Ahmadi Muslim VideoTube Friday Sermon Khalifa V Friday Sermon: 9th January 2015 (Urdu)

Friday Sermon: 9th January 2015 (Urdu)

Friday Sermon: 9th January 2015 (Urdu)

Friday Sermon: 9th January 2015 (Urdu)

Friday Sermon – Khalifatul Masih V – Mirza Masroor Ahmad – Year 2015

“So fear Allah best you can, and listen, and obey, and spend in His cause ; it will be good for yourselves. And whoso is rid of the covetousness of his own soul-it is such who shall be successful.

If you lend to Allah a good loan, He will multiply it for you, and will forgive you; and Allah is Most Appreciating, Forbearing.” (64:17-18) As it is apparent from this verse, Allah the Almighty is directing the attention of the believers to adopt righteousness and through complete and perfect obedience

Comply with the commandments of Allah. Out of numerous commandments of Allah, one is to spend in His way. Hence, a believer should neither show reluctance nor hesitation when offering financial sacrifice, because this sacrifice by the believers is for a noble cause.

Today, the Jama’at of the Promised Messiah, on whom be peace, is the only Jama’at that spends, and desires to spend, in the way of Allah towards the success of noble objectives in order to seek His pleasure. There is propagation of Islam, preparation of missionaries for the field,

Publication of literature and the Holy Qur’an, construction of mosques, building of Mission Houses, establishment of schools, setting up of radio stations in various countries where religious education is disseminated, establishment of Hospitals and other projects to serve humanity.

Similarly, there are various types of actions that relate to the fulfillment of rights due to Allah and rights due to His creation, which are being performed in the world today only by Jama’at-e-Ahmadiyya according to true Islamic teachings.

This is because we have accepted the Imam of the Age and understood the essence of these affairs. We are those who have safeguarded our selves from covetousness of the soul and understood the meaning of joining the people included amongst the ‘successful’.

This does not only mean to be successful, rather it has a broader meaning and also infers that they are well-off and are successful. There is a far greater detail to the success of those who are well-off and are successful.

They are those who fulfill their righteous desires and desire to live a pleasurable life, which is for the sake of attaining Allah’s acceptance. Their lives come under the protection of Allah. The blessings of God remain forever. They have achieved tranquility, by the Grace of Allah.

Allah’s Grace is always descending on them in this world and the hereafter. Hence, those who attain success and prosperity from God the Almighty, instead, I have stated, their successs is unlimited in its scope. Therefore, how fortunate are those who attain this type of success.

Then Allah the Almighty says about those who spend in the way of Allah, that they are not only asked to spend, instead, those who spend, their spending is a means of their prosperity. Allah always returns abundantly. Allah the Almighty looks at your financial sacrifice benevolently and appreciates it

If you have given Him a good loan. When it is time to return the loan, Allah the Almighty increases returns in manifold times more. And not only that, Allah the Almighty says that due to this sacrifice of yours, He will pardon your sins.

And not only He will pardon your sins, but he will enable you to do good deeds in the future. Hence, you cannot even imagine Allah the Almighty’s appreciation. Some details of this appreciation have been mentioned in the explanation of the word ‘Muflihoon’.

Therefore, how fortunate are those who benefit from the blessings of Allah in this way. And I have stated, in this world today, only Ahmadis have true insight and understanding into the meaning of spending in the way of Allah and for this reason it is only Ahmadis who are benefiting from this blessing.

And these are not only stories, rather, there are hundreds and indeed thousands of examples that come to my attention every so often. Those who offer financial sacrifices, write in relation to it. They are offering sacrifices with great fervor.

If they did not have true insight into financial sacrifice, or spending in the way of Allah, then how could anyone offer financial sacrifice with such fervor? And not only that, there are many who experience immediately after offering financial sacrifice how Allah the Almighty rewards them in return abundantly.

This Loving approach from Allah the Almighty has such a profound affect on them that they spend the wealth, which was multiplied by Allah’s Grace, again in His way. In this manner, they become recipients of Grace financially and they also attain beneficence in other ways also.

There are many incidents narrated by Ahmadis in a very emotional manner, about how Allah the Almighty bestowed His Grace on them, how they were able to offer sacrifice and receive a share of Allah’s Grace, which was beyond their expectations. I will present some of these accounts before you now.

