Ahmadi Muslim VideoTube Friday Sermon Khalifa V Friday Sermon: 17th July 2015 (Urdu)

Friday Sermon: 17th July 2015 (Urdu)

Friday Sermon – Khalifatul Masih V – Mirza Masroor Ahmad – Year 2015

I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except God and I bear witness that Muhammad (saw) is His Servant and Messenger After this I seek refuge with Allah, from Satan, the accursed. In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful. All praise belongs to Allah, Lord of all the worlds.

The Gracious, the Merciful. Master of the Day of Judgment. Thee alone do we worship and Thee alone do we implore for help. Guide us in the right path; The path of those on whom Thou hast bestowed Thy blessings, those who have not incurred Thy displeasure, and those who have not gone astray.

‘O ye who believe! When the call is made for Prayer on Friday, hasten to the remembrance of Allah, and leave of all business. That is better for you, if only you knew.’ And when the Prayer is finished, then disperse in the land and seek of Allah’s grace,

And remember Allah much, that you may prosper.’ The month of Ramadan is reaching its conclusion. Today is the last day of fasting in some areas, whilst for others tomorrow will be the last fast. According to Allah the Almighty’s statement the fixed number of days [of fasting] have been completed.

Many of us derived immense beneficence from Ramadan and attained new experiences. We should now pray and make an effort for these blessings, new spiritual experiences and beneficence to become a permanent feature of our lives. The steps we have taken towards Allah Almighty should not come to a halt all of a sudden.

Rather we should constantly progress and march forward in a manner that brings us countless blessings and bounties. Today is also the last Friday of Ramadan. With the Grace of Allah the majority of us observe Jumah [Friday Prayer] with great regularity, however some give special importance to this [last] Jumah.

The Jama’at has spread extensively around the world, through the Grace of Allah and people of different types and backgrounds are joining Ahmadiyyat. Their previous influences have an effect on them and thus there will be some who do not give Jumah much value all year round,

Yet consider the final Jumah of Ramadan as extremely important. Owing to the general perception among Muslims, who commonly call the final Jumah of Ramadan ‘Jumatul Widaa’ [farewell Jumah], it is believed that attending this Jumah grants one salvation from all past sins and shortcomings.

And that perhaps observing this Jumah will fulfil the right of worship for the entire year. Even if only a few hold this conception, I will remind them that the right of their life objective is not fulfilled by simply attending this one Jumah. It is established from the Word of God [the Quran]

And the statements of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) that to merely observe the last Jumah of Ramadan does not grant one salvation. We do not find evidence anywhere to support the notion that by simply attending this Jumah one who desires salvation can attain it

And can adorn their life in this world and the next. In short our youth and those who are slack in observing Jumah should remember that non-Ahmadi [Muslims] may well believe in the concept of ‘Jumatul Wida’. However in the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at, in accordance with the teachings of Allah the Almighty and His Messenger,

There is no and should not be any concept of ‘Jumatul Wida’. However this Juma will certainly hold importance for one who will regularly observe Jumah and pledges on the Last Friday of Ramadan, that from this day onwards they will eradicate their shortcomings and weaknesses

That have emerged as a result of not attending Jumah and that they will observe it with great regularity from now on. Then surely there is importance of this Juma. Rather, there is importance of this day. Then Juma alone will not be the sole source of blessing for them;

Rather, because of the pious inner transformation of that person the moment when this pious inner transformation took place and he thought about it from within the heart beckoning them to give importance to the commands of God and fulfil them. this time will become Laylatul Qadr for such a person;

After the night of darkness the means are produced for them to be illuminated with spiritual light. As mentioned in the previous week’s Friday Sermon, the Promised Messiah (as) has said that there is a Laylatul Qadr for a person which is a time of purification.

In others words, when man develops an inner righteous transformation he then submits to God and pledges to act upon His commands and remains steadfast in doing so. What has Allah the Almighty commanded us regarding Jumah? In the verses that I recited earlier, Allah the Almighty states in the first verse:

‘O ye who believe! When the call is made for Prayer on Friday, hasten to the remembrance of Allah, and leave of all business. That is better for you, if only you knew.’ In the following verse God the Almighty says:

And when the Prayer is finished, then disperse in the land and seek of Allah’s grace, and remember Allah much, that you may prosper.’ Thus it is clear that Allah the Almighty draws attention to attending the Jumah and to leave aside all worldly affairs and develop Taqwah in the heart.

