Ahmadi Muslim VideoTube Friday Sermon Khalifa V Friday Sermon: 17th April 2015 (Urdu)

Friday Sermon: 17th April 2015 (Urdu)

Friday Sermon – Khalifatul Masih V – Mirza Masroor Ahmad – Year 2015

On one occasion, Hazrat Musleh-e-Mau’ud was explaining the importance of prayers and how can prayers produce extraordinary feats and effects. Expounding on this and also discussing mesmerism, he said, ‘Those skilled in the art of mesmerism can use their ability to cause some changes in people.

‘However these changes are temporary, only effect an individual person ‘and do not render any revolutionary beneficial effects. ‘On the other hand, prayers, if offered with due justice, can reform the corruption of a nation.’ Expounding on this, Hazrat Musleh Mau’ud cites an account of the Promised Messiah (as)

Relating to Hazrat Sufi Ahmad Jan Sahib. Three sermons ago, I mentioned that Hazrat Sufi Ahmad Jan initially strove in following a certain Pir [spiritual guide] but later was convinced in the Promised Messiah (as) and recognised the status of the Promised Messiah (as) even before his claim.

Nonetheless, I will now present further details on this in the words of Hazrat Musleh Mau’ud, which shed light on what value the Promised Messiah (peace be upon him) gave towards the effect of mesmerism on others. Hazrat Musleh Mau’ud says: ‘What is mesmerism?

‘It is merely the name of some tricks and pastime, whereas prayer is the weapon that transforms ‘the heavens and earth. ‘At the time the Promised Messiah (peace be upon him) was yet to announce his claim ‘and had only written Baraheen-e-Ahmadiyya .

‘This book had become extremely popular among the scholars and Sufis . ‘Pir Manzoor Sahib and the father of Pir Iftikhar Sahib, Sufi Ahmad Jan Sahib, ‘were two very Godly and righteous elders. ‘When they read the announcement of the Promised Messiah (peace be upon him) ‘they started a correspondence of letters with him.

‘They expressed a desire for the Promised Messiah (peace be upon him) to inform them beforehand ‘if he ever decided to visit Ludhiana. ‘Coincidentally, during those days a chance arose for the Promised Messiah (as) to visit Ludhiana.

‘Hazrat Sufi Ahmad Jan Sahib invited the Promised Messiah (peace be upon him) to his home for dinner ‘and after the Promised Messiah (peace be upon him) left, Sufi Sahib walked along with him. ‘Sufi Sahib was renowned in the area as a follower of a Pir [spiritual guide]

‘from Rathr Chathr [an area in the Punjab]. ‘He at that time was considered a very important member of this sect among the Sufis in India. ‘He observed abstinence and devotion and also was greatly skilled in mesmerism.

‘So much so, that while performing prayer, many of this Pir’s followers on either side ‘would all sit down in line. ‘As soon as he said Salam to complete the prayer he would blow in either direction ‘This is the effect mesmerism can have on others which would

‘cure some of the people who were suffering from ailments.’ I mentioned in the last Friday Sermon that Sufi Ahmad Jan Sahib remained a student of this Pir [spiritual guide] for twelve years and Sufi Sahib had to move the grinder in a flour mill for this spiritual guide of his.

‘Nonetheless, on this walk Sufi Sahib mentioned to the Promised Messiah (peace be upon him) ‘that serving his Pir [spiritual guide] for so many years ‘had given him so much power in mesmerism ‘that if he were to concentrate on the person walking behind them,

‘he could cause them to immediately wither and roll around restlessly. ‘Immediately after hearing this the Promised Messiah (peace be upon him) stood up ‘and dragged the tip of his staff along the ground leaving a mark.’ Hazrat Musleh Mau’ud says that it was a habit of the Promised Messiah (peace be upon him)

That when he became especially passionate he would very slowly rake the tip of his staff on the ground in a similar manner to when something is raked in the ground to remove something. And so in any case the Promised Messiah (peace be upon him),

Whilst raking his staff on the ground in this manner, said: “Sufi Sahib! Even if the other person falls down, how will it benefit you “and how will it benefit him?” ‘Sufi Sahib was among the very God-fearing people and had been given far-sightedness ‘from God the Almighty.