Our Missionary from Benin writes that Suleiman Sahib, an elderly man from the city of Cotonou, was financially in a very weak state. He did not even have the means to pay 1500 CFA for a round trip to Jalsa Salana Benin in December.

When it was emphasised to him to attend the Jalsa, he arranged, after striving hard, to pay one way for the journey and arrived at the Jalsa Gah. However, he did not have enough to pay for the return fare. So something had to be arranged for him.

When he returned home after Jalsa, four or five days later, Waqf-e-Jadid representatives went to his house to collect chanda and informed him that you have pending payments for Waqf-e-Jadid promised by you. With great happiness and joy Hoju Suleiman Sahib welcomed them in his house and went inside

After hearing about Waqf-e-Jadid Chanda, brought six thousand CFA Franc and handed it over. According to his capacity this was a huge amount. Upon this, Shahud Sahib, the representative (of Tehrik-e-Jadid) got emotional and said that maybe you should give a smaller amount and not give this large amount.

Keep some for your children because this is more than what you can afford. He replied, when God has granted me this money, then why should I not spend it in his way? This is not my money. It is a trust of Allah the Almighty.

I did not even have money to go to Jalsa. I arranged for the one-way fare with great difficulty. Upon my return, Allah the Almighty has rewarded me so much that I am ready to spend this money joyfully in His way.

He also said that, come back in two days and I will give you more money. After two days he paid another two thousand CFA. Then, our Missionary from Tanzania writes that a new Ahmadi, Ahmad Manopay Sahib from a region there who accepted Ahmadiyyat two years ago, has mentioned repeatedly that

I have witnessed that whatever we spend for Waqf- e-Jadid and Tehrik-e-Jadid schemes, Allah the Almighty returns it to us manifold. Before joining the Jama’at we didn’t know where our money went. But ever since we have joined the Jama’at and started paying Chanda,

We experience satisfaction of the heart and our financial condition has improved immensely. Then a Missionary from Burundi writes about Abu Bakr Sahib, a new convert who is very poor. He survives on a meager salary. He also helps his parents.

So he says that when I went to him in relation to Waqf-e-Jadid, he paid some amount immediately and said that his father is very sick because of the wounds on his feet. He has been treated in the hospital for three months, and he has tried herbal medicine as well.

Now doctors are considering amputating his foot as there is no other alternative. Missionary Sahib writes that after two weeks Abubakar Sahib came for Friday prayers and immediately paid his remaining Waqf-e-Jadeed amount . Afterwards, he thanked me very sincerely and said that when I paid a small amount for Waqf-e-Jadeed,

Since he paid some amount earlier, due to its blessing my employer raised my salary. And even a greater blessing was that my father also started feeling better. He used to walk with the support of a walking stick.

Now he started walking without any support and this is all due to paying Chanda. Then he said, let me know what my regular chanda payment should be according to my income, so I can start paying it regularly. Then from Lindi region, Tanzania, our Missionary states, actually it is Sulmani Sahib himself.

He writes that I am a shopkeeper. Last year, my business was at loss but I did not let this affect my pledges for Tehreek-e-Jadid and Waqf-e-Jadid. I paid a lot more than I had pledged, during the month of Ramadhan,

In order to partake from the prayer of Khalifatul Masih and remove myself from my financial slump. At that time, by the Grace of Allah the Almighty, I had a shop and even that was on a decline. Allah the Almighty blessed my chanda so much that now I have two shops.

So Allah says that he does not keep, rather, he returns abundantly. Then there is a new convert, Shangway Zuberi Sahib from Mtwara Region, Tanzania. He says that I joined the Jama’at, but then I left it. Then I returned by the efforts of the local Missionary.

When I was outside the system of Jama’at, getting by was very difficult. Everyday I was at loss. I had a small business. I had a bicycle, on which I used to place pottery for sale. Sometimes nothing would sell for the entire day.

