Ahmadi Muslim VideoTube Friday Sermon Khalifa V Friday Sermon | خطبہ جمعہ | September 19, 2014

Friday Sermon | خطبہ جمعہ | September 19, 2014

Friday Sermon – Khalifatul Masih V – Mirza Masroor Ahmad – Year 2014

The Promised Messiah, on whom be peace, says in one place: In the Holy Qur’an Allah the Almighty has placed “righteous deeds” together with faith. Righteous deeds are actions which do not entail even an ounce of disorder or corruption. Remember there are thieves always behind the actions of man. What are those?

It is ostentation when man performs an act only for show. There is vanity and pride when after one performs a deed, he feels exuberant and happy within him. This is happiness which is of a self-centred nature. Further the Promised Messiah, on whom be peace, said:

All manners of immoralities and vices that he performs completely corrupt and ruin his actions. Righteous deeds are actions in which one does not even let the following cross his mind for a second: Injustice and cruelty, vanity, pretentiousness, arrogance and usurping the rights of others.

Righteous deeds are actions one performs not letting the following cross his mind for even a second: cruelty, vanity, pretentiousness, arrogance and usurping the rights of others. Just as a person is saved in the hereafter through righteous deeds, he is similarly saved in the current life through performing good actions.

This means that righteous deeds are also significant and important in this life. Just as one’s righteous deeds performed here will be accounted for in the hereafter, it will also be accounted for in this life. Or in other words, one’s good actions in this life,

Will be the means of his accountability of punishment and reward in the hereafter. Another meaning of this is that if one performs righteous deeds in this world, he makes for himself a paradise in this life. The Promised Messiah, on whom be peace, continues:

‘If even one person in the household performs righteous deeds, the entire home is saved’. ‘Remember unless you perform righteous deeds, to just hold faith has no benefit whatsoever’. The Promised Messiah, on whom be peace, says: ‘Resolute determination, strong promise and pledge should keep a person attentive and focused.’

The Promised Messiah, on whom be peace, has given faith the similitude of a tree. And thereby has explained that faith is like a tree. Even the finest and best trees, in order to make them beneficial, need to be taken care of.

A tree only remains alive and proves to be of benefit when it is maintained and attention needs to be given towards it. In this same way a person, in order to complete and perfect his faith, requires actions. Through the means of your actions one needs to give attention to his faith.

If this is not present then despite the fact of one having or claiming to have faith, he cannot deem himself to be a believer. Without performing the requisite actions a person is like a tree whose beautiful luscious and green branches are cut off and instead is made to look hideous.

Whose fruits are ruined and made to go to waste. And where the creation of God are deprived of the shade-giving branches. However strong and long the roots of a tree may be, if it is deprived of mineral water and compost and made to go to waste, then it will eventually die.

Its strong roots will be completely worthless in this case. Even it remains alive for a period of time then a tree without branches, which gives no benefit whatsoever, will not attract anyone and nor will anyone give heed towards it. It will just be a barren tree without any beauty.

Everyone’s attention will be towards that beautiful tree and plant and to that alone will they be focused which is luscious, thriving and flourishing. Whose beauty is clear for everyone to see. That tree which becomes fruit laden at the right time, which provides shade in times of heat.

This type of tree will be preferred and desired by people. So without a doubt faith is like a root. And undoubtedly a Muslim claims that his faith is strong. We often hear Muslims expressing this. Many of them have regard and honour for their faith.

In the name of Islam they are even prepared to lay down their lives or kill others. Nowadays there are various organisations and groups that are formed. They make every possible claim of their faith being the strongest. But the question is: Are they a reflection of that beautiful thriving and flourishing tree,

Which is benefitting the world? Are they like that tree whose beauty continuously attracts people towards it? The same intensity with which these people are displaying terrorism in the name of the religion, to that same intensity is the world moving away from them.

The religion which the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, brought, even attracted enemies towards it. That religion not only made the enemies its friends, indeed it encompassed them with intense love and compassion. It was the effect of the teaching of the Holy Prophet Muhammad,

Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, that when on one occasion, the Muslim government considered that at the time it would be difficult to contend with the Roman Empire, they decided to relinquish that conquered area in which there were a majority of Jews and Christians living.

