Ahmadi Muslim VideoTube Friday Sermon Khalifa V Friday Sermon | خطبہ جمعہ | July 25, 2014

Friday Sermon | خطبہ جمعہ | July 25, 2014

Friday Sermon – Khalifatul Masih V – Mirza Masroor Ahmad – Year 2014

The last 10 days of Ramadan are rapidly passing by Muslims give more focus or give great significance to two particular aspects during these last 10 days. Amongst these, one is Laila-tul-Qadar and the othe is Jumma-tul-Wida. One of these things Laila-tul-Qadar is something t

Truly holds real importance as it’s proven by the statements of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw). It is mentioned in various narrations in the Hadit The Holy Qur’an also mentions Laila-tul-Qadar. But with respect to Jumma-tul-Wida, the Muslims themselves, or the Muslim Scholars

Have formed their own interpretations and given it a wrong meaning and significance. Today, I will briefly draw attention towards precisely these two matters; their true importance, reality and significance. And today I have also availed from some of the sermons of Hazrat Musl-e-Maud (may Allah be pleased with him)

With respect to Laila-tul-Qadar different Narrator have outlined different dates some have mentioned the 21st of Ramadan, whilst others have mentioned the 23rd to the 29th. Some firmly believe that either the 27th or 29th of Ramadan are the dates for Laila-tul-Qadar. In any case generally speaking, the narration is found that Laila-tul-Qadar

Should be searched for in the last 10 days or 10 nights of Ramadan. Nonetheless Laila-tul-Qadar is a night which has a reality. Further it is a reality that the Holy Prophet Muha ,may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him,

Was given the knowledge of the precise and appointed time and date of the special night. That night in which the believers (the Momins) are shown the manifestation of the acceptance of prayers and supplications are generally accepted. But we also dissent from the narrations that due to a folly of Muslims,

This specific date and time of Laila-tul-Qadar was to be forgotten by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) To have the knowledge of the specific time and night of Laila-tul-Qadar is no ordinary thing. There was a natural desire and wish in the heart of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw), to convey

The knowledge Allah the Almighty had given him regarding this night to the Momineen (believers). It is mentioned in the Hadith that when the Holy Prophet (pbuh) was given this knowledge he habitly rushed outside his home so he could also inform others of this to avail from.

But when he exited his house he observed that ther were two Muslims fighting amongst one another. The Holy Prophet (saw) became incrust trying to re the argument between these two people and as a result his mind was diverted from that date and time.

It would appear that the Holy Prophet (saw) expend considerable time in trying to persuade, make peace between these two Muslims and in resolving this issue. In any case, when his mind reverted to the fact th he had come to inform the people of the date of

Laila-tul-Qadar, by then he had forgotten that precise time and date. Indeed we even find in the Hadith the wordings that he was made to forgot this. Hazrat Musl-e-Maud, may Allah be pleased with him, has written that we come to learn from the

Verse of the Hadith that he had not forgotten this, but in fact due to the divine influence made to forget this specific time and hour of this Laila-tul-Qadar. The Holy Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said that due this dispute or quarrel, knowledge of the precise

Time and moment has been taken back, so thus now the precise and specific knowledge has vanquished, however search for this night in the odd nights of the last 10 days of Ramadan. An extremely vital point has been elucidated by Hazrat Musl-e-Maud here.

That moment which found is called Laila-tul-Qadar is connected to national unity and harmony. So thus this is a most crucial point. We listen to the Hadith and do say that that if those two Muslims had not fought amongst each other, we would have come to know the precise time and moment of Laila-tul-Qadar.

But we give scant attention to this most significant matter and point that the moment according to its appropriateness which is called Laila-tul-Qadar is linked with national unity. The nations from which unity and harmony are eliminated also have Laila-tul-Qadar taken from th

We have to say with great regret and sorrow today that it is the misfortune of many Muslim countries that unity and amity no longer exist. The citizens fight amongst other citizens and they also fight against the rulers and leaders. The government is cruel against the subjects.

