Ahmadi Muslim VideoTube Friday Sermon Khalifa V Friday Sermon | خطبہ جمعہ | September 12, 2014

Friday Sermon | خطبہ جمعہ | September 12, 2014

Friday Sermon – Khalifatul Masih V – Mirza Masroor Ahmad – Year 2014

Recently I was sent a letter from the United States in which the person remarked, that in the speeches that I delivered at Jalsa Salana, I related how people, both through the mode of preaching and also through the right guidance of Allah the Almighty, people are entering into the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community,

Or their attention is being drawn in this way. How people’s faiths are being reinvigorated as a result of this. And how the truthfulness of Ahmadiyyat is increasingly being instilled in their hearts. The writer said that hearing all of this, a heartfelt wish developed that if only someone were

To enter into Ahmadiyyat in this part of the world through me and thus I could also witness a sign of this manner. A short while later my phone rang and a lady was on the other end, who said: ‘After finding your telephone number on the website I am calling you.’

‘I am interested in Islam and wish to meet you.’ The Ahmadi replied that is fine and let us meet. Undertaking a lengthy journey this lady reached to this Ahmadi. She disclosed her circumstances and how she had developed this enthusiasm of Islam. On the internet she acquired further material and information.

Subsequently her husband and her in-laws, who were strict Christians, became opposed to her and she was forced to endure their anger. This resulted in her separation from her husband. They had two children and the court decided that the husband should be given custody of them.

Despite this she remained steadfast in the search of the truth and sacrificed everything. She relates that: ‘I studied in depth going on to the website of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’ ‘and I also regularly watched MTA.’ She further said that she had also acquired information into the other Muslim sects

But they gave her no satisfaction. Every time she gave attention towards Islam she would remain focused upon studying the literature of the Jamaat. This Ahmadi informed her that our Jalsa was held in the past few days which was shown on MTA.

To which the lady replied that she had also watched the Jalsa on MTA and now wanted to join the Ahmadiyya community. The writer continues by saying, that my daughter, who perhaps studies at university, and who was present in that discussion with this lady at the time, said that when I had

Related the incidence during the Jalsa of the new comers into Ahmadiyyat in terms of how they had accepted the truthfulness of Ahmadiyyat and Allah the Almighty had guided them. She believed that some of the episodes were exaggerated. But she says that after listening to the account of this lady her faith had strengthened.

She realised there was no exaggeration in the accounts. And she saw how Allah the Almighty is turning people’s hearts and she understood how Allah the Almighty was guiding us. Thus at times the notion arises in the minds of some educated persons and also perhaps

At times in the youth, that some of these incidents are exaggerated when they are presented. However, bear in mind that all the accounts that are presented are not tales and fables. They indeed are true accounts. They are but a few samples of that current of wind that Allah the Almighty has directed

This way and which I present. There are innumerable incidences but I only select and present a few. Even the accounts that are selected to be presented at the Jalsa cannot all be related. And that is why last year I had explained that whenever the opportunity arose

During the course of the year, I will present some of these accounts. Some were related whilst others could not and this year many such accounts have also now been gathered and collated. I relate all of these so that our faith can be strengthened and enhanced

And they can lead us to constantly self-assessing, that to what degree are the roots of Ahmadiyyat strengthening within us. To what extent do we need to give heed and attention towards our worship and how we should seek guidance from Allah the Almighty after accepting Ahmadiyyat.

It is in this connection that today I will relate some of the accounts of those who have newly joined into Ahmadiyyat and how Allah the Almighty guides them. We must not listen to these as merely interesting anecdotes but rather this is a reality,

Which becomes and should become a means of strengthening of one’s faith. They should lead us to assessing our state and condition. They should result in us expressing our gratitude to Allah the Almighty for his treatment of the Jamaat. They should bring about a realisation of our responsibilities and paying attention to discharging them.

Today it is our duty to convey the message of truth to the world and to guide them. Where on the one hand we need to expend efforts to discharge this responsibility, there on the other hand we need to ensure that our personal state and condition is in accordance with Allah the Almighty’s teachings.