Upon this the Jews and the Christians in unison saw off the Muslim army whilst weeping and crying. They said that we pray that you may once again re-conquer this land. So through your fruit-laden and shade-giving tree we can perpetually attain beneficence.

The facilities that you provided us can never even been given by our Christian governments. They valued those Muslims because along with their faith their every action benefitted others. So thus mere claims to have faith and outward expressions and displays of it

And to only announce that one has strong roots has no use or value whatsoever. This will only be beneficial when the flourishing and luscious fruit-laden branches of righteous actions, display its beauty and impart beneficence. When this beauty and beneficence is inculcated then the world also gives attention and gathers around.

They also make efforts to safeguard it. This is why Allah the Almighty has not just told every single Muslim to strengthen his faith but in fact in almost every single instance, wherever faith has been mentioned, it has been combined and connected with performing righteous deeds.

And thus faith has been made conditional on performing good actions. To establish this condition and state, Allah the Almighty has sent Prophets. This state is developed and produced within a believer when he establishes a link with the prophet of the time. As I mentioned there are large groups,

Who in the name of religion and faith, express and declare their strong roots. However, what is the reality? Not only are the enmities and hatred between one another increasing, but rather one group, in order to prove its superiority over another,

Is making every single possible effort whether just or unjust, cruel or otherwise, to do so. In fact, even non-Muslims are becoming extremely worried and as a result of their misdeeds, are becoming very fearful and terrified of Islam. We have on the one hand this religion which accumulated the love of the non-Muslims

To the extent that the non-Muslims were prepared to fight alongside the Muslims to protect the Muslim government. Whereas here we find on the other hand the state, whereas let alone attracting the non-Muslims, the Muslims amongst one another themselves, that they have become

A depiction of ‘qulubuhum shatta’, that their hearts are entirely torn apart. Today it is a duty of every single Ahmadi to illustrate the correct image of ‘righteous deeds’. Ahmadies have accepted the Imam of the time and the Prophet.

It is the Jamaat of the Promised Messiah, on whom be peace, alone which is that tree that has been planted by the hands of God himself, whose branches are strong, luscious, flourishing and fruit laden and which attracts the world towards it. All of this exists because the Promised Messiah, on whom be peace,

Enlightened us with the true teachings of Islam. He inculcated, emphasised, drew our attention and stressed the importance of treading on the path of the blessed model of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Thus it is the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community alone whose branches are strong and whose branches are luscious, flourishing and fruit-laden.

This is the tree which attracts the world towards it. All who see it, from any part of the world, ask what type of Islam is this that you present? There are now countless incidents which come to the fore in which people see the true beauty of Islam and are left astounded.

In one place in Africa a mosque was being inaugurated. The Chief there, who was a Christian, was also invited to the opening and participated in it. The Chief said that I have not come here out of love for any of you. I have come here only to see in this age,

Who are these Muslims who have invited a non- Muslim and a Christian to their mosque opening. Coming here I was all the more surprised to see that here people of different religions had gathered together. Ahmadis themselves, despite being Muslims, are demonstrating such high moral standards,

The example of which we do not find anywhere else. Every single Ahmadi, whether young or old, rich or poor, only extends love and compassion. The relationship that Ahmadies are showing with others and their exemplary morals that they are displaying here, are all something which we do not find anywhere else.

The Chief went on to say that such mosques and such Islam are the need of this time. He said: ‘All my reservations and doubts about Islam have been eliminated.’ He further said: ‘You have not just given this area a mosque, but in fact you have given us a new life.

You have taught us the means of the highest values in life.’ So thus, it is these type of trees which the Qur’an has described as having roots firmly grounded in the earth. And if we give man a similitude of a tree, then as a result of his faith and his righteous deeds,

His flourishing and thriving branches will even be touching the heights of the heavens. Thus as I mentioned, because of accepting the Imam of the time, it is the duty and obligation of every single Ahmadi, that alongside strengthening their faith, they should become those flourishing branches.