Ever since I have entered the system of the Jama’at and started paying chanda for various schemes, my economic circumstances transformed in a very short period of time. By paying chanda, Allah has blessed me so much that now I have purchased a motorcycle,

Instead of bicycle, and I am in a much better state than before. Then a Missionary from Congo, Brazzaville writes that an impoverished Ahmadi friend, Aleppa Sahib, does labour work. Every month he pays chanda regularly. When we made an announcement for Waqf-e-Jadid chanda, he says,

I had only two thousand CFA franc, and I was not able to find work anywhere. I went to the Mosque and offered two Nawafil (voluntary prayers). And this Ahmadi person says, that he offered two Nawafil and he handed over that two thousand CFA Franc he had, to the President.

In the evening, he says, someone sent me twentythousand CFA franc for the labour I had done some time ago, but he had not paid me. He says, from what I understand, that it was the blessing of chanda that God the Almighty caused him to feel compelled to make payment to me

And in this way Allah the Almighty recompensed by increasing it ten times. Then the Missionary from Benin writes that Kanday Sahib, an Ahmadi there from Gogoru Jama’at, has accepted Ahmadiyyat recently and started paying chanda immediately. He feels an exceptional transformation from within.

When Waqf-e-Jadid chanda was collected from him this time around, he paid eagerly and said, ever since I have started to pay chanda, by the Grace of the Almighty, my business is flourishing and my affairs are being extraordinarily blessed. I believe that this is the blessing of accepting Ahmadiyyat and paying chanda.

Then there is a Missionary who writes about Haji Sheikhu Sahib from Kenema region, Sierra Leone. He said that I used to pay Waqf-e-Jadid chanda on behalf of my children. But this time, I told my daughter to make the pledge and pay from her pocket, all by herself.

When Secretary Sahib Waqf-e-Jadid went there to take pledges for Waqf-e-Jadid, then Dr. Sahib, Dr. Haji Sheikhu Sahib, asked her daughter to make a pledge herself. She said that she will pay ten thousand Leone. Dr. Sahib says that I thought, that probably she will pledge three to four thousand.

When his daughter said ten thousand, her mother enquired, how will you make this payment of such a large amount of money? Dr. Sahib stopped his wife and asked her to remain silent by saying, she has pledged on her own accord, let her do so.

After a few days, some relatives came to visit Dr. Sahib. Before leaving they gave his daughter fifteen thousand Leone. She immediately gave ten thousand Leone to Dr. Sahib and said this is my chanda, which I pledged. Therefore, Allah has granted utmost sincerity to the Ahmadis and their children,

Living in distant areas. And they understand the importance of making financial sacrifice. Who inspires their hearts to do so? Surely it cannot be anyone other than Allah. Yet the blind people of the world cannot see that the Promised Messiah, on whom be peace, has been sent by God Almighty.

You should bear in mind that the new converts are rapidly excelling in their sincerity and devotion. Those old Ahmadis and those families that have been in Ahmadiyyat for a long time, need to pay attention towards this spirit of exceeding in virtuous deeds with a deep concern.

Our missionary from Congo, Kinshasa writes that one of their Ahmadi members, Ibrahim Sahib, is a trader in cattle. Before accepting Ahmadiyyat the condition of his business was extremely poor and unprofitable. However, after accepting Ahmadiyyat he started to pay his Chanda in accordance to his capacity.

Due to the blessings of his financial contribution the condition of his business improved. Ibrahim Sahib affirms that all this is a result of his financial sacrifices, which he started to make after entering the fold of Ahmadiyyat. Again, the missionary of Congo, Kinshasa writes that Mustafa Sahib of Mbanza, Ngungu Jamaat,

Did the Bai’at [pledge of initiation] this year the month of Ramadan. In those days his sister, who was a Christian, fell seriously ill and he began to spend a large sum of money for her treatment. In that same month, when he heard the announcement in the mosque for offering financial sacrifice,

He contributed towards it and also made a contribution on behalf of his sister, whilst also making a prayer for her health. Thereafter, his sister’s health was restored and [Mustafa Sahib] says that this is all due to the blessings of the financial sacrifice he made in the way of God.

The Amir [President] of Mali writes that one of their Ahmadi members, Muhammad Jaarah Sahib, was very poor before he started to make financial sacrifices. However, ever since he has started to offer his financial sacrifices, his impoverished situation has continued to improve. By the Grace of God Almighty, certain members from Mali have now

Started to offer extraordinary financial sacrifices. A short time ago, Daud Salif Sahib, a young man who is a poor builder, initially started to contribute 1000 CFA Franc every week, and his work and devotion was blessed so much so, that just recently, he made a contribution of 153,000 CFA Franc.