Thus our practical examples and models can constantly strengthen those who enter the Jamaat. As I mentioned, I will present samples of the help and succour of Allah the Almighty and how he imparts his guidance. A lady from Tunisia, Maliha Sahiba, writes: ‘I am a keen reader.’

‘I also studied the Holy Qur’an and numerous other Islamic books but there were still many topics incomprehensible to me such as the verse of surah Al-Nisa: “whereas they slew him not, nor did they bring about his death on the cross” (Verse 158).

‘The other verses with regards to the subject of the death of Jesus always remained the focal point of my study.’ ‘Has Jesus died or is he alive in the heavens?’ ‘I then read the attributes of the Dajjal, the Anti-Christ, in Riyad-us-Saliheen

And it dawned upon me that how could God send a person of this description?’ ‘I thought that what purpose would it serve for Jesus to be sitting in the heavens.’ ‘These reflections would concern me.’ ‘I would pray to God the Almighty for guidance.’

‘Suddenly one day, while switching the channels on the television, I came across MTA, which was different to all the other religious channels.’ ‘At the time a discussion was being held with a Christian priest.’ ‘In comparison to the other channels, the host and the panellists were conducting very dignified discussions.’

‘I discovered during this period of time that the Promised Messiah’s, on whom be peace, advent had occurred.’ ‘I regularly watched MTA thereafter and gradually I’ve begun to understand all the topics.’ ‘I prayed to Allah the Almighty that I should not die until I become an Ahmadi.’

‘Finally I took the Bai’at and entered into the Ahmadiyya community which is a great favour of God upon me.’ From Yemen, Ramadhan Sahib relates the account of his Bai’at. He relates that: ‘I had the opportunity to live in a Chinese society

And found them to be very good people when I lived in China.’ ‘I observed that some Arabs took undue advantage from their good dealings and would say negative things about them and pick faults in them.’ ‘I considered that how is it possible, that despite these people showing good conduct

Manners, they would go to hell.’ Yet we would become deserving of heaven simply because we were Muslims by name. Thereafter I began study and research and started reading Muslim literature. I continued with this study, read various Islamic literature and watched Islamic programmes. During this time I had the opportunity to watch MTA.

The arguments and reasoning presented was so compelling and strong that I would tremble as a result. It felt as if an electric current was running through my body. Thereafter I began to watch MTA constantly and would spontaneously weep whilst watching it, but would not know why.

There was an overwhelming feeling in me that Allah the Almighty had himself guided me to this channel. To discover the truthfulness of the Promised Messiah, on whom be peace, I started praying profusely and each time I would receive the answer through my body shaking and trembling and through tranquillity of the mind

Which would satisfy me that the Promised Messiah, on whom be peace, is true. Then I read the books of the Promised Messiah, on whom be peace. I received most of the answers to my questions from them. I then took the bai’at and became a member of the community.

Tom Sahib from Holland relates the account of his acceptance of Ahmadiyyat. I am 22 years old and I am a university student. At the beginning of 2004 I took the Bai’at in Amsterdam in the Baitul Mahmood mosque. I have always had an inclination and attachment to religion and at a particular age

I had firm belief in the existence of God but without any specific attachment to any religion. On a daily basis the realisation increasingly dawned upon me that vice was prevalent in the world. This is is the way of thinking of this youngster. Some of our youth in the Jamaat who are born Ahmadies

Should think about this, who don’t normally. So he continues that: ‘on a daily basis the realisation continuously dawned upon me’ that vice is prevalent in the world.’ ‘This was a compelling factor for me and I began my study into the purpose of life.’

‘I researched prolifically and spoke to various people on this topic.’ ‘During the course of my study my heart began to be inclined towards Islam.’ ‘It was in this connection that I would converse to Ahmadis.’ ‘I visited the Jamaat centre with them in Nunspeet.’