‘Hence as soon as he heard the Promised Messiah’s response, Sufi Sahib was completely overwhelmed ‘and said that “From today I repent from mesmerism. “I now understand that it is a worldly practice and not spiritual.” ‘Subsequently Sufi Sahib released a pamphlet in which he wrote that

“This practice was not something specific to only being shown in Islam “and so a Christian or Hindu could also master this art if they so wished. “And hence I announce that from today none of my followers should practice mesmerism “while attributing it to an aspect of Islam.

“Certainly, if one uses mesmerism while attributing it to a worldly practice, then they can do so.” Hazrat Musleh Mua’ud (ra) says: ‘I have mentioned that Allah the Almighty had given Sufi Jan Sahib far-sightedness. ‘We have an astonishing evidence to prove this.

‘When the Promised Messiah (peace be upon him) had only written Baraheen-e-Ahmadiyya , ‘Sufi Jan Sahib had recognised that he was going to be the Promised Messiah. ‘At the time it had not even been disclosed to the Promised Messiah (peace be upon him) ‘that he was to make a claim.

‘It was during these days when Sufi Sahib sent a letter to the Promised Messiah (peace be upon him) ‘containing the following couplet:’ – I have cited this before as well – “We, the ailing, look towards you alone, For God’s sake be the Messiah” Thus Hazrat Musleh Mau’ud says:

This tells us that Sufi Sahib had seen Divine visions which had revealed to him ‘that this person was imminently to become the Promised Messiah. ‘Although Sufi Sahib passed away before the Promised Messiah (peace be upon him) had ‘announced his claim, he had counselled his children that Hazrat Mirza Sahib was going to

‘make a claim and they should not delay in accepting him. Introducing us further to Sufi Sahib, Hazrat Musleh Mau’ud says that ‘Hazrat Khalifatul Masih I (ra) was married in his household. ‘In other words, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih I (ra) was Sufi Sahib’s son-in-law.

Then Hazrat Musleh Mau’ud mentions an account relating to mesmerism from a gathering of the Promised Messiah (peace be upon him), which shows how God the Almighty not only caused those practising mesmerism to fail before the Promised Messiah, but further Divine signs were also shown in contrast. Hazrat Musleh Mau’ud says:

‘What significance does the will power of those who practice mesmerism have ‘compared to the will power of faith? ‘Mesmerism cannot stand in comparison with faith. ‘There is a world of difference between the willpower given by God the Almighty, ‘and the willpower man develops on his own. ‘In this very mosque’

– Hazrat Musleh Mau’ud was at the time delivering as sermon, in either Masjid Mubarak or Masjid Aqsa, in fact it was Masjid Mubarak – ‘The Promised Messiah (peace be upon him) would sit in an assembly on the lower floor.

‘Once a Hindu who was an accountant working in an office in Lahore and was an expert in mesmerism, ‘visited Qadian with a group that was travelling for a wedding, with the intention that “I will perform mesmerism on Mirza Sahib so that whilst he is sitting in his assembly

He will begin to dance – God forbid – and thus he would be disgraced in front of everyone.” ‘This Hindu himself later related this account to an Ahmadi. ‘And the background to this was: Once the Promised Messiah (peace be upon him)

‘sent an Ahmadi to Lahore with one of his books, and said to give it to a Hindu there. ‘The Ahmadi conveyed the book to the Hindu and asked him: “Why has Mirza Sahib sent you his book and how do you know him?”

‘Upon this the Hindu narrated what had come to pass and explained: “I am so skilled in mesmerism that if I acutely concentrate upon someone while I am sitting “on a horse drawn carriage, the person whom I am focussing my concentration on “will run behind the carriage.

“This is despite the fact that I will have no mutual acquaintance with the person being mesmerised. “I had heard regarding Mirza Sahib from the Hindus and Aryas that Mirza Sahib has written “numerous books against the Arya Mat. “Thus I resolved to use mesmerism upon Mirza Sahib and use my concentration to cause

“an effect on him during one of his assemblies. “Thus I would disgrace him in front all his followers. “And so I went to Qadian for a wedding and he [Mirza Sahib] was in his assembly “and I sat near the door and started to use my concentration upon Mirza Sahib.