In this verse Allah the Almighty has not commanded us to attend the Fridays or the last Friday of Ramadan only. Rather, God draws attention to attending Jumah indiscriminately. Allah the Almighty says that every Jumah is extremely important. Thus if you are a Momim (true beliver) and claim to have faith,

Then on every special day of Jumah which is superior to other days and Allah has specifically assigned to remember Him, leave aside your work, business or other engagements to attend. By saying “O ye who believe!” it has been emphasized that a necessary prerequisite of faith is observing Jumah, and observing every Jumah.

One who misses Jumah without a valid justification should be concerned for the state of their faith. Those who arrive late to Jumah should also be worried. You should complete your other engagements and work in time. Everyone here knows that Juma is at one o’clock.

In various countries or places the respective times for Jumah are pre-assigned. Especially here in Europe you should take into account the time required to reach [the mosque for Jumah] and you should make preparations to set off for Jumah accordingly. Here in these countries one must also consider when travelling [time taken by)

Traffic and parking, and other delays that arise particularly during rush periods. Thus one should leave for Jumah taking into account all of these factors and working out the time needed to reach. According to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) One who arrives early for Jumah is worthy of great reward,

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said that on the day of Jumah angels stand at every door of the mosque and they record those who arrive first. They continue recording a list of the order of arrival until the Imam completes his Sermon, when the angels then close their register.

Thus there is special reward for everyone on Friday who comes to the mosque and engages in Zikr-e-Ilaahi (remembrance of Allah). One benefits from this reward when waiting for the Imam’s Sermon and during the sermon itself. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) has sternly admonished anyone who does not give Jumah importance.

He said that one who intentionally misses 3 Jumahs has a seal placed on his heart by God the Almighty. Thus we need to keep this importance in view. Neither has the Qur’an mentioned anywhere nor has the Holy Prophet (PBUH) that the final Jumah of Ramadan holds special value.

Rather all Jumahs have been deemed as important. In one Hadith the Holy Prophet (PBUH) says that O Muslims, Allah the Almighty has made Jumah a day of Eid for you, thus observe it regularly and bathe yourself in preparation. Thus this is the significance of Jumah

Which demands that we observe it each week with regularity. We should leave aside all engagements, work and business and proceed to the mosque to offer the Friday Prayer. The aforementioned Hadith shows how clearly the Holy Prophet (PBUH) has given importance to Jumah.

This establishes that it is obligatory for every Momin (true believer) to observe Jumah in order to elevate the level of their faith. And not only this, rather the negative aspect of not observing Jumah has also been outlined; one who purposely missed Jumah, his heart is prevented from performing righteous deeds.

Hence this is an extremely frightening condition. Those who are slack and lazy should assess their state. They should eradicate any slackness without excuse. Islam does not only enjoin strictness and does not only contain Inzaar or harsh teachings. We have not only been warned about not coming for Jumah;

Rather if there is a valid justification for not observing then that is fine; however missing Jumaah without a valid excuse will place such a person under [Divine] chastisement. It is forbidden to miss Jumah without a due justification. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) has explained further regarding these circumstances.

To which people the permission is granted The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said that is obligatory upon every Muslim to observe Jumah in congregation except for 4 mitigating circumstances. Those 4 categories of exempt people are: slaves, women, children and those who are ill. Thus these are the beautiful teachings of Islam, which has given flexibility

To those with a valid justification or those under compelling circumstances. It is not the case that the hearts will become dark of every women, child, sick person or servant/slave who is compelled by their owner or over-looker and who do not attend Jumah. These people are exempt from this

And so it has not been said that a seal will be set on their hearts. If women attend Jumah that is all well and good. However Jumah and praying 5 times a day in congregation are only obligatory upon men. It is not obligatory for women to come to the mosque;

However if they do come for Jumah it is Muhstahsin . There is not harm if they do not attend. However some women with small children who attend at times this proves to be a source of disturbance for others. Other women have engagements at home and are permitted to stay behind.

And I as I have referred to women with small children who cause disturbance to others, they should in fact not come even if they can easily attend. Their children often disturb the other worshippers during the Sermon and the Prayer. Only attending the Eid prayer is obligatory for every women.

Even if they do not offer the Eid prayer they should listen to the Eid Sermon. There are servants/slaves who are bound by their owners/over-lookers. However today the ancient concept of slavery does not exist, and is not seen in this era.