This is a financial sacrifice which amounts to almost 202 pounds. By the Grace of Allah the Almighty, the new converts are increasingly inclining towards making financial sacrifices and are doing so with great devotion. Another sincere member of the community is Wafana Sahib.

Every month he makes a contribution of 153,000 CFA Francs which is approximately 200 pounds. These are very large amounts of money in these poor countries. And apart from this, he paid 250,000 CFA Francs for Zakat, which is approximately 330 pounds.

And by the Grace of Allah, his faith and conviction are strengthening. An inspector from Kashmir in India writes that the recent floods that came in the province of Kashmir affected nearly all the Ahmadi homes in the city of Srinagar. The floods that came in September were so deep that

They even covered the two-story houses that were situated there. He states that when he arrived in the city of Srinagar during his tour of duty, he was extremely worried that he would not be able to take a hundred percent collection from the community members of Srinagar.

Their situation was such that they were now compelled to live in the rooftops of their houses. Their houses were completely filled with mud and were totally in an awful condition. Inspector Sahib states that whichever house he would go to visit,

He would not be able to draw the courage within him to say that he had come to collect their financial contributions. However, he says that upon seeing him, they would themselves ask about their financial contributions and he was left astonished that they happily paid their remaining contribution,

And despite the difficulties they were facing they did not show any signs of annoyance on their face. By the Grace of Allah the Almighty, the budget for Jamaat Ahmadiyya Srinagar was achieved. One is moved to tears after witnessing this sight and is reminded of the time of

The Companions, may Allah be pleased with them, of the Holy Prophet (pbuh), who had nothing to eat, but would excel one another in making sacrifice. In reality, by looking at the dear community of the Promised Messiah, on whom be peace, one’s faith increases.

Our Maulim from Benin writes that a new convert [to Ahmadiyaat] would regularly pay his Chanda with the intention that Allah the Almighty may enable his family to accept Ahmadiyyat. He had converted to Ahmadiyyat but not his family.

He states that he saw in a dream that his entire family has accepted Ahmadiyyat due to the blessings of his Chanda. On the basis of his dream he was inspired to preach to his family. Before this he never used to preach to them but after the dream he began to do so.

He states that he started to preach to them and would specifically pay his Chanda for this reaso And today he considers it a great honour to say that his entire family has accepted Ahmadiyyat and this is solely because of the blessings of financial sacrifices made in the way of religion.

A lady, Shabil Sahiba from Wogorou village, Benin states that my condition last year was such that whatever business or work I started, incurred loss and nothing would initiate successfully for me. One day, the Mualim Sahib drew my attention towards honestly and regularly spending in the way of Allah the Almighty.

And so I thought to give this a try and see what benefit there would be if I honestly paid my Chanda according to my income. She states that since I started to regularly pay my Chanda, my business has started to do well

And now there is prosperity in the family and everything has begun to fall in place. God’s promise is true that he gives abundantly to those who spend [in His way]. Then, Inspector Qamar ud Din Sahib from India, states, that he visited a Jamaat

In the province of Kerala at the start of the financial year to prepare the Waqfe-Jadid budget He met a 26 year old young boy who said that he had just completed his studies in Interior design and was now going to start a business with his father.

When he was informed about the importance of contributing towards the Waqfe-Jadid scheme, he immediately wrote down 200,000 Rupees as his budget and said that he had just started work and God knows how he will manage to pay it.

Inspector Sahib then asked him to write to me [i.e.His Holiness, Khalifatul Masih V] for prayers and said that he too would write to [i.e. His Holiness, Khalifatul Masih V]. Inspector Sahib states that when he returned for the collection, the young boy was pleased to tell him that by the Grace of God Almighty,

He had received many contracts from various banks for interior designing, which in turn had greatly blessed his income. He straightaway paid his entire promise of 200,000 Rupees. Again from India, the Nazim Maal [head of finance] for Waqfe-Jadid writes that

The Naib Nazim [deputy head] on his tour of the Utter Pradesh province, for financial collection, met the Secretary Finance of Kanpur, Muhammad Fareed Anwar Sahib. He had paid his contribution that he promised for the Waqfe-Jadid scheme and extended an invitation for dinner at his home in the evening.