‘I observed the Jamaat atmosphere which became evident to me through this that true Islam is Ahmadiyyat alone.’ ‘It also became clear to me that the Promised Messiah, on whom be peace, has truly and really come in this world.’ ‘All Muslims are in search of unity whilst Ahmadiyyat is that sole movement

Where there is true and strong unity and where one can find the taste of true faith.’ He writes that: ‘I wrote a letter of prayers to Khalifatul Masih.’ ‘After I wrote this letter God extended His grace upon me.’ ‘The truth of Islam became manifest to me

And I went to the Mahmood mosque and took the bai’at.’ ‘I am learning to offer the prayer and I am endeavouring to lead a pure life.’ Salamat sahib is from Kyrgyzstan where he is the Jamaat Sadr or president. He relates that: ‘At my workplace is a Russian lady colleague.’

‘She was a Christian and I was in discussion with her with respect to religion.’ ‘During the course of our conversation she said that she did not have heartfelt satisfaction upon her religion.’ She was introduced to Islam and Ahmadiyyat and given the book, ‘The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam’.

‘Upon which she remarked that all my questions with respect to religion have been answered.’ ‘I am now satisfied that Islam is truly the real religion.’ After this she studied other Jamaat literature. Her faith and conviction in the truthfulness of Islam went from strength to strength

To the extent then that the lady visited Qadian. She has taken the Bai’at and has now joined the scheme of wassiyyat. Arjaan sahib from Holland, who was a Christian by faith, relates the account of his acceptance of bai’at: ‘I was always in search of forming a relationship with God and acquiring his love

But the Bible never really and truly guided me.’ ‘One day before departing from home I offered a greatly heart burning prayer to God the Almighty, to guide me to the truth.’ ‘To enable me to meet someone who could lead me to God.’

‘That was a day of the birthday of the King in Holland, where people put up their stalls outside.’ ‘An hour had not passed when I happened upon a book stall of the Jamaat.’ ‘There I met an Ahmadi person who introduced me to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat.’

‘He gave me, in addition to other Jamaat literature, the book ‘The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam.’ ‘I returned home and read this book and my entire world transformed.’ It became immediately clear to me that the author of this book is no ordinary human being.’

‘Indeed only one given knowledge directly by God could have written such a book.’ ‘Islam is really a true religion.’ ‘Thereafter I attended the Jalsa Salana Holland and Jalsa Salana Germany.’ ‘The spiritual Jalsas had an extraordinary impact upon me and it became clear to me

That all of this was the answer to the prayers I had supplicated.’ ‘There was no room left for me to reject and deny so thus during the Jalsa Salana Germany he took the bai’at.’ ‘Khala sahiba from Libya relates that: ‘After the Gaddafi government was toppled in Libya

I prayed to God the Almighty with great humility and lamentation that do now send the Imam Mahdi so that the circumstances can be rectified.’ ‘One day by coincidence switching the TV channels I came across MTA where I saw the picture of the Promised Messiah, on whom be peace, which attracted my attention.’

‘Consequently I began watching various programmes on this channel and I learned about the doctrines of Ahmadiyyat.’ ‘This continued for one year.’ ‘After I decided that without any further research I should immediately take the Bai’at.’ She then writes that she wrote a letter to me for her steadfastness and strength of faith.

Korne Abdullah Sahib who is currently serving as the driver in the mission house relates that: ‘I had been married for over two years but did not have any children.’ ‘Two years ago when I first newly heard of the name of Ahmadiyyat

And I had only just heard of the advent of the Promised Messiah, on whom be peace, I prayed to be granted children that O God, O All Hearing and All Seeing Lord, if the Promised Messiah and Imam Mahdi has truly come

And Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is he, then confer me the blessings of having progeny and enable me to become amongst these servants of the Messiah of Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.’ He says that: ‘God the Almighty accepted my prayer.’