There are subjugated people however they do not fall under the category of slaves. Therefore, they should not include themselves in the category of slaves due to them being exempt. However, if one is compelled to such an extreme and the employer is so strict

That he does not grant leave and thus one will be at the risk of falling into starvation, hunger and poverty. In such cases, exceptions can be made. This is a state of extreme necessity and in such circumstances one is even allowed to eat food that is normally unlawful,

However this is a situation of extreme necessity and does not generally occur. If such bosses/managers, even if they are Christians but are made to realise then surely they would permit to give some time off for Jummah or give permission for every other weak.

In fact, many Ahamdis have told me that they left their jobs because they were not given time off to offer their Friday prayer and God Almighty made better provision for them than before. Therefore, if we keep this in view that we need to give the Friday prayer importance

And also pray for this that if there are any difficult circumstances whereby our Friday prayers are being missed then may God Almighty create ease. God Almighty surely answers the heartfelt prayers and makes arrangements and creates ease. Also, children should not be brought to the Friday prayers

Because they disturb the prayers of other worshipers. As I have mentioned earlier that women should not bring children but men should also be careful because some of them also bring children. If they do bring children then they should seat them in the children’s area or also sit in that area themselves.

Nonetheless, these are the four [category of people] whom the Holy Prophet (PBUH) has said are exempt, otherwise it is incumbent upon everyone else to attend the Friday prayer and it is also incumbent for one to make special arrangement on this day. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) who brought the final and perfect Sharia,

Came with a teaching that unites man with God Almighty. He wanted to see high standards of spirituality in his believers. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) drew our attention through various means of how one can refrain from his sins; how one can attain nearness to God Almighty;

How one can make his pious deeds a permanent habit; how one can achieve the objective of one’s creation. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) often stated that the five daily prayers, one Friday till the next and one Ramadan till the next becomes a source of salvation for all the sins committed between them,

As long as one abstains from the major sins. Such is the Holy Prophet’s guidance for us, not only does it save us from sin but also provides us the means for our forgiveness, in fact it raises us in spirituality. Unlike one who truly prays and then awaits for the next prayer,

A sinner who transgresses and usurps the rights of others will never think about reading the next prayer or prepare for the next prayer. Also, one who prays will not become embroiled in sins, or usurp the rights of others or carry out injustices on others.

If one does such a thing then his worship is not true worship and will eventually become involved in much more grievous sins. If one usurps [the rights of others] then his prayer is not for God Almighty and neither is it offered whilst keeping his sins in view.

If there are such worshipers then they are among those whose worship becomes a means of their ruin and according to the Holy Quran is thrown back in their faces. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) has prescribed the five daily prayers and also drawn our attention that not only are these five prayers obligatory

But it is also obligatory to offer them with all its conditions which God Almighty has mentioned. Similarly, he has drawn our attention towards the Friday prayers stating that whatever piety you have acquired after attending the Friday prayer and listening

To the Imam’s sermon, you must adhere to it and practice it until the next Friday prayer. If this happens, then the duration from one Friday prayer to the next will save you from your ills and provide means for your forgiveness. By stating one Friday prayer till the next,

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) has outlined the obligation and importance of every Friday prayer. Similarly, [the Holy Prophet (PBUH)] spoke of the importance of Ramadan. Thus, to save ourselves from sin one has to stay firm on piety and continuously remain steadfast upon it.

Therefore, it is important to fulfil the rights of prayers, regularly attend the Friday prayers and to acquire the blessings by observing the fasts in Ramadan in accordance with the conditions that God Almighty has attached to it.

This shall prove to be a source of salvation for one’s sins and will also increase one in piety. If you truly want to become righteous then you must adhere to all of these. If you want to attain the nearness of God Almighty then you must adhere to these.

If you want to gain the forgiveness of your sins then you must act according to God Almighty’s guidance. For all of these, God Almighty has given us a modus operandi for our daily lives, and one for the week and also one for the whole year which is important for one’s spiritual reformation.

Whosoever progresses along these stages will gain God Almighty’s forgiveness and pardon. Thus, the importance of the Friday prayer has become even more clearly evident. Once in a year, God Almighty has placed the month of Ramadan as a programme for our spiritual betterment;

He has not placed the last Friday so that one just simply offers the Friday prayer after a year, In fact, He has placed the whole month of Ramadan. In order to gain the blessings of the Friday prayer, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) has given every Friday the same importance

And has equally considered it a means of forgiveness. Thus, every Friday prayer should testify that we have spent these days with the fear of God Almighty and did not commit any deeds that would displease Him or did not intentionally commit any deed that would incur the displeasure of God Almighty,

If that is the case then God Almighty forgives us from our minor errors and faults. Every Friday shall present a testimony before God Almighty that this person has tried to generally spend these days with fear. Likewise, if our daily prayers have been offered whilst keeping in view

Of God Almighty’s pleasure then they shall testify in our favour. Similarly is the case with the fasts of Ramadan. The meaning of salvation is so that these worships testify in our favour and become a means for our forgiveness. Regarding the importance and beauty of the Friday prayer,

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) has stated: ‘Friday is the best day of all days. On this day, send Durood [blessings] upon me abundantly because your Durood on this day is presented before me.’ Sending Durood upon the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is also a command of God Almighty

And one that is for all times. Therefore, the Durood being presented before the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is something that will continue for all times. It was not only during his lifetime. Thus, this is another continuing blessing of the Friday prayer.