When he arrived in the evening, Muhammad Fareed Anwar Sahib told him that his eight year old daughter had been waiting for him for the last two days. Sajila [his daughter] quietly went into her room and after a short while returned

With her money box in her hand, which she handed over to the deputy head of finance and told him that she had been saving money for the whole year to pay her Chanda, and that he should take it all and give her the receipt.

The money box had 735 Rupees in it. He states that he was astonished to find that she was only an eight-year-old girl and by the Grace of God Almighty, she is also in the Waqfe-Nau scheme and she had written her promise for Waqfe-Jadid herself and then paid more than she had promised.

I have also mentioned this before that who is it that instils this spirit in these children? It is God Almighty alone Who infuses this in the hearts of the children. However, it is also the duty of the parents to maintain a religious environment in their homes

And along with telling them about other virtuous deeds and the worship of God, they should make them aware, from time to time, of the importance of paying Chanda . There are also instances where children brought their Chanda and they were told that

Their father had already given it on their behalf. The children replied that their father would get the reward for whatever he paid and they wanted to contribute themselves from their own pocket money. Amir Sahib of France states that when a friend was told about the Chanda for Waqf-e-Jadid,

He said that whatever money he had at the time, he gave it for Chanda . His family members told him to keep some of the money, otherwise how would they pay for their household expenses? He replied that he had promised to give his Waqf-e-Jadid Chanda

And so he was certainly going to pay this and God Almighty will take care of the household. He states that the following month he received a letter from the health department, which stated that after consulting his medical report, they have decided to pay him

Expenses for two years and have attached three months payment along with the letter. When he looked at the payment, it was one hundred times greater than the amount he had contributed for Waqf-e-Jadid. Allah the Almighty, through His Grace and Mercy, granted the fruits of the financial sacrifice within a month.

Lajna UK’s Secretary Tehrik-e-Jadid states that a local Waqfe-Jadid Secretary told her about a lady who was financially very weak and was unable to pay her Chanda . However, she still promised to pay whatever amount she possibly could. The lady states that after making her promise she started praying to God Almighty

To enable her to fulfil her promise. This lady knows how to sew clothes and a few days later she started to receive orders for sewing. Soon after, not only did she have enough money to fulfil her promise, in fact her income also increased and she was able to promise a much larger amount.

I would also like to mention here that MashAllah the UK Lajna, in Tehreek-e-Jadid and Waqf-e-Jadid, through hard work and resolute determination, have not only met their target but in fact, by the Grace of Allah the Almighty, have exceeded well beyond it.

Amir Sahib Benin writes that in the Northern and Central areas of Benin there is a large number of people living there who belong to the Fulani tribe. In recent years there have been Bai’ats among this tribe. However, three villages belonging to this tribe drifted away soon after their Bai’at

After experiencing fierce opposition and pressure from the Muslim clergy. A Mualim belonging to the Fulani tribe, from Burkina Faso, was sent to Benin so that he could gain contact with them again and dispel their misunderstandings. He worked in the area for a month, and with the Grace of God Almighty,

The three villages came back into Ahmadiyyat and their faith greatly enhanced. All three villages spent a large sum of money on transport and travelled by buses to attend the Benin Jalsa [annual convention]. After retuning back to their villages from the Jalsa, a few days later a Mualim of the communit

Visited their village and relayed to them my message that the new converts should be included in the financial sacrifice scheme, even if they contribute a small amount. And so this is the month of December, which is the last month for the Waqf-eJadid collection.