“He [Mirza Sahib] was imparting some advice and delivering a religious lecture at the time. “My intense concentration had no effect on Mirza Sahib whatsoever. “I thought Mirza Sahib’s willpower must be greater than normal and therefore exerted “even more concentration but still it had no effect on him at all

“and he continued his lecture as normal. “I thought his willpower must be even greater and so I mustered all my knowledge “and skill in mesmerism that I was familiar with and expended all strength that I possibly could. “However when I called on all my ability, I saw before me a lion sitting

“who wants to pounce on me.” ‘It has also been narrated that he said: “Every time I concentrated I saw a lion before me “and on the final attempt the lion was readying to attack me. “Terrified seeing the lion I grabbed my shoes and ran way.

“When I reached the door, Mirza Sahib said to his followers ‘go and see who that is’. “Someone came down the staircase behind me and grabbed hold of me at the corner near the mosque. “Because I was almost unconscious having expended my strength [on applying mesmerism]

“I said to the person who had seized me ‘Leave me just now, as I am not fully in my senses. ‘I will at some later point write to Mirza Sahib about this entire episode.’ “Thus he let me go and I wrote the entire incident to the Promised Messiah (as).

“I said that I had been insulting and asked for forgiveness, “as I had not recognised the status of the Promised Messiah (peace be upon him).” Hazrat Musleh Mau’ud says: ‘Mian Abdul Aziz Sahib Mughal, from Lahore, would relate that – many of his relatives live here –

“I asked the Hindu that, at the time, did you not think that Mirza Sahib was skilled in mesmerism “and had more ability in it than you?” ‘The Hindu replied: “This is impossible because mesmerism is reliant on full concentration “as well as complete silence and tranquillity.

“However Mirza Sahib was in the middle of a discussion. “Thus I understood that Mirza Sahib’s willpower was not earthly, but was rather heavenly.” Hazrat Musleh Mau’ud says: ‘In short, man’s self-developed willpower is at complete opposite ends to the willpower ‘infused by God the Almighty in man, developed after one holds complete faith.

‘Man’s own willpower is like child play compared to Divinely inspired willpower in a person. ‘This is akin to the example of Hazrat Moses (peace be upon him), where before his staff ‘the serpents of the sorcerers and magicians were vanquished. ‘And so worldly people, who display their willpower, are rendered completely insignificant

‘before the beloved of God the Almighty, who display Divinely conferred willpower.’ In another place Hazrat Musleh Mau’ud explains the essential requirements for the progress of a nation. He also expounds on how much honour the Promised Messiah (peace be upon him) had for the religion matters and the status of the Holy Prophet (sa)

Hazrat Musleh Mau’ud says: ‘For a nation to progress, it is essential that they adopt all truths.’ It is of paramount significance for people to adopt all forms of honesty. ‘It should not be the case that only in doctrinal beliefs one accepts the concept

‘of the death of Jesus and thinks that nothing else is required. ‘Rather, one should reflect deeply on the concept of the death of Jesus ‘that why is it necessary to believe in this? ‘What pains us by the concept of believing Jesus remains alive, is that firstly

‘it establishes the superiority of Hazrat Jesus (as) over the Holy Prophet (sa). ‘However, no Prophet ever has or will match the glory and splendour ‘of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). ‘Believing that Jesus is alive gives him superiority to the Holy Prophet (sa),

‘who truly reformed the entire world. ‘This is in contradiction to Islamic doctrines. ‘We cannot consider for a moment that the Messiah was greater than the Holy Prophet (sa). ‘To believe that the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) is buried

‘in the ground, whereas Jesus (peace be upon him) is seated in the fourth heaven, ‘is to severely dishonour and defame Islam. ‘The other issue that we have in believing in the concept of Jesus being alive ‘is that it affects the [belief in the] unity of God.

‘It is because of these two things that we place great emphasis on the death of Jesus. ‘If it was not for these two factors then irrespective of whether the Messiah was ‘in the heavens or the earth, we would not have any concern. ‘However, since his ascension dishonours Islam and the Holy Prophet (sa)

‘and conflicts with the unity of God, how can we tolerate such a belief? ‘We cannot bear to even hear that the Messiah was superior to the Holy Prophet (sa), ‘let alone entertain such a belief.’ Hazrat Musleh Mau’ud (ra) states that ‘Generally, when any Ahmadi is discoursing on the topic of the death of

