folder idea by doing the bat I pledge they have said she asked I was honest about their view regarding Emily Emily they told us such kind of thing and that I do not believe in the Holy Quran and that they have made off in the very

Month and that they do not believe the Holy Prophet peace be upon him to be the last prophet because they believe me the last prophet would say Hajj is differently lower and they do not go for Hajj and they have a different Qiblah my direct was printed and they do not pray

Facing the other eye the houses go to Mecca however these people are the convents say that when we research into this the falsehood of these so-called scholars became exploitable to these false allegations of the non Hamady moldicide hysterics against ahmed ease becomes the means of the acceptance immediate for

Many people thus by telling lawyers and speaking falsehood these moves also clarify when one way doing tably i preaching the true message of islam for us how can this be possible for us to not believe in the holy quran and to not believe the holy prophet peace be upon

Him in the beginning by the sieve of the prophets well the very relations of the promised messiah and he salat wa salam declared the house to be the book of god the exalted and hold it to be the fountain of all virtues and they declared the holy prophet peace be upon

Her to be hot imagine I either see like this has been mentioned in the revelations hence one of the revelations of the promised Messiah and he’s right in regards to the holy quran is al fadela filter what is every virtue is found in the her it was month similarly the promised

Messiah as salaam also said those who honor the quran will be honoured in heaven it has never been mentioned that we should honor his revelation the revelations of the promised messiah alot was a subservient to the holy quran they carried no state has independently and on their own whatever virtues we must

Find whatever guidance we must search for and if we wish to see guidance with regards to a certain matter in society and we do so through the holy many revelations of the promised messiah and his laws elaborate and explain what’s more less la those long key similarly there are countless extracts of the

Promised messiah and with regards to the holy prophet peace be upon him becoming to be at all from this there is the revelation in which the very phrase hot moon missile has used the root page that is invoke blessings upon the holy prophet peace be upon him and his

Progeny who is the chief the children of others and the hartamanda begin i receive of the project and this revelation was received on several occasions so then there is also this revelation and could no barakah didn’t mean mohammed salah that is every virtue emanate from furthermore the promised

Messiah and his lot was salam writes in his book the divine manifestations but if i was not a part of the followers of the holy prophet peace and even if my deeds were equivalent to mountain I would not have received this honor the divine communion this is due

To the fact and now apart from the prophethood of Muhammad peace be upon him we are the prophethood has come to an end the promised messiah alayhi salat was his rule so subservient to the holy prophet peace be upon him and his revelations are also some service to the

Holy quran and are only its elaboration if we so god forbid considered the revelations of the promised messiah and halat was salam to be superior to the holy quran why is it that today we are spending our money making financial sacrifices for the sake of publishing translations instead of this we should

Be publishing the revelations of the promised messiah and he still now the translation of the holy quran has been completed published in 75 languages where is the translation into some other languages still in Rome may and they will soon be published moreover translations of selected verses

Of the Holy Quran have already been on the other hand the greatest Slovak governments and affluent religious organisations should stay but in how many different languages they have published the translation of the holy quran wannabes understand a true meaning and spirit and it is publishing God Almighty’s declaration of the Holy

Prophet peace be upon being Hatem in the being in various countries of the world in their respective languages and despite this these people raised the allegation that denies the concept of Hotmail more than okay the promised messiah alayhi salaatu wa salaam has taught us such understanding and comprehension of the concept of the

Coriander board which these people who claim to be the custodians cannot even come close to explaining the fact that whether we believe the Holy Prophet peace be upon him to be hot Dominion or not the promised Messiah and his lot was long and once stated in the gathering

That it should also be remembered us at the allegation that is raised against me and my Jamali monthly that we do not believe the holy prophet peace be upon him home just to be hot is the great fabrication against us to see the facade the convictions comprehension which we

Believe in holy prophet peace be upon him in a month others do not even really is a small expansion there oh and you know are they capable of doing school they do not understand the truth and secret of the concept in the board which is placed in