They should become the beautiful leaves on the flourishing branches and should become the blossoming flowers and fruits on those trees and branches, which not only appears to the world as beautiful, but in fact should also impart beneficence to them. Otherwise, to have complete faith and conviction, without performing actions, is absolutely useless.

As I explained, there are people in the world who apparently show complete and perfect faith and conviction. They consider themselves and declare that they have complete faith, whereas they are actually becoming a means of stumbling and misguiding the world. We will fulfil the right of being Ahmadies when we perform ‘amal-e-saleha’, righteous deeds

And display the highest morals everywhere and spread it in all directions. It is when in our neighbourhood, in our city and in our country, through performing good deeds, we demonstrate the beauty of Islam and when we desist from all forms of disorder,

Corruption, quarrelling and fighting, the habit of backbiting and picking faults in another, looking at others in distain and contempt, being merciless and extending kindness and a favour and then boasting about it. It is when we demonstrate the highest moral standards. The Holy Qur’an has repeatedly admonished us to display the highest morals

And to perform righteous deeds. There are some people, who as a habit, spontaneously or through a spur of the moment or passion, help another person or extend kindness or a favour to him. However, after they mention and remind the person that they had performed that favour or kindness and they boast about it.

Or they have the expectation that the person who was extended the favour, would be under his influence and subjugated to him for his entire life. If the person who was extended the favour does not meet up to his expectations, then he does not even refrain from afflicting him with harm and suffering.

This is not the Islamic teaching. In the Holy Qur’an Allah the Almighty says: ‘Oh ye who believe! Render not vain your alms by taunt and injury, like him who spends his wealth to be seen of men. And he believes not in Allah and the last day’.

Such people act in this manner who are weak of faith. Not only are they weak of faith but they are completely devoid of it. In numerous instances of the Holy Qur’an, with reference to different issues and subjects, Allah the Almighty has repeatedly admonished the believers, that along with faith,

Performing righteous actions are essential, which are beneficial in different ways. So where along with performing righteous deeds, a believer, a mumin, becomes a beneficial individual for others, there on the other hand, he also benefits from the sweet reward of this. For example regarding those who believe and perform righteous deeds,

Allah the Almighty has said that they would obtain God’s forgiveness. They will be granted a high status in paradise. They would be included amongst the heavens in which streams flow, which they would be the owners of. Then Allah the Almighty says, those who along with their faith perform righteous deeds

Will receive such incredible rewards which you cannot even envisage. To claim to have faith alone does not make one deserving of the best reward. Rather only when one performs the righteous deeds will he receive the excellent reward, be given paradise and granted forgiveness.

It has been further said that those who perform righteous deeds along with their faith will be given by Allah the Almighty pure and holy provisions. These include provisions both of this world and of the hereafter. Those who perform righteous deeds will hold no fear for they will be in peace.

They will endure no worries or concerns. They will hold no fear of the world, or of the hereafter. They will have no fear that they may not have performed such and such righteous deed. Allah the Almighty will give their hearts satisfaction and tranquillity. How could they possibly fear?

Because those who perform good actions for the sake of obtaining the pleasure of God the Almighty draw nearer and nearer into God’s embrace with their every good act. Then Allah the Almighty says in one place: ‘Those who believe and do good deeds, the gracious God will create love in their hearts.’

The meaning of ‘wud’ is deep love and a profound relationship rather than a superficial type of connection, an affection which entails an intimate love, a bond which can never be broken. Such a profound relationship like a peg, which is pegged into the ground deeply and becomes embedded within it.

This is the same type of deep love which is embedded within the heart. So taking this, this verse will mean: Those who will have strong faith and will carry out righteous deeds, Allah the Almighty will instil in the hearts of such believers his love, like a peg is pegged into the ground.