Nowhere does it state that only the Durood of th last Friday [of Ramadan] will be presented before the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Fortunate are those among us who partake of this blessing and become the recipients of God Almighty’s grace by joining those who invoke the Durood .

Bless, O Allah, Muhammad and his people as Thou didst bless Abraham and his people. Thou art indeed Praiseworthy, the Exalted. Prosper, O Allah, Muhammad and his people as Thou didst prosper Abraham and his people. Thou art indeed Praiseworthy, the Exalted.

These are the blessings of the Friday prayers for which every one of us needs to strive for. God Almighty grants abundantly. He states that, whilst keeping in view of its importance, once you have fulfilled the rights of the Friday prayer,

And you have left behind your businesses and other engagements for the Friday prayer in order to gain the blessings of God Almighty, then not only will you acquire spiritual progress but you shall also gain material benefits. After the Friday prayer, return to your businesses and seek of God Almighty’s grace –

This is what is mentioned in the second verse – and God Almighty shall bless your businesses. Thus, this is also an assurance that one can gain blessings in his work only through the grace of God Almighty. If you make a small sacrifice of your time for the Friday prayer

Then you shall be blessed in your businesses and will become the recipients of His grace. When you make losses in your work for the sake of God Almighty then He is One who can rectify everything and possesses all power; He can make good all your worldly and material losses.

He will bless your businesses and bestow you with His grace. In other words, for a true believer, earning a living is also a blessing of God Almighty. God Almighty does not stop us from earning worldly material, but He focuses our attention on fulfilling tasks according to their proper time and place.

Thus, whatever effort and hard work you want to do in order to gain the blessings should be done after the Friday prayer and partake from the mercy and blessings of God Almighty. However, bear in mind that do not forget God Almighty despite these worldly activities – God Almighty has mentioned this too.

In fact, keep your tongues occupied in the remembrance of God Almighty. The worldly businesses should be done according to the will and commandment of God Almighty. There should be no deception, fraud, falsehood, laziness and indolence. If all these ills still remain in your businesses and activities then you are still committing sin

And you are disregarding the remembrance of God Almighty. The remembrance of God Almighty should in fact be safeguarding you from these vices. As mentioned in the previous Friday sermon, we should be mindful that God Almighty is watching us whilst doing any kind of work.

If this thought remains then one shall be able to fulfil the rights of His remembrance as well as the dues of one’s responsibilities. Thus, if we want to make this day significant then we can do so, in that, although today or tomorrow we are going to depart from Ramadan

Until the next year but we are not departing from our worship on Fridays until the next year. In fact, the next Friday will be of the same significance as today’s Friday has and we pledge to get rid of all of our past shortcomings and weaknesses.

If this is our thinking then we will not be bidding farewell to the Friday prayer, rather we would be bidding farewell to our sins, weaknesses, failures and our indolence and will be striving to enter the refuge of God Almighty. Partaking the blessings of Ramadan means that

Whatever good deeds we had the opportunity of adopting in this Ramadan, if not excelling in them then at least whilst remaining steadfast on them we should welcome the next Ramadan. Hence, we should not think that we have bid farewell to Friday prayers

And we should not think that we have bid farewell to Ramadan. Neither should we think that we have bid farewell to our acts of worship that we performed with great pleasure during the month of Ramadan. If this thought is manifested in anyone’s heart

Then that person strays away from the purpose of their creation and the one who has strayed away from the purpose of creation, has strayed from righteousness. A person who has strayed away from righteousness cannot become a person who attains the blessings of Allah the Almighty;

We lost what we tried to gain during Ramadan we were deprived of the sincerity & prosperity that Allah the Almighty had promised for us. In the verses about fasting, Allah the Almighty has stated that result of fasting and obeying other commandments related to fasting is righteousness.

Hence, today there is a need for us to check if we have obtained this purpose or not. Or at least see if we took a few steps towards this struggle or not and have we taken the oath to stay steadfast on and strive to increase what we have obtained during Ramadan.