The have only heard this term the forefathers but are oblivious of its true meaning and what thought mean the boat really Monica and what it really means to believe in other hum you see that the Dom see you screw a little bit the jumper however he knows that we deem

The holy prophet peace be upon him as hot Milan the world with full conviction God Almighty has opened three meanings in Abood upon Allah to such a degree as fast as we experience the immensity this will sink into a technology that we receive and no one other than those who are made

To consume it understand it but Middlewood Keokuk Afghan got the wig whilst explaining the true essence of the meaning of Katrina would the promised Messiah and his lot of Salaam states via the golden mighty has sent her such a problem in Laveen who is the seal of the believers she the seal of

The holy people and the seal of the prophets and he has sent down on him this book which is the most personal and is the seal of all the earth Levine the holy prophet peace be upon to the movie who is the seal of the prophets through him prophet was completed this prophethood

Has no stop like one stop someone from breathless and cause a little time such end is nothing but in truth of the lunacy what was meant is that the holy prophet the prophet has been perfected over meaning the qualities of all the prophets were given to him Adam silica

Received maryam that Nabil got the egative and the different qualities which were given to all the prophets from Adam rule brought together in the person of the Holy Prophet so it was in this way he was regarded as a human being Jerry the lima and just like the Holy

Prophet peace be upon him is for tomorrow in the same way the various teaching EC of different religions and different exhortations have been perfected by the holy quran has become this is the reality our opponents are hidden in each other and they on the cross for scholars who design because

They have ten religion into a business be effective if their followers find out money if you have me the underwire while elaborating on the meaning of hot money the promised messiah and his love Aslan states in what I wish to reaffirm the principle meanings of the expression the qualities of prophethood beginning with

Found perfection is the holy prophet peace be upon him the circle of the excellences of prophethood was completed with the advent of the holy prophet peace is actually true that the holy qur’an affected all the previous teachings which were incomplete and thus reached its perfection that is all the

Teachings of the holy quran affected everything that was brought by the previous prophets because their status was not as elevated as the holy prophet peace be upon him this teaching and Sharia was revealed to the Holy Prophet peace be upon him organism and this is where prophethood was perfectly and it

Is not possible for any other human being to reach any further perfections after the revelation of the Holy Quran on the holy prophet thus the promised Messiah that Islam itself justifies the verse but this day I have perfected your religion for you these are the signs of

Progress are flourish and there is no need to discuss the deeper meanings because the principles are self-evident and clear as established varieties it is not necessary for a believer to get all their detailed expositions all that is needed is faith well now we can stop an opponent if he raises and he

Passes and we can ask them to provide the proof on the issues related to his own work and how he responds to them the promised messiah’s salat wa salam ensure the seal of the prophet hood is one of the signs of the prophethood of the holy prophets is the fact that the Holy

Prophet peace be upon him is hot the moon to be gained by the seal of the prophets is one of his signs and it is necessary for every Muslim to believe him therefore as I have mentioned before that if someone does not believe and hetman the boy I the seal of the

Prophets when the promised messiah he salatu was-salam state such as such a person is not a muslim and he falls outside the fold of islam while confirming the true status of the term pokemon nabiyeen of remotely and the eminence of islam superiority of other religions the promised messiah he

Thought was argument and wisdom reach its pinnacle that is the name given to hot Manabu beyond this those who criticize are nothing short of an eighth Messiah alayhi salatu was-salam states everything contains manifests like that and in order to understand them one requires complete wisdom and in luminate

This one has complete wisdom and knowledge of faith as well as the radiance bestowed from God Almighty below only then can one understand the promised Messiah on Father’s Day we after the advent of the Holy Prophet peace be upon him to see all faith and wisdom a perfect ocean and other nations

Were illuminated no other nation was bestowed such a radiant and illuminate teaching had they received it why could they not then influence the Arabs no other nation has granted his perfect teacher and every prophet that a pet was sent to a specific area promised messiah he Salaam further states this is one