This is the type of love they will have for God. They will constantly enhance and strengthen their faith and their performing of righteous deeds. Allah the Almighty will extend to such believers a never ending and ceaseless love. So thus, if the love of Allah the Almighty deeply instils and embeds within the hearts

Of a believer, as if their love has been embedded in the heart of God, then there can be no one more blessed, fortunate and successful as this type of person. For within his own person he becomes such a beautiful and shade giving tree

Which will benefit others, because his every action will be as a result of his love for God, which in turn will entail him the love of Allah and will give beneficence to all. Another meaning we will infer from this verse is that in the hearts of those who believe

And perform righteous deeds, Allah the Almighty deeply entrenches love for humanity. So a true believer can never even think about causing pain and suffering to any other person. The requirement of love of humanity necessitates that a true believer should always be concerned about how he can impart beneficence to others.

As I have mentioned previously, if this trait were to be developed among the Muslims then they would not usurp the rights of others, they would not commit cruelty and oppression and they would not kill others. These are things which are committed by the governments, by the so called organisations

And by the people at large and are seen prevalently amongst all. All of these things would never be seen. All of this is occurring because they are not acting upon the teachings and commands of God. The biggest injustice is that they are committing all of these acts in the name of God,

Whereas Allah the Almighty says develop ‘wud’, develop such love which embeds deeply within the heart. Become an individual who extends beneficence to others. So thus, if they were to act upon the true teachings of Islam we would never see the pain and suffering that they are inflicting upon one another.

Instead the beautiful image of a shade giving-tree would surface in the minds of the people of the world. Another meaning we can infer from this verse is that in the hearts of non-Muslims love of Muslims should embed deeply in their hearts.

Undoubtedly God has the power to cause this to happen, but to attain this purpose He has placed the performance of righteous deeds a condition alongside faith. As I said, the earliest Muslims, it was the love of others to them that Allah the Almighty caused

To instil in the hearts, of both Christians and Jews. The Christians and Jews would lament when the Muslims departed and they would pray for them to return. Indeed history tells us that the Jews would say that we will sacrifice our lives, but we will not let the Christian army to enter.

They clearly wanted the Muslims to stay and pledged to protect them. So thus this was the impact of performing pious actions demonstrated by Muslims at every strata of society. It was that beautiful tree that had attracted the world and transmitted beneficence to everyone.

Today it is the duty of the servants of the Messiah of Muhammad (pbuh), that along with strengthening these roots, they should become those beautiful branches, fruits and leaves of righteous deeds, which will attract the world towards it, which will benefit all mankind.

We should be those who love Allah the Almighty and we should also receive the love of the Lord. We should give preference to showing love and compassion to all mankind and we should also be those who attract the attention of all people. Without this we would not be fulfilling the purpose

Of coming into the oath of allegiance of the Promised Messiah. The Promised Messiah, on whom be peace, in several of his writings, statements and gatherings has drawn our attention towards this. He said that we should give attention towards our righteous deeds. We should be mindful of our actions.

We should perform acts which are pious, pure and in accordance with the will of God. Our actions should save the world from pain and suffering. At the beginning I read out one extract. I will now present some other extracts. On one occasion the Promised Messiah, on whom be peace, said

When explaining what his teachings are, and that they should be acted upon. He says that he enters into our community who makes our teachings his way and binding upon him and endeavours and strives to act upon it.

But he who enters only by name, but does not act in accordance with our teachings, should remember that Allah the Almighty has willed to make this community into a special Jamaat. Any person who in reality is not in the Jamaat cannot remain in the community by simply acquiring the name.

Perhaps this has been miswritten; any person who in reality is not in the Jamaat, cannot remain in the Jamaat by simply acquiring the name. Sooner or later he will be separated. So as far as possible, channel your actions in accordance with this teaching that is given. Actions are like wings.

Without actions a man cannot fly towards spiritual progress. He cannot attain those lofty objectives which Allah the Almighty has placed below these good and virtuous actions. Birds and winged animals have some intelligence. If they do not make use of it, then they would not be able to perform the task they do.

If a honey bee did not have intelligence it would not be able to produce honey. Similarly there are messenger pigeons who deliver messages. They have to employ their intelligence quite considerably, undertaking very lengthy journeys to convey letters. Similarly, birds are employed for most astonishing tasks.