So not only is unity and harmony nonexistent but rather there is also cruelty and wrong doing prevalent and furthermore the injustices are being given vent. It is as a result of the scarcity of unity that the Non-Muslims are emboldened to do whatsoever they please against the Muslims.

This is the reason why Israel is currently in the cruel manner continuing to kill the Palestinians. If unity and harmony existed amongst the Muslims a they followed the path as enjoined by God the Almi then the Muslim countries do form such a mite and power which will not allow such

Cruelty to be perpetuated amongst them. There are certain codes of conduct and principals of war. In comparison to Israel the Palestinians have no power. If it is asserted that the Hamas are also committing injustices then the Muslim countries should also stop them.

But the comparison between both the wrongdoings an injustices is like that of one who commits using a whilst the other is committing it using an army and weapons. Recently, moaning was carried out in Turkey. Muslim countries believe they fulfilled their due merely after this moaning.

Similarly, the western countries are not playing their role. What should have happen is that both sides are stopped firmly. Nonetheless we can merely resort to prayers that Allah the Almighty saves the innocent people and victims from these injustices and that peace is established.

In the Muslim countries where there are committing wrongdoings amongst one another and disorder and strive is increasing may Allah the Almighty grant them wisdom also. And may these people be saved from those who recite the Kalima, yet have their hands stained with blood of one another.

May amity and harmony be established. Without this neither can they fulfil their right of their worsh nor can they fulfil their desire that they should experience Laila-tul-Qadar. For when unity and harmony are eliminated from amongst the people . then Laila-tul-Qadar is similarly lifted from them.

All that remains for them are nights of darkness and the progress is halted. The meaning of Laila-tul-Qadar is that night in wh the destiny of man is projected and estimated. It is decreed how he will be treated in the follow to what extend he will progress and advance,

What benefits he will avail of and what losses he will have to suffer. All decree relating to human progress are carried out in ‘Lail’ that is in darkness. Linking this example of progress with physical development and advancement, Hazrat Musl-e-Maud

Has explained this in one place in the following w that we learn from the Holy Qur’an that man’s physical development and progress is also carried out in stages of darkness. For example in the womb of the mother man is born through many stages of darkness.

And it is there where the decree of human development is undertaken. If good nourishment is not provided during those days the child becomes weak. It is established that the physical environment and atmosphere of the mother affects the child. Similarly the mother’s food intake also impacts the child.

If the environment and atmosphere are not good the the child’s morals will adversely affected to the that the children of terrified mothers cannot carr out any feeds and accomplishments in the world. Indeed due to external fears at times the children are born mentally weak. During the pregnancy good nourishment and good atmosphere

Has a correspondingly positive affect on the child’s health. It is for this reason why in Islam during pregnanc it is forbidden for a mother to keep the fast because through this, weaknesses would infuse into the child. And it is for this reason,that on such occasions, the Shariah has shun

Divorce because the shock of such circumstances can also bring about weaknesses in the development of the child. It is also for this reason why the procedure of Nikah has been deemed inappropriate during such circumstances, because as a result of exciting certain passions it has a negative effect

On the nourishment and development of the child. Furthermore Islam has taught the prayer to the parents to be safe from satanic thoughts so such fancies and thoughts should not form which can develop in the progeny to be born.

Both parents are inculcated to pray that Satan who is running along the blood of the veins as it is mentioned in the Hadith that Satan is running along the blood in the veins. That this prayer should enable for Satan should be separated from this,

So that the children and progeny can be free of Satan. So for the nourishment and upbringing of the children the Shariat has especially taught and inculcated to take special care during these days when the child is in darkness. This sequence of taking special care has been continued until

The period where he is in the stages of darkness. Similarly this period of giving special care has been extended to the suckling period were the mother gives milk. For during such days the child has not looked at the world for its requirements, but instead looks to his mother.

In those days the mother is forbidden from fasting to prevent the negative effect on nourishment and health of the child. So just as physical development occurs in the stag of darkness, similarly spiritual progress and advancement occurs at night.