‘Jesus (as) and are presenting their arguments, they do not become passionate. ‘In fact they speak on this subject as if they are having a normal conversation. ‘However, we have seen that when the Promised Messiah (as) discussed the concept ‘of the death of Jesus (as), he would be overcome with such passion

‘that as a result of which his body would begin to tremble. ‘His voice would be so glorious and powerful as if he was totally obliterating the concept ‘of Jesus (as) being alive and his condition would completely change. ‘He would fervently say that there is a huge stone in the pathway of mankind’s success

‘which I am lifting and hurling far away. ‘The world was falling into a pit of darkness but I am leading it into light. ‘Whenever the Promised Messiah (as) would speak on this issue, we would notice his voice ‘would become extremely passionate and it would seem as if the Messiah has taken seat

‘on the Holy Prophet’s throne and has snatched his honour and prestige ‘and the Promised Messiah (as) now wants to take it back. ‘Such was the honour that the Promised Messiah (as) had’ – for the Holy Prophet (sa) –

However it is astonishing that a person who had such honour and passion for the Holy Prophet (sa), regarding him the Ulema (Muslim scholars) of today say that, God forbid, he regarded himself superior to the Holy Prophet (sa), or that he considered Ahmadiyyat to be greater in rank.

Then there is another incident. In fact it is not an incident but the sayings of the Promised Messiah (as) of how God Almighty guides a person about other people when He exalts him to a high station and how He grants him the knowledge of people’s inner self.

Regarding this Hazrat Musleh Mau’ud (ra) states that ‘When a person attains such a high rank which God Almighty raises him to, ‘then he is given guidance from God Almighty. ‘And he is granted hidden guidance which can neither be described as revelation ‘and nor is it completely independent from revelation.

‘We cannot say it is revelation because no words are revealed. ‘And we also cannot say that it is completely different from revelation because in practise ‘it is like a revelation because the spiritual light of God descends upon the heart of a person

‘and grants him the knowledge of the true reality of the affair, ‘even though it is not described in words.’ Hazrat Musleh Mau’ud (ra) then states that ‘Sometimes, if a person is granted the knowledge from God Almighty in even more clarity

‘then it is called a Kashf (vision). Therefore, at times there can be a Kashf (vision). ‘When it occurs so vividly, just as the Promised Messiah (as) used to say that, “When many people appear in front of me, I am able to see such rays of light

“beaming from within them that I am able to identify their flaws and good qualities. “But I am not permitted to notify them about their flaws. “This has always been the practise of God Almighty that until man does not reveal his own inner-self, “He will not hold him guilty.

“Therefore, in accordance to this practice, Prophets and their followers do not talk about “a person’s flaw to anyone until they reveal it themselves.” There is an incident that occurred with a non- Ahmadi, which shows how God Almighty establishes the truth and honour of His loved ones by showing signs to other people.

Hazrat Musleh Mau’ud (ra), regarding this incident, states that ‘This thought of, how can it be possible that rays of light shine out of a human body ‘and others are also able to witness it, only occurs when people take these signs literally.

‘If they realised that this is just a Kashf (vision), then such confusion and doubts ‘would not arise in their hearts. ‘The era of Prophet Moses (as) is in the distant past, but in this day and age we have witnessed

‘some of the signs that God Almighty has shown, whereby those who possess the eye ‘to see the Kashf (vision) have witnessed the spiritual light of God Almighty physically ‘and also relished from its spiritual form. ‘Thus, in 1904 when the Promised Messiah (as) travelled to Lahore,

‘he delivered a speech there at a Jalsa [gathering]. ‘A non-Ahmadi acquaintance, Sheikh Rehmatullah Sahib, who was a lawyer, ‘was also present at the function. ‘He says that during the course of the speech I saw light in the shape of a pillar ‘appearing from the Promised Messiah’s head and rising towards the skies.

‘A friend was sitting beside me at the time and I said to him that “Look! What is that? “He looked and immediately replied that it is a pillar of light which is coming out “from the Promised Messiah’s head and has reached the skies.” ‘This vision had such an impact on Sheikh Rehmatullah Sahib

‘that he did the Bai’at [pledged allegiance] of the Promised Messiah (as) on that very day. These are such signs that after witnessing them people acquired faith. And there are many forms of these signs which God Almighty continues to show even today

Which I previously mentioned in a Friday Sermon and related some of recent accounts. Hazrat Musleh Mau’ud (ra) narrates an incident from one of the Promised Messiah’s gatherings. He says ‘I remember a friend once wrote to the Promised Messiah (as) and told him ‘that the Jinn (spirits) come to his sister.’