So first and foremost it is necessary that man employs his intelligence when performing an act. He should reflect whether the deed he is about to perform is in accordance with the pleasure of God or not. When he determines this and utilises his knowledge and understanding,

It then becomes necessary to utilise ones hand and not become negligent and lazy. Indeed it is correct that one should see if the teaching is correct. At times it happens that the teaching is correct but a person due to his foolishness and negligence

Or as a result of someone else’s mischievousness or misstatement, he is led to be deceived. Thus one needs to carry out proper investigation and scrutiny with a clear and open mind. Here the Promised Messiah is addressing both Ahmadies and non-Ahmadies.

Then the Promised Messiah, on whom be peace, says: ‘Every single person should fear God.’ The fear of God will enable him to perform many a pieties. He who fears God alone is good, Because as a result of this fear he develops a perception through which he is saved from sins.

There are so many people who when they ponder on the rewards, bounties and beneficence of Allah the Almighty, they become ashamed and humbled and desist disobedience to God. However there is a category of people who are afraid of the wrath of God.

In short, a good and pious person is he who is determined by God to be good. There are many people who deceive themselves and think that they are Mutaqi, righteous people. A truly righteous person is he, who is considered righteous in the records of God.

Currently God’s manifestation of ‘Sataar’, covering the faults of mankind, is active. However on the Day of Judgment when all veils will be lifted, everything will be exposed and the reality will be revealed. There will be many people at that time who at present seem to be extremely pure and pious,

Whereas on the Day of Judgment they will be exposed as very wicked, immoral and sinful. And the reason for this is that righteous deeds cannot be performed based on our own suggestions and declarations. In reality righteous deeds are those which have no disorder or corruption with them.

Because ‘Salay’ is the opposite of ‘Fasaad’. Just as food is pure and wholesome when it is not raw, not fully cooked, nor burned. Nor shall it be of a lowly species. It should be such that it can be immediately absorbed by the body. Similarly it is necessary

That in performing actions there should be no disorderly aspect about it. This means it should be in accordance with the will of Allah the Almighty and the practice of the Holy Prophet, peace and blessing of Allah be upon him. Similarly there should be no weakness, no ostentation, no pretentiousness,

Nor should it be something proposed by one self. If the action is performed as described, it can then be called a righteous deed. And this is a very rare, wonderful and precious thing. The Promised Messiah, on whom be peace, speaking about how Satan misguides people and constantly pesters and hounds the believers.

Which is the reason why every believer needs to protect and safeguard his faith and righteous deeds from these assaults of Satan. The Promised Messiah, on whom be peace, says: ‘Satan is always lying in wait to ambush man, in order to mislead him.

To the extent that he even desires to corrupt his pious actions. Satan even wants to misguide man in pious actions. Do not assume that he does not want to even misguide you in pious actions. He schemes to create some disorder or the other. So prayer is a form of worship.

He tries to develop ostentation within man’s prayer. He tries to mislead the Imam into this trap. So thus you should never be unafraid of his attacks. Because his attacks on the wicked and evil doers are indeed clear and open. Because they are as if his prey.

But he does not also refrain from attacking the pious and devote. And finding a way in one way or the other he makes an attack upon them. Those people who are under the grace of God are informed of the finest ways and means of attacks of Satan.

They pray to Allah the Exalted to be safeguarded from Satan. But those who are still in an imperfect state and weak and feeble, fall some time or the other for such assaults. On the need to act the Promised Messiah, on whom be peace, says:

‘Man thinks it is sufficient to merely recite the Kalima with its words. Or to simply say ‘Astagh firuallah’. But remember that mere verbal utterances are not enough, even if man says with his tongue ‘Astagh firullah’ a thousand times or recites ‘Tasbih’ hundred times, it will not benefit.

Because God has made man a man and not a parrot. It is parrots who just repeat things without understanding anything. It is a duty of a man that when he utters something, he should reflect and ponder and think about it. He should also act in accordance with what he says.

So you should think, speak and then you should act upon it. However, if one goes on speaking like a parrot, then remember that just repeating something with words draws no blessings, unless and until the heart is not in accordance with its actions.