Every nation and people’s spiritual progress and development occurs to the extent of its early sacr The standard of its progress is its Laila-tul-Qada The measure and standard of any people’s progress and advancement is its Laila-tul-Qadar.

This is why the Holy Prophet (saw) said that the more a person is dear and beloved of God the more he has to pass through trials and tribulations. So we should also remember that we are passing through trials in some places. This indeed is precisely Laila-tul-Qadar.

As a result of one undergoing trials and tribulati develops a deep yarning to find the true Laila-tul Attention is given towards prayers and one submits especially towards God when he is in pain and suff This enables a person to successfully traverse the period of nourishment and development.

However, if we continuously diminish our standards of harmony and unity we would not be able to truly and properly avail of Laila-tul-Qadar. If we constantly give sacrifices understanding it be for the sake of the pleasure of Allah the Almig then we will continuously also see successes and triumph.

And as we experience these victories and successes we will attain a new life which will emerge in a new manner. If we maintain unity and mutual harmony for the sake of pleasure of Allah, you will experience new stages of success and triumph.

Thus this is a crucial and most vital point which all of us should keep in view. That when we successfully pass through this Laila-tul-Qadar then the decree and decision to increase, advance and progress in this will also be extraordinary.

Allah the Almighty will make the decree and it is he who will answer our prayers. Allah the Almighty is the one who is going to display to us Laila-tul-Qadar. So this is why it is necessary to obey by those ma which become the bases of attaining Laila-tul-Qada

The Matla-il-Fajr will also be extraordinary. We will see this with extraordinary successes. Thus in order to gain beneficence from Laila-tul-Qadar, we need to permanently and perpetually keep these matters in view. Laila-tul-Qadar is the name of that sacrifice which is acceptable in the site of God.

And there is no barging greater than that which is accepted by God. So thus we should make an effort to do sacrifices which are accepted. In the Islamic battles for example the Battle of B both disbelievers and Muslims were killed.

But the disbelievers who were killed was not Laila and the sacrifices were not Laila-tul-Qadar but the Muslims who were martyred was Laila-tul-Qadar. Allah the Almighty had decreed the sacrifices to be accepted. The following principle should be kept in mind. Pain and suffering that God the Almighty

Has not put any value on that is not Laila-tul-Qadar. That is a punishment and a wrath of God. But the pain, suffering and difficulty upon which God the Almighty has placed a price and value on; that is Lailatul Qadr. So darkness, tribulation, pain and suffering, which Allah the Almighty has said,

He will give reward for, is Lailatul Qadr. There are some times, which have been assigned by God the Almighty, in which whatever sacrifices man makes in them, will be always accepted in the sight of God. Certainly, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat witnesses the manifestation of this and continues to do so.

In some countries there are extreme circumstances against Ahmadis. These extremely harsh conditions herald the coming of the dawn. There also, as a result of this Lailatul Qadr, country after country and city after city witness the continuing birth of Ahmadi children. New Jamaats are constantly being established and formed.

So, to attain further beneficence from this, to accumulate the blessings of Lailatul Qadr to an even greater degree, each and every single one of us should pledge, that we will increase our unity and mutual harmony and animity more than before and that we will immediately fill any cracks and fishes, that are forming.

That we will become the embodiment of being tender, sympathetic and compassionate to one another and thus gain the true beneficence of Lailatul Qadr. So thus, in this Ramadan we should also make an effort to end all personal grievances and grudges.

This is so that on a personal level we can attain the benefit of Lailatul Qadr and so, that the rewards, the fruits, the progress, the successes and the blessings, that Allah the Almighty has decreed on a communal level, that we can have a share in it. We should also remember this,

That as the rainfall of the blessings and bounties of Allah the Almighty descends, correspondingly the enemy is placing hurdles and difficulties in front of us and will continue to do so. The enemy will, and is trying to, put us into trials. We should not wrongly presume that this is limited to some countries.