This is a very widely held notion in our culture and among the Arabs also, that people become possessed by the Jinn (spirits). The poor person afflicted by the Jinn is subject to all kinds of cruelty in order to get rid of it.

And in some cases they even end up taking the person’s life who has been seized by a Jinn . Nevertheless, ‘Someone once told the Promised Messiah (as) that the Jinn comes to his sister ‘and the Jinn say that they are ready to accept the Promised Messiah (as).

‘The Promised Messiah (as) wrote back to the person that: “Tell the Jinn that why are they troubling a woman? “If they want to trouble anyone, why do they not trouble people like “Maulvi Muhammad Hussain Batalwi or Maulvi Sanaullah Sahib? “What will they gain from troubling this poor lady?”

Hazrat Musleh Mau’ud (ra) states that ‘There are no such Jinn which people generally believe in. ‘Indeed, there may be certain people, who on account of their English (Western) education, ‘are already convinced that there are no such Jinn .

‘However, for a Momin (true believer) it should not be the case that what his intellect says. ‘In fact, the question should be that what does the Holy Quran say? ‘That is how a Momin (true believer) should thin

‘If the Holy Quran states that there are Jinn, a people generally believe them to be, ‘then Aamana Wa Saddaqna (we believe and we testify). ‘But if it is proven from the Holy Quran that apart from humans there are no Jinn , then we must believe in this.

‘And we, the Momins (true believers) have to obe the Quran in all circumstances.’ Then, in order to safeguard the honour and dignity of His loved ones, how does God Almighty influence even the insane and mentally ill? We have heard about this incident many times before. Hazrat Musleh Maud states that

‘The Promised Messiah used to narrate that once he went to Lahore and some friends insisted that ‘they should visit a a Majzoob (mentally ill ascetic) who lives in Shahdara. ‘Some of the friends opposed this idea and said that he utters extreme profanities ‘and they should not go to him.

‘However those who were in favour of going said to the Promised Messiah (as) ‘that you are the recipient of divine revelations; we should see what he (the Majzoob ) says. ‘In other words, to determine the Promised Messiah’s revelations, ‘they considered this the only criteria which was to go to this person.

‘The Promised Messiah (as) declined to go but they insisted and too him on one occasion. ‘The Promised Messiah (as) says when they arrived, he immediately stopped uttering profanities. ‘There was a melon next to him and he offered it to the Promised Messiah (as) ‘and said that “This is for you as a gift.”

‘Those who were witnessing this, and only focus on the obvious and apparent matters, ‘became even more convinced about the Majzoob . ‘However, the Promised Messiah (as) stated that he was mentally ill and sometimes even ‘a mentally ill person is able to see things which a sensible person cannot;

‘because they are cut off from the world and they are sometimes able to witness ‘the knowledge of the unseen.’ I will mention some of the signs and miracles of the Promised Messiah (as) which Hazrat Musleh Maud has mentioned.

There is a famous incident of someone being bitten by a rabid dog and was then cured. Hazrat Musleh Mau’ud (ra) has narrated this incident in the following way that ‘Because all of the incidents during the life of the Holy Prophet (sa) were not recorded,

‘not many examples can be found of this kind. Otherwise I think hundreds of thousands of ‘examples could be found in the Holy Prophet’s lifetime. ‘Atheism was extremely rampant during the time of the Promised Messiah (as) ‘and in order to halt it, there was a pressing need for heavenly signs.

‘And God Almighty showed many signs through which we can imagine the signs ‘of the Holy Prophet (sa). ‘For example, I will relate the incident of a person named, Abdul Karim, ‘who used to study in a school in Qadian. ‘Once he was bitten by a rabid dog and was sent to Kasooli for treatment.

‘Initially, it seemed as if his treatment was successful, but a few days after returning ‘he fell ill again and a message was sent to Kasooli to recommend some treatment. ‘However the reply came back that “Nothing can be done for Abdul Karim.”