Proof that the Arabs had no knowledge of God nor about those who had knowledge and were acquainted with did not accept them because they were not a perfect teaching if the perfect light was found in the faiths of the past when they would have had some impact on the Arabs

The promised Messiah is Salaam states from the Arabs arose the moon that would illuminate every nations and shine is light upon every region this is the status of the holy prophet peace be upon him but he was to enlighten every nation and every secret his light was to reach every corner of

Every area beside he still on stage is only the Quran that has the honor duniya of succeeding all religions of the world when dealing with the matter of cohesion the oneness of God ie the proof arguments presented by the Holy Quran you regards to total the oneness of God

And prophethood was such that were not granted to any religion before this in terms of the faith was perfected the holy prophet peace be upon each was to be the seal of the the promised messiah’s long furthest is a true owner such a book has been bestowed to the

Muslims those people who attack the teachings and guidance granted by his horses I do say merely author wisdom man in a state of disbelief thus it is Islam that arose from the Arabian Peninsula the spread to the corners of the worlds on its original form this continues to spread until this

Day he’s using all his strength and resources to preach the status of Coheed and prophethood to every town and every street in every village thus today only we can comprehend the true meaning will cut me in the bullet and the shittier the Holy Prophet it was only the promised messiah alayhi salatu was-salam

Who explained the true status of the holy prophet peace be upon to the other religion but there he not only explained his state but in fact stated get the teachings of other prophets had been interpolated to such an extent you hear that it was difficult to determine the status of

Their prophet and where they were to be taken if the holy prophet peace be upon everything that he explained the truthfulness and reality prophets of the past believed regarding this the promised messiah he stoped we’ll only that teaching maybe plague all of the human faculties focus against nature is the practical manifestation a

Chiral faculty or any practical manifestation of a source key colega yoga table will look a lot the year yoshida leave a like which is called the hokum God or God’s teaching why we get the design of creation the guidance would you go to mighty hand is known as

The holy book of God cannot because the natural faculties man I in fact the practical embodiment will be those teaching practical manifestation of God and the Sharia is the origin of God spoke sekolah kitab promised messiah he still are similar if the advent our holy prophet peace be upon him asiya okay

Completely and the moral and spiritual powers are the former prophets would have but the holy prophet is only thinking it clear this is why the signs which manifests brighter than a stubborn blind person says that it is not here never get down to say without that Akemi

That they say it again other religions would have remained in the talk and you’ll find none of them have the courage to show other religions their true teachings of the Holy Prophet peace be upon the Prophet saya and through his knowledge of training the Ahmadiyya community continuing in

Their opponents eyes we are regards to the true nature was claimed promised messiah explains in his book yesterday can that unfortunate subrogated himself claims to be an actual messenger and prophet believe in the quran can that individual who believes in the quran the holy prophet is the messenger of that

He’s ottoman and considers this verse to be the Word of God so the holy prophet peace be upon him that he is a prophet Podrick Nadja he is a seeker of justice circumstances humble ever been a claimant to property boost amalgam is a use of every speech of such the literal

Meaning commonly found thereof in lexicons not indicative of heresy therefore I do not like to do this there is the possibility I’m not able to hold back on the basis from stating those disputes and dialogue which God Almighty has blessed me with the prophethood is legible and Apostleship were extensive

Since God Almighty has oh I can’t conceive were still years however I say this time and time again that in the world’s prophet or messenger used in the revelations in Myra silica Krajewski not to be implied in the actual usage of the word ality I bear witness all my mind

That our Prophet peace be upon him is the seal of the prophets Aquabot going to be and that after him after prophet and master he is verily a prophet or messenger in the literal sense of the word he is an impostor and has abandoned the Quran the play commands of the city

He is an infusion an arch liar it showed our belief is over claims to be a prophet of the true self and deliberately leaves the holy prophet’s garb of blessings on separating on the pure fountain openly declares himself to be a prophet that individual is an atheist it is well possible that an