‘During that same month my wife was expecting with a child and I now have a daughter.’ After this the family took the Bai’at. As the Promised Messiah, on whom be peace, has explained, one should pray

To be guided to the right path, so thus even if one is not satisfied but is thirsty to learn, the truth, if he prays to God with great lamentation, with an open mind, with a wish that he should be guided by God, with a sincere and pious intention,

Then God the Almighty indeed guides people.’ Through some way or the other, whether it is a dream or otherwise, one is guided. The truth of Ahmadiyyat and Islam becomes manifest to them. There are some accounts of dreams. Ameer Sahib of the Gambia writes: ‘Donghe Kabe is a place in the Gambia.’

‘There one person said, that since he heard the message of Ahmadiyyat, he really liked it.’ ‘The conduct and behaviour of the members of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat was exemplary and impressive but I was always astonished of what the reason was that all the Muslim scholars were opposed to Ahmadiyyat.’

‘How can it be that they are all wrong?’ ‘This was why I was always doubtful of the claim of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat.’ ‘I was advised by the area missionary to leave the matter in the hands of God.’ ‘That I should pray that God should guide me.’ ‘So thus I started praying.’

‘One night in a dream I saw the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, who said to me to come along with him.’ ‘At the time the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, was accompanied by some other people.’

‘I was with the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, and we crossed a desert.’ ‘We could see people from afar at the destination we were reaching, after crossing the desert.’ ‘When I arrived near to these people, I could clearly recognise them.’

‘They were the members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat.’ ‘Subsequently the Holy Prophet, (pbuh), was with two groups An earlier group and a later group.’ ‘Through this dream the truthfulness of Ahmadiyyat became clear to me.’ ‘I related this dream to the missionary.’ ‘I took the bai’at and I entered into Ahmadiyyat.’

So this person now preaches himself and by virtue of him several people have entered Ahmadiyyat. The missionary in Haiti relates that: ‘I knew convert Abdul Madale Sahib.’ ‘He was researching into the Jamaat.’ ‘In the second week of February 2004 he saw in a dream: There was a day which was extraordinarily bright.’

‘It appeared as if the sun was shining very close by.’ ‘All of a sudden a severe earthquake struck and just in a short span of time almost all of the buildings are destroyed.’ ‘A small section of his house is also damaged.’

‘In the context of this predicament he thinks that he should see the Ahmadiyya Mission house.’ ‘In the dream he sets off to see it.’ ‘On route there are destroyed buildings all around.’ ‘People are out on the streets screaming.’ ‘Upon arrival at the Ahmadiyya mission house he sees that the Ahmadiyya

Mission house building is completely intact and the missionary is standing outside with other Ahmadies and are in a conversation.’ ‘Seeing me, they say come let us go to the seaport.’ ‘When I arrive at the seaport there is a white boat.’ ‘All of us Ahmadies board the boat.’

‘There are already some Ahmadies on the boat.’ ‘Through this large boat or ship we begin our journey on the sea.’ ‘Then the dream ends.’ ‘He says, thereafter I was firmly convinced in my heart that now salvation, if it exists, is through Ahmadiyyat alone. So he then took the Bai’at.’

Our missionary from Australia writes that: ‘A Sikh friend, Dipindar sahib, was being preached to.’ ‘He attended the Jalsa Salana Australia.’ ‘After considerable research, on the basis of a dream, he accepted Ahmadiyyat.’ ‘He says that he phoned me and was speaking in an emotional tone.’

‘It was difficult for him to speak and would cry.’ ‘He related that three days ago I saw a dream that I am in a location where there is great darkness.’ ‘As a result of this darkness I am very perturbed’ ‘It seemed as if I would not be able to breath and would die.’

‘I think how can I exit from this darkness?’ ‘During this time suddenly light is produced in this darkness and the darkness is transformed into light.’ ‘A holy and saintly person came and stood before me.’ ‘He said that, grab my hand if you want to remove yourself from this darkness

And he extended his hand to me to hold it.’ ‘As soon as I held his hand I woke up.’ ‘For two days I was very worried regarding the nature of this dream.’ ‘The dream and the holy person would not leave my mind.’