‘The Promised Messiah (as) was informed about his illness and since it was very early days ‘of the community – The Jama’at had just been established very newly – ‘and this boy had travelled a long distant from a village in Hyderabad, Deccan to study,

‘the Promised Messiah (as) felt great sympathy and especially prayed for his cure. ‘The Promised Messiah (as) prayed that he has come from such a long distance ‘and would not want him to die like this. ‘In another place, the Promised Messiah (as) has also stated that his mother had sent him

‘to study with great desire and hope from such a far distant place and that is also the reason ‘why he had such an anguish to pray for him. ‘As a result of the prayer, God Almighty cured him even after his second bout of illness,

‘despite the fact that no one suffering from this kind of illness had ever been cured. ‘That is what the medical history of the time stated. Hazrat Musleh-e-Mau’ud (ra) states that ‘A relative of mine is a doctor. Even to this day he practices medicine.

‘He narrated an incident from his student life that once he was having a conversation ‘with another student on the existence of God. ‘During the conversation, the doctor presented this incident ‘(about Abdul Kareem Sahib’s recovery) as a proof of the existence of God the Almighty,

‘and the way He listens to prayers and how this person was cured. ‘The other student’, who was not convinced of the existence of Allah the Almighty, said that “Such patients can be saved, this is not a strange thing.” ‘The doctor says that, coincidently that same day a professor was to deliver

‘a lecture in the University on “The condition of a person bitten by dog”. ‘When the Professor stood up to deliver the lecture and emphasised on the fact ‘that this disease should be treated before the attack and attention should be paid ‘towards this immediately, he (Huzur’s (ra) relative) says that,

‘in order to elaborate on this I said that, “Sir! Some people say that the patient can be cured even after the attack.” ‘At that, the professor said angrily: “It can never happen – whoever says that is a fool.” Hence, Hazrat Musleh-e-Mau’ud (ra) says that,

‘This was such a disease which was incurable and never was it cured. ‘However, Allah the Almighty cured Mian Abdul Kareem through the prayer ‘of the Promised Messiah (as) and he is alive to this day by the Grace of Allah.’

Therefore this proves that there is an entity that exercises authority above the physical law. This entity has the strength to cure. Then Hazrat Musleh-e-Mau’ud (ra) narrates an incident that ‘Once two men and a woman visited the Promised Messiah (as) from America. ‘One of the gentlemen conversed with the Promised Messiah (as)

‘regarding his (the Promised Messiah’s) claim. ‘During the conversation Jesus of Nazareth was mentioned. ‘This person said that he (Jesus Christ) was god. ‘The Promised Messiah (as) said, what evidence do you have about his divinity? ‘He said that he (Jesus Christ) showed miracles. ‘The Promised Messiah (as) said that I also show miracles.

‘That person replied, show me a miracle. ‘The Promised Messiah (as) said, “you are my miracle.” That is the American questioning him. The Promised Messiah (as) said to him that you are my miracle. ‘This person was astonished when he heard this and said, how am I your miracle?

‘The Promised Messiah (as) said that Qadian was a very small and unknown village. ‘Even the most ordinary food items were not accessible here. ‘To the extent that even one rupee worth of flour was not available. ‘If someone needed flour, that person would have to take wheat and grind it.

‘At that time, God the Almighty informed me that I shall exalt your name in the world and you will become famous worldwide. ‘People will come to you from all corners and means of comfort will also be facilitated here. and people of all kinds, from all every countries will visit you.

And they will come in such large numbers ‘that the roads will become difficult and deep. ‘Now look how difficult and worn the roads have become. ‘Last year alone, the government repaired the road which connects Batala to Qadian with 2000 rupees worth of dirt .

‘So the Promised Messiah (as) said to him that you are visiting me from America. ‘What relation did you have with me? ‘Who knew me until I made the claim? ‘However, today you have come to me from so farm away. ‘This is a sign of my truthfulness.’ Hazrat Musleh-e-Mau’ud (ra) says:

‘I remember clearly that at the time when this conversation was happening ‘and when that person asked the Promised Messiah (as) that you show any miracle of yours, ‘everyone was surprised to hear how the Promised Messiah (as) would reply. ‘Everyone thought that the Promised Messiah (as) will deliver a speech about miracles

‘and how miracles are manifested. ‘But as soon as he was done with what he had to say ‘and English was translated to Urdu for the Promised Messiah (as), ‘this was Huzur’s (as) immediate reply. ‘This was a small thing but not everyone’s reasoning can comprehend it.