The fire of jealousy will burn as greatly as possible, to try and stop progress and this will be true everywhere. But the glad tiding of the coming of Lailatul Qadr , to be saved from the negative effects of this and the acceptance of the prayers for the success and triumph

Of the jamaat, are all being seen. So as long as we transform our condition and state in line with the pleasure of Allah the Almighty, we will constantly benefit from Lailatul Qadr. The purpose of the believers, their efforts and their desire and wish is that they

Should see the progress and the advancement of the Jamaat at that pinnacle standard; the promises of which Allah the Almighty has made. Once we associate ourselves with the Promised Messiah, on whom be peace, we should make an effort to become a part of those successes in the manner

In which the Promised Messiah, on whom be peace, has explained to us. And those messages fall into those two categories, which the Promised Messiah explained, was the purpose of his advent. In other words, one is that man should be connected with God and the second is

That every man should be made to fulfil the dues of his fellow human beings. So these are the two tasks that have been entrusted to us. We should elevate the standards of our worship. We should eliminate our mutual grievances, grudges and differences and instead pay attention to fulfilling each other’s rights.

It is impossible that on the one hand we are fulfilling the rights of others, yet we have differences and grievances within us. So, if we constantly follow this principle, we will truly understand Lailatul Qadr and will attain it. The Promised Messiah, on whom be peace, has explained that Lailatul Qadr,

Also in the following manner in one place. He says, ‘Lailatul Qadr is the time of purification for man.’ So, in order to purify your lives, we should search for such a Lailatul Qadr. That will be the true Lailatul Qadr when we will purify our lives.

The second matter, as I said, is Juma tul Widaa. There are very strange concepts and perceptions that have taken root of this. It is the favour and blessing of Allah the Almighty upon us, that he has enabled us to accept the Imam of this time. We have been rid of wrong notions.

An Ahmadi should be free and purified of such misconceptions, otherwise there is no point of being an Ahmadi. Many a non-Ahmadi presume that to merely participate in the last Friday or Juma of Ramadan, then even the prayers that you have purposefully not performed, you will be forgiven of. All the obligations are fulfilled.

That is to say, on this day by just listening to one sermon and then offering the two rakat of the prayers, it is as if one is rid of all his past sins and misdemeanours or will be. All the blessings and graces of Allah the Almighty that accumulate upon a person

Through this last Friday of Ramadan, as if it will pay all the debt of all the gratitude from God. In the notion and conception of these people the divinity of God, God forbid, is dependent and reliant upon their four prostrations.

As if they have done a great favour of God by offering these four prostrations and God forbid, as if they have established his divinity. So, people who perform this Juma in this intention, neither does the Juma-tul-Widaa give them any benefit, nor this Ramadhan.

Nor is the coming of Laila-tul-Qadr any benefit to them. Only others will be its receipients. You should always remember that the commandments of God are a favour upon us. By acting upon them, it is benefit to us alone. These are not any penalties, that we should search for excuses to not perform them.

Searching for excuses is done in that situation, when there is Punishment or a penalty. A wise person does not search for excuses to avoid performing those things, which can benefit him. Who will think that he does not want any children? Or that his sickness and ailment should not heal and recover?

Or that he or his children should be deprived of education and knowledge, or that his close ones, his relatives and friends should not have comfort? And that his children do not gain honour and respect? Nobody would want these things. Excuses are searched for, for things opposite to these matters.

A person makes excuses to save himself from difficulties. So, if we search for excuses to avoid the injunctions of God the Almighty, this would mean we are considering, if commandments, God forbid, as painful, difficult and avoidable. Whereas everything that comes from God, his guidance;

Are for our betterment and to give us comfort. So therefore, it behoves us that we give attention towards his commandments. Whether they relate to his worship, or whether they relate to his various other injunctions. All are for our good and betterment. So, no commandment should be considered a penalty.

To do so, is to deprive yourself from the blessings and beneficence of God. Always remember that the one who has given us life, the one who sent us to this world, is God. And the one who sent us to this world, has given us a purpose for this life.