‘On that same day this missionary had called him and showed him the picture of the Promised Messiah, on whom be peace, and the Khulafa.’ ‘He put his hand on the picture of the Promised Messiah, on whom be peace,

And said that this was that same holy person who was telling me to hold his hand to gain salvation from the darkness.’ The missionary from Mali writes: ‘One person phoned the Ahmadiyya mission house and said from today I am an Ahmadi.’ ‘Please accept my Bai’at.’

‘When they enquired the reason he wanted to take the bai’at, he explained that as a result of the current circumstances of the Muslims, I did not feel like joining any of the Muslims sects.’ ‘I read the Holy Quran and the other books of Hadith and tried my level best to act upon them.’

‘But considering the current plight of the Muslims I always felt that God the Almighty would not leave this religion in its current predicament and the Mahdi’s advent would occur.’ ‘I would think that this is a time of the coming of the Mahdi and would pray for this.’

‘He said last night, when I slept after praying, I saw in a dream that the moon has separated from the sky and is descending towards the ground’ ‘As the moon descends, it falls into my hand and there is a voice from it saying

The Mahdi has come and he is calling people to him.’ He then says that: ‘Your Radio is announcing exactly this’. ‘The Mahdi has come, the Mahdi has come.’ ‘Thus there is no ambiguity in this and I take the Bai’at.’ Alsini Suma Sahib from Guinea Conakry says:

‘An Ahmadi, Muhammad Sahib, was preaching to me’. ‘I did not have heartfelt satisfaction and I would constantly pray that Allah shows me the straight path’. ‘During this time I saw in a dream that the path I was being invited towards, was the correct path’.

‘Through this I gained satisfaction of the heart and Allah enabled me to take the Bai’at’. From Germany Ibrahim Kalun Sahib writes: ‘After being introduced to the Jamaat I began watching MTA’. ‘Then I prayed regarding the truthfulness of the Promised Messiah, and did Istakhara’.

‘One day after doing the Istakhara prayer, in a dream I saw the Promised Messiah’. ‘He was leaving from his palace and from the walls of this palace, rays of Noor or spiritual light, were emanating’. ‘Wearing the Ihram I was standing near the threshold of the palace’.

‘I knelt down and put my hands on my knees’. ‘The Promised Messiah, on whom be peace, opened his hands and placed it upon my head.’ ‘I was starting to say to him that I hear and I obey. I then awoke’. He says: ‘Then I had complete satisfaction and conviction.’

Alha Sahib from Egypt writes: ‘I am a young Egyptian’. ‘One year ago I was introduced to the Jamaat through MTA’. ‘I came to believe in the Naghia sect, that is a sect on the right path and the true sect’. ‘And I was prepared for it to be accepted’.

‘One night I prayed to God the Almighty weeping profusely asking for a sign to be shown to me’. ‘In a dream I saw myself in a gathering’. He writes to me [to Hazur], that he saw me in the dream.

He says that you put a silver ring on my finger, which had a Qur’anic verse on it. ‘I woke up and was delighted’. ‘I considered the dream to be a means to Ahmadiyyat and Islam.’ Our missionary from Sierra Leone writes: ‘A far-flung Jamaat in the Panama region is called Tongo Field.

‘In the surrounding villages the seeds of Ahmadiyyat had not been planted.’ ‘In the nearby village was a young boy with good morals.’ ‘According to the local tradition and custom the people of the local village placed the crown to make the youngster the leader of the youth.’ The youngster said that:

‘The night they put the crown on my head’. ‘I saw in a dream a big and small Mosque’. ‘I want to go to the big Mosque to say my prayer but I hear a voice that said: If you want your prayer to be accepted and establish a relationship with God

Then go to the small Mosque’. ‘I go to the small Mosque and I see that my father is seated in it’. ‘He says to me: Son, this is the Mosque of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat.’ If you want to establish a bond with Allah, only come and keep contact with this Mosque’.