‘Even now anyone who will not use reasoning will say, what miracle is this? ‘However, those people whose eyes are open and they have wisdom and reasoning, ‘they consider this a very great miracle. ‘And this alone is sufficient for a person who accepts the truth.

‘The Promised Messiah (as) has written that, hundreds of thousands of signs were manifested for my truthfulness. ‘However, I say that so many signs were manifested that they cannot be enumerated. ‘Regardless, many ignorant people say that there are not as many revelations of Mirza Sahib (as).

‘Then how is it possible to have so many signs? ‘But those people with wisdom and reasoning know fully ‘that hundreds of thousands signs can be manifested from one revelation alone.’ ‘There is a famous incident about a person who said to his nephews that tomorrow

‘I will treat you with a Laddu [a type of sweet popular in the sub-continent] ‘which is made by hundreds of thousands of people. ‘The next day when everyone sat to eat, they did not eat anything, as they were anxious

‘to eat the Laddu and they asked their uncle for it. ‘He presented them with an ordinary Laddu and said that this is the Laddu I promised you. ‘When they saw it, they were very astonished at at how it created by hundreds of thousands of men?

‘Their Uncle said that you should start taking notes using a pen and paper. ‘I will explain to you how the Laddu was made by hundreds of thousands of men. ‘Look, the confectioner bought the items that were used to make it from numerous people.

‘Afterwards, thousands of people made every single one of those items. ‘Take sugar for example. The labour of so many men was spent in its preparation ‘Some men mixed it, some juiced it, some pulled it from the crops, some ploughed the crops ‘and some watered it.

‘Then there are those who create the steel and wood used in ploughing. ‘If you count everyone, then how many men would that be in total? ‘Also, other than sugar, there is flour in Laddu Consider how many people who prepare that. ‘Does the total men not reach such a number?

‘His nephews said that yes, this is correct. ‘So these children didn’t understand this but that person, since he was wise, ‘was considering the fact that the labour of hundreds of thousands of people is spent ‘in order to create a Laddu . ‘So he gave this advice in a worldly manner.

‘However, the spiritual saints have done the same. ’ Hazrat Musleh-e-Mau’ud (ra) narrated the incident about Mirza Mazhar Jan Janaan that ‘He gave two Laddu to Ghulam Nabi, from Batala, who put them in his mouth and ate them.

‘After a little while he asked Ghulam Nabi, “What have you done with those Laddu ?” ‘Ghulam Nabi replied, “I ate them”. ‘When he heard this, he asked in a very astonishing manner, “What! You ate them?” ‘Ghulam Nabi replied, “Yes, I ate them.”

‘He asked him again and again and kept on wondering, “You ate them so hurriedly.” ‘Ghulam Nabi thought that he should watch how he (the saint) eats a Laddu . ‘One day, someone brought him a few Laddu . He picked up one and placed it in a handkerchief.

‘He took a particle of it and delivered a speech addressing himself that, “I am a worthless being. God the Almighty sent this great favour for me. “So many items went into this ( Laddu ). Then how many men might have created it. “Did God the Almighty send this favour for this worthless being?”

‘He continued his speech in this manner. ‘He expressed his humility, submissiveness and he also praised God the Almighty. ‘In this way, starting from Zuhr prayer, he only ate the little piece which he had put in his mouth

‘and azan (call for prayer) for Asr prayer was called. He left the Laddu and went for ablution. Hazrat Musleh-e-Mau’ud (ra) says that, ‘What was this? It was the fact that he saw thousands of God’s signs in one Laddu .

‘A person who wants to, can eat four to five or ten to twenty Laddu all of a sudden. ‘However, for Mazhar Jan Janaan, even eating one Laddu became very difficult. ‘By remembering favours of Allah the Almighty, reason transforms something small

‘into something big and ignorance transforms something big into a small thing. ‘So a wise person witnesses great signs of God in small matters ‘and an ignorant person does not witness anything in even significant signs. ‘The Promised Messiah (as) used to say that God the Almighty has shown hundreds

‘of thousands of signs for my truthfulness. Hazrat Musleh Mau’ud says, ‘This is absolutely correct. ‘I say that God the Almighty has shown so many signs for the truthfulness ‘of the Promised Messiah (as) that cannot be enumerated, but for whom?