Until actions are carried out in accordance to what is being said, these will be considered as just verbal utterances. There is no goodness or blessings in them, because these are mere spoken words. Even though they may be the words of the Holy Qur’an or ‘Istighfar’. Allah desires actions.

This is why he has repeatedly commanded that you perform righteous deeds. Until you do, you cannot reach near to God. Some foolish people say that we have completed the reciting of the whole Holy Qur’an in one day. Someone should ask them what benefit they derived from this.

They only uttered the words of the Holy Qur’an whilst they did not utilize the rest of the limbs and organs and body parts. Whereas Allah the exalted has made all of these so they should all be made use of.

That is why it is recorded in the Ahadith that some people recite the Holy Qur’an whilst the Qur’an curses them, because their recitation is merely saying its words and no actions are done in accordance with it. The person who does not act in accordance

With the dictates and limits of Allah the Exalted, mocks the divine word. Because just reading of His words is not what He desires. He desires deeds and actions. Then the Promised Messiah says: ‘Remember well that mere verbal eloquence and utterance of words and repetitions is no benefit

Unless deeds accompany such spoken words and hands and feet and other body parts are used to do good and virtuous deeds. Just as by sending the Holy Qur’an, God took help from the companions, did they think it was sufficient to just merely recite the Holy Qur’an verbally?

Or did they consider acting upon its teachings as being essential? They demonstrated obedience and loyalty and devoutness and accepted being sacrificed like lambs. And then whatever they were bestowed And they were honoured and valued by God in a manner and extent that is not hidden from anyone’s view.

‘If you desire to obtain the grace and beneficence of God then do something and act, otherwise you will be thrown away like something useless.‘ ‘No person throws away gold or silver or anything useful or beneficial from his house, but rather takes care of all such things and stores them safely.

But if he sees a dead rat in the house, he attempts to throw it away immediately and before anything else. This is why God the Almighty holds dear to himself his servants and grants them a long life and places blessings in their works.

He does not let them go to waste nor does he let them pass away in a disgraceful manner. If you desire that Allah the exalted should hold you dear and value you, then it is necessary that you become virtuous, so that you may be held worthy in the estimation of Allah.

Those who fear God and obey his commandment are bestowed a distinction by God and separates them from all else. This is a secret of how man can attain blessings from God, that he should safeguard himself from evil. Wherever such a person lives, he is held in high esteem because virtue emanates from him.

He deals kindly with the poor, shows mercy to his neighbours, does no mischief, does not bring false cases against people, nor gives false testimonies. But instead he purifies his heart and remains inclined towards God and is known as a friend of God, a ‘wali’. The Promised Messiah, on whom be peace, says:

‘To become a wali, a friend of God, is no easy matter, but rather it is extremely difficult. Because for this it is essential that one abandons evil and also gives up ill force and passions and this is a very difficult matter. Abandoning evil habits becomes sometimes an extremely difficult endeavour.

A murderer can give up committing murder, and a thief can give up robbing people, but for a morally bad person to give up anger is a very difficult thing to accomplish. Or for an arrogant person to abandon arrogance becomes very difficult,

Because he looks down in disdain upon others and then he sees himself as insignificant. But it is true that he who for the sake of the greatness of God the Almighty, will make himself small and insignificant, God Almighty will himself make him great.

Remember this well that no one can become great unless he makes himself small and insignificant. This is a mean by which spiritual light descends on the heart of a person and it becomes attracted towards God.

All the ‘Aulia’, friends of God, that have passed in the world, who are held in great esteem today by hundreds of thousands of people, considered themselves smaller and more insignificant than even an ant and as a result the grace of God descended upon them

And they were bestowed those elevated stations which they deserved. Arrogance, miserliness, pride and immoralities have in them a sort of ‘shirk’. So this is why a person involved in such immoralities cannot receive any share from the grace of God and remains deprived,

As opposed to this a poor and humble one receives the mercy of God. Then the Promised Messiah, on whom be peace, said to three people who had performed the Bai’at, the oath of allegiance: ‘After performing the Bai’at a person should not only believe

That this movement is truthful and acknowledging this he becomes a recipient of blessings. The Promised Messiah, on whom be peace, says: ‘Just by declaring one’s belief, God does not become happy unless good actions accompany it. Now that you have entered this movement, strive to become righteous, to become ‘muttaqi’,

Safeguard yourself from every evil, spend this time in prayers, spend your night and days in supplications. When it is time for a trial, the wrath of Allah is also stirred, and at such a time you should indulge in prayer and charity.