Individual of this nature struck his own creep changes in worship and further modifications alterations to divine commandments but certainly he would become the brother who Selma the liar and there will be no doubt about his discharge this is it possible to say about such a corrupted character to analyse in the Quran

The sponsor days to the Sharia can be bestowed on one who moves away from showing subservience for the holy cannot attain this no come on Colin Firth expounding on this the promised Messiah we believe in gonna make his book the holy quran we believe that the holy

Prophet peace be upon the prophet and messenger moreover that he came and they can be the prophet after him except one who has been nurtured and his Advent was in accordance to his prophecy the mighty cross on Elissa to the Saints of this Ummah through divine discourse and they

Are adorned with the attributes of the project rotted the true comprehension however they do not add anything from themselves and no take anyone who what takes anything away from me excellency reached the pinnacle in the Holy Prophet Ponyo who is great and the messengers of God might we also believe after the holy

Prophet peace be upon him one can only attain the status of a prophet of Joseph Lewis from among the followers of the Holy Prophet peace be upon him and his completely devoted and has received all his grace lessons from his spirituality and has become rain by his ritual

Of dishonor to the whole because when it comes to blessing myself and in his perfect to present any argument because this is the proof without anyway 100 over this does not require any detailed explanation upon him physical father of any men but due to the

Blessings of his he is the father of all those who achieved a perfect state in the spirituality and he is the chosen one is how only he can enter the divine Court of God Almighty who has the imprint of the prophets form of worship shall be accepted at the one who does

Not declare the prophethood of the holy prophet peace not remain firm on his religion and one who separates himself the holy prophet sallahu I have said the person does not follow him with all his strength and my collection perish there should be no new law absolutist after

The Holy Prophet peace be upon him and no can one abrogate his book and come and make any changes to his holy polar or is no Greenwich can match the holy prophet peace and one him even an iota from adhering to the Holy Quran o one can attain any success that which has

Been established Prophet peace be upon him job he fools us but does not hold the belief who is the best among the whole of mankind or just look that he is nothing without his blessing model yet God not the Holy Quran is the most perfect and such a person apparently and

Shall be counted among the deceivers one who claims to be a prophet but does not hold that he is from the followers the holy prophet peace be upon him everything he attained is due to the grace that he is one of the fruits in the garden of the philosophy of policy

And that is a droplet fire and the powerful rain and that he is a rapist and such a person is accursed God Almighty is also cost of the promised Messiah Salah is not sending disgust on himself and his Jamaat it means that he believed that he received the most spiritual blessings in

Grace from the Messiah and who has attained such a rug a good Almighty’s honored with a status of a non low bearing property due to his subservient to the holy prophet peace be upon to the promised messiah he salam furthest under the heavens there is no prophet

Other than the holy prophet peace be upon him and there is no I usually explain the true meaning and its true state and also his own status in respect to it the muslims remained truly followed the holy prophet peace be upon him not for his address you can cite the example of ultimate

Abode as the stops off in the form of gradually reaches his routine days later Simeon the excellencies and qualities reached the perfection in the prophet and those who of the belief that go to prophethood has been forcefully shot and believe that the Holy Prophet peace be upon us she’d not be given greater

Regard then use of been a metre and such people have failed to understand it’s true it has no knowledge of the holy prophet saw despite lack of understanding and knowledge they themselves the fail to understand yet they claim that we are the ones who do not believe what shall I say to people

Who suffer from such ailments and how shall I pity them this date was not like this and they were in other words not in the current state that they are in today where they have no understanding distance from faith and the promised Messiah is a Lapras holiday but then

What was the purpose of my Advent if they face this unblemished desperately need deteriorated they were completely oblivious to the reality otherwise there is no reason for you to harbor enmity again truthful people what makes this behavior it has been sent by God Almighty but also believes in the holy

Prophet and there is no reason for one to harbor enmity against such enmity for the promised Messiah make an individual account is why do muslims to profess the column i declaration of you declare us to be displayed one who declares another a disbeliever is himself removed from