The young person says that: ‘Before seeing this dream, I did not know anything about the Ahmadiyya Jamaat.’ ‘Thereafter I started asking the people of the surrounding villages whether there was any mosque of the Ahmadiyya Community.’ ‘One person informed me about the Tongo Mosque.’ ‘I contacted the Mualim Sahib there.’

‘I took the Bai’at and entered into the Jamaat.’ The actual thing is sincerity and devotion. Not large numbers. The real thing is who the grace and blessings of Allah the Almighty are with. Thus to assert that all the Muslim sects are on one side, whilst the Jamaat-e- Ahmadiyya is alone on the other.

Here it has been indicated that do not look at the large numbers, look at where the help and succour of Allah the Almighty are. And where there are more signs of the acceptance of prayers. From the Gambia, one person relates one of his dreams. One night when asleep he saw in a dream.

A person who comes to him. He grasps his hand firmly and says: ‘Assalamo alaikum wa rahmatullah’. In the dream this person was unrecognizable to him. Within the dream he enquires from other people who this person is. Upon which they inform him that this is the Imam of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat.

He says he then awoke. The next morning this person came to our mission house. He related this dream to our Mualim. The Mualim had already turned on MTA. At the time my Friday Sermon was being broadcast. So he says, after seeing me he said this is that same person

Who came to me last night in my dream. Thereafter he accepted Ahmadiyyat. Naib Nazir Sahib, Dawat-e-lillah Qadian, relates: ‘Here there is a place in Hanuman Gharr, Mojan Wali, where a person is called Laal Deen Sahib, some time ago saw a dream.

‘There is a dead child who is saying: Four people will come to you, they will tell you about the religion of Islam.’ ‘Accept what they say, follow them and act upon them.’ ‘When we went to Laal Deen Sahib’s house and gave him the message of Ahmadiyyat,

After hearing everything we had to say, he said: I have been notified of your coming beforehand through a dream.’ ‘I was waiting for you.’ ‘Subsequently he, his sons and his entire family took the Bai’at.’ There is a local Jamaat in Kirgizstan, where there is a new convert

Bahadur Sahib, who relates that: ‘It happened in 1998. I was offering the Asr prayer.’ ‘A Short while before saying Salaam a state of vision encompassed me.’ ‘In my right ear this verse of Surah Younis was recited.’ ‘And Allah calls to the abode of peace and guides whom He pleases to the straight path.’

‘After this I was told the interpretation and commentary of this verse will be told to you by a teacher from India.’ ‘After this, my state of vision passed.’ ‘After the prayer I was astonished and remained so.’ ‘How did the state of vision come upon me?’

‘Until then I did not have any acquaintance with India or even heard of it.’ ‘For work related purposes, I had to go from Kyrgyzstan to Russia.’ ‘When I came here I met some people who had hailed from India.’ ‘I did not know anything about the Jamaat.’

‘And even with these people I did not speak to them about religion but only about business and trade.’ ‘Slowly but gradually my interest and enthusiasm in religion increased.’ ‘Until one day I was introduced to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat.’ ‘With the grace of the Almighty Allah, I was enabled to accept Ahmadiyyat.’

‘In 2012 I took the Bai’at and entered into the Jamaat.’ ‘I understood the commentary and interpretation of this verse.’ ‘Because the Promised Messiah was from Qadian, Allah the Almighty enabled me to accept this Imam and to enter into the Jamaat.’

‘Indeed the one who came from India was the source of guidance and peace for me.’ Our missionary in-charge of Chandrapur, Maharashtra, writes: ‘Here there is a town.’ ‘The wife of Sheikh Kadir Sahib, Sultana Begum, was a staunch and fierce opponent for the Jamaat for some time.’

‘This wife hales from a household in Andhra Pradesh who was fiercely opposed to the Jamaat.’ ‘After marriage, her husband Shaikh Kadir Sahib accepted Ahmadiyyat.’ ‘This caused a great upheaval in the home.’ ‘And the matter reached a stage where there was a danger of Khulla or divorce.’