The Promised Messiah (as) has explained righteousness and its subtleties to us in great detail At one place the Promised Messiah (as) said that “study the Holy Qur’an again and again and you should note down the details of evil deeds

Which are mentioned in the Holy Qur’an and then try to safeguard yourself from these evil deeds with the grace and help of God the Almighty. This is the first stage of righteousness.” [Huzur (aba) says] To safeguard oneself from evil deeds is the first stage of righteousness.

Therefore, during Ramadan when we heard commentary of the Holy Qur’an and many of us tried to study and understand the Holy Qur’an. We came to find out about evil deeds and good deeds. Performing good deeds comes at a later stage, the Promised Messiah (as) is saying that the first stage righteousness is that

We make a list of evil deeds as mentioned in the Holy Qur’an and strive towards safeguarding ourselves from them. Doing so makes a person enter the first stage of righteousness. The Promised Messiah (as) said that “safeguarding oneself from evil deeds is a good thing without a doubt,”

[Huzur (aba) says] safeguarding oneself from evil deeds is a good thing, it’s the first stage of righteousness, “however, this is the first stage towards goodness. Goodness does not end here.” [Huzur (aba) says] The Promised Messiah (as) says, “Allah the Almighty says that it is not only that which pleases Allah.

One should safeguard oneself from evil deeds and also perform good deeds reciprocally. Sincerity is not granted without this.” If you do not perform good deeds then do not think that ‘I have attained righteousness after safeguarding myself from evil deeds. If someone wants to obtained nearness to God the Almighty then

It is not possible without performing good deeds. That is needed in all circumstances. The Promised Messiah (as) says “a person who is arrogant that he does not perform evil deeds”, [Huzur (aba) says] some people are very proud that they do not do evil deeds

“he is ignorant. Islam does not take a person that far, neither does Islam let a person go, rather, Islam desires to fulfil both the clauses which are; leave evil deeds completely,” [Huzur (aba) says] one should leave all evil deeds completely “and perform good deeds with utmost sincerity.”

Leave all evil deeds completely and perform good deeds with utmost sincerity. The Promised Messiah (as) says “that salvation is not possible until both these things are being followed.” Therefore this Ramadan, Jummah and our worship should guide our attention towards the fact that after we are to forsake or have forsaken evil deeds

In the first stage of righteousness, we should perform all the good deeds with utmost sincerity whilst embarking on the next stage of righteousness. In one place the Promised Messiah (as) said that it is not a virtue if someone is in the habit of offering prayers and whilst sitting there in the Mosque

They start speaking ill of others or start speaking about things that have no relation with virtues. This would mean that such a person has not reached the very first stage of righteousness. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said that on Friday, there is a moment of acceptance of prayer. I have explained this before.

We should particularly pray that Ramadan grants us complete salvation from our evil deeds and leaves by granting us the ability to perform good deeds with utmost sincerity, we are able to tread the path of true righteousness, we are able to attain the purpose of the advent of the Promised Messiah (as)

And we are able to show to the world that Islam is the religion which links man from the living God by making Islamic teachings a part of our lives and this is the religion which provides guidance and focuses our attention regarding the fulfilment of each others’ rights in the best manner.

May Allah the Almighty grant us the ability to do so. Also pray that Allah the Almighty provides deliverance to all Ahmadis who are experiencing hardships and whoever is consumed by worries, may Allah the Almighty take care of their worries. Similarly, may Allah the Almighty grant the entire Muslim nation

The ability to accept the Imam of the Age and by doing so they are able to escape their sufferings and worries. May Allah the Almighty stop those who are doing wrong to each other and Islam is disclosed to the world with its true splendor from every Muslim country.

All praise is due to Allah. We laud Him, we beseech help from Him and ask His protection; we confide in Him, we trust Him alone and we seek protection against the evils and mischief of our souls and from the bad results of our deeds.

Whomsoever He guides on the right path, none can misguide him; and whosoever He declares misled, none can guide him onto the right path. And we bear witness that none deserves to be worshipped except Allah. We bear witness that Muhammad (saw) is His servant and Messenger.

O servants of Allah! May Allah be merciful to you. Verily, Allah commands you to act with justice, to confer benefits upon each other and to do good to others as one does to one’s kindred and forbids evil which pertain to your own selves

And evils which affect others and prohibits revolts against a lawful authority. He warns you against being unmindful. You remember Allah; He too will remember you; call Him and He will make a response to your call. And verily divine remembrance is the highest virtue.


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