He [Amir Sahib Benin] states that despite the fact that they had spent a large amount of money on transport for the Jalsa and were also facing financial constraints, however their faith was full of such passion that all three villages, immediately after hearing about it, participated in the Waqf-e-Jadid scheme,

And during this time approximately one thousand new Bai’ats were achieved. So these were a few incidents of financial sacrifices that how these people contribute to Chanda with such fervency. And we have also seen in many of these incidents that how God Almighty

Returns their sacrifice in manifold, thus, He is a God of true promises. And, while this shows the truth of His word, by witnessing and experiencing these incidents for ourselves, it also shows His support and succour for the community of the Promised Messiah, on whom be peace,

No matter where in the world it may be. In previous years I have explained that Hazrat Khalifatul Masih the Fourth expanded the scope of the Waqf-e-Jadid scheme beyond Pakistan, especially to cater the needs of India and Africa. Previously, not much emphasis was given to Waqf-e-Jadid outside of Pakistan

Money collected from particularly Europe and other wealthy countries, is spent in Africa. By the Grace of Allah the Almighty, I would like to share a brief analysis of Africa. In 18 countries of Africa, 95 mosques are under construction and some of these are very large mosques, because the community there is growing

And new grounds for Tabligh [preaching] are developing. The Promised Messiah, on whom be peace, has drawn our attention that wherever you want to introduce Islam and do Tabligh [preaching], build a mosque. This work is being carried in other countries of the world, other than Africa.

Currently there are around 25 countries, including Africa, and seven other countries, where 204 new mosques and 184 mission houses have been built in this year. Around eighty per cent of the Waqf-e-Jadid contribution collected from Europe and other Western countries is spent in Africa, in spite of the fact that African Ahmadis,

By the Grace of Allah the Almighty, are making huge financial sacrifices. However, their needs are increasing, so are their Bai’ats. And even though their Bai’ats are increasing, the new Ahmadis are impoverished and so they cannot fully cover their expenses and thus certainly need help.

As mentioned in the incidents, they are making great sacrifices but the opponents, described in two of the incidents, try to put the new Ahmadis under pressure and distance them. Some, who are weak, do drift away but then there are many with such strong faith that they don’t care for anything else.

However, in order to draw attention towards this, I have reminded the Jamaats that after taking the Bai’ats , maintain a constant contact with [the new Ahmadis] and continue to strengthen these ties. You should constantly and repeatedly visit them, so that the Tarbiyyati [moral training] issues

Come to light and they can be addressed accordingly. There are a large number of remote areas in African countries where one has to pass through jungles to reach and where there are scarce means of communication and thus it is immensely difficult to remain in contact with them.

For long periods of time no contact is made with these new Ahmadis or Jamaats for this very reason. There is a shortage of Missionaries and Mualimeen who could regularly visit such places to establish a regular connection. The difficulty in reaching such regions aside, there is actually an insufficient number

Who could even be sent there. That is why, as I have said, there are many Bai’ats that go to waste. Hence the Jama’ats in such countries, especially, should make arrangements to give special attention [to the new converts] in the first year.

In the first year of [this] Khilafat, I said to the Jama’ats that scores of Bai’ats are being lost and so contact should be made with at least seventy per cent of the older Bai’ats to bring them back to the fold. With the Grace of Allah, the Jama’ats made efforts accordingly, particularly in Africa,

And when contact was eventually established with them, they complained that after doing Bai’at, they had been left alone. Many were Ahmadis in their heart, but had not been further given the teachings of Ahmadiyyat and shortcomings persisted in providing moral and spiritual training (Tarbiyyat) to them.

In any case, with the Grace of Allah, contact was re-established with hundreds of thousands of people who returned and now an active system to provide Tarbiyyat has been set up, but which still needs further strengthening. In terms of re-establishing ties and connections, Ghana has made the greatest efforts,

Followed by Nigeria and then the other African countries. There is a huge short-fall in efforts towards this in Tanzania and thus they should endeavor to activate their attempts to re-establish connections, because it is said that there was a time when a large number of conversions took place.

So they must search out all such people. Twenty years or more, previously when there was upheaval in Bosnia, many Bosnians migrated to Germany. It is said that approximately one hundred thousand Bosnians took the Bai’at. But once they returned to Bosnia, contact with them ceased and it was unknown where they had dispersed to.

And so in these countries also it is essential to re-initiate contact. Similarly it is said many Bai’ats occurred in West Bengal in India; so there too, ties and contact needs to be re-established. It is when converts are brought into the Chanda scheme that they develop a strong bond.

They become resolute in their faith and belief and they also form a close relationship with the Nizaam-e-Jama’at (Jamaat organisation). This is why I said to bring new converts to participate in the Tahrik-e-Jadid and Waqf-e-Jadid schemes. Remind old Ahmadis of this also.