‘Shaikh Kadir Sahib considered all other relationships as completely worthless in the face of Ahmadiyyat and remained steadfast.’ ‘We tried to explain to the wife of Kadir Sahib, that her husband was on the truth and she should also pray and that Allah would most certainly show a miracle.’

‘But she would only think that perhaps Ahmadiyyat would corrupt my faith.’ ‘As a result of this she always strove to remain distant of Ahmadiyyat.’ ‘Despite their being MTA in the home she would watch the Madani Channel.’ ‘But Allah the Almighty’s power and might displayed His manifestation.’ ‘One day Sultana Sahiba saw a dream.’

‘A holy person is teaching her the Kalima, the Muslim creed, and informing her that the Holy Qur’an is the final Sharia. Act upon it’ ‘She says that she thought that the holy person, was the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.’ ‘This dream did not satisfy her.’

‘But nonetheless she remained silent for some period.’ ‘After some time she once again saw a dream.’ ‘That in the whole surrounding Region Ahmadiyyat had spread.’ ‘Whoever she asks, calls himself an Ahmadi.’ ‘Then she saw that in the yolk of an egg was written:

There is none worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad is His messenger.’ ‘It was also written that Hadhrat Imam Mahdi had arrived.’ ‘Within the dream Sultana Begum Sahiba says to her brother, who is in an opponent, that these people are certainly true.’

‘After this in the morning, as she was pious natured, she took the Bai’at.’ From the Kolikoro region of Mali one of our Mualims writes: ‘In their village Show, Bange Jara Sahib an elderly person, had related: A long time ago he saw a dream. He was climbing on a very high wall.’

‘When he reaches the top of it, he sees many flowers.’ ‘There are many people sitting on the right side of the flowers.’ ‘In the dream he was told, that if you want to learn Islam and if you want to recognize the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him,

Join amongst these people.’ ‘He cannot understand what this meant.’ ‘When he came on to the Ahmadiyya Radio called Noor, he started hearing what they said.’ ‘One day he saw this dream again.’ ‘He was told that these are the people of Ahmadiyya Radio who you should join.’ ‘You will then reach God.’

‘After this with the grace of the Almighty Allah he took the Bai’at.’ Allah the Almighty guides such people. Then after hearing such incidents, then our responsibility increases considerably. We who are old or born Ahmadis, we need to keep a vigilant eye upon our personal state.

Establish a relationship with God the Almighty and reform our practical condition. As I said, we should constantly remind ourselves of this. Less that slackness and laziness deprives us of this. It is a decree of Allah the Almighty that the caravan of Ahmadiyyat, Inshallah God willing, will constantly advance and march forward.

So this will indeed be the case. There is a need to pay great attention towards this and we should constantly remain a part of this advancement of Ahmadiyyat. There are other incidences where there are Fatwas, because there are many a Fatwas, or edicts, issued against the Ahmadiyya Jamaat.

At times the Fatwas are given by way of a lesson which Allah the Almighty brings about such circumstances. With those who issue the Fatwas or the edicts, become the targets of the Fatwas themselves. An Ahmadi lady from Egypt, Yohad Sahiba, writes:

‘My father belongs to an Islamic Organisation, Ikhwanun Muslemeen, he follows it blindly.’ ‘This organisation sought another Egyptian organisation to issue a fatwa against Ahmadiyyat.’ ‘Declaring it outside the fold of Islam, God forbid.’ ‘Once my father made a false allegation against us Ahmadies.’

‘At the time in a state of immense desperation and helplessness I raised my hands in prayers.’ ‘That Allah the Almighty in his grace and blessings should help us and should take revenge from this person who speaks falsely, yet claims that it is true.’

‘I supplicated that: Oh Allah, if the Promised Messiah, on whom be peace, is true, then display a sign.’ She says: ‘At the time I was keeping the Shawal Fasts.’ ‘It was near to Maghrib time.’ ‘I turned on the television to listen to the news regarding the circumstances of Egypt.’