And Allah has said that, ‘I have created the men and the jinn, so that they worship me.’ So, thus when this is the purpose of life, that ‘I have created the men and the jinn, so that they worship me.’, so then this is not connected to any specific day or any special Friday.

Rather every prayer and every Friday is farz (obligatory) in addition to the nawafil, the voluntary prayers, which one performs according to his capacity and situation to attain further nearness to God. So thus it is the task of a true momin, a true believer, to perform

The commandments of Allah the Almighty with all his capacity and capabilities. In particular; worship which is the basic purpose of life, needs to be given special emphasis. Then the benefit of this worship is ours. It is not, that worship is without any benefit. It is we who are obtaining the benefit of it.

The divinity of God will continue to exist, regardless of our worship. But if we become those who worship, then we will also obtain his reward through his favour and gain beneficence from them. You should always keep in view that we will be called those who are purified

In our faith and belief, when we act upon the commands of God. The relationship with God of a true believer, is like that of a friend. It should be remembered in this connection that the friendship is from both sides. Things are accepted from both sides and are accepted with sincerity and purity.

It is not the case that only one friend gets what he wants accepted and the other goes on accepting it. So thus, this also gives us guidance towards this issue and the concept of the acceptance of prayers. If we act upon the commands of God purely and sincerely, then he also will accept

And listen to our prayers. Secondly, in a sincere and pure friendship, no friend will want anything bad to happen to the other friend. If even in worldly relationships, a friend does not want bad for his other friend, then God the Almighty respects loyalty to Him more than anyone else.

How can he desire anything bad for his friend? So as a result of sincere and pure faith, God’s grace and blessings alone are received. In worldly friendships, if we firmly believe that one of our friends is loyal to us, but he is doing something that appears to be harmful and damaging,

Then a person considers that, because he is my loyal friend there must be reason for this and bad results will not emanate. He will think that my friend does not intend to give me any harm. Rather he wants to extend me benefit.

So, then how can anyone think regarding God that he will ever want to inflict us with harm and suffering. When his commandments are not followed, then certainly it will be considered, that his commandments are deemed to be punishments or problematic.

If this circumstance exists, then either it is the case that a friendship is not truthful, or that, God forbid, God Almighty does not possess the attributes of mercy and compassion and that he is cruel, oppressive and harsh. And that he needlessly ceases people in his wrath.

So this latter notion is most certainly and undoubtedly wrong, false and a lie. God the Almighty is undoubtedly the merciful and compassionate being. Yes, indeed there could be flaws and shortcomings in your friendship. If any weaknesses exist, then they are within us.

We are not making ourselves deserving of his mercy, grace and compassion. So, in order to make ourselves deserving of his mercy and compassion, we would have to pay attention towards our state and condition. We would have to enhance and strengthen our faith.

We need to act upon the commandments of God and we need to understand the commandments of God as a mercy, blessing and bounty. If you consider the commandments of God to be a grace and blessing, then you will never reject them and let them go.

In fact you will act upon them and you will strengthen your faith. You would establish and embed and enroot these commandments in your heart. There are certain government official injunctions that a person considers to be a penalty. In poor and third world countries, there are some government directives,

Which some officials issue even beyond the law. This becomes the means of difficulty and suffering for people. Just the presence of such officials becomes a means of difficulty for others. When such officials go on official visits, they place others in difficulty.

People then think and make an effort and pray, that may this officer never come here and may we somehow be able to avoid him altogether. But the commands of God are not akin to a cruel and oppressive leader.

Rather they are a source of mercy and not acting upon them becomes a sign of ruin. Every command of Allah the Almighty brings with it mercy. And they also leave behind countless mercies and grace. Take prayer. Prayer time does not arrive, so that we can rapidly take away

This burden and free ourselves from it. And that we should quickly offer and remove it from the home. There is similarly, Ramadhan, which does not come about, so that we can merely go through it for the reason that fasting is obligatory.