‘These signs that have been shown are for whom? They are those who have wisdom. ‘If someone visits Qadian to witness the signs of the Promised Messiah’s (as) truthfulness, ‘then all the buildings that are here in Qadian, which can be seen from here

‘while standing in Masjid Aqsa, all are his signs except for a few. ‘The land which was prepared for building houses beyond Ahmadiyya Bazaar, ‘every sack of clay which was used in this regard is a sign. ‘There was a huge hole there in which an elephant could have fallen inside.

‘This hole was filled with earth and this area was populated afterwards. ‘Then, if one was to leave Qadian and go northwards, the high buildings can be seen. ‘Every brick and every grain of the powder used to create these buildings, ‘is a sign of the truthfulness of the Promised Messiah (as).

‘Then, all the people that can been seen while walking in Qadian, regardless of the fact ‘that they may be Hindu or Sikh, non-Ahmadi or Ahmadi, all of them are a sign ‘of the truthfulness of the Promised Messiah (as). ‘Ahmadis are a sign because they left their homes and settled here after witnessing

‘the truthfulness of the Promised Messiah (as). ‘Non-Ahmadi and people of other religions are a sign because their way of living and attire ‘and so on, was not the same before the claim of the Promised Messiah (as) as it is now.

‘Their turbans, their kurtas [upper or body garments], their pajamas [lower or leg garments], ‘their buildings, their wealth, were all not the same as they are now.’ Even today the development of Qadian is a proof of this. Even today people visit Qadian because it is the village of the Promised Messiah (as).

They do not visit it because it is a city and like ordinary cities its population is growing and it is developing or it is expanding. The businessmen there, even today, are hoping that an annual convention (Jalsa Salana) will be held, which was started by the Promised Messiah (as), and our businesses will flourish.

So thematerial advancement of others in Qadian is happening because of the Promised Messiah (as) Anyway, after the Promised Messiah (as) made his claim, people visited him and they took advantage of this and due to , they also benefited from this favour. So these are all signs of his truthfulness.

Hazrat Musleh-e-Mau’ud (ra) says that ‘There is no need to go far. ‘This mosque (where he was delivering this sermon), this building, this wood, this pole, ‘all of them are signs because they were not present before. They were created after the claim

‘Promised Messiah (as). Hence, hundreds of thousands of signs can be found here. ‘Then so many people attend the Annual Convention (Jalsa Salana). ‘Every single one of them is a sign which God the Almighty manifests every year ‘and He will continue to manifest as He wills. So this was a very low estimate

‘by the Promised Messiah (as) regarding his signs that they are in hundreds of thousands. ‘I say that they are in such a number that it is not humanly possible to enumerate. ‘Only God the Almighty can estimate it. ‘Where these signs are a means of strengthening our faith, according to the

‘above-mentioned verse, they also illustrate the fact that firstly, ‘every person who visits Qadian should open his eyes and witness the amount of signs here ‘and he himself is a sign. ‘And today Ahmadis spread around the world, Ahmadiyya Mosques, Mission houses,

‘Jami’aat (Universities), schools, hospitals and the trust and expression of respect of the locals ‘towards the Promised Messiah (as) are all signs. ‘Only a person with spiritual sight can see.’ Hazrat Musleh-e-Mau’ud (ra) says that ‘I remember clearly that a Maulavi visited the Promised Messiah (as) and said,

“I am here to witness any sign of yours.” ‘The Promised Messiah (as) laughed and said, “Mian! You should look at my book ‘Haqeeqatul Wahi’. “You will then find out that God the Almighty has manifested so many signs in my support.

“What benefit have you attained by those signs that you are here to witness another sign?” If that person had presented a few prophecies to be fulfilled in a few minutes then we would have accepted his prophecies not only for two years but for the next 200 years.

And we would say to him, we have witnessed the fulfillment of the prophecies within a few minutes then the long term prophecies most definitely be fulfilled. However, without showing such prophecies, if a person prophesises for the long term, then we will say that this is beyond reasoning.

Hence, the prophecies of the Promised Messiah (as) were fulfilled in his lifetime and are being fulfilled to this day. As I have stated that the advancement of the Jama’at is its reasoning and proof. May Allah the Almighty grant insight to those who do not see these prophecies,

Which are being fulfilled, so that they can come to witness this. And may Allah the Almighty continue to strengthen our faith at every moment.


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