‘I was astonished beyond measure: Al-Azhar had declared the Aghwanul Muslimeen outside the fold of Islam and as apostates.’ ‘On this I loudly proclaimed, Nare Takbeer.’ ‘I said indeed the Promised Messiah is certainly truthful. ‘The Fatwa from Al Azhar in Egypt is given more importance than the Fatwa issued by Darul Iftar.’

‘I said to my father: Now look, how Allah the Almighty has replied.’ ‘You tried to pick out a Fatwa.’ ‘In response Allah has given a much stronger Fatwa that the Promised Messiah, on whom be peace, is truthful.’ The Promised Messiah, on whom be peace, said:

‘There was a time when only a handful of people were with us and no one else.’ ‘Now we see that there are swarms and droves of people joining us.’ ‘that people will come to you from every distant track’ Not only this; there is something added to this.

That the opponents oppose Ahmadiyyat tooth and nail, just try and stop people coming here. Ultimately those words were fulfilled. Now every new person who comes to us is a sign of this revelation. Elsewhere the Promised Messiah, on whom be peace, says:

‘Allah the Almighty does not desire the faith of our Jamaat to diminish.’ With his grace Allah the Exalted, in order to enhance the faith of our Jamaat, displays and manifests his signs. With the Grace of Allah this continues even today but there are some unfortunate people,

Who neither take lesson in seeing these signs, nor do they attempt to recognise the truth. Rather, they increase in their enmity and opposition. Such people one day will see their sorry end. The Promised Messiah, on whom be peace, says: ‘God has appointed me, God has sent me.’

‘They, that is the opponents, see whether the person, who says that his advent occurred on the command of God, has God’s support and help with him or not.’ ‘However, they saw sign upon sign and they said they were false.’ ‘They saw divine help upon divine help and divine succour upon divine succour.’

‘Yet they said this was all magic and sorcery.’ ‘What hope and expectations can I have of such people who dishonour and disregard the word of God.’ ‘Respect of the Word of God requires that as soon as they heard His name, they should have submitted but they increased in their mischief.’

‘They will now see for themselves in whose hand is the ending.’ May Allah the Almighty soon show these opponents their ending. May the caravan of Ahmadiyyat continuously march forward. May Allah the Almighty constantly enable it to rapidly progress. May we always remain a part of it.

After the Friday prayer I will lead some funeral prayers. Muqaram Jameel Ahmad Gul or Gill Sahib, who lived in Germany for a long period of time, he came to Jalsa Salana UK with his family. With his two families they were in two cars.

On 3rd September he was returning to Germany at night, near to the city of Limburg. There were road works going on. The car being driven by his daughter had an accident. During this time the car from behind made an attempt to overtake them That car collided with their car.

As a result the car lost its balance and was pushed into the next lane. There the cars coming from the other side crashed into them. As a result Jameel Ahmad Sahib’s wife, Amatul Hameed Sahiba, a granddaughter Selina Jamila

Who was 11 years old and another granddaughter Fateh Rana Umar, aged 10, all died on the spot. Inna lilahe wa inna illahai raji’oon. Jamil Sahib’s daughter who was driving the car and her grandson, was severely injured and went into a coma.

With the Grace of the Almighty Allah they are in a much better condition. May Allah the Almighty grant them full recovery and cure. Amatul Hameed Sahiba served as Local Sadr Lajna Imaillah in Offenbach for 15 years. In the foundation stone laying ceremony of Bai’at ul Jame Aachenburg,

She had the fortunate blessing of laying one of the foundation stones. She was the daughter of Rana Karamatullah Khan Sahib, former Ameer in the district of Mansera who had the honour of being Asseerane Rahe Mola, imprisoned in the way of God. The first case of saying Assalam-o-aleikum, was upon him.

May Allah the Almighty elevate the rank of the deceased and those who have been left behind. May He grant them steadfastness and patience.


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