Numerous Jama’ats are actively engaged in this task and continue to work towards it. However, slackness and laziness still persists prevalently. I have said before that even if one only contributes ten pence as a sacrifice in the entire year, it should still be collected from them, because it will at least help to establish

A relationship with that person. Everyone should understand that they need to offer financial sacrifice. With the Grace of Allah, each year the number of people who give financial sacrifice increases; however, not as much as it should. For example there has been an increase of 85,000 contributors to the Waqf-e-Jadid scheme this year

Which is a reflection on the constantly enhancing standard of financial sacrifice in the Jama’at, Alhamdulillah (All Praise belongs to Allah). However, if greater efforts had been made and 20% of adults who converted last year were made to participate in this scheme, then it should have amounted to an increase of more than 110,000.

Although progress continues by virtue of the Grace and Blessings of Allah, there is still room for further improvement. For the next year Jama’ats will receive new targets for increasing the number of participants, which will be sent though Wakalat-e-Maal and full attention should be given to it.

I am not worried how we will fulfill all the expenditure. Allah the Almighty will continue to fulfill it, according to His promise. What we require is the maximum number of people to develop the spirit of sacrifice and we need to increase these numbers.

And so office holders, whilst praying for this, should make efforts towards it Continue the scheme of re-establishing the ties and communications. Righteous among them, as well as those whom God wishes to save, Righteous among them, as well as those whom God wishes to save, will most definitely return InshaAllah (God Willing).

If any have drifted away, we certainly have compassion and sympathy for them, in that they attained and then lost God’s blessing; however we are completely unconcerned that we are small in numbers. The Promised Messiah, on whom be peace, has laid greater emphasis on

Developing righteous people in the Jama’at, laced with sincerity, devotion and loyalty, than on the number of members. Thus, the accounts of the new Ahmadis and old Ahmadis increasing in their levels of financial sacrifice, divulges their sincerity and devotion, yet at the same time we need to make every

Possible effort to contact those who have detached from the Nizam- e-Jama’at. As I have mentioned that in Bengal, India, many conversions took place. To assess the situation a modus operandi should be formed to ascertain the reasons being why connections with some broke off or why those converts drift away.

Then, keeping in view the weaknesses that come to light through this assessment, a comprehensive programme of Tarbiyyat and Tabligh should be formed. A similar pattern should be adopted in the rest of the world to create a means of

Maintaining regular ties with anyone entering the Jama’at, even if they live in very remote areas. To maintain these connections is of utmost and paramount importance. May Allah enable for all the Jama’ats to fulfil this task. As is customary in the first or second Friday of January, I shall now announce

The new year of Waqf-e-Jadid and present some information from the previous year. The 57th year of Waqf-e-Jadid ended on 31st December, filled with the blessings of God, and on the 1st of January heralded the start of the 58th year of Waqf-e-Jadid. Last year the Ahmadiyya Jama’at worldwide was enabled to offer financial sacrifice

Of GBP 6,209,000, which is an increase of GBP 731,000 from the year before, Alhamdullilah (All praise belongs to Allah). Pakistan remains first. Last year UK rose to first. After Pakistan, it is the UK, USA, Germany, Canada, India and Australia. MashAllah a lot of work has been done in Australia as regards increasing contributions,

As well as increasing number of contributors. After Australia is Indonesia, Dubai, Belgium and an Arab country. In terms of currency, Australia has made a significant increase, as I have said; their increase is 123%. Canada has increased by 21% and India 16% or approximately 17%.

USA stands first as regards per head contributions with GBP 70 per head. Switzerland at GBP 59 per head, Australia at GBP 56 per head, UK at GBP 51 per head, followed by Belgium, France, Canada and Germany. Germany stands last here among the large Jama’ats.

The number of participants in the Waqf-e-Jadid scheme has surpassed 1,129,000 million. In terms of increase in contributors: Mali, Benin, Niger, Burkina Faso, Gambia and Cameroon are worthy of mention. As regards total collections, Ghana came first among African countries, followed by Nigeria and Mauritius.