The rest of the people are all keeping the fast, so we should simply keep them. Similarly, there are other forms of worship. They do not exist, so that because of the pressure of the atmosphere, environment, so that we should therefore just get rid of the burden and perform them.

Rather, a believer always makes an effort to keep these things close to him. If even once a believer performs the prayer with sincerity and purity of the heart, the prayer cannot leave his heart. There is an amazing delight he gains from it, which attracts him and inclines him towards the next prayer.

When he says salaam to complete the prayer, it is not for the reason that because he is now saying assalamo alaikum and he is free to go, rather he does so with the understanding, that it is the command of God to say salaam. Similarly, a believer cannot let Ramadhan go.

Hazrat Musleh Maud has mentioned an excellent point here. He says that in our country, there is a proverb in Urdu that, ‘We have kept the fast.’ He says this is a brilliant proverb, because he says the fasting which passes by, we do not actually bid farewell, rather we keep it and maintain it.

This then constantly and perpetually makes us the recipient of the blessings of God. It is established from the Hadith that, if the believer commits any sin or mistake, then the righteous deeds become a shield for him and save him from ruin and destruction.

So every virtue should be performed with the thinking that it should not be bid farewell, rather it should be maintained and kept because only that can give benefit which sustains and embeds in the heart. The Holy Qur’an says ‘enduring good works’ and tells us the good deeds which are maintained, are better.

So therefore the Ramadhan that we have passed by performing righteous deeds, are enduring. Now these days may indeed pass by, but as long as those pious deeds, which as a result of Ramadhan where embedded and established and practiced by us, they will not let Ramadhan actually be bid farewell.

It behoves a believer, a momin, that he should make every good thing ‘enduring good works’. Days should pass, but Ramadhan should not. Ramadhan is also a worship and worship never departs. It always remains in the heart of a true momin, a true believer. Therefore, like a true momin, a true believer,

We strive to entrench Ramadhan in our hearts. The Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said that when any person performs a righteous deed, a white mark is placed on his heart. When he performs further good deeds, then another white mark is placed on his heart,

To the extent that he continuously performs good deeds, his entire heart becomes white. Correspondingly, as he performs bad deeds, his heart is constantly marked with black marks. And if he goes on performing misdemeanours, his entire heart is blackened. So both good and bad deeds accumulate and leave an impression upon his heart.

We should strive to try to accumulate our hearts with good deeds. The pious actions that we have performed in Ramadhan, may they be permanently established by us. Allah the Almighty desires to inculcate in this Ramadhan to fill our hearts with virtue. Ramadhan does not just bring for us twenty-nine or thirty days.

These days and nights also occur in other months. In fact this month has brought to us worship and other forms of virtue, which this month draws our attention towards. We should absorb these things in our hearts. That which is preserved and safeguarded in the heart,

Cannot be taken out by anyone, until man himself removes it from his heart and makes it go to waste. So it is the duty and obligation of a believer, to respect and honour this reward of God. Always remember that this Friday does not come, that we simply perform

And offer it and bid this Ramadhan farewell. Rather this has come, so that if we so desire, we take benefit from it. Subsequently we should embed this permanently and perpetually in our heart. The Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon Him, has deemed

The Friday, the Juma, as one of the Eids amongst the Eids for the Muslims. According to the Hadith a time comes on this day, when prayers are specially accepted. We should avail of this. We have and we should not have come to the mosque today for this reason,

And nor should an Ahmadi think in this manner, that we merely say to Allah the Almighty, that the difficulty that He burdened us with in this Ramadhan, thank God it is departing from us today. Rather we have come, so that in these blessed moments and times,

We should pray, that Ramadhan will end in three or four days, but, oh God safeguard and preserve in our hearts the reality of Ramadhan the worship we carried out during these days and other pious and virtuous deeds. And may those never depart from us.

If we define Juma in this sense, or if we take beneficence from today’s Juma, then we have truly made this Juma blessed for us. But if after these three four days, or after this Juma, Ramadhan departs from us And if we no longer perform those righteous deeds that we performed in this month,

Then this would be a great misfortune on our part. In the world we are never happy when a son separates from his father, a mother from her son, or a brother from a brother. In fact, true friends or close relatives are not happy, if they have separated either.