Use soft and gentle language and make the seeking of forgiveness ‘Istighfar’ your routine. Pray fervently in your five daily prayers. Just declaring your faith is not very useful to man. Indeed, if after accepting, a man throws it behind his back and forgets about it, he will not derive any benefit.

Then to complain that Bai’at has led to no benefit will serve no purpose because God Almighty is not satisfied with just words alone.’ Drawing attention towards doing righteous deeds the Promised Messiah says: ‘Understand that until you carry out righteous deeds, just believing does not bestow any benefit. ’

‘A doctor writes a prescription and gives it to the patient and what is desired is that the patient should get what is written on it and consume it, but if he does not make use of the medicines prescribed, what benefit will he derive from the mere written prescription?

‘At this time you have repented. Now God Almighty wishes to see in the future how much you have cleansed yourselves with this repentance Now that you have believed, God Almighty desires to set a distinction based on ‘taqwa’. There are many people who complain against God, but they do not examine their own selves

And the excesses of a man’s own self are what are responsible, as God is Most Merciful and Benevolent.’ At another place the Promised Messiah, on whom be peace, says: ’Those who by entering into this Movement, establish a relationship of fellowship

And discipleship with me, what is desired by it and its objective is that they may advance at the highest stages of good conduct and good fortune and righteousness so that nothing by way of discord or mischief, or bad conduct may come near them.

That they may be strict in binding in offering their five daily prayers. They may never lie or utter anything false. They may not hurt anyone with their tongue. They may not be guilty of any kind of evil.

And they may be such as would never even think of being involved in any kind of mischief or excess or transgression or disorderliness or rebellion. They should abstain from all manners of sins, crimes, inappropriate actions and speech and all manner of carnal passions and needless and inappropriate deeds.

They should become the pure hearted, harmless and humble servants of God the Almighty. No poisonous elements should remain in their being whatsoever. So thus, these are those admonitions and counsels that we need to keep in view at all times.

These are those things that will give us the green and lush and flourishing branches of the tree of the being of the Promised Messiah, on whom be peace. By fulfilling them we will fulfil the purpose of having entered into the Bai’at, the oath of allegiance with him.

This is a guidance that will enable us to win the love of Allah the Exalted, InshAllah, God willing. And with these righteous deeds you’ll be able to draw the attention of the world towards us also. May Allah the Almighty make us like those true believers who are known by virtue of their faith

And as a result of their ‘Amal-e-saleha’, their good actions, become those who attain the nearness of Allah the Exalted. After the Juma prayers I shall lead the funeral prayer of respected Rasheed Ahmad Khan Sahib, son of respected late Iqbal Muhammad Khan Sahib. He passed away on September 16 at the age of 91.

Inna lil-lahay wa in-na elaihay rajeyoon. He was born in Agra, India and obtained his early education in Qadian, India. In 1955 he came here to England. In the British Navy he worked as a Chief Engineer, he then retired in 1980. When the land of Islamabad was purchased in 1980,

Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV, may Allah be pleased with him, appointed him as a caretaker where he served with great dedication. He was from among the earliest residences of Islamabad. In Spen Valley, Yorkshire, he was enabled to serve for a long period of time

As a finance secretary. He was a sincere and devote person. His father, Iqbal Muhammad Khan Sahib was from Gujranwala. He was also extremely devote. On his wife’s name in Jamia Ahmadiyya Rabwah he had a mosque built by the name of Hasan Iqbal.

Apart from his wife Rashid Ahmad Sahib also has a son, Shamim Ahmad Khan. May Allah the Almighty elevate his station. May Allah the Almighty grant him forgiveness and also bestow his son to be enabled to maintain a relationship of sincerity and devotion with the Jamaat.

May Allah the Almighty also bestow patience upon his wife and son also.


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