In Pakistan as regards adult contributors; in Pakistan there are separate categories for adults and children. The top three Jama’ats are Lahore, followed by Rabwah and then Karachi. In terms of districts the positions were as follows: Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Sargodha, Gujranwala, Gujrat, Umerkot, Multan, Hyderabad, Bahawalpur and Peshawar.

Among Atfal contributions following were the first three large Jama’ats: Lahore, Karachi and Rabwah. District-wise the positions in Atfal were: Sialkot, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Sargodha, Gujranwala, Narowal, Gujrat, Umerkot, Hyderabad and Dera Ghazi Khan. The first ten large Jama’ats in UK in terms of total collections were:

Birmingham West, Raynes Park, Fazl Mosque, Gillingham, Worcester Park, Birmingham Central, Wimbledon Park, New Malden, Hounslow North and Cheam. Following were the ranks of the regions in the UK: London Region, Midlands, Middlesex, Islamabad, North East and South Region. The top Five small UK Jama’ats were:

Spen Valley, Leamington Spa, Bromley & Lewisham, Scunthorpe and Wolverhampton. The first ten Jama’ats in USA in terms of total collections were: Silicon Valley, Detroit, Seattle, York, Harrisburg, Los Angeles, Boston, Central Virginia, Dallas, Houston and Philadelphia. The positions of the top five ‘Amarats’ in Germany are:

First is Hamburg, then Frankfurt, followed by Groß-Gerau, Darmstadt and Wiesbaden. The top ten Jama’ats in Germany, according to total collections, are: Roedermark, Neuss, Nidda, Floersheim, Cologne, Friedberg, Koblenz Mehdiabad, Fulda and Hanover. The top ten large Jama’ats in Canada, according to total collections, were: Edmonton, Durham, Milton George Town, Saskatoon South and Saskatoon North.

In India, according to collections, the following were prominent: Kerala, Jammu Kashmir, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Orissa, Karnataka, Qadian, Punjab, Utter Pradesh, Maharashtra, Mihar, Lakshidi and Rajasthan. The top Jama’ats in India, collection-wise, were: First Keralai, followed by Calicut, Hyderabad, Calcutta, Qadian, Kananoor Town, Solvi Bangadi,

Chennai, Bangalore and three Jama’ats are at the end: Karouna Gapli, Phataap Rayaam and Karaan. In Australia the first ten Jama’ats were: Blacktown, Melbourne, Mount Druitt, Adelaide, Marsden Park, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Tasmania and Darwin. May Allah immeasurably bless the persons and wealth of all who are making financial sacrifice.

At the end I would draw attention towards a prayer; pray especially for Ahmadis in Pakistan. For the past few days our opponents are really trying to create problems in Rabwah. May God protect every Ahmadi from their evil and mischief

And may He rebound their evil back on them and that Rabwah’s peace and security is maintained. May God also give sense to the authorities and the government to control the situation properly and in the correct way. Similarly, prayers should also be made for Muslims living around the world and in Europe.

An atrocity and grave injustice has taken place in France in the name of Islam and the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, although it did not have anything, even remotely, to do with teachings of Islam, That to take the law in one’s own hand and murder a person.

As we always maintain and prove that to take the law in one’s own hands and kill and murder someone in this manner, has nothing to do with the teachings of Islam. Yet so-called Muslims and Muslim organisations do not desist from their misdemeanors and atrocities.

As a result, Muslims living here in Europe and Western countries could face an inappropriate backlash from local people. Not only that, the publication whose editors and others were murdered brutally, could react, along with others and rest of the press, and wrongly attack

The person of the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. May God enable the governments here to try and contain people from erroneous reactions and apprehend the perpetrators and punish them according to the Law!

If there is a backlash, Muslims who have no one to guide them, will also react erroneously and thus disorder and strife will continue to take its hold and there is danger it may escalate. Today it is the duty of members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at to pray for both sides

To desist from excesses and cruelties. Similarly, give heed to reciting Durood Shareef [invoking blessings and salutations upon the Holy Prophet (bbuh)] in abundance during these days. Those who can help to create a peaceful environment within their spheres of influence, should make efforts towards doing so.

May Allah the Almighty save the world from a stage of anarchy 1:05:59.800,1193:02:47.295 and may the disorder and strive rapidly transform into a state of peace.

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