We are always happy, when an enemy goes away from us. Similarly, upon the Ramadhan being separated, a true believer can never be happy. Nobody can be happy on being separated from blessings. Who is he, who would be delighted that he is being separated from blessings?

He who is happy on being separated from blessings, can only be considered unfortunate. What else can he be deemed to be? So today, each and every single one of us should pray, that God the Almighty connects this day permanently to us. And that no moment of ours should be separated from Ramadhan.

We should always reflect and ponder on what Ramadhan actually is. And the reality which Allah the Almighty has taught us, as I explained in my first Khutba-e Ramadhan, that the blessed month in which the Quran was revealed is called Ramadhan. So when the days of the revelation of the Qur’an end,

Those are not blessed days but in fact are unblessed days. So it is the duty and obligation of the believers, that the attention that they have kept on giving towards learning and reciting the Holy Qur’an, they should make it a standard practice for the entire year.

Give attention to reading the Holy Qur’an for the entire year and towards practicing it. The true purpose of the revelation of the Holy Qur’an will be fulfilled, when we make it a part and parcel of our lives. After revealing it into our hearts, we preserve it and safeguard it there.

This is so that at every juncture and turn of life we can constantly benefit from it. May Allah the Almighty enable for us to constantly remain focused upon those two matters which I have discoursed on today. May we come to understand its reality and may Laila-tul-Qadr go on taking us

To the pinnacles of success. May we gain true insight and perception into it and may this Juma-tul-Widaa, the farewell Friday, which is the name given to the last Friday of Ramadhan. It should not be called Juma-tul-Widaa, but rather this last Friday of the month of Ramadhan.

May it not be a source of the blessings of Ramadhan departing from us, but rather may its beneficence become a part of our lives. May we also always fulfil the objective for which the Holy Qur’an was revealed. As I have mentioned earlier regarding the situation of the Palestinian Muslims,

Especially remember those people in your prayers. May Allah the Almighty bring ease about for them and relieve them from their difficulties. After the Friday prayers I will also lead a funeral prayer in absentia. It is of Respected Naeem Ullah Khan Sahib of Kyrgyzstan.

He passed away on 21st July 2014 from a heart attack at the age of 61. Surely from Allah we have come and to Him we shall return. In Western Asian Jamaats and especially in Kyrgyzstan, he was enabled to give extra-ordinary services. He was enabled to serve as Naib National Sadr Jamaat Ahmadiyya Kyrgyzstan.

When Hazrat Khalifatul Masih, the Fourth, made an appeal for people to go there, he went at the time. He went for business, but he also carried out great work for the faith. He was always at the forefront of Jamaat duties. He gave preference to Jamaat work over his personal matters,

Despite the unfavourable conditions there. Until his last breath he continued to serve the faith. He was regular in prayers and in Tahajjud. He would amply give sadaqa and chanda. He was at the forefront of giving the obligatory chanda and responded to financial appeals. He would take care of the poor.

He was a sincere person and had an affectionate relationship of loyalty with the Khilafat. The missionaries who went there later, despite the difficult circumstances, he took care of them greatly and also the central guests who would come. All the missionaries who have been, or were enabled to serve in these areas,

Have expressed that he was a person who had extraordinary respect and honour for the Jamaat, and also showed courage for it. He played a very prominent role in helping to purchase the mission house in Kyrgyzstan. The deceased was a Moosi. He had two wives, one is Pakistani, one is Russian.

He leaves behind two daughters and four sons. Two of his sons are from the Russian wive. The Russian wive is actually from Kyrgyzstan. One of them has written from Kyrgyzstan and has greatly praised his character. May Allah the Almighty grant him forgiveness and mercy.

May Allah the Almighty may also be the protector and helper of his wife and children. May he perpetually keep them attached to the Khilafat and the Jamaat. And may they be enabled to continue in the good and pious ways that he showed.


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