The pale of Schloss the holy prophet peace people who declares to fall prey to the employee therefore out of our sentiments of sympathy for these muslims who profess the color we say to them to reform their conditions pondered deeply about what god desires wishes from us

The few extras I present it become a sweet and instead of raising allegations long they use it as a way of performing their own mission yet kocchi she put the worms Amano Gilead in regards to the assembly and the change on the wording of the Constitution a member of parliament unnecessarily

This speech was not only intended to honor of the members of this also attempting in sense the general public service holding control so heavy entirely village and rises against animating society among people gunning for making ecosystem and alongside it was an attempt to show himself as the leader

That was loyal to the country in order to breathe new life into it however some Russian politicians you see the game and media personalities civilized people have expressed their dislike we should have a civilized fraction exists in unexplained train what the real this member of parliament

Attempted to make a claim that it was an insult to his pride and honor the physics department at cried the özil university was named after dr. abdul salam because he’s a coffee you should think himself personally named this department was the previous head of his very own little party and

Was not only the former prime minister also his own father with the hood and give me birth why don’t you know sure his honor then was other and when this took place why didn’t his only reason is that currently their party is facing heavy criticism but in order to save

Themselves they can raise their voice against affinities and say anything that comes to their mind Sparty village anomaly or you somebody they’re gonna give the air but as far as I’m concerned we have no concern for whether it is named after him another game do goes well in fact on the day

They named the department after him now he can close to the late dr. Salam as well as the rest of his children wrote a letter to the prime minister of Pakistan which they are yet to receive a reply doctors which they expressed astonishment that it took the Pakistan

Government 20 years after the demise of dr. Salaam Sahib to name a department after this exceptional Pakistani scientist dr. Xavier vodka but they also wrote that despite the fact that their father was declared according to the Constitution for which he was deeply saddened it however will occur he never relinquished

His Pakistani City Italy and even India offered to grant him citizen always stated that he will remain loyal to Pakistani an endeavor to improve the condition of Pakistan this is exactly what he’s trying to ensure the children of doctor sir Minister of Pakistan in order to see the pleasure remain

Attached and have accepted the promised Messiah into the factor right are you certain members of the Salam family express any pleasure at this decision or the government and distance ourselves from it and will remain distance Nikita go home get them ready yet this is a reaction by the change and the

Aforementioned Member of Parliament Penn State should not be enrolled into the army we’ll get there however the history of Pakistan bears witness to the image that to date every Ahmadi that joined the army offered every sacrifice for their country usually people in such as soldiers junior commissioned officers

Mages we even currently offer sacrifices remedies are such even after reaching the rank of general they do not among those that were martyred they kill em and the Pakistani media is also bringing this to light watcher and by presenting the facts which are questioning about what he said furthermore the media

Highlighting the names of generally as well as generous to the court who was martyred so mentioned Member of Parliament or anomaly it delivered this provocative when we reached the rank of character in the manga and then on becoming the son-in-law of the Prime Minister resigned from the Army joined

The race for by entering politics if you really had any sentiments of love and offered sacrifices for it forces of see what they view or persecution avaricious of marriages but another indication raised against that Metis is that they do not serve their country one loyal to

Their people however I can say with it is only a MIDI who follow the teachings of loyalty for one’s country is part of their and active sonic so you get certain they are willing to sacrifice their life and both and are currently doing so we do not make speeches to really advance our

Political agenda and nor do we have any association with politics we are willing to sacrifice our life for our faith we are not the ones who use religion to aid and know are we guilty of murder in the name of religion because we believe how hot is the Holy Prophet peace be upon

Him whenever the feel of the promise of the lamp or phone can everything and in order to protect his honors we are ready to offer any sacrifice lui and this is something we carry out one thing and God willing we should continue to offer the sacrifice it is the duty of the residing

In Pakistan to pray in which I midis offer sacrifices that might be protected is we may be protected from the oppressive tyranny self-indulgent clerics counted among the liberated trust Palomas a speech I communicate or Baba caramel cumin Pakistan Turkish market


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